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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  November 4, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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shoppers encouraged to get r groceries elsewhere. why wos at dozens of neighborhood grocery stores are refusingo go to work. a dramatic rescue after a pleasure boat overturns -- dumping 7 people into the w. how rescuers freed 2 kids trapped in the cabin. the campaign is waning -- bt the candidates are kicking t into high gear. where the candidates are focusing ther last minute efforts. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. thousands of workers at wors on strike, before, but never workers at this business. 's the first strike in the 77-r history of raley's grocery stores,which includes nob hl stores. and it looks like it could be protracted... ad painful. not what 23- year alameda nob hill clerk eddie silva wants to hear. sot; ee silva/striking nob hill market employee clip 32 02 05 12 "not good. first te we had to do it. not good, t we have to stand up." the is are medical benefits, elimination of sunday premim pay, and a proposed wage fr. sot: eddie silva striking raley's employee clip 3992 2 04 48 "ok with the freeze, e just want to keep the medice have, with the union. but ty want to take that away. basically, when we retire,'d have no medical." the compay says it needs to make savinn
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order to compete. eng_rale's strike_kovr sot; john segale/spokesperson raley's3 40 25 "we're under fierce competitive competition. and just as since we had our lat contract agreement with this union in 2008, there's beenr 240, non- union retailers, t have either opened up retail facilites or expanded to sel their facilities to sell groceries." the strike at 15 raley and nob hill stores in california, and 13 in nevada forces customers to make toh choices. sot; deborah rundle/alameda shopper. 02 0 (dk) "does it take much efft for you to drive away?" it s a little bit of effort becae it's a lot cloxser to my ho, to be able to come here, a'm going to spend extra gas too the middle of the island..." workers on strike, before, t never workers at this busin.
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on i-5 near sacramento this afternoon. 7 other people were injured- and they are all in critical condition. investigators sae crash happened when a large s-u-v -- a ford expedition l of passengers -- veered outf control. it jumped the center divider, hitting a ha accord head-on. both vehicles rolled over -- and passengers in both vehiclese ejected. it's not known yett caused the s-u-v to lose control. several lanes of in that area are closed and mat re-open until early tomorrow morning. 3 children and 4 adults were rescued today from a pleasue
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boat that overturned in the north bay. the rescue took place off dillion beach, near tomales. 5 people were found clingino the hull of the boat. 2 kids were trapped in the cabin. a helicopter plucked the five people from the boat and tok them to shore. "..." this was the scene when cres drilled a hole through the drilled a hole through the capsized boat to rescue theo children trapped in the cab. they appeared uninjured bute taken to petaluma valley hospital as a precaution. 's unclear what caused the boao capsize. investigators say weather does not appear to a factor. "this was a very happy endig today. nobody was injured, certainly nobody was killedd the children and the parents were reunited. and it's a vy happy ending." all seven passengers were checked out for hypothermiao one was wearing a life jacket. "i'm not ready to give up oe fight and i hope you aren't either, new hampshire, i hoe you aren't either." "i need iowa. i need iowa se can win the white house ande back america"
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these are the last hours ofe presidential campaign -- and it's the tightest race we've seen years. both candidates and their running mates criss- crossed several states todao make their final pleas for votes. it takes 270 electorl both candidates and running mate criss-cross the states. it takes 270 electoral votes to win a presidency. analysis by the associated press shows president obama with an edge. but there are 83 electoral votes in 6 states that could go to either candidate that's why they are called swing states that's what makes this race so tight. it's in these of states where both candidates are focused this weekend. danielle nottingham shows why they are expecting victory
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>> reporter: stevie wonder added was in cincinnati ohio. the president followed by singing the praises of his supporters. >> i need you ohio. >> reporter: ohio is one of several battleground states both candidates visited sunday. >> if the president were to be re-elected -- it's possible but not likely. >> reporter: mitt romney also traveled to iowa and pennsylvania where he's cut into the president's lead. the election is so close the president even joined president bill clinton in new hampshire, which holds just 4 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win. both the romney and obama campaigns are predicting a victory on tuesday, but the polls show a very tight race with no clear favorite. polsters say if anyone has an edge it's the president because
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he needs fewer swing states to win the white house. >> i think the electoral college is easier for the president to get to 270. it's not impossible for romney. >> reporter: there are a few undecided voters left and the candidates flow the race could come down to who does the best job getting their supporters to the polls. >> ultimately it's up to yo >> reporter: both candidates will continue their break neck pace on monday criss-crossing the country during the final hours of the campaign. danielle nottingham cbs news the white house. >> stay with c b s5 for continuing coverage. live up to the minute reporting from around the nation, california and here in the bay area on election night. the hard hit jersey shore is still suffering in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. among the biggest headaches gasoline is being rationed. only drivers with even numbered license plates could fill up today. many people are still without
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electricity using gas powered generators. temperatures are dropping into the 30s and shelters are packed at night. in the shore town of tucker ton families seeing their neighborhood for the first time are devastated. >> the only thing we had was the clothes on our back grabbed the animals and left. not expecting to come back to nothing. >> part of our house is across the street. we've seen our couch two streets down. we never get there. >> more than 50,000 people in new jersey have applied for fema assistance feel has approved $30 million in payments. marathon runners pitched in to help. >> reporter: hundreds would be marathon runners and volunteers including sherry met up from the planned start line. >> they wanted to organize a way to kind of give back to
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those communities that need. >> reporter: wearing orange and weighed down with back packs filled with food, first aid and supplies they jogged through this borrow where 22 were killed and 20,000 remain without power. her running partner michael reed flew in from london to run. >> how was it canceled? >> it was disappointing but it's the right decision. when you look around see what other people have gone through it's meaningless for us to get upset over something like this. >> reporter: when the marathon was canceled two days ago a sort of grassroots call to action went out on facebook. today's finish line was this drop off point for supplies. >> it's overwhelming. >> it's sad but it's nice to see humanity come through in times like this. >> reporter: the orange jerseys were a welcome sight here. >> how is it to have all these folks coming into your neighborhood. >> it's wonderful.
