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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  December 16, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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president at the vigil for hook elementary i come to offer the love and prayers of theination. i am very mindful that mere words cannot match depth of your
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sor row. >> a mournful politic for the fallen sandy hook elementary school victims. >> the connecticut school shooting reignites a heavy dwait over gun control. and just what is it about the and you hobit that's making a lot of movie go ors sick. it is wet in the bay area, starting to begin to rain. we this is what we can expect for the morning compute. >> we're not talking heavy amounts of rain but we are definitely talking some wet roadways as you head out. those showers already starting to make their way in. scatters shoes. we'll take a closer look. this is where the rain will move in and gradually make its way south as we move through the evening hours. and certainly drizzle as we've
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seen throughout much of the day in the bay. >> temperatures didn't warm too much today. we're seeing current temperature in the low to mid 50s depending on where you are. the good news, if this is too cool, we will warm by a few degrees tomorrow. in fact we could see a little frost by mid week. >> rain returns tonight. temperature remain chilly. we get a brief break in the rain. i'll let you know when that's coming. and you can track any sorm any time with our live high def doppler radar, cbs slash weather. >> well, the first funerals for victims of the connecticut school massacre are tomorrow, and tonight, chilling new details are emerging about the deadly rampage that left 28 people dead, including 20 children. sources say, the shooter, adam lanza, shot his mother four times in the head, as she lay sleeping. computers in the home and their
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hard drives were found smashed. lanza then drove not school and forced his way in by shooting out a window. within minutes he shot and killed 20 children and six adults. as police closed in, lanza shot himself. >> earlier tonight, president obama attended a memorial in newtown and mourned with the community. mr. obama arrived an hour before the service began to meet privately with family members of those skilled in the massacre. at the memorial, the president offered the nations's condolences. >> i come to offer the love and prayers of the nation. i am very mindful that mere words cannot match the depth of your sorrow, 94 can they heal your wounded hearts. as a community you've inspired us, newtown, in the face of in
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desirable violence, in the face of unconscionable evil. you've looked out for each other. you've cared for one another. >> the president ended his speech by reis theing the names of all 20 of the children killed. >> earlier in the day many people in newtown, they attended church services to express their grief, but jim axlerod said that was interrupted by violence. >> all day, people walked slowly to this makeshift memorial to leave flowers, light a candle, shed their tears. >> they were babies, they were independent babies and that's what makes it almost incomprehensible. >> adam lanza, his mother, and eight of his young victims all worshiped, per igz ners were
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comforted by this from the nativity. >> i don't think anything is worse than what happened in the school. >> this afternoon, investigators towed away a black honda civic. the vehicle drove to the school. it was registered to his mother, nancy, lanza's first victim. police say she was shot four times in the head as she slept. investigators describe lanza demanding as a gunnen thus yift hard. adam lanza investigators say was heavily armed when he arrived at the school. >> high capacity magazine for the rifle and multiple magazines for the rifle and multiple magazines for the handguns. only the quick response of two police men prevented even more karnage. when lanza sauz them, he ducked into a room and killed himself. >> in this town where angels
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now mark the roads, funerals begin for the victims of adam lanza, for jessica who loved horses who just asked santa for new cowboy boots and a coy girl hats. >> a group of revolution avenue war reenactors against the 49ers, the malligza was there but they left their mufkets at home out of respect for those who were killed. >> tragedies like this one bring up the gun control debate, but many agree, this time it's different. people are angry. even the president said something has got to be done. >> we saw that we're -- say that we're truly doing enough to give all the children of this country the chance they deserve to live out their lives in happiness and with purpose. i'm before -- i've been
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reflecting on this the last few days and if we're honest, the answer's no we're not doing enough. we will have to change. so president obama's comments today seemed to indicate he might be supportive of stricture gun control measures. cbs i reporter with the new push. don. >> and we have been here before after u.s. mass murder we've heard the demands for bait greater debate on guns. will it be different this time? some say yes. the tragedy of so many murdered children may have moved to the debate to the tipping point. >> in the nation with an estimated 12,000 firearm related homicides each year, the single mass car of 20 children and seven adults in newtown, connecticut has touched a nerve. one ad ket say it may work to their advantage. it's being called a tipping point. >> i think we can be at a tipping point for two reasons, where we might actually get
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something done. >> one reason is the brewtality of murdering 20 children, another is the mere regulator of shooting sprees. >> the public will not expect there's a new normal, one of these incidents every months these mass shootings. >> the newtown killings have prompted senator diane feinstein to update or 1994 assault weapons ban. >> it will ban the sale, the transfer, the importation and the possession, not retroactively, but prospectively and it will ban the same for big clips, drums or strips of more than ten bullets. she says her bill will exempt nine hundred specific weapons. >> the gun controls will comply with the second amendment. bloomberg says he closed the gun show loop hope hole. they have evolved from one being
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sold to me to having five and ten or 20 coming to to buy guns like me. >> the control ad vets know they face a formidable faux in those of the second amendment. >> the question is how do we control violence. there is no violence in a knife. >> guns are not the problem, people are. >> there's no solution where new found innocence are shot down. >> no, up held what the cause is, the basic cause is the fundamental weaknesses of man kind. if you wish, the seeds of several destruction of man kind. >> he is not optimistic a solution will ever know found. he says guns in the u.s. are not going to disappear and he doubts there will be any fix for the real problem, mental health. social mettial became a problem in the hours following the sandy hook shooting.
