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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  September 22, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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the san francisco giants going to the playoffs after pulling off an 8-4 win over san diego padres. the fans as excited as the players will have their reaction outside at&t park. and that's when the pandemonium began the second nationally west title for the giants and three years they did it at home in front of 42,000 fans vern glenn with the
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highlights. two weeks from tonight the national league championship series with the giants a big part of it the magic number and 113 winds at the end of c.s. and four wins in the pennant series and then the world series. will see these images for days, madison bumgarner also with an rbi tonight the punch out of the padres and pablo sandoval a defense of effort goes up and over to make the staff. a wad of bubble gum and his mouth at the time, up 3-1 in the fourth. and rbi factory scoring two more runs and up to five-one, the last out, there is in the glove
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of angel pagan 8-4, playoffs are next how about some happy man? that's about right and some this team up with one word, all man, we have fighters, the buzz word on the bench as fight, as they say in spanish i don't know how to say it that is the buzz word on the bench we were thinking about the last road trip were very happy to do this in front of the home crowd let them celebrate with us the giants' most likely against the cincinnati reds, when they get this going, a couple of weeks from tonight,
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i'll be prepared to put in long hours for this one this will be exciting, like 1993 when all the teams were good, giants niners a's, a great time to be in san francisco. more in sports later. this is in the locker room shortly after the win. more happy man from inside the locker room to outside the stadium don knapp talks with excited fans if you're looking for in depth analysis of the game or a season you will find it in the streets you will find fan enthusiasm and the reason they come to the game.
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fire works about at&t ball park amounts to what everyone knew, the giants dumped the padres and clinch the division. for me a selfish night, the giants won which means they clinch and the will not clan's tomorrow when i go to the game. these guys their first game they got to see the giants clinch for their first game. all my gosh paul blow he flipped over the bar the best lead ever it means they will win the world series. the giants at everybody's attention let's see where it goes. it looks like it is quiet now were you are that had an hour to calmed down
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parents and children in san mateo are want to be and the luck out for strangers whom i have tried to abduct a little girl investigators say an nine year-old girl got away from a man who tried to kidnap her yesterday at park side elementary school she is set with her family. parents are shocked this happened i'm really terrified its not something i've ever expected being here a few years i've never heard of this before i thought this was safe neighborhood the school canceled a front 9 movie as a precaution officers of that no luck finding the suspect they're looking to see if it is connected to two others in the area where a man offers of alta students. a big clinic in san francisco after vandals one on a tear they claimed use of force by police
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prompted them to action, they did not have their facts straight anne mackovic shows as the mess in the mission. about 80 people calling themselves the " black blot " marched down valencia street vandalizing cars and buildings workers cleaned up painted on at a restaurant and windows are boarded up at a u.s. bank and some windows broken at wells fargo let's 16th and mission starting at a protest over a shooting police shot a man is said pulled a pistol that man taken to the hospital with wounds, the fire was posted on twitter rallying protesters for friday's event that started at delores part. even if the protest is nonviolent people infiltrate and try to whip up several protesters we spoke with did not seem to have a
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handle why they were protesting not knowing the man police shot is expected to survive heat they said he was in debt than it was dead and then shot in the back the police were there last night but made no arrests they should have, of course a police spokesman said the were not expecting the escalation any action we take has to be thought out and planned and consideration for officer safety. police in a tough spot these guys have weapons they were throwing things at the police, the most important thing is to stop any riot from happening, when need to do what we can to hold them accountable i'm wondering how far this will go, it is saturday night in the mission and everyone else is worried how far they will take
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it anne mackovic cbs 5 of a tree for birth control advocates access to contraception that easier gov. brown signed a bill that allows nurses to prescribe birth control, this will ease the demand on primary health-care providers also believe that will benefit women's health and other ways a great way to get people in to the health center not only do they get access to birth control they'll have and education time to counsel them on other options like safer sex options brown sign the bill during a visit to los angeles planned parenthood he says california expense access to birth control and we affirm everywoman's basic constitutional right. another loss signed into law california doctors have to let women know if they have a certain condition that could raise risk of a mess breast
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cancer diagnosis, the bill forces doctors to inform patients with dense breast tissue, that tissue cut masked mammography results the governor vetoed the bill last year because he thought notification to cause unnecessary anxiety the new measure tweaks the warning in the bill. and campaign 2012 election day more than six weeks away, and pushing on for both president obama and challenger mitt romney they spent the saturday raising cash. dru levenson with more. president barack obama came to wisconsin hungry for votes and food. you-to try these the president's motorcade made a stop at a milwaukee deli famous for its sausage i was able to have an outstanding sampling of brought
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worst president obama said it takes more than one term to fix the economy he hammered away at challenger mitt romney over his economic policy we need to bring down our deficit about by sticking it to the middle-class the president leads in the polls there but was here to offset a republican home state of romney's vice-presidential running mate is paul ryan both presidential candidates spend saturday fund-raising in california romney told donors the president has failed america i'm convinced the president does not have a fundamental understanding of what makes this economy work. with unemployment at eight percent romney promised to get people back to work the dignity of a good job with good pay i will fight like the dickens to do that for every american
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the election more than six weeks away and run the expected to focus on the swing states dru levenson cbs news if a major disaster hit would you know what to do people and palo alto got together for a lesson in how to help themselves it is called quakes and del 2012, it teaches the community with what they need to do if their house collapses or neighbors and pets medical units were out to show basic emergency response in real-life situations. the training is going well with teams of people treating people who come and we have the supplies will need to treat these people, and take care of them get then stabilized. the first time the city has dropped together the plan to make an annual event the public invited to spend the night in a shelter seven know what to expect after a disaster.
