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tv   Bay Area Focus With Susan Sikora  CW  September 9, 2012 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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can israelis and palestinians lived in peace. it is possible. an increase healthy eating and pressure kids to do so. a preview of the south asian film festival.
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welcome to the show. our first guest is uncalled a controversial issue in america. his beliefs about achieving real peace in the middle east include his objections to israel's occupation of the west bank. and he is a rabbi. rabbi michael lerner. i admit that i'm not
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part of it necessarily that i'm a little bit and aware of a lot of things going on in the middle east and it's easy to lose track. if you have to tell someone who is in a coma for the last 25 years or clinic become a two year-old. what is the problem there. at the cannot resolve things. we have to side struggling with each other. both sides are connected to a particular historical narrative to says we have the wreck is victims and the other guy is evil other. and we want to make peace in the middle east the first thing to do is change that narrative to both sides can hear the other side story and recognizable and open-heart and generous way that the other guys have a point and both sides of the narrative and that both sides has been cruel and unusual to each other where the disbelief on each side? the tradition had done
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this point. orr's religious teaching oral the above? they're both faced with post-traumatic stress disorder. both sides and victims in case that some of the 1700 years and pushed around and killed and then the manifesting in the holocaust. or one every three jews was a lot of time was murdered. and others in and and afterwards they went to her engine homeland palestine and or palestinians there in the creek state of israel and 800,000 palestinians who now grown to 4 million or pushed out of israel
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and so the of the huge, also. and to side with, as and unable to see anything with their own pain. tell me what your community sense to you of rabbi says that we have to give a little bit to at the truth of the matter is we see a very significant section of american jews. it is in israel's best interest to make peace with palestinians. our synagogue as a piece perspective and in fact on our high holidays for coming up we celebrate the part of jewish tradition that affirms a path of peace and social justice and healing that transformation that is in your synagogue but what about other jews and
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rabbis who are your colleagues at other synagogues a lot of my colleagues say that keeping up with a right behind you but turns out there miles behind me and often with the say to me is look we do not dare say publicly but we agree with you privately but we cannot hear it say it publicly because both wealthy people and our conversation of the greatest power in our congregation are likely to find a sense of i am pro israel. i believe the best path for israel is the path of open hearted reconciliation and compassion toward the other. in fact one same as the best path for israel is take our jewish tradition more seriously because we've never been the cockers and the one to believe and armies and power and when you promise to believe in love and kindness and generosity. that's the essence,
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been teaching at the past several thousand years. and suddenly because of the drama the we went through the will no longer believe in that. was not giving are bending enough and you're open. and within that your objective is something you own your own heart. but seem secure open in one the best thing happen and when people stop fighting already and the question is are the jews spending enough? is israel pending enough? a in a plane e decide because both sides have made terrible mistakes. the next step that israel has former power and the palestinians. with the third strongest army and emerald in israel and we have because my own son served in the israeli army until we committed to israel's survival and strength. but the way we get survival and strength in this. it is to open
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heart and generosity he started this magazine and started that in 1986 and is the voice of jewish liberals to say and " is to heal and repair the world. you're in berkeley. this problem is happening all the way over in the middle east. how're you doing? we're doing pretty well. we've moved discussion the middle east and there is a palestinian people to a point where even the government has to the knowledge that there is going to be a palestinian state. and the course of art since 1986 we've played a big role in changing the discourse which has a big impact on changing here we are close to a presidential election only two months away and a lot of people tell you politically you cannot
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discuss this openly you are right. that's because both sides feel their source of manhattan is coming from people who want only one side and another for the rest of us in such as tear him berkeley and not just a bay area but all over the country have come to understand that our well-being depends on the well-being of the palestinian people your high holy days coming up with the starting on sunday the 16th. and so here's my question. you say that this is really worked into the services and which are saying and what you're promoting with a social justice oriented and head of that shalom center coming out with me. so, after the service we're going to be picketing all local bank the wells fargo bank
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is representative of the ways that the banks have been insensitive toward the needs of the poor and scoring a lot of people had in the mortgage policies and we're very social justice oriented. and we also deeply spiritual oriented with the traditional service in that respect but amigo de into what it really means and the text itself a sense as a key ikea that the human transformation of the world and it says that our task is to overcome the condemns of arrogance on the planet and so this is not something that imposed from a berkeley consciousness the score to the jewish tradition and that is why were inviting as many people want different kind of holiday and see many bay area jews not turned off to their dubious some some very different kind of genius out here read your same period and into center to the
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same thing something has to get to give. and now what i'd get to go. and on to let the people it is to website read it more information on this and embracing the israel and palestine the the/there is not just israel and palestine. the reason for the/. i've got it carried a ago. we're at a time. thank you so much. a lot. tobacco away..
