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in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, lockout is over. about an hour you could also set up free account alerts. okay. ago the nfl and referees union [ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money reached a tentative contract and financial information. agreement. the details have not here's your temporary card. welcome back. yet been released bad calls like how was london? this one monday night with a [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. place of referees could soon come to an end. the deal must be ratified by union members and that could happen as early as tomorrow the nfl says it plans to have regular refs were tomorrow night's cleveland's baltimore game. the intersection at hazen be a canyon was like a wrecking yard. we will talk about that in just a moment but this story now a young boy as he slept in his east oakland home is out of the hospital tonight. it will be taught some time the board he is truly feel as though. did weeks he is recovering from five surgeries in a serious wounds to his
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liver. but i need to get better answers then i get back to work. then doctors gave the ok for an 11 year-old to return to his east oakland home. when it came back to the house and made me remember everything that happened and said that night. it has been six days and somebody shot him to the walls of this house. suddenly i felt a strong [ female announcer ] wells fargo. good morning, pam. oh, welcome back, andy. pain that was burning and then i drew. i'm drew now. saw blood everywhere. i was oh...drew. sorry. apology not accepted. crying in my humble was holding because it wasn't even necessary me. in the first place. and everyone was calling 911. what goes to your mind as somebody shot you to the walls and they didn't even know you? they just shot me and i didn't
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know why they stopped the car and people were shooting. when you're sleeping what you going to be thinking? and not when is the pure i'm going to sleep in my sister's room because no bullets went into her room and i think it is safe there. police have made no arrests so far they say the family plans to move away they rallied against the bay area's biggest latino market. they're upset iran new hiring practices kiddo on what they're planning next. at king road in san jose has been a launching pad for countless marches and protests. but today they're feeling the pressure. many of the labor and state leaders are calling for a boycott for rolling in e verify an on-line program from the apartment of common security
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where companies check if employees can work in the u.s.. the workers would suffer. if they can support them that it should. that is a god-given right in my perspective. the per-share charge that gene was found out was once an undocumented worker himself he is now being called the hypocrites. he came over here and now he has got himself to where she is and will put this back as people. unfortunately no one can choose what laws are one directions for the federal government we can choose to except for home and security agents at the school they say will only and will be battling against labor unions.
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is not our way of marketing to the community is simply a situation where the federal government has asked us to comply with a specific program we're doing that and this is between the federal government. the decided not to march to the store because they wanted to avoid what could turn into an ugly confrontation. and looks like the boycott is schedule as plants you could call it that pepper spray pay out the video when to viral of uc students being doused with pepper spray during a campus protest. tonight new details on the settlements when cbs five reporter phil mature explains that is only half of what this mess is costing taxpayers. it was probably one of the most watched and now one of the most expensive youtube moments in history. against tuition hikes
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last november. an event that even school officials it was all over the world and i would pick anyone is appalled. it's also one of the regions that they have agreed to pay each of those 21 students 30,000 east for each for the pain and suffering $630,000 and all. and $20,000 for the american civil liberties union but wait there's more. $408,000 for an independent review of how to handle such protests $119,000 to an outside firm for crisis management supports $445,000 for an on-site investigation into the pepper spray incident another $230,000 for the internal affairs investigation
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into the copper actually did the spraying put that package together and have another million dollars spent. bringing the total to over $2 million. that is a lot of money. that is a lot of money. but the bottom line for us is what happens moving forward. across the university of lot more of it went to trial as for what the students plan to do with their $30,000. have already decided to donate to to people who are in debt from i don't keep a sense of it. i would like to use all the money to pay future tuition and that's what a lot of people doing. the waves either using it to pay off the loans that i have for my undergraduate education nor city for brad school. the settlement is still subject to the judge's approval but if the green light today where will they get the money? as for where the money comes from it comes out of the uc itself insurance funds are all
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uc pays into. its 41 days until the election president obama's lead is widening in several of the swing states newark * shows the president with a 10 point lead in ohio and florida he has a nine point lead and in pennsylvania the president leads by 12 points. political reporter crazily on the significance of these new numbers. is this the turning point in the election cycle? it is clear now that obama's has moved out of the margin of error in the swing state so it is now going to be much harder for ronnie to see a strategic path to victory. most voters identify the economy and jobs as the number-one issue this election year. in this poll all three swing states choosing the president as their man to lead the charge something we
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haven't really seen before. what it to a concern about the economy largely because ronnie has not convince people of he will be a preferable alternative. this is a presidential campaign strategist he has worked with both bill and hillary clinton as well as al gore antisense ice it is not over yet. in aids of the replacement referees the obama's campaign should not be celebrating in the hands down to early. in will be tough to recover after the army was seen talking about a 47%. will largely go down for a presidential candidate has had in modern-day history objectively speaking and it began with a 47% keynote difficult week when you try to trump that by printing your tax return rate on the pate 15%.
