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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  December 30, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PST

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fire takes the lives of thr people. more arrests in the murder . a late-night tragedy. an apartment fire takes the lives of three people. >> more arrests in the murder of a wealthy venture capitalist in silicon valley but questions remain unanswered. >> and on capitol hill, lawmakers have less than two days to resolve the fiscal mess. is there any sign they can pull it off on time? >> yes. >> it's sunday, the last sunday of 2012. i'm ann. >> i'm brian in for phil. and they get to this point of saying oh, miles a part. light years a part and that is at the last minute and we're going to see a little of phil later? >> he's chatting with the mayor of san francisco and talking about the year we have seen,
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2012, and we're going to see the top stories nationally and internationally and that is over the past 12 months. first, out of san hoe say, three people are dead after a late-night apartment fire in san jose and that began after 11 last night. the fire department put out the fire and discovered the bodies of a man, woman, and child. >> and we have 52 personalel, 15 apparatus and our relimbo preliminary report, we have one male adult deceased, one female adult deceased -- [ indiscernible ] and we have that fire knocked down and under control. >> three other people, including a police officer, who rescued one of the people, were hospitalized with smoke
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inhalation. investigators are looking into the cause. more than three dozen people are homeless after fire ripped through several apartment buildings in san francisco in the mission district and broke out after 9:30 yesterday morning and quickly spread to nearby buildings on cap street. investigators say at least three of the buildings appear to be a total loss and no one was injured. investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. and the home invasion murder of a entrepreneur in silicon valley. the former opener of the famed mountain winery was killed during a home invasion on november 30th. and deangelo austin arrested for the past week. earlier this month, 22-year-old raven dixon was arrested and charged with being an accessory to a homicide. investigators are not releasing
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details of what led to the rests. 2012 is not a good year for homicides with two years to go. oakland is 130 for the year, 26% increase from 2011. san jose's 45 is still a low for a city of almost a million people and it's still 12 1/2% higher than in 2011. the police are looking for a man in an especially brutal robbery in san francisco. the thug took off. patrick sedealo explains that the crime took a nasty turn. >> i heard him say i am going to kill your dog. >> pekingese, 12 years old. the sweetest thing ever. >> reporter: she asked not to be named, so we won't show her face. she was robbed of money and her best friend roxie, who show loved most on this earth. >> she was my best friend and there.
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>> reporter: she lost her phone in the car and parked to look for it at levineworth and golden gate when a man approached her. >> he said give me all your money. >> he then went through her pockets and found $5 and roxy started barking. >> he said i am going to kill your blown blown dog. >> reporter: after a struggle, he made good on his promise. >> and he grabbed her from her collar and then i saw her fly towards traffic. he threw her towards oncoming traffic. >> reporter: roxy was rushed to er but it was too late. >> they said she was pretty bad, in critical condition, so i had to put her down. >> it was horrendous. >> reporter: michael saw the whole thing. >> she didn't have enough money, he took her dog, lifted it over his head and hurled it into moving traffic. >> reporter: sfpd is looking for video evidence from the scene. this woman's heart is broken. >> i can't sleep, i can't close my eyes because the second i do
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i see everything in my head again. >> reporter: if anyone has any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who killed rockies, there is a $1,000 reward. reporting from san francisco, patrick sedieio, cbs 5. >> isn't that awful? a vigil was held last night at walnut creek for a young man shot and killed during a confrontation with police earlier this week. the vigil was held outside of the hair salon where he worked. the police were called to an apartment early thursday where a woman said that banta was attacking his roommate. the police say he was armed with a knife and that they were forced to shoot. friends and family say that banta was a gentle person who must have suffered a breakdown. >> and we just don't understand how someone could have taken his life. i am sure that something happened. but how -- someone could take, he is small in stature. 5'4", 130 pounds.
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how threatening is that? >> family members say police have not shared any information with them about banta's death. the officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave during the investigation. this morning, negotiators in the senate are still trying to forge a last-minute compromise to save all americans from a tax hook, but a cbs reporter tara mergener shows us, the deal they're thinking about now takes the can down the road again. >> reporter: senate republican leader mitch mcconnell left the capitol tight lipped and smiling after working behind closed doors to avoid the so- called fiscal cliff. >> need progress today, sir? >> reporter: he and harry reid are working on scaled-down agreement that focuses on avoiding a middle-class tax hike. the plan is to present it to the full senate for a vote on sunday and send it to the house and hoax john boehner was at the capitol and left with no comment. both sides remain at odds over the democrat's insistence that the wealthy pay more in taxes.
