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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  September 23, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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to raiders fans rushed to the hospital before today's game with they did that nearly get them killed. chevron hit with tough questions in a criminal investigation not about the august fire in richmond has to do with the air we breathe. don knapp on why the epa is getting involved. chevron's latest challenge
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stems from a routine inspection by bay area air management inspectors two years ago the notice the flair used to burn off pollutants also notice the the system was not showing any problems the enforcement officers as it appears the pipe to a pollutants around a detour around the monitors. the paw up went into the flair, and i passed month to rent equipment and went into the flair was in an effort to hide emissions or oversight i did not go through the monitors and never registered we will never know the emission level during the flaring of and which is serious the monitors put in place in 2005 at the same time chevron required to use video monitors when i was discovered florin had occurred and not registered the basically looked back a lot
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of video that chevron is required to take and determine over a multi-year. the number of firing incidents that occurred a story in the san francisco chronicle says the epa conducts a criminal investigation that would not confirm to cbs 5 the investigation is under way it is not related to the august fire. chevron and an e-mail response to cbs 5 said the flaring issues were resolved in the 2011 settlement with the bay area air quality management district which included payment 200 lbs. of sulfur dioxide was released in 2010 and compares that to half a million pounds to the other five bay area and refineries. it indirectly help reveal the
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u.s. epa's criminal investigation after the fire, and learned about the federal program and elementary school principal in south bay suspended after investigators said a fun met at his house police arrested derrick lewis at the san francisco home the principal at montague elementary school an undercover agent chatted with him on the gay dating side they arranged to meet and the capturing station the principle of for the drugs. police say they found that the scales and the date rape drug santa clara unified school district and firms lowe's is placed on leave without pay. a suspect police say attempted to kidnap a little girl in san mateo has been arrested the 25 year-old man was
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arrested in san francisco yesterday police say he assaulted the young girl and director of campus she got away by kicking them and running back to school he faces three different charges including kidnapping with intent to commit a sexual assault. california's three strikes law the nation's harshest in dealing with repeat offenders in november voters could make seven changes to the law, nonviolent offenders like down with violent ones. anne mackovic with more. california's three strikes law 18 years old the debate continues today life sentences for non- violent criminals does nothing to improve public safety this is about the totality of criminal history he helped write proposition 36 which will eliminate a 25
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years to life sentence for a third felony unless it is serious and will allow some prisoners out if the judge deems them along dangerous. it is meant to find the people who are not a threat to public safety he says is not enough room for people center for nonviolent offenses under california law and anything north of jaywalking count as a felony no ambiguity about the third strike appeal can be any kind of felony mark klass is daughter was killed in 1993 by third strike felon and wants it to stay the same they've demonstrated not willing to live within the law not willing to live with the general population at some point they will commit the worst crime he cites a drop in the crime rate statewide since three strikes to the fact that it but
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has also dropped in two counties san francisco 1 los angeles that refuse to participate you have participatory democracy not one-size-fits-all and this is beautiful a vast majority of prosecutors aboard three strikes but it does bring causing inconsistency state wide in san francisco anne mackovic cbs 5 and campaign 2012 president obama and mitt romney featured on 60 minutes, as questions about a wide variety of issues including the economy dru levenson on how the candidates responded on 60 minutes gop candidate mitt romney later up part of his economic plan to scott pelley. u.s. the american people to hire u.s. president the want to hear specifics
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i can tell them i will not raise taxes on middle income folks i will not lower the share of taxes paid by high income individuals president obama criticized romney's plan it only seems to have won no tax cuts for the wealthy and roll back regulations romney has called upon the president to be more aggressive over the syrian revolt if governor romney is suggesting we should start another war he should say so after a video service to romney saying he does not care about americans to do not pay taxes he defended the comments not everything i say is elegant i want to help one hundred percent of the american people both men described the essential qualities of a leader a later must see where things are headed before people see those things
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leadership is about setting a course and describing a vision for people americans have six weeks to decide which of vision for the next four years. dru levenson cbs news the presidential debates around the corner the october 1, 2003 in denver and the vice- presidential candidates on october 11th to more debates after that one in new york the other toward the end of october in florida. california could be the fifth state to eliminate the death penalty if voters approve a measure on the ballot john blackstone tells us what ever voters decide it carries consequences. two decades of past sins 12 year-old polly klass kidnapped from her home her body was found weeks later after a desperate nationwide search for convicted
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killer and richard allen davis sentenced to death her father mark was in the court room he was getting what he deserved that was 16 years ago my expectation was he would of been executed by now davis remains alive one of the more than 700 inmates on california death row where the condemned are likely to die of natural causes. the g-7 have died naturally only 13 executed since the law took effect in 1978. former prosecutor broke the law this is a western state, they have a western mentality a fair trial and having my when i wrote the law i believe in it now wants to repeal the law. he backs proposition 34 to eliminate the death penalty proponents say the issue is not
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one of morality also about money. in cases cost the state an extra $100 million a year much of that in lawyer fees for appeals california spent $4 billion trying to enforce capital punishment for billion dollars for 13 people makes no sense economically. polls indicate the vote will be closed mark klass hopes voters defeated if proposition 34 passes and richard allen davis taken on death row then he wins and we lose. for paul is memory may be pauly did die in vain i feel for mark what he has gone through personally life without parole does not mean richard allen davis has won. in voting on the death penalty