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next week's debate could be run his last chance in this election. thats to strike down for romney has his third swing at this first debate but given what everybody says he really has to do something pretty significance to try to realign the raise or change it up. the very first several presidential candidates will face off at the university of denver and will be answering questions about domestic policy you can watch a live on cbs five ungraciously in the newsroom cbs five. a wild finish to a wild car chase in san francisco. several vehicles were damaged into innocent bystanders were hurt. it all started at 5:00 this evening when police said the suspects still a backpack with and i've had. the robbery happened as sacramento and fillmore street and pacific heights police spotted the suspect the few blocks away the later crashed and he's in
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buchanan cbs five reporter linda yee picks up the story from there. tirolese the intersection and hayes and you can was like a wrecking yard a driver chap they smashed car after getting slammed by suspects getaway vehicle. a high-speed chase started just over a mile away. tyrolese it was a street robbery a lone female was walking into some suspects still have had an backpack from her aunt's to golf and a car the vehicle description is very dead. the victim noted a car license a new mercedes s u b was spotted quickly by a patrol car. the vehicle did not stop and began running through stop signs as the police cars were pursuing with their lights and sirens and the vehicle failed to stop. during the chase the suspect sides five days cbs five which ironically is about to cover a story on the epidemic of street robberies involving smart phones and other electronics.
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and although it doesn't look like a lot of damage right now apparently the photographer who is sitting inside said it should stick so badly it like an earthquake. the suspect then sped down his street. and slams into the side of the ban. it was the craziest thing ever. the car crashed into two parked ones last in metal flew some of the debris hitting a child on the playgrounds. three suspects won a juvenile ran off the officers chased them down the two adults suspects were injured there were taken to hospital and remain under guard tonight. in san francisco lindi's cbs five. a computer has to face book but police say they caught the guys red handed. when it now looks like it was an inside job. your friends' lives depend on your next actions. a ski lead-in's talks about the moment when you had to stop looking for his friends and
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focus on surviving. here's a li dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
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police said the suspect knew exactly what they're after and where to find its reporter allan ramirez on how that security based book logo has been removed from the former headquarters building in poll also but inside plenty of company property was left behind at this point remains an
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open and shut case that became evident early monday morning when a private security guard reported a burglary in progress and the police the descriptions of to get away vehicles. and what type of property? recovered 49 laptop computers. but that wasn't the only surprise police arrested two suspects chavis calhoun and assignment of sunnyvale they had inside knowledge of facing up because he works there. the loss of the one laptop computer could be huge and goes far beyond whenever the hardware value is of the machine itself. things that could be stored on a laptop to be customer lists it up top-secret information and the prices and limited. a former
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san jose cop: now owns a private security firm. it could be thousands or millions of dollars worth of damage and in the silicon valley you have most of your larger companies that are publicly held and the information gets out to our shareholders that you cannot protect your property that becomes a very serious issue. fortunately they only had a 49 laptops for a few minutes and that these books former building security did seem to be beefed up their truck from a shredding company was parked outside this book does not have a comment. the potential for getting a concussion is striking fear in high school athletes as the football season starts. reporter in iran below explains how it is keeping your kids off the playing field. frank noland is the varsity quarterback he suffered a concussion four weeks ago and fell out of sorts instantly and
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for days afterwards. for the format and was out of order. he was upset a new state law for some on the sidelines while he recovered but admit that first snap back was at least some nerve wracking. junior varsity coach spent 16 years playing football half of that in the nfl and he never got a concussion but he is acutely aware attention to hits like the one sustained by the raiders darrius hayward-bey has scared off athletes. they might be playing football at concussions were concerned. we're losing players and the separate participation is a factor. he talks to his players about what a serious hit could mean the knows he has to be vigilant. is they don't want speed to pull them and they may not give you the information. in the