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>> the president's tax hook would only fund the government for eight days. americans deserve to know what is the president -- what does the president propose we do for the other 357 days of the year. >> reporter: president obama insists his plan on the table is fair and includes plenty of cuts to government spending. >> we just can't afford a politically self-inflicted wound to our economy. >> reporter: if sunday's negotiations don't pan out, the president said he's ready to propose his own scaled-back bill that would block tax increases for all but the wealthy. and preserve expiring unemployment benefits. with the deficit ticking ever higher, patience is wearing thin. >> for those of us who invest in the stock market, it's disgusting to watch them jockey around with our money. >> reporter: missing in all the last-minute negotiations is talk of the $1.2 trillion of mandatory spending cuts scheduled to go into affect today. tara mergener for cbs news,
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washington. former president george h.w. bush is 88 years old and sent to the hospital last month in houston. he was moved into intensive care december 23rd after developing a fever. doctors say he was -- his condition is improving and he was moved to a regular room yesterday and is in good spirits. looks like plastic shopping bags might be a relic of the past. >> just ahead, the final two days for the bags in an entire bay area county. >> and a look back at some of the year's big stories in the u.s. of a. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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. >> there is the golden gate bridge, sunny and chilly. a few clouds around. aside from that, a nice day. ,,,,,,,,
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ban" bandwagon... as the new year begins tuesday. . one of the bay area's largeet counties is jumping on the plastic bag ban bandwagon.
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as the new year begins on tuesday, the new ban applies to alameda county's unincorporated areas and the cities. the stores won't be able to give customers one-time use plastic bag. instead, bring your own bag or pay 10 cents for each recyclable paper bag. similar laws are in affect in san jose, san francisco and dozens of other california cities and counties. san jose said since the ban took affect, the number of plastic bags littering city streets has gone down 59%. around here, we're seeing the sun shining finally. and -- . >> i am sure that is listed on paper. i am sure when they wrote that, it looked like a good idea. >> i butchered it twice now. >> plastic bag ban bandwagon. >> you got it. took a lot of practice. >> and took careful thought, too, let me actual. a chilly start today, don't you think in. >> yeah, yeah freezeing. >> temperatures were literally freezing and in santa rosa last night and chilly with the numbers this morning, 30s and 40s, 45 degrees at concord;
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oakland, 40 degrees. sfo at 43 and san jose, 48 and below freezeing in santa rosa and a few high clouds as we gaze toward the bay bridge and out of the door this morning, still going to be cold as you head out an hour from now. the number yes are in the 40s for much of the bay area and chillier inland. partly sunny skies and that is a good day to really layer up. we will go a little bit more sun later in the day, sunny and cool for the most part, chilly tonight and clouds around new year's eve and doesn't look like it's going to be raining at all. as one low pressure system heads in, we're look at some high clouds approaching from the west but some high pressure reasserts its over the eastern pacific and the result is that we get mostly sunny skies and so temperatures today will probably be the coolest of the next five days. we'll manage low 50s -- low 50s for the bay area and the chilly air mass settling in over the west coast and that will keep us on the chilly side. here is a model of what the satellite should look like later in the day and you see a
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few clouds popping up offshore. unless you're taking a boat, you're going to get mostly sunny skies and we'll wait for the high clouds to clear and then things will look nice. monday, a few more high clouds and that is not going to lead to rain. the winds out of the west at 30. the high at the airport of 54 degrees and if there are delays, it's not because of the weather and looks like some snow for denver and 23 degrees. new york's got 23 degrees and partly cloudy skies, sunny in the southland, lead, 61 degrees and overnight lows tonight, hitting 29 at santa rosa, 29 for fairfield and livermore, and at concord. there could be frost advisories posted and, in fact, there should be. the pinpoint forecast, we're looking for numbers like this in the south bay. fiftys will do it for everybody from 52 at half monbay and to 53 at hayward and in the east bay, cool at brentwood. 51 degrees and 52 for livermore. danville, 54; pleasant on and dublin, 52 degrees and low 50s will do it for the north bay, stinson beach, sunny andpo and
