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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  September 14, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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quickly three-quarters of an next at using it could be considered a $700,000 boondoggle at the much a cost to clear out san jose homeless encampments. the city has nothing to show for they are back and refused to leave. reporter don knapp on the city's next move coyote creek draws families
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and others to its newly paved path but over the rail scattered to greet debris of homeless campers. since march san jose spent $700,000 to clean up five homeless encampments. this area known as communication helped where workers gathered trash and belongings other sites involved all under park and the guadalupe river. as well as coyote creek. expensive effort an experiment to learn what works they found that ejected campers do not go away you prefer to live here as opposed to housing? for me it is a different situation have been on my own sense nine years old i've been through hurricane katrina i'm here to help the people. housing offer to 150 people
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30 took the offer but nothing was offered to him the city's as $700,000 may sound like a lot but a good investment of valley medical center has to take everybody and when they see the same people day after day to do this and that person on a different path to reduce costs getting people back on the mainstream to translate to savings as far as homeless people health care and housing. despite spending $700,000 the city says people returned immediately what will it take to keep them out longer, the cities as more workers and more money. don knapp cbs 5 memorial held tonight for the clerk robbed and killed at a milpitas seven eleven family and friends gathered at 8:00 p.m. they held a moment of silence for mohammad reza and declared
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violence will not be tolerated in their community. it angers me this crap was on in the community one is too many will need to stop the violence. and keep the site of milpitas one is to much police are looking for the three armed suspects seven eleven offers $10,000 reward for information for the arrest. three years of probation for the member of the silicon valley power family falling a domestic violence incident this is mason meyer the younger brother of yahoo ceo marissa meyer he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of misdemeanor false imprisonment he was charged with three felonies after a 2011 altercation that left his girlfriend with a bloody i and swollen face. that woman spoke at the hearing
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i hope that by coming forward and going through the process his counseling well and teacher at him from this ever happening to anybody else representing him gloria allred clasp last surfaced during the florida cannibalism incident. the recovery of contra costa county has led to deep budget cuts the board of supervisors says it as a balanced budget but at what cost. elizabeth cook with more. mary knocks in a contra costa county district attorney for 27 years she prosecutes homicide cases and a county known for having one of the highest order rates in the state. a tremendously higher murder rate that has a lot to do with rival gangs. the d.a. office is hemorrhaging lawyers and
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workload unmanageable over the course of last six months we've had at least 10-15 percent leave and that is a constant over the last couple of years you could only give us some much work when you diminish the service deputy district attorney says prosecutors leave because of the new contract imposed by borders supervisors that decreases pay increases retirement age and make them responsible for all changes to health and dental coverage. we stand ready to agree to what is necessary we cannot agree to what is political. i don't know that i have a response to that she is the chairman of the board of supervisors for contra costa county we have a fair offer on the table with its lower costs for the life of the contract and address pension reform and lowers health care related liability.
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given public defenders are not being forced to make cuts they pay more to get people out of jail than to prosecute. the das are prepared to strike which could shut down all five contra costa county courthouses the deputy sheriffs association says it has seen its share of budget cuts he fears the d.a. office could lose prosecutors. if we don't have prosecutors to address and prosecutor in a timely fashion, even basic crimes would let alone the capital crimes like murder, then an arrest is meaningless. another element to the seige according to d.a.'s office on monday the board will let the public defender's tell if they have to endure a pay cut and.
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they threatened to strike if there is a pay cut if they do the d.a.'s office may be forced to strike in conjunction or independently. elizabeth cook cbs 5 a violent anti-american protest spread to more than one dozen countries sending forces to shore up security to u.s. embassies. in tunisia smoke from the u.s. and busy after protesters stormed that tore down the american flat at two people killed another 40 injured. authorities in cairo blocking the route to the u.s. embassy protesters clashed with police. authorities have trouble keeping anti-american demonstrators out of the city square. the bodies of four americans killed in tuesday's attack in libya and arrived in united states today. president obama and secretary of state clinton paid tribute to
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the man. nancy cordes shows us the emotional homecoming. the remains of the u.s. ambassador to libya and three others carried out the military plan. into a hangar where the president and other dignitaries state department staffers and the victims' families waited. this has been a difficult week for the state department and for our country. an emotional secretary clinton paid tribute to each man. sean smith joined the state department after six years in air force. tyrone what is spent two decades as a navy seal serving multiple tors in iraq and afghanistan glenn gordy also a former steel and experienced paramedic. she saved for last beat
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ambassador she had selected to help libyan people build a new government. i was honored to know ambassador chris stevens known for his courage and his smile goofy but contagious for his sense of fun and it is california cool. president obama called for patrons refused to back down in face of danger. to you their families and colleagues to all americans know this, their sacrifice will never be forgotten. we will bring to justice those who took them from us. to the strains of " america the beautiful " the remains loaded into hearses flown to delaware to dover air base. ♪
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nancy cordes cbs news to campaign 2012 president obama holds a slim lead over mitt romney, in a new cbs new york times poll 49 percent of likely voters say they are going with the president 46 percent favor the republican rival. on the campaign trail more talk about the middle-class or a discussion about what constitutes the middle-class and is there really a definition. grace lee looks at the numbers. the fundamentals of in an interview with abc news mitt romney promised to reduce the tax burden on the middle-class no one can say my plants will raise taxes on middle income people here's the part that gets a lot of attention out as former gov. romney defined middle