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it's a god send. >> reporter: she slept in her car. it's believed that 30 to 40,000 people in new york are in need of shelter. >> i put up here for everybody. >> why did you put your flag up. >> we're proud to be americans. we may fall but we're standing back up. >> reporter: so many here called staten island the forgotten borrow. despite the death toll and devastation so few paid attention to this played for so long. those marathon runners tried to change that. back here in the bay area firefighters injured after battling a blaze in richmond last night. the fire started around 8:00 in a commercial building on the 1400 block of mcdonald avenue. the fire appears to have started in the back of the building then spread to the businesses inside. there was an aa meeting going on in one of the rooms, but everyone got out okay. the only injury reported was a
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firefighter who hurt his back. the demolition of an 8 story building in walnut creek could create some major traffic problems this week. several lanes along main street will be closed starting tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. detours will be in place and drivers should expect delays. the work should be completed by thanksgiving. well up next, labeling genetically modified foods what kinds of a affect would prop 37 have on the rest of the country. it's one for the history books one of the world's biggest planes 787 dreamliner makes its first commercial flight. >> i believe everybody is in total agreement it was a spectacular day across the bay area today. tomorrow record warmth will pinpoint the warmest location as eyewitness news continues here on the cw. ,,,,
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what's in your food. food. proposition 37 would requi rers to label . they say it's all about knowing what's in your food. proposition 37 would require food manufacturers to label foods that are genetically modified. the latest polls show support for the measure is trailing. john black stone tells us the labeling debate has been served up with plenty of controversy. >> reporter: susan lang is very picky about what she feeds her kids even at snack time. >> i've seen in my life how for the healthy diet is for my kids. >> reporter: lang supports california's proposition 37 which calls for labeling foods containing genetically modified ingredients. >> the research hasn't been done about long term effects. >> reporter: in the u. s. more
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than 93% of the soy crop and 88% of corn is genetically engineered. the dna altered to withstand chemical weed killer in corn to repel insects pesticide is engineered directly into the kernels. 61 companies have g m o labeling laws. but the u. s. food and drug administration does not require disclose you are of genetic engineering techniques calling gmo crops the substantial equivalent of conventional crops not so says center for food safety. >> this new tech nothing puts bacteria have never been in before. >> fear mongering should not be put on food label period. >> reporter: the campaign funded primm army by biotech chemical and food industry giants, including hershey's
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which already does label its products overseas. >> the consumers will view that label as a warning when none should exist. the food is the same it's safe fine to eat. >> reporter: it they claim it will cost a million dollars to enforce generate lawsuits than crease family groceries bills by about $8 a week. >> that's why i oppose prop 37. >> reporter: the no campaign has raised more than $45 million far out spending the yes campaign, which has raised only 8 million. >> vote yes. >> reporter: money talks in california support for prop 37 has dropped steeply from 67% to 39%. many are fighting hard for the right to know. >> i've got to make decisions about their diets. not the industry not the government not the genetic engineering. >> it's my right it's ply duty.
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>> reporter: on election day it will be her vote. >> thanksgiving may be weeks away but it's never too early to collect toys for tots. marines gathered at golden gate fields to kickoff the collection. spectators who donated toys or cash earned a chance to watch horseraces from the racetrack's clubhouse. 400 toys have been collected. i can't believe we're talking there's and christmas roberta. >> especially when we have a warm up. record warmth across the bay area tomorrow and possibility on tuesday. good evening everybody today we had highs anywhere from the 70s at the beaches to the low 80s in our inland areas. these numbers were a strong reflection of a beginning of a warming trend in the bay area. we were anywhere from 8 to 13 degrees above average for this time of the year. in fact urge usually we're atf 6 san francisco. today we topped off at 77 degrees. typically 71 in san joe.