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the extended forecast, we go from partly cloudy skies on new year's eve, chilly and there is going to be fireworks and not bad. chilly. but a nice night for fireworks on new year's eve. the forecast is calling for partly cloudy skies all week. the temps in the 50s, no real temperature fluctuations and sky conditions are the same and that is looking like a good week ahead. >> sounds like it and we hear the warnings this time of the year, don't drink and drive. >> yeah. >> and a lot of local law enforcement agencies are set up. local transit agencies are offering free rides for people celebrating new year's eve tomorrow night. for the fireworks in san francisco, caltrain has free rides beginning at 11:00 p.m. with later service for southbound trains. muni will offer free rides from 8 tomorrow night to 6:00 a.m. and with some lines running later than usual. for partiers in downtown san jose and silicon valley, all light bus and trail is free and there is some extended hours for light rail. b.a.r.t. is not going to offer free
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rides but will extend service until 3 a.m. no excuse for drunk driving. and the big global news this year involving conflicts in the middle east, including a civil war in syria still raging and there is some turmoil over europe's economy and the founder of wikilocations continues to be under siege. en toa krause looks at the year's major world news. >> reporter: terrorists launched a deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya on september 11th. ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans were killed. the arab spring triggered civil war in syria. more than 40,000 people died as rebels try to force out dictator assad. u.s. troops are now in neighboring turkey. the muslim brotherhood rose to power in egypt after the country's first free election. but hundreds of thousands are rejecting president morci's iron hand.
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israeli forces bombed gaza for eight straight days in november. retaliating after hamas militants fired long-range rockets across the border. forensic experts exhumed the body of yasser arafat to try to determine if he was poisoned eight years ago. north korean celebrated the firing of a long-range rocket into orbit. many believe the communist nation is advancing its nuclear technologies. taliban gunmen tried to assassinate a pakistani school girl who spoke out against them. but she survived and promised to keep fighting for the education of girls. 68,000 u.s. forces remain in afghanistan. is come a year after u.s. troop -- and a year after u.s. troops left iraq, more than 2,000 people died in ongoing violence. in italy, two americans were among 32 passengers killed when the costa concordia sank and the captain abandoned ship. the pope made a historic visit
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to mexico and cuba despite his frail health, the 85-year-old even began tweeting. across europe, anger over the failing economy spread as millions protested government budget cuts. ecuador granted asylum to wikilocations founder assange. if he takes one step out of this british embassy, they will arrest him. he faces sexual assault allegations in sweden and claims the u.s. wants to extradite him to face spy charges. team usa cammured 46 gold medals at the summer olympics in london. britain celebrated queen elizabeth's 60 years on the throne. and prince william and his wife kate announced a royal baby is on the way. en toa krause, cbs new -- tina krause, cbs news, london. this new year's day marks 150 years for one of america's most famous pieces of history.
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>> the emancipation is ready to make an appearance. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the slaves was signed by abm lincoln 150 years ago. it wt anuary 1st, 1 . a rare look at the emancipation proclamation. >> it was signed 150 years ago and went into affect on january 1st, 1863 and will go on
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display at the national archives in washington, d.c., in new year's day. last year, michigan waited for eight hours. >> and when you see thousands of people waiting in line in the dark and cold and heat, you know they not there just for words on paper. >> the document is double-sided and part of what is shown is authentic. pages 2 and 5 are originals, pages 1, 3, and 4 are replicas. >> a report? >> why what? >> i wonder why. >> kind of old, so maybe. >> you think some of the pages didn't survive. >> i think it's possible. 150 years? >> mostly true. >> i thought they would have preserved it well. first, sports. >> the warriors continue to dispant eel -- dismantle opponents. the latest victim, the celtics j. they have 20 victories before new year's day, the first time the team accomplished that in more than three decades.