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income. medal in count is $250,000 or less don't raise taxes on middle income people romney's campaign clarified many household income of $250,000 and not in individual sellers but isn't that high to be considered middle-class we ask this economist from berkeley i'm not think anybody thinks $250,000 is an average or near the medal in fact very few households earn incomes above $250,000 it is a convenient number to use to tell us where perhaps high income begins. it is not close in the bay area, u.s. census bureau says the median household income is about $50,000 for 2011 in
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california and mediant 53 grand. for the bay area higher than the national average at $76,000 it is no where near the quarter million dollar mark. while $250,000 may sound arbitrary gov. romney may have gotten that number from president obama. he started using $250,000 as a cut off from the middle-class and wealthy when he campaigned in 2008. at this point every word counts of of the general election may be far away it is 53 days and early voting starts in that as soon as two weeks. grace lee cbs 5 apple products are hot you would think bmws are hot to but no. the thief will used is on the merc to plow into a california
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bmw through the gate after grabbing everything they could the getaway car was wedged under the debris. they manage to get out of the tires were flat, and yes police were able to make arrests. more traditional way to obtain apple products the company stock up 1% today the i phone 5 sewed up within hours of its release. customers who pre ordered saudi expected delivery time of one week rise to two. the phone goes on sale in stores next friday. mixed reviews about thursday's action by the federal reserve the rating is downgraded on you was dead 288- two pick a a it cites the fed's plan to buy mortgage bonds to nudge the slowing economy and no
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but will recover. it says that move will hurt the economy more than help. the dow likes the fed move, for the second day in a row stocks closed higher adding 53 points and apple swamped with orders for the i phone 5 has hit its highest price of all time. buy now or miss out on big savings in less than two hours amazon a major online retailer will start charging sales tax in california. len ramirez found out there is a way to get at of pain and if you know where to look. at this bookstore in san jose they do things the old- fashioned way. that kind of customer service that help them out last the competition and survive the impact of the amazon tax exemption but we have to collect sales
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tax and they don't that exemption comes to an and the on-line retail giant will charge customers sales tax just like brick and mortar stores starting tomorrow. amazon a seattle company does have a physical presence in california lab 126 for the candle was developed located in cupertino. i am happy the field has been leveled for local merchants and the state will have funds to keep the roads in repair that ups trucks use all the time but amazon customers not happy the reason why we buy stuff is there's no tax i might as well bite at brick and mortar store. expected to boost california's budget by $158 million when you lose that revenue it affects roads the resources for local governments it affects
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the resources for education. there is a legal loophole, amazon is not planned to collect taxes of products sold by its third-party vendors there are stores that chip under the amazon and from out of state. if he had no presence in the state it is hard to collect taxes those entities not in the state are supposed to voluntarily pay those taxes. let the buyer beware california will be ready the state board of equalization hired 35 new auditors that people who should be paying the new tax are paying. len ramirez cbs 5. the weekend is here how map it to report weekend whether spectacular '80s inland seventies at the bay maybe your heading out current temperatures this is the approach to the bay
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bridge. mid-60's for livermore and concord santa rosa dropped down to the upper 40's. you are currently 55 san jose 59 san francisco 56. lots going on this weekend including the festival in downtown lafayette opera in the ballpark saturday night will be chilly and likely dry and cool and pleasant. satellite radar revealed the cloud cover offshore begins pushed inland. mostly cloudy for parts of the bay to start the day lots of sunshine to finish the day. high pressure dome dominates southern california. we get and onshore wind in southern california 110 degrees on the other side we get and
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onshore flow purine that keeps temperatures just about perfect and pleasant weather. their results will be nine degrees cooler for san francisco 64 hike tomorrow. inland areas five degrees above average. other temperatures morgan hill 88 san jose 80. lots of sunshine inland. pittsburgh 85 pleasanton 88 dublin 87. san francisco 64 degrees tomorrow. the onshore flow get stronger near the bay it's all about the '70s near seventies thi
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for the second time in two months new photos of royalty have surfaced cbs reporter tina
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krauss reports the circumstances are different and the royal family taking action. duke and duchess of cambridge said they will sue over topless photos of kate spent on private vacation. palace officials confirm they're taking legal action against a french magazine it published a 5 page spread of the couple while sunbathing on a private estate in south of france. the french courts would condemned the magazine for invasion of privacy no major british publication carried the photos. the publisher defended publishing them. she says kate and william were visible from the street at a more intimate shots that will not publish. the palace called it totally unjustifiable and reminiscent of the papparazi accounting
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princess diana. it is a i and all over again invasion of privacy may have been arrest the magazine will and to take these situations the damages are low several thousand euros an extraordinary cases sales may be more than enough to make up for what the magazine would have to pay why william and kate's say they are saddened and. about the photos they have to keep a stiff upper left for several days they finish up official port of the far east and south ,,,,
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brendan mccarthy visited his a's teammates before 0 local and started a huge series against
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baltimore. despite yoenis cespedis sprained his wrist how is he tonight looks ok. orel's up 1-0 here comes baltimore's player game is tied at 2. the next inning petaluma's jonnie gomes rbi single the a's win 3-22 against up in the wild- card spot. getting added a bases loaded jam he pops up he got more than enough support and is a grand slam. g men up 4-0 he gets an rbi. giants went 6-2 magic number is
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