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connecticut authorities have a stern warning for anyone spreading false information. >> there has been some things in somewhat of a threatening manner. it is important to know we have discussed with federal authorities that these issues are crimes, they will be investigated, state wide and federally, and prosecution will take place when people perpetrator trading this information are identified. firms say the misinformation has been showing up on social media and includes people opposing as the shooter and mimicking the crime and the crime scene. >> here in the bay year, worshippers -- bay area, people tried to find comfort in their faith. >> it's times like this that our faith really becomes apparent and the important thing is not to lose hope. >> people with heavy hearts
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came to st. mary's cathedral today for comfort and community. >> my heart is feeling sor row and i'm here to give thanks to my family and having my children and being blessed. church put up a memorial with ribbons and a prayer for their souls. >> our hearts are torn by this. how can anybody hurt kids. >> the church has a book you with write and register your prayers. there are a lot of words about sorro and comfort and -- comfort and love. >> he brought medals bless said by the afternoon bishop asking for protection. >> i think god is in those that gather and those that support each other so i'm here to offer a little bit of that to my kids. >> they've had a lot of questions. >> i couldn't wrap my mind around who would kill independent children. >> and why there are no easy
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answer says, vasquez says it's the conversation that's important. >> the same emotions that can cause many faithful to question their god. >> our faith is shaken occasionally, but that's why it's so important to have a strong faith and to remain consistent in our faith in good times so when difficult times such as these come about, we can rely on that faith. >> we're learning more tonight about a man who caused a panic at a southern california shopping mall when he fired dozens of rounds from a handgun. the gunfire was caught on camera yesterday and posted on you tube. >> people ran screaming and ducking for cover when the gunman fived 50 shots into the air and on ground near macy's last night in new port beach. no one was hurt. police say 42-year-old told them
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immediate after his arrest he was unhappy with life. state records show he was a registered security guard or patrol person, but investigators believe he was unemployed. he has been cooperating with authorities. there are other stories in the news tonight. he was hospitalized that led her dehydrated, tonight, the dutch says makes her first public appearance -- dutches. makes her first appearance.
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plan to walk off the job on christmas eve -- in a linge between the union an uchess. makes her first appearance. management. a spokesman for . thousands of bay area nurses plan to walk off the job
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on christmas eve in a lingering solution between management. it will be a one day strike, the 8th since september 2011. nurses at nine hospitals are participating in the strike. union leaders remain at odds with issues such as benefits and staffing. there is new movement aimed at preventing the u.s. from falling off the fiscal cliff. john banner is offering a trillion dollar in tax increases. in return, baner wants a trillion dollar in government programs like medicare. democrats say no way on that one. >> icate middle one made her
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first -- kate mittleton maid or first appearancen maid her first appearance. the duchess was healthy. she gave the award who oversaw the 2012 olympics. >> so amazing pictures to show you of a volcanoes. equsdor issued wash warnings for the turn tos close by. it was a moderate one followed by two larger e rupzs of burning rock, gas and rock. authorities are encouraging residents to get out. we have some rain. are we going to see some snow? >> definitely see snow in the sierra. you were asking me are we going to see snow isn't bay area?
