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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  December 3, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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weekend storms played a roln stranding th the evening commute crippled for hours. how the weekend's storms played a role in stranding thousands of people trying to get home tonight. preparing the damage from the relentless rain. the timetable tonight for filling a giant gaping hole in the east bay. and a televised stunt ends in serious injury. how a california magician ends up getting set on fire. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. new tonight muni is trying
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to recover after a pair of rush hour mishaps. it first occurred when a woman was hit by the muni train near church and market streets. then a short time later a major power outage knocked out the rail system. cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook is in san francisco where crews are working to get the trains back on track. liz? >> reporter: yeah, between 40,000 to 50,000 commuters were affected this evening. some took over two hours to get home. the muni meltdown all began here with a gruesome accident. >> all of a sudden she came across and i had seen her and the trolley. i mean it kept going past her and i had seen her. but when the trolley went past, i didn't see her. >> reporter: brandon watched as a woman in a wheelchair clipped the back of the trolley dragged underneath the trolley car along market from deloris to church street. >> she might have been bending over when the incident
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occurred. >> reporter: the woman was taken to the hospital for life- threatening injuries. that accident happened at 5:30 shutting down service. 45 minutes later, another meltdown. the transformer that gives power to all the underground lines blew up. shutting down service to the entire underground transits. >> apparently it was damaged with water damage yesterday. >> reporter: the massive shutdown forced thousands of passengers to find another way home. >> the computers was down in the subway so we waited and waited. of course they never tell you how long it's going to be. >> reporter: it ended up taking judy two hours to get home. as for the s-line, it's up and running right now. but all underground transit is still shut down. the best case scenario, it'll be up and running by 11:00 tonight. live in san francisco, elizabeth cook, cbs 5. the aftermath of the storms have left a quiet east bay
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neighborhood looking more like a construction zone. crews are frantically trying to rebuild a road that has disappeared. the section of mountain view drive in lafayette was no match for the weekend's rain. mark shows us that it could be a mess for months. mark? >> reporter: indeed, dana. crews tonight are working around the clock to repair this 80-foot sink hole along lafayette creek. east bay mud crews are using heavy equipment working into the night to repair two water lines damaged in the wash out. it is all too real for the resident when she walked over and looked out from her side yard. they look directly on to the open trench and the exposed pipe. >> i just felt like that was it. because we just have to have it here. and you know everything that
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you worry about it. >> reporter: city officials believe that debris blocked that drainage underneath mountain view drive. and water overran the road and simply washed it away. water, gas, sewer lines are running underneath the pavement all damaged. lafayette city manager says that repairs will not be easy. it will not be cheap, and it will not be fast. the bottom line is that it will be along the ground here for a long time and mountain view drive will be closed. even with heavy equipment operating in the area, some drivers are only now discovering at the last minute that the road is closed. >> i think it's kind of crazy. this is an unbelievable stunt that you have had. i don't know what to make of it. it's a great detour for me. >> reporter: now if there is any good news in this, it's that all the homes on the streets, in fact they do have
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access by using the various detours around the sink hole. there is no estimate as to when that happens. and they were told that it could be closed throughout the entire winter season. reporting live in lafayette, cbs 5. >> yeah, another large sink hole has shut down the road off highway 17. and during the storm on sunday, the whole section of hillside simply vanished. taking the road back right along with it. no word on how long it will take to get that road repaired and reopened. a flooded school will reopen tomorrow now that workers have cleaned up the mess left by about half a foot of rain. white hill middle school was closed today because of water and mud damage. classes will resume there in the morning. and some good news about the three firefighters who were struck on highway 24 while helping crash victims during a drenching rain yesterday. an suv clipped their fire truck and slammed into the emergency
