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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  December 19, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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vo: olmom: oh, sparky, youy all tshouldn't have. new softest sweaters. it's as warm and cozy as a johnny mathis song. dad: oh, funny you should mention that. singer: wish your body a merry christmas in softest sweaters. daughter: way to go, dad. singer: now that's soft. vo: give softest sweaters. just $15. old navy. come fun, come all. now - was the driver target? "we won't prevent them all,t that can't be an excuse noto tr shots fired on a busy bay area highway. was the driver targeted? >> we won't prevent them all,
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but that can't be an excuse not to try. >> the president takes the first steps in an effort to address gun violence. what he wants to try and his very short timeline for action. >> i love you. >> shot by his best friend. why the victim's first response was "i forgive you." good evening. >> someone shot at a u.s. marine as he was driving a government car down highway 85 in cupertino. kit doe shows us the car peppered with bullet holes. >> reporter: detectives say this is a sensitive and active investigation. and they went through great pains to keep this marine corps officer away from the media. after questioning him for several hours, they whisked him out a sidedoor away from our cameras. this is an active investigation, and whoever opened fire on this marine is still out there.
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>> reporter: a government-issued pontiac g6 was riddled with bullets. on the font passenger door, one bullet -- on the front passenger door, one bullet travelled through the metal and pierced the other side. the marine was traveling on 85. >> he pulls over and quickly discovers that he's been shot at more than once, multiple times, by someone either who was on the freeway or on the side of the freeway. we haven't confirmed that yet. >> reporter: investigators shut down the freeway for two hours. at one point, they walked in tight formation across the lanes looking for evidence. the vehicle was unmarked and had federal government license plates. >> we believe he doesn't appear to be targeted. the marine corps officer had a cover jacket on. his uniform was invisible.
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>> reporter: we captured two marines on camera at the scene. it is not clear which one if either was the driver. >> is the public at risk? >> not at this time . there's no other victims as far as we know. there was no injury to the one solo victim in this case, thankfully. >> reporter: and technicians will try to recover the bullets and calculate their trajectory. if you saw anything, the sheriff's office wants you to give them a call. and a shooting death in east oakland. a woman was hit by gun fire in the 9,100-block of international boulevard. she was walking to the store, found herself in the middle of a running gun battle. she was pronounced dead at the scene. no suspects in custody yet. in connecticut today, families buried four more victims.
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family came to honor daniel barden who wanted to be a firefighter someday. they also said goodbye to caroline and charlotte. officials say some wounds will never heal. >> the teachers and the parents have been telling me they can never reenter that school, that it would just be beyond them to do it. one teacher said i will quit teaching before i go back in that building. >> vicki soto is credited with saving the lives of several kids before being gunned down. she was also buried today. the 47-year-old is also being credited as a hero. and as those funerals were being held, president obama moved ahead with his promise to address gun violence. he put
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vice president joe bidden in charge of a government-wide effort. the president is calling for "real action right now." >> there's no law or set of laws that can prevent every senseless act of violence in our society. we're going to need to work on making access to mental healthcare, at least as easy as access to a gun. we're going to need to look at a culture that deplorifies guns and violence -- glorifies guns and violence. >> reporter: after gabby giffords and 18 others were shot in arizona and 12 were murdered in a colorado movie theatre, the president offered up words but little else. now words appear to be yielding to action and impatience. >> i would use all the powers of this office to help advance efforts aimed at preventing more tragedies like this. we won't prevent them all but that can't
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be an excuse not to try. >> reporter: biden wrote the bill that imposed the first-ever ban on assault weapons. it expired in 2004. mr. obama noted former president ronald regan supported that ban and said the newt town massacre changed minds. >> the vast majority of responsible gun owners would be some of the first to say we should be able to keep an irresponsible law-breaking few from buying a weapon of war. >> reporter: the president wants biden to build support for legislation to renew the ban, ban the sale of large-capacity ammunition clips, and subject fire sales at gun shows and to private deals to a federal background check. >> it will take commitment and compromise and most of will courage. those of us who were sent here to serve the public trust, if we can summon even one iota of the teachers in newtown summoned on friday, if
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cooperation and common sense prevail, then i'm convinced we can make a sensible, intelligent way to make the united states of america safer, stronger place for our children to learn and grow. >> reporter: the president also said he has reflected on his past action on gun control. the new agenda suggests he didn't like what he saw. in washington today a blistering report on security lapses in the u.s. consulate in libya. an attack there killed four americans. a handful of officials have already resigned. >> reporter: the state department's chief of security, eric boswell, deputy charlene lamb, and an official in the near east division all resigned. the report called security in
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benghazi grossly inadequate to deal with the attack. >> clearly the state department had not given benghazi the security, both physical and personnel resources, it needed. >> reporter: the investigation found that senior state department officials ignored requests from ambassador stevens for more guards and security upgrades at the compound. the report also says the state department did not have a clear picture of the security situation in benghazi and should have realized the compound was a target. it criticized libyan militia who were assigned to protect the post. they disappeared during the attack. other failings include an inadequate number of state department security agents and a lack of technical staff. security cameras sat unused because no one knew hoto install them. >> the buildings did not meet department standards for office buildings in high-threat areas.