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the foot hills around 2,000 feet, but as temperatures drop, we lose most of our moisture, so we'll see frost than flurries. >> the first round of shoes making their way -- showers making their way up, up north. they will fill in overnight tonight, scattered in nature. not heavy rain, but certainly enough to make a mess for the morning compute. something to keep in mind as we see those showers continue on tomorrow night. >> you can see the approaching front. as i pull out a little bit, you'll notice why temperature are going to drop. notice jet streams will dip very deeply allowing that cold arctic air to mrufrn south dropping our temperatures. we -- plungink south. frost will be likely in those areas. temperatures around freezing during the overnight hours. but before we get there, we are
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going to have one day of actually more mrield temperatures if you can call it that -- mild techls, if you can call it that ha. -- temperatures if can you call it that. overnight, scattered showers sticking around. we'll keep unsettled weather in the forecast, a chance of showers. winter storm warning is in effect through monday night. with all that cold air, snow levels around to 1,000 feet, one to two feet above five thousand and some gusty conditions 23-mile per hour winds up to about 60 miles per hour. if you're head heading to the high country for maybe a little early holiday. in the meantime, temperatures slightly warmer tomorrow, mid to upper 50s, mid 60s for the warmest locations. very short-lived. temperatures drop off.
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i have one little shower icon for tuesday. can't rule out a scattered shower, but mainly dry tuesday. wednesday, however is the best opportunity for a completely dry day. temperatures do remain cool. thursday, rain returns. friday, it continues, and we're going to g head and stay soggy through the weekend. >> one dry day. thanks. it was a close call, six fisherman were rescued after their boat started sinking from are santa cruz harbor. it took close to an hour for the patrol to get to them. no one was hurt, but a couple of the fisherman were cold and nauseous. >> if you were trying to get mail 31sted, expect a long line. it's -- delivered, expect long
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lines. it's the busiest day for the pos postal service. more americans replace mail with e-mail. >> the hobbit might be called the as the stomach turns. people watching it get sick. ,,,,
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the latest adventure in the "lord of the rings" saga pr to be magical at the box office ts weekend. the hobbit raked in a whoppg 84- million dollars. "rise of the guardians" was a dis second -- ma . the latest adventure proved to be magical at the box office. the hob bit raised an $84 million. lincoln, sky fall and life of pi, rund rounded out the top -- rounded out the top five. >> you'll need a strong stomach if you want to see the hobbit. >> the new movie is making some people physically ill. >> some people who have already
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seen the hobbit in new zealand, report an unexpected experience, motion sickness from the high action scenes. it wasn't even a consideration for the first woman in line at this san francisco theater. i just want to see the movie. >> so why the potential for nausea? it's the first major studio film to use 3d technology to reassembly hd tv. it's making images more vivid and intention than ever. patrick of the best of my recollection ly film insurance institute, it's going to be very crisp around the edges. >> don't expect it to replace the more comfortable viewing experience. >> it's very organic, easy on the eyes and it contains that
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mystical quality that film has that is a little bit dreamlike. >> some hobbit fans didn't want to camp out and spend money on a movie that would make me sick. >> i would like to see if this is going to make the movie industry forward into making a different kind of film or another gimmick. >> warner brothers says it has not encountered problems with audiences with motion sickness. they'll be part of a ground breaking advancement in the movie going experience. who's defense played better, the raiders or the 49ers? new england scores 28 straight points but that's only part of the story. the highlights are next.
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spot..start the clock!! bill bilichi . a win tonight in new england and the 49er clench a playoff spot. >> dlany walker, touchdown. san francisco up 14-three. again over the middle to crabtree. it was 31 to three, 49ers. but, new england scored 28 unanswered points. touchdown ties the game to therein with six and a half to go. the 49ers bounced back after a long kickoff return. crack tree breaks free for a 38-yard touchdown and that blows the game winner. they clench a playoff spot. raiders and chiefs, a little left on the line and here's five field goals, this 57 yarder put
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them up nine to nothing. all the raiders needed was a field goal because the defense was fan staftic. they stopped on four downs. they win 16 to nothing and snap their losing streak. crazy night in the nfl. 49ers are going to be playoffs and we'll have a report coming up from new england. >> they're going to the playoffs. >> i know, but they still have a challenge. >> they can win the nfc east by beating seattle next week. >> they have to win one of the next two games. >> all right. game day. that's it. thanks for watching. good night.
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