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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  September 24, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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allegations facing eric lewis elementary school principal and santa clara reporter kiet do helos drew the attention of police and what investigators found. eric b. lewis was at his arraignment a stark difference from his mug shot after he was arrested last week on drug charges shocking and set time for the school investigators say they connected the principle through the gate dating website adam for adam and set up a round of the room and a train station he offered drugs to an undercover agent for a date at his home at his apartment in san francisco police confiscated 10 hidden cameras including one stuff in a teddy bear computers and opium pipe about a quarter an ounce of meth, bills expected to be
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ecstasy, and three or four vials of g h b the date rape drug, raises the possibility that the victims were on knowing where recorded he has been a popular principal at montague elementary school in santa clara the last seven years and did a great job raising test scores last year his salary was $160,000 no evidence kids were in jail in dangedanger these things happen people make bad choices our job is about teaching and learning you teach them not to do drugs and stay away from that and secretly that is what he is doing on the side i'm very shocked lewis is still at jail on $25,000 bail he will not bed until they can confirm the money
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used did not come from drug sales kiet do cbs 5 the 67 year-old bay area man faces charges for spiking his girlfriend's valid and water with chlorine the woman was a patient at the north gate care center in san rafael staffers alerted police when she noticed a strange smell the woman had been drinking several ounces of the water every day for weeks test showed a single bottle contained more chlorine than a swimming pool police arrested robert locke bridge over the weekend his motive may have been financial. san francisco police chief gets an earful from mission district residents there are upset with the protest after the officer involved shooting for two nights protesters went on a rampage slashing tile in tires and breaking windows residents
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ask why police are not doing more to keep the peace. this community has worked and struggled to make changes but it has not been enough the mission is a safe place and vibrant community and the san francisco police department and those elected to serve you and community members are committed to keep this a safe place officers say 22 year-old oliver our son has pointed a gun at them before they shot him twice he survived and faces various charges. hayward police investigate the fatal shooting they say a man suspected at firing gunshots at the dirty bird bar at mission boulevard drove his car towards the arresting officers all three officers opened fire and killed the suspect that those officers on administrative leave would learn more about the
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chevron refinery fire in richmond including the poor condition of the pipes the company is a meeting get made mistakes. when the explosion and fire rocked the refinery on august 6th no one could of known how much worse the situation could have banned but the lead federal agency investigating the explosion left no doubt consequences of the cloud of flammable vapors released from an aging pipe could have been far worse the u.s. chemical safety board reveal the pipe that ruptured lost 80 percent of its original thickness due to corrosion in measurements the surviving portion of that section of pipe had a thick mist as low as one 16th of an inch about the thickness of a penny 200 people turned out at a meeting to hear an update on the investigation a spokesperson for chevron confirmed the los
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silicon content of the pie may have caused the corrosion and poor communications may be partly to blame it does not appear this information was effectively understood and acted upon many residents remain skeptical right now we're fed up and increased and i'm trying to be calm here. chevron wants to assure we're all protected it scares the heck at me to look out my window chevron is disputed a report in the chronicle over the weekend it intentionally bypassed air quality monitoring devices the company said all foreign operations are videotaped and open to inspection no reason the company would do such a thing mark sayre cbs 5 his political career filled with self referential one-liners
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crown from his days of hollywood now we get on on schwarzenegger's autobiography " total recall " juliette goodrich says it comes with plenty of drama and forbidden sex this trailer was released today to promote arnold schwarzenegger his new book a " total recall " my unbelievably shall live story. one chapter getting all the attention of the moment he was confronted about fathering a child with a housekeeper during the couples counseling session with maria shriver according to the new york daily news, schwarzenegger rides and " the minute we sat down the therapist turned to me and said maria want to come here today and asked about a child where the fog and a child with their housekeeper " i told the therapist is true
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a story that recounts the time he had sex with mildred in the family guest house while his wife and kids away on vacation. what does maria think about the memorex? i think maria wishing me well, with everything i do. the actor turned governor spoke with lesley stahl the episode airs this sunday on 60 minutes i would not write a book and leave out the part schwarzenegger reveals he tried to convince and self he was not the father but eventually had to face the truth when the boy grew up looking so much like him. as you read it? note this point is not read anything he wanted to write a book about his life instead of doing the right thing he put the truth
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in a compartment and locked it up. now it is all in the open the book " in total recall " released next monday juliette goodrich cbs 5 a los angeles man enjoys this first night of freedom since 1993. cheers in the court room as the judge ordered the release of convicted murderer john smith prosecutors say the chief witness recanted saying the police pressured him, his grandmother more restaurant to pay for his defense. i'm happy and sad but the part of me in there with him on free now to john smith is 37 years old he entered the courtroom wearing the prison jumpsuit but was released by the end of the day the c h p investigates l a
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pedestrian and the up in the path of speeding cars on 680, the man was killed after being struck by two cars near the storm ridge exit near pleasanton all southbound lanes were shut down for three hours. jury selection under way for the woman in the center of the crime lab controversy debra man in accused of stealing evidence from the lab where she worked as a technician. the lab was closed two years ago hundreds of criminal cases thrown out because of the alleged tampering. definition of small apartment in san francisco could change, supervisors will vote whether to allow developers to build units as small as 220 square feet including kitchen, bath and closet to the goal is to provide more rental units at lower prices.
