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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  September 12, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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prior to this happened in the country we held liberates any city we helped saved from destruction? u.s. leaders in the american people were rocked by news of the conflict attack and the ambassador murdered what we're learning about it possible hidden motives. he was a tremendous man and is such a terrible loss. the ambassador is that a huge blow in the bay, many of his friends and colleagues are remembering his commitment to public service. there waves my witnesses are rooting for the robbers in an l.a. police chase. good evening and danny came. embassadors to libya and bay area native christopher stephens killed in the country he was trying to say. stevens
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was among four u.s. and plans to die in an assault on u.s. consulate in benghazi and tonight u.s. warships are moving into position off the coast of libya and there is evidence the attack may have been an act of terrorism reporter elizabeth cook shows us how the attack went down and help political leaders are reacting tonight. can u.s. intelligence officials tell cbs news this was not an out of control demonstrations u.s. intelligence suspects the suspect that they took advantage of last month's demonstration against an anti muslim film to launch their assault on the anniversary of 911. a trashed burned out building is all that remains of the u.s. consulate in benghazi. dewis the world must stand together suit rejects these brutal acts. was turned into a
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four hour gun battle began. stevens went missing his body was not found until after the attack was over. officials did not know whether he was shot to death or suffocated in the smoke. make no mistake we'll work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. they helped overthrow libyan dictator had mark gadhafi was one of the people on the grounds then helping the rebels to victory. happen this happened in the country and we helped liberate any city we helped saved from destruction. dick weis there is no justification for this. last night they breached the u.s. embassy in cairo protesting an obscure american made a film about is lawn. the embassy released a statement condemning
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the move be drawn criticism from the romney. the embassy reiterated statements affectively apologizing for the rights of free speech he asked the president about that. governor on the seams of tendency to shoot first inning later. and it's as president one of the things i've learned is you can't do that. after the attack and then got seem the pentagon sent an elite anti- terrorist terrorist unit to beef up security at the embassy in the capital of triple tripoli. their last non-emergency u.s. government personnel to leave libya. in addition to positioning to destroyers arm the tomahawk cruise missiles off the libyan coast the united states is also increasing its surveillance over libya including the use of unmanned drones elizabeth cook cbs five. the state department has a memorial to workers who have been killed a duty tonight there are 236
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etch and marble on the wall at the washington d.c. headquarters for more will be added. ambassador stephens had a lifelong commitment to public service and still libya he was 52 years old the former peace corps volunteer was confirmed as u.s. ambassador of the dna and last year in the middle of the revolution he hitched a ride into the country the only way he could. by c. he arrived i greek cargo ship. stevens is the sixth u.s. ambassador to died by violence of the line of duty. in the first since 1979 u.s. officials confirmed they spent his final moments trying to save his own staffers. those who knew him here as the bay area natives say that that was just the kind of person he was. reporter mark serra on how they are remembering him tonight. will they now fraternity members here uc-berkeley or not even born
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when chris stevens graduate from this university held a vigil here to honor him as did so many others were members of the ambassador throughout the bay area today. when ambassador chris stevens attended cal he was a member of the alpha tau omega fraternity and tonight the house on their brother for his service and sacrifice. the of police did waves my name is chris stevens and and the new u.s. ambassador to libya. this is a video embassadors stevens made to introduce himself was among the first american diplomats sent to libya in 2007 and held for the people from the dictator marked off the. was thrilled to was the libyan people stand up to demand their rights. a teacher in san francisco he were side-by-side the stevens when both were becalmed are volunteers. it was really hard to fill his shoes because he was like a beautiful
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inside and outside. and when on the hastings law school's steve mcdonald was a college roommates. he never saw a more honorable man who just enjoy life. he was the embodiment of the job of these. he was never down he was always positive. he was just an amazing man. an amazing person. the family of ambassador chris stevens say he was unflappable the never spoke of the danger of the areas that the search by suv. the quakes well anger over the film mocking the profit mahomet is growing outside of libya. u.s. embassy in cairo is also the target of some demonstrators protesters pelted police with rocks through molotov cocktails and sent fires in the streets police fired warning shots and tear gas to disperse the crowds it gives