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here's more. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. the warriors are the real deal. they're off to their best start in 32 years. hurry up and jump on the bandwagon, you have time. last night, they faced the boston celtics. kevin garnet into town and his ritual with the powder. warriors up 15 in the second half and with that 3-point arc, hits it and 22 for staff, they were in control all night long and puts it away in the fourth, offbalance and gets this one to fall. warriors 11 games over 500 close out 2012 with a 101-83 win, the best start in 82 years. and a rough day for the lady cardinals against uconn and shot 19% on the afternoon. second half, can't git it to fall. the 82-game win streak snapped and uconn blew out the cardinals on their home floor, 61-35. and santa clara with a rare visit to coach k and duke. they played well against a top- ranked team in the country and that is with the 3-ball, the season high 31 for curry and duke wins 90-77. senator mccain, the toss at
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at&t. and it was all asu all day long, up 34-7, the sundevils keep the heat on and killie to ross. the two hooked up three times for touchdowns, the final in this one is arizona state roaring over navy by a count of 62-28. sorry, there you go. and that is your sports. have a great day. all right, gary, the final weekend of the nfl regular season. the 49ers host arizona today. the oakland raiders are in san diego and the raiders game, can you see it here on cbs 5 at 1:00. tonight, san jose state's fails, one of the top quarterbacks in the country is a guest on cbs 5s game day and he'll talk about the spartan's hugely successful season ending with a win at the military bowl and that starts at 11:30 after our late newscast on cbs 5. and as the new year arrives, there will be some new laws we'll have to get used to. >> everything from text messaging to breast-fedding is affected -- breast-feeding is affected. next. >> and you're talking about san
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francisco. come on. everything gets strange here. >> yeah, how many mayors strange. and he talks to ed lee about the serious and not so serious events of the past year. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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the city's west side. . a tragic scene this morning
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in san jose after three people lose their lives. >> and there is a lot of questions about that case. >> you're talking about san francisco. come on. everything is strange here. >> you're kidding, san francisco's mayor talks about a strange year for his strange town. and there is the living proof. >> and we love it, though. >> welcome back. it's two punishments before 9:00 on the last sunday of the year. thanks for joining us. >> a lot happening and i have to mention also, it's going to get cold enough and to get frost advisors. >> and we're following some developing news. firefighters are on the scene of a fire that killed three people. >> yeah. >> in san jose and we'll have an update on that coming up. the fiscal cliff, we have been warning about this for weeks and now we're a couple of days away. >> and they're talk about -- talking about the fact the word
8:59 am
in washington, this is no surprise, it seems like surprise, surprise, they're close. >> and there is still no deal and the deal is kicking the can down the road again. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell left the capitol tight lipped and smiling after working behind closed doors to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. >> did you make progress today, sir? >> reporter: he and senate majority leader harry reid are working on a scaled-down agreement that focuses on a middle class tax hike on to prevent it. and house speaker john boehner was at the capitol and left with no comment. both sides remain at odds over the democrat's insistence the wealthy pay more in taxes. >> the president's tax hike would only fund the government
9:00 am
for eight days. what and the president propose to do the other 357 days of the year? >> reporter: president obama insists his plan on the table is fair and includes plenty of cuts to government spending. >> we can't ford a politically self-inflict wound to the economy. if they don't pan out, he is ready to plomyself -- propose his own tax bill. patience is wearing thin. >> for those of us investing in the stock market, it's disgusting to watch them jockey around with our money. >> reporter: missing in all the last-minute northbounds is talks about the $1.2 trillion mandatory spending cuts scheduled to go into affect tuesday. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. three people are dead after a late-night apartment fire in san jose. the fire began after 11 last night on bridgeport court on the city's west side.
9:01 am
the san jose fire department put out the blaze and then discovered the bodies of a man, woman, and child. >> they will upgrade the alarm and to have some personnel in place. we had multiple rescues in the middle of the night, no people are sleeping and we need to get our resources. >> three others, including the officer injured were hospitalized and the fire displaced 56 people from the building. investigators are still looking into the cause and. more than 3 dozen people are without homes this morning and the fire broke out after 9:30 yesterday morning on 23rd street and quickly spread to nearby buildings on cap street. the firefighters worked for two hours to contain it.
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five multiunit buildings were involveed and three appear to be a total loss. nobody was injured and again, investigators are trying to determine the cause. and the former owner of the mountain winery was killed in a home invasion and the police say lucas anderson, javier garcia, and deangelo austin were arrested over the past week. earlier, this woman, the two- year-old was arrested and charged with being an accessory to the homicide. investigators are not leading de-- lending details of what led to the arrest. police are looking for a suspect involved in a brutal robbery. the victim pulled over to use her cell phone the suspect approached her and demanded money.
