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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  September 25, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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once fired in a pregnant woman sprayed with shattered glass hours later a city council debate over whether to spend more money on the system that tracks gunfire. reporter mark sayers on how well shots fired shots bader really works for cash strapped oakland. just an hour before oakland safety committee began discussing expanding a crime-fighting tool called shot spotter another shooting that the technology could help to solve the pregnant
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woman sitting on a car was hit by flying glass in the shooting in which they had to cars and three homes shot spotter can pinpoint the shots and a lawyer nearby officers were almost instantly is it innovative gunshot system within 30 to 35 seconds. oakland police to expand shot but the network covers about half the city and police want to expand that reach to 70% by adding for sale and a portion of north oakland. it is hard to believe that we if we can track it weekend predicted an african predicted we can prevent it. even though shot water was first used in 2006 police say evidence that helps fight crime is mostly anecdotal but even with the lack of data the public
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safety committee approved the expansion requests. can you say it is worth it to the city. to identify the location of the shootings. so far this year ago and has recorded 3200 shot but iraq nations police say simultaneous 911 calls reporting live in oakland and mark sayers cbs five. will the 49ers have the catch montana to clark and the catch young to olin's but no nfl touchdown has been as highly scrutinized as the one last night. the play that everyone seems to have an opinion on including the president. the nfl says a controversial ruling in this seahawks' the packers game
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will stand replacement for a freeze made the call in the last seconds of the football game when the seahawks receiver and hackers defender both seem to catch a desperation pass. the refs ruled the seahawks player caught the ball but replays told a different story. on tuesday the lead admitted a penalty should have been called on the seattle player for pushing but said the results of the game is final. regular arrests have been locked out since june in a labor dispute. the of little or no experience in the nfl. the one who made monday night's call had only rep thai school and junior college games. it takes a guide to full years to get acclimated to the speed of that game. he is a retired nfl referee. the two of them should have converse with each other and before they made
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any signals. the controversial call even got the attention of the republican and democratic tickets for the white house. it is time to get the real refs the latest pressure has brought the lead in the union back to the bargaining table. but so far no deal. cbs news. the wrath accused of making the bad call is from california. lance easily moved from santa maria in santa barbara county. friends say despite everything he is in good spirits and is already looking ahead. we're doing our job for getting paid to do it. he is scheduled to be back on the field this sunday for the game between the vikings and the lions. and crews are making great progress for the
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forty-niners and use santa clara stadium. they say that is 15% complete reporter keep those shows us how hard they're working to get it done in time for the kick off in 2014. building the cathedral of bay area football is not for the faint of heart. 400 people working 6:00 a.m. to midnight monday through saturday and at its peak 7000 people worked at a pace until opening day. i get the sense that you're a guy who knows what he's doing. very demanding not much of a life and a lot of hours. the steel girders and the seats are going in quickly think he to the giant cranes that are taller than the statue of liberty. there are only 30 of them in the country and for the march have been here. 47 escalators are being installed with miles of pipe. something thought this survey markers surge in the reference points. the this would
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be it. we treat this as such. he is played for weather delays and can make up for lost time when sundays if needed. extended rain. but there is going to be rain and will just deal with it accordingly. fans was 70 percent of the pricey seat club section to then have remained. the fans paying thousands of dollars in license fees ends if we follow the schedule whereon which would be carefully mapped out there is no reason. we would this looks like giant steps that snapped into place like giant lego pieces and
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install the seat on top of those and at this hour we can still hear those guys putting away and it looks like it will be a long two years. kiddos cbs five. it up and move for pack up and go that is the choice comcast is offering hundreds of area employees. the cable company disconnects all three of its california call centers in reroute and the jobs. reporter julie at the bridge tells us the cable giant says the state's has only itself to blame. comcast went from utter despair the consideration. several hundred employees to find out they're losing their jobs. the thing about your employees. the cable giant announced to employees in the public it would be closing all three of its california call centers. in