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welcome back. we have the chef and owner of the studio of good eating. she's here to user for to get healthy and that includes your kids. welcome. this is the time of year when you think that the launches are starting and on and the school the police charges every day carried and the status is hard to announce the kids leave the house they don't know if they're treading sandwiches. that is the tough question. the ft eat healthy at home first. and if you cannot have a varied diet neither will your
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kid if you tell your kid to be healthy and you're incapacitated chips every night is a mixed message for sure. this week there was a study that came out of stanford about organic food and was it worth the extra money to pay for organic vegetables and person and a thing and so they said basically the big picture with you added a lot that it was. but what you got for the morning it was not carried fatty feel about that i feel very passionate about supporting our local farmers and the community. i got a farmers market and in know for not organic certified which is very expensive for small farms. it's very important to note your former and now the percocet farming a lot people have turned to meet a former and all the stuff the farmers' market they're all over the bay area and the
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define when it opens early in the morning and take your kids and have a taste for that is fresh. having tasted vegetables. it takes different the new vessels from your safeway or trigger joes were mass-market restore local is very important and asking class you teach this week year to a local. and what they say about organic is that important? i was it's important to be secondary to supporting your local farmers and knowing how to practice the other question that comes on the heels of the people say and not on pesticides and pesticides on the organics as well? an acura sure. of their much lower. what came out in the study was that the regular stuff the not organic stuff was not an acceptable level but was worried at about what is unacceptable.
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if you have health issues at part of your health issues it's really pressed to talk to a farmer and the farmers market and find out how they are firming, care pesticide's use and what levels they're using and be knowledgeable about it. arm yourself with knowledge that is the most important thing you can do you brought some things that look wonderful that there was not talking right now of being carried but a lot of kids to not to be the one at the lunch table we have seltzer or sticks and carrots sticks. how you make this appealing? how to use tullock? you have to in short it of first are re a food yourself and my three year-old and need won both in the everything. i'm lucky in that way carried never kid wants eat everything. and i eat everything i'm 3 and my
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daughter went to say the test to convert into fall that of a double byte of this truck and banana crepes i hate the tenants ago. i'm ok with that. she is the their first lead over the week. it's not about which each and every single meal keep red meat? dirty little or the kid said it, i talked is still defined carried what keeping a says a good idea for launcher? what a plot spring roll wrappers and a cloud free. and if you are not in the spring roll wrappers were afraid of them used tortillas a car to go for the whole wheat or their tomato and basil they have all the kind of some good the whole wheat tortillas. i like to keep the whole grains in. you take the rapper and you
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duncan in water and the kids can do this. and what i do with my daughter to go to the fridge and pick all been leftover vegetables over the course of the week and left over bits and pieces of leftover meat show me how to that rep. the kids involved. a park is the kids involved. is so important and premature is rolled up and a critic of the water and the for flexibility it needs to be moist i'm not much of a cult and other important thing is to be headed kids in the kitchens kit size safe tools this is my daughter's life that it took this morning. as a lettuce knife and she can walk with motions. and of the west for her and spoon to so she can
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get involved it seems to get them involved on the control of her is calling on the interest here. paris kicking yourself for a way carried a part of the body can burn chilly sandwiches every day but the electorate that is what they like. paper is good on its ground on the machine. ok. we want to think new and the steel of could leaving you get more information from them. this is to deal of good living and your located in balboa park bobble a terse thank you for being here.
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at are the 10th san francisco and south asian film festival opens up on september 19th. take a look. at are at south bay it
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would discriminate in a city sacred and from festival founder and director welcome and good to have you here again as usual and it's been tenures congratulations we get an award and human frontier. some of your films are turning on public television in various places to be seen again answer is nice. because sometimes the fossils of great things and for somebody who's never done this festival and the film festival walk us through it for the potential first-time are out there that are we've rated films from classic to contemporary and have a lot of movies from south africa and also have from people in the bay
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area with a film i thought it was in that clip. that man looks familiar to read and to some consider the thought about that. i'm not as yet. and you say that it is beyond. the is the cast of thousands and almost a musical on film. is that becoming a little stereotypical or to people still love it? a lot of movies are not doing that anymore with the commercially based. we'll show one and only 1 per year just to bring that back for the can be and she parted it out of the people walking to the festival expect the most only that that is our gateway drug in a sense. we polled in in in that way carried and where is the beyond common? at the comes from the whole south asian from india and
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pakistan and nepal and all those countries. and of a south asian living in the bay area and united states and so we have a loss of asians sure in their films and so we have shows from coast to coast. and also some feature filmmakers his famous and he was here years ago. solace to look for those with not seen a lot picture is worth a thousand carried big in hollywood is the first clip. i am an actor. i've been thinking about what a wanted to do and life and this is really what i want to do? all a sudden i cast in this film that brought this is supposed to be the
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blockbuster movie at its goodies couldn't this opportunity he's one the top three superstars of india all predictions will come true. this about a guy is getting into the movies and does he is a largest movie being made so far are depressed road they are carried they want to be a doctor but however he's not actor and doing really well and hope will happen for the census screen. the next clip is the valley of the saints
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is in india. it looks at the environmental hazards going on in the lakes which are heavenly. but also the issues are run the political issues and the fight about it. let's take a look at the valley of the saints.
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have these stories change with little bit more on this and ensuring when you get to know friends of in see the works. are we letting people see more of the honesty of our lives and is found is more layered and complex characters. the necklace that we shall not both south asians and american directors. that is one of the shift that is occurring in the festival when you put together a festival and many people plan together and have some good ones in the bay area. and to tell people stories which i do think the body of them. how deep the program together so it's not kennebec the last segment is not all broccoli puree and watch this is good for you to read you get them in how you change it up with politics or fund or humor we do have the one with the
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classics lot. but we also have this is environmental political and slots. we have certain films that we do one get into those we thank you for being here. will see you again for your number 11 and for more information about the shares sulpician come festival takes place in san francisco on to determine 19th to the 23rd and september 30th which is monday in san jose. log on to third i thought work. thank you for watching.
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