9:03 am
she complied giving him what money she had and knowing something was wrong, her dog began barking and that is when that suspect grabbed it and threw it into the street. >> it was horrendous. when she didn't have enough money, he took her dog and hurled it into traffic. >> the victim was not injured but her heart is broken from the loss of her dog. the suspect is described as a man between 30 to 35 years old, a $1,000 reward is offered for any information leading to an arrest. 2012 is keeping homiciding detectives -- detectives busy area than usual. oakland has seen 130 murders for the year and that is a 26% increase and san jose, 45 and that is relatively low and that
9:04 am
ask is 12 1/2% higher than 2011. and the mayor spoke briefly. >> and spoke about less serious issues. take a look. >> and what is the strangest thing that happened here this year? >> strangest? >> wow. you're talking about san francisco. come on. everything gets strange here. i mean -- >> must be -- must be. >> and it's a nudity thing? >> exactly. >> and the budget, delivered in the same sort of tone of voice. >> i have to say that i am happy with the economy of the city. that is done well. the unemployment rate went down, job numbers went up, and i'm looking forward to creating another foundation for jobs, jobs, jobs. that is what i'm talking about and as you always point out, there are things that happen
9:05 am
that we never expect and, of course, this year there were a few of them. >> you were mayor and what happened if you got a word in the morning that one of your police sergeants posted a video of themselves going through the broadway tunnel at 80 to 100 miles an hour through the tunnel in a lamb bor guinea. >> i would know -- lamborghini. >> that is a joke. >> but -- . >> i would know it's a joke. >> you vulhave all of the plans as mayor and the economy and job. by it's what happens that morning. so -- . >> and for me, it's kind of like watching it like everyone else and saying is this really true and what is this guy about? >> and you ask the questions and then if he did it, how over the cliff is he?
9:06 am
with you, it would be something. >> and that is true. he didn't have the problem i should had. my reaction was completely focused on my department, whether they were right or not and what happened? he took over my whole command staff. >> and -- >> thank you, he had it easy. >> one cop in a lamborghini. >> oh, my goodness. so what do you do in the morning? do you put your hands over your eyes and ears? give me the good news first. >> i got my texts from various departments and i'm looking at what occurred. i was depressd this year because he had a higher number of homicides. i was look at who was it, where
9:07 am
was it, what happened and how many people were involved. we get together frequently to talk about that and the circumstances that led to it. many of the homicide, like the house street one, four people getting murdered in one place, you don't feel can you do a lot about when they're targeted individuals, but street violence stuff, i take under serious consideration. >> and it's worse, though, for the mayor and any other persons holding office if a name is someone you recognize. >> yeah. >> and the murder he's talking about is the chef at the lounge and now, you have to talk to that family. >> let's remember. this is san francisco. while you're handling homicide rates and jobs and budgets, you turned around and find out
9:08 am
what, the network is calling me about whether or not we should have bans on nude clothes? >> and all you can say, you have to have fun with it and i have been talking about the legislation and what we went through. the 6-5 votes? it's crazy. when i go out, i have to be informed about it and -- . >> do you have a hard time keeping a straight face? >> i don't have a straight face with that particular piece of legislation. >> i am sure we will have plenty to talk about next year. and just ahead, a look back at the national stories from the year about to come to an end. also, the new year could open a new chapter on computer viruses. what to look out for in cyberspace.
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. a gorgeous day on the golden gate bridge. a chilly start to the day and we could get frost advisories tonight. expect some and for a change, no rain. ,, ,,,,,,
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. welcome back, it's 9:11. and what can we expect in the new year? >> it's that time of the year and can you believe 2012 is gone on the eve of the 2013 and that is? good news. 38 degrees in concord; oakland, 45; livermore, 48; san francisco, 44 degrees and santa rosa, 36 and prepare for chill by california standards and 45 degrees around the coast and recover well with some sunny and cool conditions. the flow is going to the northwest and that low is moving into the inner mountain
9:13 am
region and we're not going to worry about anything but a few high clouds from time to time so, rainfall, we should see at this point in the season and the fiscal year of rain and at this point, we're about 1 1/2 times average for rain in the bay area. that is good and that is enough for now. increasing clouds for sfo tomorrow and should not slow you down. winds out of the west at 30 and a high at the airport, 54 degrees and that is for monday and tomorrow at lax, looks good. 61 degrees and some light snow for denver and overnight tonight, a couple of degrees chilly and same for fairfield, 29 at livermore and 40 degrees in san francisco.