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there's a sense of relief that judgment calls about when a player can go back now rests in the hands of doctors. dr. tie affleck easily treated nearly 20 high-school football players with concussions in the north bay this season. this time last year he had only seen about sue the key is to be fully healed before going back out. what can do is prevent a second concussion which can be catastrophic. this series of tests before and after an injury and that treatment could be costly he is setting up a non- profit to help schools play it safe. if people aren't used to it people are not seeking ownership of the education that is totally what we're trying to do the message hits home sooner than others and for this is sense of perspective. high-school football is a lot of fun but it is not your whole life. in the short term we
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will see more concussions reported plan long term though people think that the game itself will have to change to avoid these traumatic injuries cbs five. one minute she is reading the bible and the next he is thinking got to be alive the california extreme skier survived a terrifying avalanche on one of the world's tallest mountains. while he is lucky to be alive the realizes friends or not so fortunate. the eighth highest mountain the world. about two dozen climbers were sleeping at a camp just between 22,000 ft. when disaster hits. he was an intense reading his bible we heard a loud board or. we hold them a thousand feet down the mountain this is barefoot and injured. keypunches
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latter tends to search for others but found no one. the waves they depend on the next actions. and unfortunately everything that we did prove to produce nothing. at that point i had to start thinking about my own life. the camp looked like a war zone when rescue crews arrived to fly him and other survivors out the world famous freeze gear had hoped to ski off the mountain once he and his teammates to reach the top. seaweeds skiing the eighth highest mountain the world's it's a good idea. it is famous for late making light of risk-taking but says he is now heartbroken that his friends are still missing and presumed dead. he was born in livermore the 48 year-old considered a pioneer of american extreme skiing we'll be right back a lot
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of you out there are probably wondering where is that warm-up that we been talking about. not decorative a picture right there. a lot of cloud cover and fog rolling in quickly this evening in temperatures have respond in their chile, is down to 61 livermore 65 and are warm spots downtown san francisco and santa rosa down to 52 so let's get right to the satellite review a lot of cloud cover piling in and pouring into the bay with our coastal locations overnight tonight not much change is between tonight and tomorrow many of the wake up soggy and he does get going until saturday but there is a change that starts tomorrow it limits the onshore flow giving as a few degrees of warming in our inland locations but the coast will stay pretty cloudy likely until friday afternoon. it is the weekend that is when the big change comes. high pressure to our north teams up with lower pressure off the southern
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california coastline that will give us that offshore wind that will warmus up well into the 90s and many the near the base for the first time in a month will likely get into the '80s the warmest weekend since late july and the fire danger will also increase and will be able to get outside and enjoy some of the warmest weather we have had in a while. convert up to 88 degrees south bay's and as a 80 millipede is 79 and redwood city 76 in moscow those 81 degrees 88 concord 88 fun dishes 77784 pat lee 73 cells lead only 66 degrees here come the '90s mid to upper 90s over the weekend ends near the vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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outfielder while the a's are hoping their team will just hold on for a wild-card spot the a's are having a bigger ideas like sealing the division crown to the rangers outfielder brought this emmens for the dominican republic but it is that it terminated cpr. the base rate went under josh hamilton club and made a fortune nothing the a's weren't done he smashed a triple to center to tripple because hamilton takes a bad rap dolls and scores in the is that they buy spot in the first inning jerry parker goes six strong innings and gets the when the a's win 93 and now does three back in texas giants and diamondbacks third inning buster posed with a shot to left field installed on scores and that is busters 100 rbi this season of six strikeouts is that 191 the
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year that is a career high the giants have won six to nothing 16 wins now for big daddy kane. the former 49 errant cal bears signed with the raiders this afternoon i'm so glad you called. thank you.
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we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you.
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