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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  April 18, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on the cw. somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, coworkers, or family members. >> clues to the case delivered to the public. the fbi's appeal to help find who men who may be the boston marathon bombers. another developing story tonight in boston where a police officer has been shot and killed on the m.i.t. campus. what we are learning led up to the campfire. and, more than 24 hours after a massive blast. the search continues for victims of a fertilizer plant explosion. what we know so far about the confirmed victims. good evening to you, i'm juliette goodrich. liz and ken are off tonight. they are the two most wanted men in america. the fbi says these may be the faces of the boston marathon bombers. tonight they are reaching out to the public for any
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information on who and where they might be. cbs reporter is live in boston to tell us how investigators were able to zero in on these two in the crowd. >> after the fbi put the images of the suspects on their website, they had a record number of hits. in fact, at one point there were so many people logging on, their entire website crashed. what they are telling us is that they consider these two men armed and extremely dangerous and they are no longer anonymous. they are known as suspect one, who is seen wearing a black baseball cap and suspect two, wearing a white one. turned back wards on his head. the two men are seen carrying backpacks through the crowd at the boston marathon minutes before the bombs went off. >> suspect two set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion just in front of the restaurant. >> early on, investigators focused on one of the suspects, but the more they saw, the more they thought he was not alone. the fbi is hoping someone who knows one or both of the men
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will recognize them. >> it may be difficult, the nation is counting on those with information to come forward and provide it to us. >> it was an emotional day here in boston. the images of those suspects were released hours after president obama attended an interfaith service meant to heal and inspire a city in mourning. the president spoke of the three people who died in the attack as well as more than 170 who were injured. >> as you begin this long journey of recovery, your city is with you. your cmonwealth is with you. your country is with you. >> he said if the bombers wanted to intimidate and terrorize, they chose the wrong city for their target. >> and this time next year on the third monday in april, the world will return to this great american city to run harder than ever and cheer louder for that 118th boston marathon. >> boston, he said, will run
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again. >> the fbi posted images of the suspects on their website. they are hoping people will continue to log on and continue sharing whatever information they have. reporting live in boston, back to you. >> i know you have been there all day reporting. tell me about this security now and have streets reopened? is it getting back to normal in the city? >> reporter: if you take a look behind me, you can see the street is still corded off. we are in downtown boston, a couple blocks from where those two bombs went off. it really has been a slow and gradual process. initially it was a 15 block radius shut down, then it went to 12. today we haven't gotten a confirmation, but the important thing that came out of the press conference, there is no public threat left. they are being extra thorough in the investigation. >> thank you. face recognition software has been around for several
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years, but now it is much more than that. law enforcement can use video surveillance to find suspects not only by how they look, but as joe vazquez shows us, how they walk. >> we consider them to be armed and extremely dangerous. >> now that the fbi released photos, how will they find the bombers? >> all the time this individual has appeared. >> joe says sophisticated software, like the kind his company makes, produces video intelligence. the software uses facial recognition to sift through hours and hours of video and hundreds of photos taken on race day and it could reduce the amount of time it takes law enforcement to find even more images of the suspects. >> we're talking from several weeks, several months of investigation time to a matter of days, if not hours. >> analyzed the shape of the nose, the distance between the eyes, the hairline, and compare the photo of the suspect with
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other surveillance video, perhaps taken later at a train station or an airplane. but video intelligence is more than just facial recognition. some of these software programs examine other factors. your gate, for example, the way you walk, it turns out is one of a kind. once investigators get a lead, like a license plate, they can check other video systems with the same software, like those after hotels to see if a suspect checked in or out. eventually, they could track down the purchase of pressure cookers or other materials used to make bombs. the computers are not enough, though, in the end, it will be people who solve the case. >> the power of the machine to sift through that video and the intelligence of a human being, you get real video intelligence. >> at this point, not saying whether it is their particular software or whether the company is assisting in the investigation. one thing is clear for them, they believe that this kind of video intelligence, as they call it, is being used. >> it is fascinating.