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crew working there. all three suffered serious injuries, including broken bones and a concussion. well tonight two of the three are out of the hospital. the third, kelly morris is still being evaluated for a broken leg and an injured knee. checking other bay area headlines. the former head of the narcotics unit will plead guilty this week to charges of stealing confiscated drugs to resell. he was indicted last year along with four other law enforcement officers and a private investigator. the chronical reports that welch will plead guilty to five federal counts in exchange for prison sentence of no more than 10 years. the port of oakland and union workers have reached a tentative contract agreement. two weeks ago more than 500 members of sciu local 1021 went on strike. both sides had been bargaining at the table for 60 months. details of the agreement will be released from the contract
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when it is voted on wednesday. the highway patrolman is recovering after flipping his cruiser on 580 during the overnight chase. it happened near the road around 3:30 a.m. and the trooper swerved to avoid a big rig and hit an embankment rolling his patrol car. he wasn't seriously hurt. the suspect he was chasing was caught and arrested. the weekend shooting of a young man brings san jose's murder rate to a 20-year high. police say 17-year-old daniel cappatillo died on friday night. the victim of the suspected gang killing, which marks san jose's 43rd murder of 2012. the last time the city had that many killings was in 1997. closing in on the fiscal cliff, the latest offer and rejection in washington. strange new clues about the whereabouts of a missing millionaire from silicone valley. where in the world is this man
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now? he started at $55 million and they have now reduced it. >> discount does the trick. what it does to get the priciest mansion off the market. good evening to you, there is still a lot of cloud cover and another rainmaker on the way to the bay area. find out why this one is different and why we won't have a flooding concern this go around.
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reduction offer right off te fiscal cliff. the white house has booted the gop's new deficit reduction off the fiscal cliff. the 10-year plan promises to shave $2.2 trillion through a
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combination of entitlement cuts and tax reform measures. but house republicans still refuse to meet president obama's bottom line. letting the bush tax cuts expire for the wealthy. in the statement, the white house said that the plan fails the balance test and sticks the middle class with the bill. the gay marriage in california is still on hold tonight. the u.s. supreme court could have announced today whether they would review prop 8. instead the justices announced that they will wait until friday to discuss whether to take up the case. legal experts say the delay ruling means nothing. >> it's like we have so many cases on the docket. let's put this one off next week, no big deal. that's really what happened. it really isn't the dog that didn't bark, but it's the case that has not been resolved yet and we're still waiting. >> professor little says he expects if the court grants a review that we'll know by friday. but if the court decides to deny or simply postpone the review again, that announcement will come later.
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a desperate search is underway for a sick child tonight. security cameras of the phoenix hospital show the 11-year-old girl leaving with her mother last week. she had been undergoing treatment for leukemia and has a heart catheter that could become infected without treatment. police are watching the mexican border, but say the family has relatives here in california as well. anti-virus software creator is getting more brave. bragging about how he's able to stay out of reach from the authorities and believes for weeks. cbs 5 with the report. >> reporter: he's been on the run for three weeks and the story is as strange as it has ever been. >> i think so, yes. >> reporter: cnn tracked down the software guru and interviewed him at a safe house somewhere outside belize. it's not clear how he got out
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of the country. on his blog he claimed that it involved a body double who has been detained in mexico and later released. getting to his new safe house was like a spy movie, complete with vehicle switches and secret code words. >> are you afraid? >> wouldn't you be so? >> reporter: as a part of his disguise, his hair is now dyed block. he appeared to have lost weight. numerous reports say he has been using bath salts, but claims he is sober. the 67-year-old is traveling with his 20-year-old girlfriend and he brags about more. >> it's absolutely real that i have six, how many? >> reporter: on november 11, his neighbor greg fall was found dead, shot in the back of the head at the neighbor's home in belize. he had often complained about his dogs and the shootings happened after one of the dogs was poisoned. he refuses to be questioned by local police, saying that they are corrupt. >> do you really believe that the government, that this is a vendetta by the government? to take you down and kill you?