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president condemned the violence in this country but made no mention of the attack in libya. the 14 minutes movie trailer that's may have added to the violent uprising and steadily consulate attack phrase the profits mohammed's inoffensive manner to many cbs five will not show its the filmmaker has not yet been identified but a consultant on the film describes himself as a christian activist and an outspoken critic of radical islam. i could not have done a better job than what i have done to point out to the people of the world's just how dangerous these people are steve says he has no regrets for the violence the film has caused. youtube blocks the video but only in egypt and libya it has left the video on its sites in other countries. do cui's the attack as having a diplomatic impasse worldwide. u.s. embassies in at least seven
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countries across the middle east and africa has stepped up security and they're bracing for the anti-american protests. a group of marines have been deployed to libya to help secure the u.s. facilities. we have continuing coverage on the libyan attack and murder of the ambassador. you can find the latest developments on line. the equates a lot of politics tonight, on the campaign 2012 president obama's says is strongly over men from the california. that is according to our exclusive cbs five survey usa poll. we asked 750 adults if the election were held today who would you vote for? 57 percent said they would vote for the president. 35 percent said it would vote for romney. a new snapshot on jerry brown's pledge for proposition 30 that is the tax increase for public education and safety this one is
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very close right now survey usa shows the no votes old and is slides advantage of a huge number 29% are still undecided. the least historical a if a ballot measure that is not as 50 percent essentially around september this does have a high likelihood of success. most of these to not increase in support. several other polls show that more than 50 percent of voters actually do supports raising taxes for california schools. some new details about the man accused of killing inhabit the trauma and christopher lacey was killed after shooting kenyon on stream during a traffic stop on six city an alamo. the chronicle reports that lacey was commuting some 200 mi. to work as a consultant at a thai company in mountain view when he was pulled over. the companies as he was doing a fantastic job and to they were stunned by the news. a memorial service for
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officer young strum can be held tomorrow at the back of church. jerry brown is among the dignitaries expected to attend this csi will have live streaming coverage of the service on our web sites. did police the couple from the bay area celebrating their honeymoon was attacks by gunmen in northern california. there were stopped along 299 in shasta county when a man on a motorcycle shot the husbands. he was treated and released the following day. the wife was not injured. and the gunman got away. san francisco's expanded plastic bit of bad and will take place next month a superior court tell the broader ordinance to include stores beyond the groceries. retailers will have to require a reusable bags or charge for plastics starting october 1st. restaurants will be added next july. eteocles the
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d.a.'s office says he will not charge retired judge to increase child lender with perjury. he testified against william lynch to admit it attacking him claim the priests molesting him as a boy. the d.a. says that even though prosecutors believe that he lied when he denied molesting lynch his denials were " not material to the case. he was found not guilty of assaulting a priest. police a group of teenagers along with an adult woman face charges tonight in a smash and grab robberies in san francisco and union square. the girls burst into the furry accessories " storer at about 2:00 this afternoon and made off with $5,000 worth of merchandise and police officers caught up with them about a block away. depilates high-speed chases round loss angeles are always dangerous. and today one was barrett very bizarre as
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police chased a carload of suspects to the streets the men's side began to toss wads of cash out the windows. stocks witnesses rushed up to snatch the money the car was finally cornered it is south deli intersection but by that time the three of the suspects had held laos. and the thief letting go of the games this is video of the sea gull stealing a camera at christie field. the scavenger took off over the water and land on a pier near by. apparently the camera didn't look so tasty. so was abandoned. the tourists pose to the video and youtube where it has already received 60,000 years. the wait is over for all of you iphone fans apple's u.s. must have dad is unveils leading some to wonder how many times the iphone can be reinvented. if your business is generating revenue by selling marijuana the taxman will get the munchies. deadweight
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speaker it was supposed to be the answer to shrinking city budgets that promise of tax revenue from pop clubs fizzle. what you can will not and
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into the, cnn new front office today highly awaited-front five was introduced. as predicted it is a bit better with a bigger screen the fill-out their aunt my slider. it lasted looks cool but is there substance behind that smile?