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and in a sense they fell through the cracks. >> reporter: it was not reasonable for hillary clinton, he said, to have knowledge of the specific security arrangements in benghazi. second clinton released a letter saying she accepted all of the panel's 29 recommendations. following the benghazi attacks, she has already sent hundreds of marine guards to u.s. poefrts and is requesting -- posts and is requesting more funding from congress. >> reporter: two of clinton's deputies will answer questions from congress about the review board's findings. secretary clinton is at home recovering from a concussion and stomach illness. lawmakers say they still want her to testify in january. san jose city college is using a security scare as a learning experience. a report of a gunman on campus prompted a huge police response and a 3-hour lockdown yesterday. no gunman was found, but officials
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say they did find room for improvement in their lockdown procedures. and san francisco police secured an extra $31,000 to make good on last weekend's gun buy-back program. so many people showed up that they ran out of cash. all the ious will be paid with cash from proceeds with property seized during drug crimes. this property shut down because of prostitution near lake merit. a court order shut the motel down until august. more than a dozen security cameras, and one room dedicated as a police substation is being offered. neighbors tell us they want the motel to stay closed. another night of freezing or near freezing temperatures around here. this is livermore where temperatures are expected to hover in the low 30s tonight.
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what are we going to see into tomorrow morning? julie, it's cold out there! >> it sure is! here's the good news, slightly warmer than yesterday! but certainly cold. here's a look at your current temperatures outside right now. the mercury is already dropping. 36 in concord, 37 livermore, 41 san jose, 46 in san francisco, and 34 in santa rosa. looking forward to our weather headlines, you'll notice some big changes on the way. chilly tonight although a bit more mild than last night. and the rain returns by thursday afternoon bringing with it wet and windy weather through the extended forecast. in fact we have a wind advisory in effect. we'll talk more about that, and how much rain we're going to see coming up in just a bit. coming up, a man lucky to
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survive a bullet has a message for the man who shot him. >> his message of forgiveness for his best friend now charged with attempted murder. >> something to make a difference and pass it on. >> amid the sadness and anger, a lot of people are finding a few ways to turn tragedy into something positive. 26 ways to be exact. >> it never ends. it just keeps on going ! >> and an important reminder that this is not the end of the world. no matter what the mayans had to say.
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forgiven. in fact, he was so desperate for him to kno that he reached out to him onlin a teen shot by a lifelong friend wants him to know he's forgiven. chris explains the victim says he was trying to save his friend's life. >> reporter: cody never could have imagined that he would be staring down the barrel of a gun from the man he calls his best friend. >> the last thing i would ever expect. almost, like, you're not going to shoot me. >> reporter: his friend is battling a mental illness. what started as an argument at his home took a violent turn when turner pulled a gun. >> i looked down and i noticed there was a hole in my shirt. >> that's when cody came in and came right here. mom, i've been shot. >> reporter: he was rushed to a
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hospital. even as he lay with the bullet in his back, he could think of only one thing. >> he said where is he? >> i love you, bro. just come out. >> reporter: police were closing in on turner, he and his mother made this video and posted it on youtube. >> i forgive you, bro. i love you, everything 's going to be okay. >> reporter: he was hoping turner would see it and surround. >> i knew he wasn't in the right mind, and i didn't want him to do something student. >> reporter: after a standoff with police, turner turned himself in. he's in custody, and while hafler says his physical wounds are healing, he can only hope his friend's emotional wounds heal too. >> i just want him to feel what it feels like to be normal and live a normal life. >> reporter: they have not spoken since the shooting.