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>> absolutely so. >> did you kill greg fall? >> i barely knew the man. why would i kill him? he was a neighbor that lived 200 yards down the beach. >> reporter: a crew from vice magazine has been following him for the past four days. but they recently pulled out after he apologized for manipulating the gps data from this cell phone photo. today, vice magazine posted on their blog, "we don't know what the blank is going on." >> are you a smart man? i know you're an intelligent man. >> if i were smart, why would i be here? >> omg. the text message turned 20 today. on december 3, 1992, an engineer working in the u.k. sent the first sms. it read merry christmas. and since then texting has been all the rage. in 2010 the international telecommunications union reported 200,000 text messages were sent every minute. >> don't do it while you're driving. >> the airline is giving
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themselves an early gift for the holidays and it's coming out of your pockets. airfares for the end of december up about 4% from last year. they're averaging about $469 right now. that's based on recent sales through and if you haven't booked yet, the clock is ticking. fares tend to skyrocket starting about three weeks before your flight. well maybe the airlines could float a little of the extra cash to the nobel foundation. it's all following a decade of poor returns on their investments. the cash award now stands at roughly $1.2 million u.s. dollars. that is down from about $1.5 million. and the foundation plans to increase their hedge fund investments to try to boost their returns. they are also cutting the cost ahead of this week's ceremonies. >> speaking of the penny pinching. somebody may have finally snapped up san francisco's most famous fixer upper.
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for a bargain basement price. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman shows us what $34 million buys you these days. >> reporter: the rich are just like you and me. they have a $133,000 month mortgage. >> it started at $55 million. they have now reduced it. it has had a few offers on it, it's now in contract. >> reporter: they know about such things. she sells houses like this one, though not this one. 2901 broadway which was reduced quite a bit. roughly $34 million. still it is san francisco's most expensive piece of real estate. >> i've been inside. it's a small house considering the price. but it is really prominent. the views are pretty extraordinary. you feel like you're kind of on top of the mountain, you're king of the hill. >> reporter: small for the block, 7,000 square feet, eight bedrooms, 7.5 baths. balconies you can do shakespeare off of. it is a fixer upper. it'll need millions to be
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repaired. >> you can have ballroom dancing parties. >> reporter: they would get an invite if the deal goes through and they don't know exactly who it is, but somebody pretty rich. sightseeing along what is known as the gold coast, billionaire's row. >> if it is billionaire's row, then it's got to be a steal. >> reporter: it would be the fourth nearby house in the gazillion dollar range sold this year. >> what the consumer is doing at the very top level is, you know, the fiscal cliff doesn't seem to be apparently an issue for them. >> reporter: a potential change in capital gains taxes coming up, maybe that was a driving force for the sale this time or not. the rich may be like you and me, they have enough money to not care about such a thing. mike sugerman, cbs a. let's check in with your weather. i heard you got a little rain? >> yeah, a couple drops times
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six million. we got a lot of rain. let me catch you up. seven inches of rain, but ten inches of rain in napa. you know this, you have dealt with it all over the past several days. that's done. a little bit of rain in the forecast, but nothing like the five days of rain we just went through and wrapped up. oakland right now, 55. cloudy. san francisco cloudy. santa rosa, 53. we've got a few light showers offshore. a couple very light showers moving through sonoma and also through the peninsula. then we'll see the slightest chance of a shower north of the golden gate overnight tonight. overnight lows, upper 40s. 48 for fremont, oakland at 51. san francisco at 53. two differences between this storm and the previous three. first off, the atmosphere is not as juicy. the tropical moisture is not there. yes, a front, but not a front producing heavy rainfall. the second change, we have an area of high pressure building to the south, taking the storm
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track and shoving it just far enough to the north that any moderate to heavy rainfall that does fall will fall not over the bay area, but instead about three to four hours to the north. so the storm check has been bumped up to the north. yes we're going to have a front and a rainfall beginning tomorrow evening. but no, no flooding will be involved. heavy rainfall will stay away from the bay area. so showers are back tomorrow afternoon. on and off rain showers throughout the day on wednesday. flooding is not a big concern, but it will be wet on wednesday. now after wednesday, we're going to be drying out for you. so it will be cloudy with rain moving in late. concordat 62. oakland at 62 for the high. 63 degrees here. low 60s in pleasant hill. napa only 59 with some showers. now throughout the day, on and off showers for santa rosa. sonoma at 60. so we're going to be wet tomorrow. wet on and off on wednesday. then we're going to dry out on thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday.