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fix that every year that will revolutionize the smart phone is unlisted. what they need to do is keep fat every year in terms of keeping on top avenue specs and features and is keeping on top of competitors. close to those things are revolutionary. apple promises the new features will come at a speed reorders begin friday and press starts about $200. did we to call this silly in prop. 8 her to setup problem hot clubs. the city says to many medical marijuana dispensaries are skipping house of paying their taxes sending millions in potential revenue up in smoke. my son dispenser he say it is not that simple. did waves are your tax cheats? i did not view myself as a tax cheats. dirichlet's but according to the city of san as a key is. they have said this that sent this man for letters demanding a pay a total of a quarter of a million dollars in
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back taxes. without a doubt measure you is illegal and it is something that's wouldn't be fair on any business. was posted generates millions of dollars by imposing a 7 percent tax. but selling marijuana is technically still illegal. and paying a tax would be in a mission of delta. so his members are instead of making " contributions. the change the law to allow the taxing of contributions and would gladly pay period after the dispenser is about half are not syntaxes costing the city at least a million dollars. for now the city can only sent threatening letters but they say he is pledging to give the city the power to shut them down. if your business is generating revenue the tax man will get the munchies. threat talking tens of thousands of dollars every month we're talking is sizable check that goes to the city on a
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monthly basis. there was a dispensary is that does pay the 7 percent city tax which totals three and a half million dollars the last fiscal year. they also pay the 8 1/4 state sales tax. the equates it makes it that much harder to operate and pay taxes when you're at this advantage and economically. and if the city council is set to debate this and should make a decision and a couple of months if not weeks. opponents will very likely sue the city and that a judge decide. time again for the bay area to clean up its act. eteocles today local head of the epa waited in to the water to retrieve a discarded tires. this effort comes on the day save the base list the most polluted spots in the day. they archive decree consecutive day, san tomas aquino creek, the
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hayward shoreline, and baxter creek in richmond. duckweeds most of this trash is ordinary household items. it is plastic a styrofoam. depilates say they estimates that's 4 billion bags are used each year to carve away trash and you can't do your part on saturday at the annual international beach cleanup day. a prehistoric fossil on earth and a seemingly unlikely place at construction sites in fact it is the new trends bay terminal sites and a crane operator finds 11,000 year-old to that a colombian man of buried some 100 ft. below ground is clearly to a foot long tooth was in tax and well preserved mammoths are believed to inhabited the area during the icy pleistocene era at a time when the bay area was nothing more than a grassy valley.
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mid-90s in and coming up tomorrow of money but in the quarter. realism the pyramid. the low cloud cover and the said the current temperatures outside getting kind of chili for some of you. 60 in oakland to mid-50s in the city. santa rosa down to 55. livermore is now 70 foggy again at the coast. not as foggy but areas of fog for the day. and clear skies in
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an overnight. a lot of cloud cover. parallel in the coastline and the pressure off the coast giving as an enhanced onshore flow today. and we did see clouds rolling through the golden gate this afternoon and we will be soggy around the city and the northern parts of the peninsula's tonight and tomorrow. other than that is up to high pressure which is on the move and it has not to the west the last couple of days lawn the onshore flow to continue. high pressure that is right over the top of an area the wind go lights and if that happens to get the sunshine with no flow from the ocean. says mall will be the warmest day we've had in the while likely for some view the warmest day we had so far this september. saddest days since the day in and play for the weekend but staying above normal temperature rise. how warm the get tomorrow? if you'll be in san is a 84 in morgan hill 91 paul also 84 degrees in sunnyvale 86 looking size well
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into the '90s for antioch read what pleasantville danville pleasanton 92 livermore 94 in benicia 85 and well into the 80s and nevada. even though clinton and above normal tomorrow at 76 in san francisco even getting close to 70 degrees. will get a little bit cooler but still miles. sunday we've a lot further and next week you'll notice a cooling trend with some more morning low cloud cover for the day ends mid '80s inland with sunshine to the middle of next week and is time for sports. did waves sometimes there is no place like home. the airwaves the gulf there is no place like the road. okay, here's the plan.
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mazzola if there is no place like the road is that middle income dorothy? have in this case know. because once a dump for whatever reason and has become a better pitcher on the road. interfax what is surprise used to know that sinless to come is the giants' best pitcher since july 31st? did weeks who is the lid which then? did with the dodgers. tallinn's come scylla's and salmon to come but he has taken back his winning streak. did waves the sunflower was a good omen for san francisco smashing
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double lens of the stars the game with a five to nothing lead. did glades went and had eight strikeouts in six innings and gave up three runs the giants win eight to three the dodgers' loss so the giants have a commanding 7 game lead in the west. the a's a looking for their 12th straight win tonight in anaheim he pitched eight shutout innings and got some help from couple of chris and this is it wanted nothing is in the sixth. the the new venice had his 18th of the year the a's win four to one and they're just dominating at this point. did we discuss a moment and the astros game knocked out of tonight's game on the comeback to the face. and to it appears his job had to leave the game that play was no way similar to the one where brand mccarthy took his pension had mccarthy release a flood today his wife tweeted there is this car. but it is a good message if you suffer a
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