9:14 am
redwood city will be down to 33 degrees. and 35 for mountain vow. 34 at the marin civic center. pinpoint forecast for the bay area, for everybody. in the south bay, san jose topping out at 52 and a chilly sunday, 54 at mill pitas. in the east bay, things a-okay at brentwood. 51; pittsburgh, 52; 52, dublin and same for pleasanton and the 680 corridor in the low 50s and which will make do for the north bay as well and 52 in oakland and san leandro. extended forecast, partly cloudy skies on new year's eve. no rain and in the extended forecast and some variable degrees of clouds this week. the worse happening is fog here and there and doesn't interfere, i hope, with the fireworks on new year's eve and temperatures in the mid-50s. looks like a good week ahead. >> have you made your
9:15 am
resolutions yet? >> why bother. >> for them. >> and&signs good. the major news events this year, including the fall from grace for the major sports hero. a massive storm devastated parts of the northwest and a massacre at an elementary school. cbs reporter randall pinkston looks back at the year's top stories. >> reporter: a gunman stormed sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut, and began firing. when it was over, six adults and 20 first graders were dead. >> they just babies. they shouldn't be taken away from their mother and father. >> reporter: the shooter, 20- year-old adam lanza, killed himself. it was the second deadliest school shooting in u.s. history. in july, a man opened fire during the mid-night premier of the new bat man movie in colorado. >> straight from the ceiling and took a gun and pointed it straight to my face. >> reporter: prosecutors say james holmes killed 12 people wounding 58 others. the shooting death of an unarmed florida teenager sparked protest around the
9:16 am
country. >> no justice. >> reporter: neighborhood watchman george zimmerman argued he shot 17-year-old troy a von martin in self-defense but prosecutors eventually charged him with murder. a judge sentenced jared loughner to seven terms of life and he plead guilty to attempted murder. superstorm sandy slammed into the new york city area and left thousands homeless long the east coast. >> those are our homes. we lost everything. and everything is gone. >> the biggest atlantic storm in history caused billions of dollars and in damages. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison for sexually abusing 10 boys. the ncaa took away 13 years of penn state's victories costing the late joe paterno has title as the winningest coach in major college football. >> lance armstrong lost millions in endorsements and walked away from his live strong charity after the u.s.
9:17 am
antidoping agency throughout the seven tour de france titles and banned him from cycling. despite overwhelming evident, armstrong maintains he did not use performance-enhancing drugs. john edwards walked after federal prosecutors failed to convince a jury the former presidential candidate misused campaign donations to hide his mistress. the last of nasa's fleet of space shuttles arrived at museums around the country. >> and launch. >> reporter: while the first privately built spacecraft delivered supplies to the international space station. >> touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. >> reporter: the curiosity rover landed on mars, beaming back pictures of the red planet and felix baumgartner became a human missile as he broke the speed of sound during the fastest and highest freefall ever. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. looking ahead to next year, mcafee labs expecting hacking on mobile devices now to expand in the coming year. the santa clara-based company is worried about so-called
9:18 am
ransomware. that is the type of virus that thalocks up a phone or tablet and threatens to keep it locked up until a ransom is paid. other concerns for mobile customers include trojan horse programs that buy apps without user permission and the hacking of digital wallets; however, mcafee is predicting a decline in attacks by so-called hacktavists like the group anonymous because their technical sophistication stagnated. >> and hard to think about your cell phone being locked up and how much that would affect your lives those days. >> sad but true. >> a murder that has a big city- like in new york. >> and an arrest, the lightest case of a man pushed to his death at a subway station. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a man in front of a subway train. . a woman in new york is charged with a murder as a hate crime for allegedly pushing a
9:21 am
man in front of a subway train. the police say the surveillance video they released helped find the 31-year-old erica menendez. the district attorney said she admitted shoving the man. police say she told them show hates hindus and muslims, quote, she's hated them, quote, ever since 2001 when they put down the towers. the victim was from india, but it's unclear if he was muslim or hindu. if convicted, menendez could face 25 years to life in prison. a horse school in portola valley is morning the loss of three horses killed on interstate 280? the horses from web ranch were spotted on the freeway near alpine road before 5 yesterday morning. the horses were hit by two cars, one of the cars overturned. the drivers were not seriously injured. one trainer called the accident the worst horse-related accident in 20 years in northern california. and the ranch owners are not sure how they got out to begin