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tonight overnight significant cool down. any where between 50 and 57 degrees with star he sky. we have an offshore flow. tonight cloud free record warmth. extended forecast we're going to cool off cloud up. one day at a time. tomorrow santa ross a should easily shatter a record of 83 degrees forecasting 89 there otherwise san francisco president degrees should tie a record as is in oakland 2 degrees above that record. storm track diverted well to the north of the bay area. just really reflecting off that huge dome of high pressure that's encompassing the empire west coast. we have that significant warming from tomorrow through election day. wednesday will be a transition day. 70s in the forecast along the sea shore. 80s peninsula including south
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san francisco, belmont millbury we dive to the south. san jose all in the low 80s jumping into the mid and high 80s into gilroy. east of the bay well inland 50 degrees in brentwood tracey oakly and discovery bay. 84 degrees in san ramon. low 80s coming from napa back in through sonoma then we jump into the high 80s. glen ellen as well. check out bodega bay. 78 stinson beach offshore flow resulting in 76 degrees but away from the ocean we'll see stagnant air quality a bit of a haze. you'll be able to see that tomorrow. anywhere from the north to the east into the santa clara valley. five-day forecast we're calling for a little bit of a cool down on tuesday possible record highs there as well. wednesday we do offer that transition day about 11 to 12 degrees cooler. we introduce the possibility of
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rain showers in the forecast on thursday actually all the way through saturday and notice most of us will be well into the 50s over that three day period jumping into the mid-60s by sunday. right now we are calling for clearer skies on veteran's day. veteran's day on monday. little bit more seasonal conditions. >> that is your pinpoint forecast. >> thanks roberta. well, people in the bay area are pitching in to help those affected by superstorm sandy. how bay area red cross volunteers are helping those who need it most. >> reporter: after the pounding sandy left on the east coast and 2 million still without power comes some relief from the bay area. >> so far we've had quite a few cash donations. >> reporter: farmers markets in san bruno and oakland are accepting donations of money going straight to the red cross. >> people seem to be pretty responsive and generous. >> reporter: volunteers many leave today driving a truck all
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the way to new york. pringle has done this before. >> katrina, new york, florida. >> reporter: bringing hem to those in need. >> providing supplies to the clients and getting around will be difficult. >> reporter: this is mike's first big trip to a disaster. >> when i get to new york i'll check in, contact my point of contact and get an assignment. >> reporter: which is simple shelter and feed those who need it. as they pack up and say good- bye pringle doesn't want his wife to worry too much. >> he's done it a few times i'm responsible for training him. >> reporter: the trip takes about 3 days to get to new york and they could stay there for as long as 2 weeks. reporting from burlingame cbs 5. >> giants fans are basking in the series win. wait till you hear how much those pieces of confetti cost.
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are." a strong opening for the new disney film, "wreck-it ralp" and superstorm sandy may hae helped. schools in the storm zone were closed frid,
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to the . superstorm sandy may have helped. schools in the storm zone were closed friday and parents took kids to the movies to distract them. flight starring denzel washington second place for 25 million. argo the man with the iron fists and taken 2 rounded out the top five. united's boeing 787 dreamliner made its flight from houston to chicago today. the revolutionary aircraft was designed to be 20% more fuel efficient. it adds a new level of comfort for passengers with plush seat led lights and large overhead bins. united is the first carrier to fly dreamliner more than 800 have been sold to airlines worldwide. construction of the new 49ers stadium in santa clara will hit another major milestone this week. tomorrow crews will begin installing the first of more
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than 2,000 concrete sections. concrete will be used for the stadium's riseers, the walls and about 10,000 steps for seating. the steel framework is already 60% complete. the celebration has faded and the last strips of confetti has been swept away from the giants world series victory parade. how did this year's celebration compare to 2010. the giants used 1.5 tons of confetti. that's 10 times more confetti than they used 2 years ago. the price tag $30,000 for the nontoxic biodegradable strips of victory. hello everybody the raiders stage a very impressive come back versus tampa but wasn't enough. did the local kid up stage them. ,
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. raiders running back darren mcfadden injured his ankle in the first half of today's game against the bucs. he did not return. so instead of mcfadden tampa bay running back and stockton native doug martin stole the show. end of the first half carson palmer darius heyward-bey. set up a rod streeter touchdown the raiders had a 10-7 lead at the half thanks to that. in the third rookie running back doug martin broke a couple of tackles 67 yards touchdown 28-10 bucks. this guy ran for a team record 2 a 1 yards and four touchdowns. the raiders rally. they are down 35-30 they go for two within a field goal palmer under pressure gets rid of it
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jeron ryaner. that makes it 35-32. the raiders get the ball back with a chance to take the lead. palmer threw an interception and that was the game. the raiders fall short 42-32. they are 3-5 on the year. martin was the story after the game. >> it's a thrill for me i'm going to look back tomorrow and say okay that's all right you know did a good job. i did my job is what i'm basically saying. just try to go next week and carry on from there. >> 49ers have the day off. coming up on game day we'll tell but the story of a former 49er that played on the 1981 team who ended up homeless and teammate from the same 1981 team tried to help him. you'll see that on game day. >> it's something when you see that somebody played professional football was
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homeless. >> and the one that tried to help him had brain damage.
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