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this is one element. it will hopely lead to concrete evidence. >> at this point, the fbi is not saying whether they know who the bombers are. they are asking the public for help. they need more than just video. they need to find the suspect, perhaps a confession. receipts, video of them purchasing the bomb materials as well would be helpful. >> thank you. the bay area boy wounded in the bombing had a special visitor today. first lady, michelle obama, went to see aaron in the hospital. she took him some stuffed toys and a metal from the president. the sixth grader is recovering. those that made it out of the blast zone unhurt will always carry the scar of what they saw that day. especially those who ran toward the danger to help. tracy monroe recalls neiling down next to a little girl whose leg had been blown off. >> i tried to hold on to her hand and just rub her face and i said, baby, just look up at
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me. come on, it's going to be okay. what's your name? what's your name? she just looked up at me and said jane. i'll never forget it. >> jane is recovering, but monroe later learned the little girl was the sister of 8-year- old, martin richard who died in the attack. you can take a closer look at the suspect pictures and get more of our continuing coverage of the boston marathon bombings on kpix5 and we have another breaking story tonight in boston. gunfire on the campus of m.i.t. a campus police officer was shot multiple times and has died. the officer was reportedly responding to a disturbance near the student center. right now, there's a search underway to find the gunman or gunmen and students have received emergency texts to stay indoors. there's a large police presence on campus and there are reports the f.b.i. is at the scene. right now, there's nothing to indicate it's connected to the
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marathon bombings. we'll continue to monitor the story and bring you details. now on to texas where the search continues for survivors of that massive fertilizer plant explosion. in the light of day, the devastation in tiny west texas is evident. homes and buildings blown apart and left in splinters. everything in a four to five block radius was demolished. >> you okay? >> the moment of the blast captured by a cell phone camera. still no official death toll, but tonight the mayor says 35 people are believed dead, including ten first responders. cbs reporter on the victims and survivors. >> this is a bird's eye view of what was the west fertilizer plant. it was rocked by a massive explosion wednesday.
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the blast leveled the building and destroyed surrounding structures. brian anderson and his son were sitting in his pickup truck inbetween buildings that no longer exist. >> god wants me here for a reason. >> rescuers combed the rubble thursday checking for anyone still trapped in the debris. the physical loss is apparent. the human toll still unknown. >> there are firefighters down. >> some of the firefighters responding to the initial blaze are still missing and feared dead. >> they were in very close proximity to the explosion. we have not been able to locate those firemen yet. >> one of them, dallas fire rescue captain, kenny harris, was killed. he lives in west and volunteered to help fight the fertilizer plant fire. it's not yet clear what started the fire, but the company has been sited for safety and permit violations. it settled one of those violations last summer.
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for residents in west, the immediate task is picking up the pieces. april is still standing with glass shards embedded in the walls. >> some of my closest friends had their whole houses destroyed. i just -- we'll pull together and recover from this. i mean, that's all we can do. >> a small community with a very large task. randall pinkston, cbs news, west texas. a texas man who survived the boston bombings found himself on shaking grounds two days later. joe ran the boston marathon on monday, his wife was heading to the finish line to find him when the first bomb went off yards away from both of them. now both escaped uninjured, though his wife was hit by some shrapnel. when back in texas, joe was driving home from work last night near waco when he snapped this photo of black smoke up ahead. then he felt the explosion.
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he feels lucky to be alive. many of the first responders to the plant explosion were volunteer firefighters. len ramirez on the need right here in the bay area for the same support. >> these are members of the spring valley volunteer fire department's first ever training academy, going through their final exams. >> these guys put their heart and souls into being a volunteer. i mean, it's not just like a hobby, it's something they are dedicated to. >> the east jose foothills is made up of 40 neighbors and people in the community who have different day jobs. >> my job is the outback steak house. >> contribute and give back to the community and just to protect the people up here. >> it was volunteer firefighters, just like them, who rush to respond to the fertilizer plant fire and explosion in texas and some of those volunteers are among the
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missing. about 70% of the firefighters in america are volunteers and the hazards they face don't dediscriminate between pain and unpaid. >> we are volunteers. >> for that reason, the training standard in california is the same for volunteers as it is for paid firefighters. they are finishing up a seven month academy where they trained on haz mats and they must be certified by the state fire marshal before they can go into service, wear the badge, and wait for the pager to go off, signaling soone needs help. >> they know it's a very difficult job and they are out here volunteering their time and not getting paid and they really enjoy it. that's why they do it. >> the spring valley volunteer fire department in san jose is typical. it receives no tax money and survives only on hand me downs from other departments and contributions from the community. in san jose, len ramidas,
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kpix5. a heavy police presence at pg and e substations. what's behind the increased security? >> it shouldn't be happening. period. it shouldn be happening. >> anger as cities were guarded piling up. why trash collection stopped again. weather outside today certainly did not stink. it was just about perfect. we have upper 40s and low 50s overnight tonight. oakland tomorrow morning, 50. vallejo 49. wait until you see how warm we'll get in the forecast. details next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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following the sabotage of a south bay substation. todayy up security tonight, pg and e is not following any chances following the sabotage of a substation. they are beefing up security at several bay area facilities. heavily armed police and patrol cars could be seen guarding the newark substation. someone cut fiberoptic cables and used a rifle to shut out five transforters in san jose on tuesday. pg and e says no other substations were threatened and this extra security is a precaution. remember the garbage strike in the bay area two weeks ago? it is happening again. this time the strike spread to
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san jose, santa clara, fremont, and union city. it affects more than 12,000 businesses and 70,000 homes. we sent kit doe to find out what is with all the solidarity strikes. kit. >> reporter: well, it's because they were. it turns a local, small union problem far away into a national issue. it gets people, like the mayor here in fremont involved to put the pressure on. both the trash and frustrations are piling up. >> it shouldn't be happening, period. it shouldn't be happening. >> tens and thousands of trash cans went untouched again today as the city undergoes its second garbage strike this month. the story first broke april 4 when workers seen here in youngstown, ohio, picketed their employer. in the bay area, dump trucks sat empty as part of a sympathy strike. fast forward to today and employees are on strike once more. this time in memphis.