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but hafler says he'd be willing to go before a judge to ask that his friend be given a reduced sentence. a new watch could buy you precious time if your child is kidnapped or lost. how the high-tech time piece works. >> reporter: it's a wristwatch with a panic button. a way for children to alert parents they're in danger. >> had missy sanchez been wearing it, had the technology existed -- >> reporter: he believes the watch would have saved her. his daughter poly-- pauly was kidnapped and murdered. the watch can send tracking signals. >> it's got battery packs throughout the band so it has enhanced batteries. it can send a bread crumb every minute for an entire day. >> reporter: it's a high-tech
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tamper-proof watch with a gps locator tied into a 911 call center. >> it has titanium molded steal throughout it. if someone attempts to cut into it, it'll send a tamper alert to mom and dad and 911. >> reporter: each watch is programmed with the addresses of registered sex offenders. if a child wanders near that home, parents are alerted. >> i immediately knew that this is the closest thing to the holy grail of child safety devices that we're going to see. >> reporter: it's not cheap. the watch is 1 $150 online. data fees are monthly. but he says you can't put a price on safety. what can i do? a question being ask ed by many following the sandy hook shooting. a lot
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of people are coming up with 26 answers. >> reporter: the horror of what happened in connecticut last week has left an entire nation shaken and wondering what can be done about it. >> imagine if everyone could commit to doing one act of kindness for each precious life lost. an act of kindness, big or small. are you in? >> reporter: nbc news woman ann curry says she was feeling powerless when she tweeted this suggestion. and the world has taken notice. >> it caught my eye. i said that's a good idea. maybe we'll make people better, make people happier. >> reporter: the idea has picked up steam, and people all over the country have begun performing 26 acts of unexpected kindness to strangers and posting their lists as they go. small things like buying doughnuts for an office or leaving a cheerful note for the garbage collector. >> this morning, i bought coffee for the people behind
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behind me again and told the cashier to say it was on the house. >> you don't know what to do to help, and this is just something to make a difference and pass it on. >> i'm hoping 26 acts will catch on, and people will take care of each other. >> reporter: when so much of what goes viral online today seems silly and pointless, this has the ability to show off man's better side. at cal state east bay, this professor says this is the real power of social networks. >> the medium enables us to in a sense grieve together and recognize in a kind of ritualistic sense that we all do care and that we are expressing some concern as a society for what has happened. >> it affirms that there is good in people and that we all could have an outlook where things are better. >> reporter: while 26 acts of
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kindness won't change the world, they may change the way we feel about it.
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it's been a crazy month or two. take a deep breath! nasa is promising the sun will rise on saturday. the space agency has been busy debunk think doomsday rumors for weeks now, much of it tied to the mayan calendar which ends on friday. but nasa wants everyone to relax. >> the maya believe in cycles, and the current calendar is one of early cycles that last for thousands of years. there is no other maya calendar because the spanish arrived and civilization was essentially destroyed. they would have done the same thing that we do is just create a new calendar.
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>> regardless of the science behind it all, many doomsday preppers have been stockpiling supplies for years. the next couple of days we may not even see the sun! >> not a whole lot of it. >> but showers certainly intermittent throughout the day. you'll see the calm before the storm, clear skies overhead right now. clear and cool the story tonight. but all of that changes as an approaching weather system makes its way inland. this storm system makes its way in late thursday afternoon into thursday evening. as it passes through overnight into friday, we see the rain and wind pick up. first the rain timing it out. as i advance overnight thursday, it spreads on in through friday, and the friday morning commute will be a
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little foggy and windy. and it'll continue on, scattered showers throughout the day friday. another round of rain moves in saturday, and still some breezy conditions though not quite as windy for saturday. wind advisory thursday night through friday morning for the north bay. and in san francisco, coastal area. we could see some downed trees and power lines. winter storm watch in effect for the sierra. that's thursday. by friday they'll raise to about 3,000 feet. bring those chains. 6-13 inches of new snow and gusty winds. relatively mild temperature-wise, mid to upper 50s tomorrow. tomorrow dry for most of the day, showers through
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friday. rain and wind into saturday, sunday, and monday. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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the bus for their defense...start the the warriors took the bus up i80 to face the kings but apparently there wasn't enough room on the bus for the heat fans! the look on mark jackson's face said it all. warriors down 2 in the 4th. stephen curry drains the 3 and the warriors took the lead. he had a high of 32. the kings took a 4-point lead, then marcus
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thornton had 5 3-pointers tonight. the warriors lose by 4. carolina, women's style. stanford squeaks by, they remain undefeated at 10-0. david shaw signed a deal with stanford he want will play in the rose bowl on new year's day. collen kaepernick is the -- colin kaepernick is the player of the week. at 10. ,,
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