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a drawing coming up were the odds are winning much better than the lottery, the price could be a new place to live. john ramos on a new approach to city sponsored housing the oakland housing authority began taking applications for subsidized apartments but something was missing, a line of people around the block that is because they went to new online application process people don't have to stand in line with paper and bring them in that and have to do first-come first-served process libraries offer help to those who don't own or understand computers at the end of the week a computer randomly selects 8000 names to go on a waiting list for cities sponsored housing, they expect 50,000 people to apply one of them robin victoria williams who
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has been shopping for a car you're looking to buy a car for place to live? yes the back seat does this news means a lot to you? it means a helluva lot to me that is how desperate the need is you might be surprised as to what the apartments look like this one in the cinder complex features hardwood floors 2 tone paint and a view of a brand new courtyard. working with a federal grand they hired staff to serve at its own construction company and selected own materials we get a better product at the end of the day than we would have been a general contractor do the work force difficult challenges are still there, both the agency and customers learn how much can be accomplished if you're willing to embrace a new way of doing things and.
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john ramos cbs 5 san francisco comedy club has its last laugh tonight after 60 years stretched the purple onion shuts down once its lease expires its long history includes comedy icons robin williams woody allen and phyllis diller true, to go or said it is difficult to watch it on institution go away it means comedy is changing this venue is historic you think somebody would jump in and let it last forever but it is closing down is a shame the long standing north beach venue ran its first shows in 1952 the purple onion holds its final, the marathon tonight new school lunch concerns one mother is fighting for the safety of lunch boxes daredevil's with a death wish was state police are
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watching for speeding skateboarders near yosemite a collision with the happy and in will s
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a lot of attention paid in recent years to what is inside children's lunch boxes but the food may not be the problem julie watts and what's not the content but the container that is the concern. in the lunch may be healthy but the lunch bag could be toxic. laurie alpert is upset many
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lunch bags contain a chemical banned from all toys in 2000 a if these products work force there would be illegal a new study by an environmental group find that 75 percent of final school supplies have a chemical many in the form of favorite characters like spider-man this mother was so stunned she started an on-line petition were asking disney to clean up their act disney licenses the popular characters and she would like to see the company take the lead a brand that has leverage with kids after a few days the petition has 50,000 signatures the epa is concerned about the chemical because of the toxicity and most americans are exposed to them and a variety of soft plastics ranging from shower curtains to shampoos laurie shops for pvc free
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products but not always easy these products are not labelled and do not have to be labeled parents may not have to wait for companies to respond lawmakers are pushing to remove the chemicals from all school supplies it has been into a as much a d h d even fertility issues in men, disney contends all products meet or exceed safety standards julie watts cbs 5 trader joe's recalls its peanut butter for possible salmonella contamination, the fda says the creamy salty valencia variety likely the source of upper that has made 29 people sick. trader joe's offers refunds to customers and the recall expanded to 76 sundlun peanut butter and on and better
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products. a dangerous stunt caught the attention of c h p kids are skateboarding down a steep stretch of road in tuolomne county a row that drops 1,500 ft. andrea minneti spoke with one driver who found himself sharing the road with the daredevil's. i told them what are you nuts and he was gone he crossed paths with the skateboarder writing down the road near grove land in this video you can see steve slow down in his blue car as the skateboarder takes off with a motorcycle film in from behind he was alongside of us and on the yellow line c h p officers investigate a total three stunt's involving the skateboarder and a group of men riding adults' eyes tricycles down the road, and then posting video for the world
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to seek they are unsafe you can see throughout the video the skateboarders and individuals writing the tricycles swerved left of the double yellows and use both lines. at some point the thrill seekers force drivers to swerve and avoid a crash investigators also investigating reports that track riders shut down the road to thumb a ride i consider these riders and skateboarders to be selfish they're up here for their own notoriety, their own personal gain and actually taken their own lives at risk but the lives of other motorists andrea minneti reporting, county rules ban skateboard's along that stretch of road but those tracks are allowed truck driver in russia is thinking how he could be so
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lucky after an amazing crash, a truck making a left turn got slammed by another one, the driver went through the windshield and somehow landed on his feet. seemingly undeterred. confused but unhurt. in my hand the latest computer models it paints a different weather picture by the end of the week forget about low clouds we're t
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monday evening big change is coming forecast wise, all about increasing temperatures sunshine and higher fire danger. a peak of the golden gate bridge stockton with cloud cover all evening long, it will be clearer later. it is getting chillier earlier.
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san francisco down to 53, oakland 57, san jose in the '60s, these are the highs for the month not been warmer in 75 in san francisco, san jose stock peaked 87 so far, we have a pattern change coming and the warmest weather for the entire month by the end of the week san francisco could hit 80 by thursday or friday. it is called the off shore went low pressure to the south high- pressure to the north and that flow gives us an east wind, that gets us warm, this will be one of those years morning clouds afternoon sunshine, the temperatures go up and the fire danger increases. highs tomorrow san francisco
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68, san jose 78, palo alto 77, redwood city 74, '70s for petaluma mill valley and san rafael, 71 alameda. the big change happens thursday '90s inland. warm weather is on the way and sports now ken the a's protect the lead in texas a critical series there perhaps the worst call in history of profession
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the a's are running at a gas
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can they hit the finish line before the needle kids and the period leading in the seventh he gives up a home run. the bullpen cannot come through, still tight in the ninth, he knocks it in the game winner the a's lose another heart breaker 5-4 lead for wildcard is two games over angels. raiders darius hayward bey released from hospital today. he was hit in the helmand by the steelers safety in the ins on the game was stopped for 12 minutes before he was carted off the field. unbelievable finish to monday night football a hail mary appears to be intercepted by green bay to the roulette a touchdown the seahawks beat the packers or should i say the officials beat the packers he
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