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all 1000 employees affected. the equis comcast the pleas were handed an information packet about their options there were options to relocate the northern california to relocate to colorado or washington. or opt for a severance package. it's just moving it's not enough. they say they determined that the high cost of doing business in california makes it difficult to run cost-effective call some centers and northern california. one would think that with all the companies that have left the region that we were trying to do something to it least correct that perception that california is a business friendly state. comcast is a number of employees that answer the phone that california closure and juliet goodrich cbs five. more americans are feeling
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optimistic about the economy. there are positive side on several fronts consumer confidence has a seven month high stocks are also on the uptake the s&p index has surged 15% this year. that is about to change with the times. the best gift this holiday season may be more jobs. torres said today it will take on 45,000 seasonal workers this year 5000 more than last year. coles said a department store chain is adding more than 52,000 holliday workers about 10% more than last year. the seasonal work force will be 80 to 90,000 down slightly from a year ago and wal-mart is adding 50,000 jobs up slightly. i came stopple add 7000. is about the same last year our fall season really
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expected a nice surge in business mike was the the senior vice president for higher says the world's largest video game retailer is bullish and holliday. i think if you have a significant offering consumers are ready to spend money at the gatt on five release is a classic example apple has already sold more than 5 million iphone 5. a dozen sound like an economy in recession. across the country the recovery has been an even nationally the unemployment rate has dropped to 8.1% but in four states north carolina and new jersey california and rhode island to the jobless rate is still near 10 percent or above. in nevada it's more than 12 percent. because it's going to be modestly disappointing season. the holiday hiring will
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increase this year will still be well below pre recession levels. anthony mason cbs news new york. there is also good news about housing prices rose in july for the second straight month of a year-to-year improvement the down side people in the rental market are seen the lowest level of inventory and 10 years and rent has surged to a 5% on average just since last year. pannikin bay area bart stations 9 days ago with the agency now says for passengers to flee the platform. kugels futuristic cars get the green light from the governors might itself driving cars could mean more than just a more lax in commutes. what brought out throngs of shades of
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gray stance tonight in the bay area.
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we're getting a good lead at the chaos that followed the bart station malfunctioned back on september 16th a train that is. this surveillance video from the civic center station when a train experienced what art is calling a great overload they say that is what cause the bright flash of light and all that smoke. as you can see some people are scrambling on a platform and even of stairs in the hallways under market streets. two people complained of smoke inhalation. why do with the hassles of driving when your car can do it
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all for you it is now official california policy. in the have more on how the google teamed up with the governor to look into the future. of today we are looking at science fiction becoming tomorrow's reality. in a self driving car to accelerate california's leadership in the vehicles. google has already launched 300,000 mi. of the technology. and new law allows the of and it allows them to sign legislation in front of an audience of googled employees. the co-founder was asked when the public might get their hands on this vehicle? he said we have some pretty ambitious targets you can see them being stressed and answer this question.
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but he did say five years are less and he believes it will save lives. 90% of fatal accidents are caused by human error. i expect that self driving cars are going to be safer. with its cameras in scanning laser it also opens up the possibility of blind driving cutting down on congestion as self driving cars automatically align themselves and allowing people to do something else while technically driving. which brings up the question who is the ticket itself driving a car is off parking itself and no one is inside but it runs a red lights. will work that out. this may be the easiest problem to work out. this into a celebration of what is right with california in the midst of the faa's and that
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is our legacy. there is still a lot of work for the engineers to do have to answer questions like what happens if the tire blows out or the computer files cbs five. checking bay area headlines not new legal demands coming for the operators of those party bosses. today the governor signs that read studebaker bill into law requiring the bus drivers to monitor and underage drinking on board. the law is named for the 19 year-old burlingame man who died in a car crash two years ago after an evening of heavy drinking on a party bus. tiny apartments tabled today by san francisco supervisors a vote on whether to allow developers to build units as small as 720 square feet to 220 square feet is going to be on the ballots. it will strain city services and increased population density.