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and yes, workers here in the bay area are again walking the picket lines showing their support from thousands of miles away. >> it would make more sense. a lot more sense, you know, if they were striking here. they are doing it for some place else, they shouldn't be. >> residents are getting frustrated, which means i'm getting frustrated. gh garbage is sitting in front of homes and businesses. even though there's no local union problems here. the mayor talked to corporate and national leaders on both sides and urge them to work out their differences over salary and pension cuts. what makes them so confident there won't be a third time? >> that's the first time i heard they are optimistic. we want to get our city back on track to where we were. i think we are optimistic. i'm optimistic and i hope we don't have to see you a third time. >> the neighbor isn't buying it. last time it was ohio, this time it's tennessee. what do you -- where is it going to be next?
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alaska? >> and some of the more sensitive customers, like apartment complexes, nursing homes, and schools, did get service today. republic is telling us this is just a one-day strike. live in fremont, kpix5. >> and if you were affected by today's strike, republic crews say leave your cans out, crews will take away your garbage by the end of the week. paul with some pleasant news for us. >> wow. wasn't it so perfect outside? >> beautiful. >> yeah, the wind died down, not too hot, not too cold. we're going to be leaving that over the next couple days. but today was just about perfect. tomorrow will be close. take a live look outside tonight. i'm showing you this picture from oakland. we are not seeing one little bit of fog. it will be another night with the wind direction, the wind flow just about perfect for avoiding that low cloud cover and fog. obviously with clear skies, we'll avoid the rain fall.
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kpix5 high deaf doppler. moving over, livermore now, the east bay, south bay, everybody coming up crystal clear. our forecast tonight and for the next several days takes you towards okayly. temperatures getting into the low 80s tomorrow and trending warmer over the weekend. sunshine, 83 degrees on saturday. here's the setup. high pressure sitting offshore. it will keep the storm track well to our north. what it will do, it's going to meander. high pressure is further offshore which will give us a light flow from the pacific ocean. a light on shore flow, keeping you right along the coastline and near the bay. a couple degrees cooler than what we first thought. then, we get the big warmup as high pressure sits in the perfect position to give us the offshore wind. that will get us close to 90. in san francisco and oakland and 70s at the coastline and that will begin by the top of next week on monday.
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the next couple days, the warmup will have to wait near the bay and at the coast. that comes for you on monday. inland areas, you're going to get to the 80s as soon as tomorrow. like concord, tomorrow, 80. average is 70. san jose also 10 degrees above normal at 81. santa clara, 81. san mateo, a little cooler. 74 for you. pittsburgh 81. dublin 80 degrees. 66. san francisco 65. compare that to nevada with a high of 77 degrees tomorrow. saturday and sunday, 80s inland. 70s near the bay. then we get warm. monday we begin to flip that switch. 80s in the city. we will get close to 90 inland on monday and stay close to that for much of next week and zero rain fall for the next seven days. be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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history. and i think it's vy and honor today, san francisco marked the anniversary of the 1906 quake. >> the earthquake was the defining moment. i think it's very important we remember that we honor those who came before us. >> as per tradition, there was the painting of the one working fire hydrant that helped save the mission. in past years, survivors would paint the hydrant. this was the first year no survivors attended the ceremony. also marking the anniversary, mayor ed lee signed a new law to limit damage in the next quake. it calls on homeowners to strengthen soft story buildings. ones with garages on the ground
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san jose. sharks win 6-1. right now they are fifth in the western conference. the winning race is becoming more popular in milwaukee than the brewers. ryan hit one of three, two run homers who gave up seven runs in six innings. bernie brewer got a workout indeed. giants are swept by milwaukee, they open up a three-game set against the padres. yankees captain will be out for three more months after a small crack was discovered in his ankle. jeter, a-rod, and mark teixeira all on the dl. and the nfl schedule is out. they have five games in prime time. the raiders open on the road against darius heyward bay and the colts. they have just one game in prime time. in fact, week one with the colts with the raiders. week two is against the 49ers. we'll get an od of andrew luck in the first couple of weeks. >> sounds good. great for sharks. thanks so much for watching. that does it for us at 10:00.
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