9:22 am
with. a new state law is worrying some people concerned about distracted driving because the law will allow drivers to send text messages as long as they use technology fully voice operated and hands free. supporters say it's better than having drivers type while driving but that hand-free texting draws attention away from the road. >> among other laws that will go into affect on new year's day, carbon monoxide detectors must be installed in condos and apartments and smoke detectors and two laws, businesses and schools demanding that they share their social media information and breast feeding will be added to prevent discrimination and housing and school officials and coaches must report suspected child sexual abuse and self-driving cars will be allowed on california roads. and expect to see them driving next to you on the highway. one of the bay area's largest countes is sending large shopping bags to pasture
9:23 am
as the new year begins on tuesday and applies to alameda counties and all of the cities. they will note longer be able to give customers one-time use plastic bags. instead, pay a dime for each recyclable paper bag used and similar laws are already in affect in san jose, san francisco and dozens of other california cities and counties. and since its ban took affect, the number of plastic bags littering city streets went down 59%. >> who counsels that stuff? >> i don't know. 58%. 50million experience. some local transis a -- transit agencies are offering free rides for those people wanting free rides tomorrow night. >> and? san francisco, fireworks will go off along the embarcadero. and they have free rides at 11:00 p.m. with later service only for southbound trains and muni will offer free rides with some lines running later than usual and for partiers in sill cop
9:24 am
valley, all vta light bus and light rail is free between 7:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. and there will be extended hours for light rail and they will extend service to 3 a.m. coming up, another look at the morning's top story. >> and the confity is fallling on new york's time square before new year's eve. >> and what are they doing? the big apple seems to have jumped the gun. ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,
9:25 am
9:26 am
today negotiators in the u-s senate are working to head f automatic tax increases and spending cuts. they are tr an income . a look at this morning's top stories. negotiators in the u.s. senate are working to head off automatic tax increases and spending cuts, trying to agree on an income-level threshold. in other words, which americans will see their taxes go up. three people are dead after an apartment fire in west san jose overnight. the fire began at 11:00 on
9:27 am
bridgeport court and dozens of other people are displaced and four people are in custody in connection with the murder of kumra. three people were arrested over the past week. he was a venture capitalist and former owner of the famed mountain winery and that is a chilly morning. no rain is in store. >> and i think that probably despite the fact, and neither rain. >> and we should be good. >> and that is chilly this morning. numbers in the 30s, 38 in concord and in oakland and sfo, 44 and a lot of sunshine in the bay area. and 51, 52 in oakland and san jose and in concord, fairfield and liver more and some partly cloudy skies and a great new year's eve and that is looking nice. a rare look at the
9:28 am
emancipation proclamation. it was aimed at freeing the slaves and signed by abraham lincoln 150 years ago and went into affect january 1st, 1863 and that is going to go on public display in the national archives on washington, d.c. o new year's day. when it was exhibited in michigan last year, people waited up to eight hours to so it. >> and when you see thousands of people waiting in line, you know they're not just there for words on paper. >> the document is double sideez so part of what is being shown is authentic. pages 2 and 5 are originals and pages one, three, and four are replicas. the most crucial piece of the new year's eve party is ready to go and they connected the annual air worthiness test of convetioused for the celebration and did this test yesterday. each year, they write their wishes for the new year and so far, thousands of people from more than 50 countries
9:29 am
submitted their wishes and all will be mixed in with the rest of the confetti and at midnight, every 17 million pieces will rain down on the revelers in times square. >> and i still don't -- i do not understand testing confetti for air worthiness. >> and maybe getting people excited. >> and do theynessing it was going start? >> and thanks for joining us today for the last sunday broadcast of 2012 and we'll be here next year at 7:30 a.m. and in the meantime, have a good end to 2012. >> and that should be a good one, too and bundle up see you next year.


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