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construction crews have uncovered ruins from the old city hall destroyed in the 1906 earthquake. the chronicle reports foundations were found along hyde street journal landscaping project two weeks ago. the rulings will be buried again after historians and architects finished examining the sites. that has sold 40 million copies already but tonight's 50 shades fever had fans lining up out the door of one san francisco bookstore there to meet the woman behind the best- selling series. elizabeth cook was there. i think it is it's a gray has become an obsession in so it is like justin bieber you get a fever and then you can get rid of it. in a be a fever but for this crowd looked more like the 50 say the epidemic. hundreds of women and a few support of has- beens' waited outside the books and gunmen as in san francisco for several hours to get just a few moments with the woman behind the trilogy that has fans
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everywhere going gaga for gray. everyone is looking for christian gray. the 08 loris is in the '50s its a great club teams in any of for putting the spark back in her marriage. he just shook his head head and said of waiting for you when you get back. stephen didn't seem to mind keeping his wife company outside for her obsession with the series. improve their life. chisholm, the two and has read all three books cover to cover price. is a wonderful story and it's great to take a break from reality. this is her second and last stop on friday to be it signing books in los angeles. perhaps a little bit too much gray around the golden gate today we have lots of cloud cover and continue to see that streaming through the golden gate tonight is live look at the foot of the bay bridge will talk about the ets there is heat coming our forecast and that is coming up next. and now cbs five
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chief meteorologist says and now i feel like a game show host. service says it here's a peek outside member is going up my be the price is right hire a beautiful shot here city hall cloud cover very problem this evening and temperatures dropped down to the mid '50s by 6:00 this evening now let's look at where we are right now san francisco 54 center residents of is by at 52 (56 livermore 61 in concord a currently 59 degrees to man is not a cloud cover sitting just off shore it's a close to the coastline of a long and now will push in and ended the day once again. the warmer weather the dry weather is sunny weather unscathed to get here on thursday between now and then high pressure begins to build and if so have one more chilly day tomorrow chilly relatively speaking at temperatures running a few degrees cooler than
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normal. a parts itself just to our north and that same clockwise flow will now give us an east wind which will warm us up way since the see some of the changes i have made for the weekend to sunday looks nearly as hot as saturday's as a warm- up begins on thursday the weekend will be really warm to hot. anthem this saturday and sunday has to be approaching a degrees upper 70's for san as a small we looking at 84 last caddos' morgan hill 8376 for milpitas redwood city and 65 degrees plus a sunshine to marron and they're looking at bad it beautiful day in petaluma with morning cloud cover a 73 mill valley are high 70 daly city though only 61 san francisco 63 you'll warm up with everything else starting thursday looking at the highs over the weekend mid-90s inland into the bay and approaching 80
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for the coast on saturday and sunday. time for sports. will the milkman be back with the giants we have the answer and to the texas redemption for an a's outfield next. haugh our get at
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an elegant looking at it like i did do it and head of the freely
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the will to fully concentrate into his these are losing five of their last seven games on this hellacious road trip and now the angels' starting the day just two games behind for the wild card start the clock. their attacked taxes and makes it costly error that allowed two runs to score by with the game tied at 2 in the seventh bases loaded and this time he saved three runs. so the same score in the 10th inning george guitarist
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last one into the upper deck is when three to two eagles are leading at 11:00. did we its they took a step backwards tonight in the third inning paul goldman is having a fifth career home run off the giants went to come allowed seven runs walked four and they lost 7 to 2. according to manager burrs budgeted giants outfielder maliki cabrera will not be on the playoff roster when his suspension for failing a drug test comes to an end last month and a linebacker joe mays was fined $50,000 and suspended one game for the hit on texans quarterback matt shaw of the day was so violent and not his, it's a part of the part of his ear off the play in denver next sunday. then he was vicious. as much as they do to try to protect the game seems like it gets worse.
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