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californians white economics against the motion as an anguished father is white for justice touches on. john blackstone cbs news to oakland raiders fans were is sad by high-voltage line at the tailgate party police were called to oakland coliseum it looked like the fans were trying to raise a flag pole they did not realize a power line was about that. third-party came in contact with the overhead power line at the coliseum there in the process of hoisting uphold the came into contact with that on the transmission line runs directly into the stadium both fan suffered electrical burns and taken to hospital authorities believe alcohol may be a factor. copper thefts cause problems for an east bay high school football program wiring stolen from hayward high school football field the crime
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happened late tuesday night and wednesday morning friday night's varsity game was rescheduled to the afternoon because wiring that powers the lights and scoreboard was taken. the concession stand also took a hit. the snack bar generates funds to keep the program going without that they are done the booster club learns about $1,500 a game, the least not have leads or suspects but the school district is replacing the wiring. not even a week old a panda cub guys at the national zoo howled the mother reacts. during overnight burglaries' at expensive stores in beverly hills committed by one man of the suspect broke into businesses in a matter of minutes from the weather center good evening, we have clouds
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filtering into the bag and the effect a morning commute the forecast as eyew
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the panda cub born last week at the smithsonian national zoo has died, zoo officials alerted when they heard the mother panda growling in distress, veterinarians say that cub was unresponsive to life-saving procedures the cubs mother is upset and zookeeper keep a close eye on her. she is resting comfortably and eating a little bet she is
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still in fine but something we're spending a lot of time our keepers and curators everybody is watching her closely after a necropsy the preliminary cause of death expected tomorrow a cub appeared to be in good condition and no signs of trauma or infection the giant panda as an endangered species just under 2000 in existence. investigators looking into it to things as a cause of the hantavirus in yosemite a spike in the deer mouse population and the design of tent cabins that allow mice to nest. the disease contracted by breathing in particles from rodent species scientists are wang and also that the virus mutated and became more transmissible to humans. the disease has killed three people. business owners in beverly hills work today to find their stores
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in shambles windows broken and money stolen in a series of a smash and grab burglaries'. lou we saw a hodge with a look and videos that caught the suspect in the act in this burger walks past a business and then it kicks the glass door in with this but he makes it to the register and walks out with a bag of cash, while the security alarm was blurring he struck store after store. eight beverly hills businesses targeted several along wilshire boulevard and five stores in this shopping plaza on olympic boulevard. store owners say the as smash and grabs breach is enough to hurt business in the cash register maybe three of $400 but we have to fix up the store at she laddies what the cash
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register not the on the floor and took out the cash the owner of she lab says the burglar went through a lot of trouble to steal several hundred dollars leaving a pair of designer shoes worth $1,000 untouched somebody really desperately for cash frustrated store owners throughout the pieces of glass was trying to piece together a summit would burglarize a flower shop a shoe store and coffee shop all businesses trying to stay afloat. business is bad and the economy is bad and you spend more money for nothing. the calendar says fault we made it to 93 degrees in livermore, five degrees below average in san francisco wed
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65, a deck of low clouds and fog. a look at the transamerica building it precedes the tiptop , by tomorrow morning we anticipate delays on arriving flights at sfo currently 60 degrees at redwood city, low 50s in santa rosa. patchy fog overnight tomorrows valley cooler, the numbers pop up again by the tail end of the week. that shield of clouds that worked its way in, area of low pressure, across the bay area satellite radar and there you have the cloud cover from the north bay all the way to santa clara valley, behind ed curran it mixed up the d a marine layer and reform tonight. it makes tracks over the golden
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gate bridge into the bay. clear tonight, in the inland areas a brand new work week the first full week of autumn. the high sierra a when watch in effect 64, overnight 40's and '50's across the board. tomorrows size 56 beaches with partial clearing, '70s common across the peninsula, seventies close to the bay mid-80s in land east of the date up to 87, spot on in santa rosa and 66 in san francisco, the extended forecast by wednesday stagnant
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weather pattern, and reinforcement of high pressure by thursday into friday and temperatures into the 60's 70's and mid-90s by friday, lots of things going on in san francisco, we will feel like summer. very dry conditions as well. curtains for a bay area land park well-known comedy club or our biggest comedia [ owner ] i need to expand
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a photo finish of the box office the drama and of watch ties the number one spot with the drama house at the end of the street, trouble with the curve was next, running out the top five finding the mile in 3 d and resident evil/retribution. san francisco, the club has its
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last laugh the purple onion closes when its lease expires tomorrow night and a long history that includes legends like robin williams would be allen and phyllis diller the club and plans to hold a common a marathon tomorrow and then tuesday morning auction off everything, and autographed photos of comedians. green day when not play at san francisco this week after the ban announced billy joe armstrong goes into rehab, he had a meltdown at a las vegas concert that involved him smashing a guitar. the award winning band is canceling promotional appearances. the 49ers were caught in a trap i'm dennis o'donnell a thriller at the coliseum.
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a day of opposite is for bay area football teams let's start with the raiders underdog against the steelers. they were inspired by marcus allen who lit the torch today. a neck injury for darius hayward bey in stable condition tonight. from jankowski 44 yds out wins it for the raiders. lots of nail biting for jim harbaugh at minnesota christian ponder fines mikhail rudolph for the games score ponder had three touchdowns.
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49ers lose to the vikings' 24-13 alex through his first interception of the season. a's and yankees at the bronx, the a's win 5-4. huge win for them. giants and padre's after san francisco clenches the division. san diego win 6-3 marty lurie tonight on game day breaks down what the giants postseason rotation should be barry zito pitched well still be on the roster he was not even on the roster to years ago. darius hayward bey well the get an update? yes the coach as a news conference tomorrow will find out. that happened to him last year in minnesota he was carted off the field and gave the thumbs-up
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you wonder how many times can one player taking its will see you at 11 on cb
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