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he snuck into the tigris down and malt and new york man faces charges why he said he had to be with the tiger. debrief from the tsunami in japan causes a hazard of a light when experts say it is. that he is on and the bay area but not for long changes ahead will document them and weather after a break.
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a men mauled by a tiger at
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bronx zoo in new york charged with trespassing police said in a 25 year-old man intentionally jumped over two fences and straight to the tigers then yesterday, he told police he wanted to be one with the 400 lb. siberian tiger, after jumping in the den the tiger attack and dragged the man around he suffered several punctures and broken arm expected to be ok. the tiger will not be euthanize. endeavor may be grounded for good but the space shuttle will not go into retirement quietly crews moved endeavor and to a hangar and stay there until october 12th, then put on that track a flatbed and transported to california science center 82 day journey through 12 mi. which is interesting the shuttle when more than 17,000 mi. per hour
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crews cut down trees to make way for the parade that will plant new trees later it's sort of the bay area and atop a 747 on its final flight over whether more images at cbs s f dot com. something we hope never happens in an amusement park it breaks down that happen at nights berry farm wednesday, two dozen people dandled 300 ft. in the air for four hours, all six wincing hour rides ordered shut down until the manufacturer figures out what causes them to stop the same ride has stalled in amusement parks and ohio virginian and north carolina, this was the second in less than one month. nearly a year and have since the earthquake and tsunami devastated japan the debris continues to wash ashore, then
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tracy shows us what is causing a hazard of hawaii. this fisherman cannot resist getting a closer look at a dock in the water toward the island of ala hope the structure had japanese writing on it and believe to be debris from the tsunami, it is now a giant hazard for fishermen. it could seriously damage their boat this section is part of the same dog that washed ashore in newport, ore. the concrete became an instant towards the attraction that cost the state $84,000 to remove. obviously we are concerned or not sure what to expect an estimated one-2 million t of debris floating in the ocean 5% of that expect to reach the united states and canadian coast lines at prince william sound
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there are bottles and spray cans and a fuel cannister with the word danger university of why researchers updated the model, taking into account winds are caring the lighter pieces east pieces such as this seafood been that was also found near a lotto. the hawaiian undersea research lab it is the 12 confirmed piece of debris to reach the u.s. it flows so high in the water this would be debris that would make it here after traveling so far the been has not been welcomed with open arms it is quarantined and check for invasive species ben tracy cbs news a first de a fall and warm inland brian hackney is here a warm day in the bay area that will change a little bit tomorrow looks warm for the bay
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area nearly 90 inland, will get cooling mid-week low pressure spinning in the aleutian islands cents high clouds, that will lead to another warm day but a few changes evident tomorrow high clouds over the bay area meantime tomorrow morning looks nice plenty of sun and the bay area low clouds at the coast, starts out in the high 50s to low 60s. by sunday midday the high clouds seen through the bay area you might think something is on the way but this is the last gasp of a weak system from the gulf and we recover with high pressure tomorrow temperatures will rise on monday. 90s for the great valley 73 lake
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tahoe, overnight closed chilly in santa rosa 46, 57 fremont, 55 san jose, mostly sunny skies tomorrow, 78 san jose, antioch tops out at 87, brentwood 90, plenty warm inland napa a high of 80, 79 vallejo, forecast high of 8281 at sonoma, 61 in san francisco, for the next few days still warm not as warm as we have had it today. mid-week a little cooler next
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weekend friday and saturday back in the low 90s and one as the flow shifts off shore and things warm up. meantime sunshine and have a great one. the list of the nation's top five richest cities is out
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one of the world's richest man even richer recently released documents report larry ellison and earned $96 million in 2011 up 24% the year before, most of his pay come from stock options but can as his company's shares dropped 23% he co-founded the company 35 years ago making him the longest running chief executive at a silicon valley firm. two local cities are the top the list of the nation's richest, market watchers ranks big cities by household income san jose #1
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at $77,000, san francisco's second at 70,000 the next cities are washington dc in seattle and san diego median incomes more than $60,000. california's unemployment rate is high but creeping down, the jobless rate dropped to 10.6% in august down from 10.7 in july and 12% a year ago, still well above the national rate of 8.1%, the rate in san francisco dropped to 7.4% in august. ahead, you don't mind more of this. say hello to 2012 national league west champion giants it is about them tonight.
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it is ok for jim harbaugh and the giants to steal the whose gut it better than us on the two titles of the last three years the eighth in san francisco history madison bumgarner looks to punch the playoff ticket. up two-one he adds insurance himself brings home a run. his 16th win of the season it was 3-17 score fourth inning, three hits and three rbis he scores to make it 5-1, the padres had no answer. sergio romo induces the final
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out that is it. the giants win the west 8-4 final. rough loss for the a's, a 9-5 lead in extra innings, is played by brendan moss allows the yankees to win 10-9 in 18 innings. cal and u.s. c u.s. c takes care of cal 27-9. the giants season-high six straight wins and counting only they can up rude college football. as we say goodnight one more look we cannot get enough of the giants winning the n. l. west that is it for eyewitness news you can catches at cbs s f dot com vern has more sports at 11.
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goodnight. ,,,,
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