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five straight, mainly dry days with partly sunny skies. and that is your cbs 5 forecast. all right, thanks, paul. holiday shoppers are loading up on all kinds of goodies to become a target for thieves. they are showing us how the city of oakland is planning to keep grinches from stealing christmas. >> reporter: it happens frequently at the store where chelsea adams works. most recently last tuesday. >> there's like a bunch of teenagers that will come and try to hit all the stores. i've not seen extra police present. >> during the holiday season, you see crime happening. >> reporter: it has spiked the feed month avenue district here. >> reporter: two men approached this woman taking her grocery and her purse. >> during the holidays there's a lot of desperate people.
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>> reporter: desperate people and a diminished police force. they revealed that oakland police booked fewer than 500 people in the county jail this october compared to more than 1,200 this time three years ago. >> this is not always just about arresting people. this is about intervention and prevention. >> reporter: cue the extra police patrols. cruisers, undercover officers, bicycle cops, partnering with private security guards. >> i notice that they have guys out in yellow jackets too that make me feel even safer. >> reporter: all at a time when the city is pushing for a new campaign, urging oaklanders to shop local. >> i'm very happy about that and i hope it helps the merchant. >> reporter: merchants and shoppers know they also need to help themselves. >> we just need to have that here. >> reporter: in oakland, cbs 5. a television stunt goes horribly wrong. what happened in front of the cameras and what is happening now as a result.
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being set on fire. wayne houchin of chico says his hd and ha a magician from northern california is recovering tonight after being set on fire.
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he says that his head and hands were burned after the host of a show in the dominican republic poured a flammable liquid on it and then lit it. it wasn't a part of the act. the show never aired, but a cell phone video of the incident has gone viral. he says that he has hired some lawyers now and plans to sue. and a cat in oakland has few lives worse for where after weathering the weekend's storm from the top of the telephone pole. neighbors say that it first ran up there on thursday and there it stayed through the storms until a fire crew showed up today. they didn't need to do much rescuing after that whole ordeal. the cat simply jumped down and ran off. well the grocery store tabloids have been predicting this since the royal wedding, but tonight it's official. buckingham palace says that princess kate is pregnant.
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the dutchess is still in the first trimester, but it couldn't be kept under wrath when she was rushed to the hospital with extreme morning sickness. >> it can severely dehydrate you and a lot of weight loss could be associated with you. the best thing to do is to get fluids back into your body. >> well for the first time, it will not matter to secession whether it is a boy or girl. so a girl can be queen and a boy can be king. >> long live the queen. >> so the baby will be the first in line behind william regardless of gender. bravo. >> i thought your story was great. >> yes. and why would one giant have his own champagne celebration tonight? i'm dennis o'donnell. can the warriors make it four straight for the first time under mark jackson? the tip off is next. ,,,,
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warriors are in first place? the 49ers quarterback drama is grabbing all the headlines, but did you notice that the warriors are in first place? stephen curry stays hot in 11 assists. last play warriors turned it over and glen davis nails the jump shot. harrison with the big flock over aaron afflo's big shot. putting the warriors up 56-54. but the magic beat the late show last night. they gave it to the warriors tonight. he hits the 3. atlanta wins 102- 94. giants lead off here resigning the team with $40 million. and they hit 288 in the regular season. his wife wendy posted this
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picture on twitter of him celebrating. i mean how much champagne did this guy really need? and despite the series of mistakes for the 49ers. 16-13 overtime loss to st. louis, he'll start again this week at quarterback verses miami. the quarterback controversy is still not over, but the coach jim harbaugh said today, "alex smith is not out of this." now the 49ers played this sunday right here on the sister station of cbs 5. >> all right. and that's when we're coming back at 11:00. music's, ready !
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