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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  April 23, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on the cw. tonight, a look on the floor and i see. >> that's the man who broke the boston bombing case wide open. tonight, for the first time, we're hearing from the boat owner who heard the surviving suspect. >> i thought they said rice. >> the suspect in another terrorist act set free what went wrong against the ricin mailer. and a fake tweet sends wall street into a tail spin. what the reaction says about social media and internet security. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. investigators say he was ambushed and killed for his gun during the man hunt for the boston marathon bombers. meanwhile, we're learning more about how the bombs were built
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and when. kpix5's allen martin tells us the suspects started shopping months ago. >> on february 6, ten weeks before the marathon bombings, dzhokhar tsarnaev walked into the fire works store and bought two lock and load kits. contained 24 shells. investigators now are trying to determine if the brothers used the black powder from those fireworks as the explosive in the pressure cooker bombs. his name was recorded in the store's computer system at the time of the sale and megan was the clerk. >> i do remember just him asking, first him having the accent and asking for the stuff. i showed him one other product, but he stressed he wanted the biggest, loudest stuff. >> new pictures surfaced of the early morning shootout between the brothers and police in watertown, massachusetts. the photos taken from inside a
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house overlooking the scene of the gunfight seemed to show the brothers crouched in front of a mercedes suv that they carjacked. one of the brothers appears to be holding a gun with both hands in front of his body. a second car belonging to the suspect can also be seen with a passenger door open. witnesses say during the shootout, the brother seemed to retrieve ammunition and explosives from that vehicle to use in the on going battle. tamerlan tsarnaev was killed in the confrontation, but his younger brother, survived and is in fair condition in a boston hospital with multiple gun shot wounds. he told investigators that he and his brother acted alone. and the fbi found no evidence of conspiracy. hi and his brother drew inspiration from radical islamic preachings on the internet. investigators believe they may have launched the attack in
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retribution for the killing of american troops in afghanistan. to confirm a possible motive, investigators want to interview tamerlan's wife, katherine russell. today, her attorneys issued a statement saying she is doing everything she can to assist in the on going investigation. adding, the reports of her husband's involvement in the attack came as an absolute shock to the family. >> key remaining questions for investigators involve the bombs. where did the brothers build them. did they set off practice explosions and how did they pay for the materials and do all of that under the radar? kpix5. >> the mother of the brothers says there is no way that her sons were involved in this. in an interview with britain's channel 4 news, tsarnaev claimed her sons were set up. >> what happened is a terrible thing, but i know my kids have nothing to do with this.
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i know it. i am their mother. you know, i know my kids. i know my kids. my kids would never get involved into anything like that. >> the russian government flagged the elder tsarnaev as a possible islamist radical back in 2011. the fbi questioned him, but found nothing out of the ordinary. we are hearing from a man who ended the man hunt. owns the boat where dzhokhar tsarnaev was found hiding. he described the moment he realized america's most wanted man was right in his own backyard. >> what were you thinking at that moment? >> oh my god. >> you think, my god, we probably slept last night. this guy could be -- i don't know. it's surreal. >> online efforts are already underway to help him replace
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his boat. he wants the money to go to the one fund form to help the victims. $20 million is already been raised for the one fund and the upcoming race will add even more. organizers will donate $5 to the fund for every person who registers between now and noon thursday. more than 30,000 athletes are expected to run the annual 12k race on sunday, may 19. more on the boston bombing case in the pictures that tell the story at the mississippi man charged with sending poison letters to president obama and others is free tonight. now there's a new twist in the ricin investigation. cbs reporter tells us, authorities are trying to figure out whether the initial suspect was set up. >> paul kevin curtis is once again a free man. curtis was arrested last week accused of sending letters poisoned with ricin to president obama, a u.s.
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senator, and a county judge. on tuesday, the justice department dropped the charges against him, saying quote, the investigation has revealed new information. >> when you have been charged with something and you just never heard of it, ricin or whatever. i said i don't eat rice. >> curtis' release comes as the fbi released the home. to search for evidence that could link him to the letters. after searching curtis' house, an fbi agent testified in court, investigators could not find ricin or any other evidence tieing curtis to the letters. curtis, says the fbi clearly got the wrong man. and he says he just wants to get back to his life. >> find out what normal is again. >> curtis' defense attorney says his man being investigated by the fbi knows curtis and holds a grudge against him. >> anything bad that happened in his life, he has somehow managed to believe that he is responsible for it. >> while agents searched the
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second home, an fbi spokesman says the investigation into the ricin letters is quote, on going. cbs news. >> prosecutors say that charges against paul, kevin, curtis, could be reinstated. there may be a new lead for one of the bay area's most wanted men. investigators think 42-year-old storm picked up a woman yesterday. the woman noticed the driver had a knife, so she got out in palo alto and called police. when officers arrived, they found the car, but no sight of storm. he's accused in a string of break ins and car thefts stretching from sai sanoma to santa cruz. this is what shane would look like today at age 32. and this is what he looked like when he disappeared at age 22. he was last seen in the apartment complex in pleasantton hours before he was due in court for a dui charge.
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all warrants for his arrest have since been dropped and police say this is an active missing person investigation. checking some bay area headlines tonight, will learn more tomorrow about the bad bolts on the new bay bridge span. caltrans will have a news conference to update plans for dealing with the problem and the repairs. dozens of the bolts securing seismic safety equipment started snapping last month. two more fire stations. the board of supervisors blaming the failure of a parcel tax for putting more fire coverage at risk. if the budget is approved, one station would close in july, the other next january. we don't know which ones yet, four stations have already been closed this year over budget shortages. misconduct complaints against police officers are at a 20 year low. 11 officers were disciplined last year. that is down from 42 in 2011.
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the independent police auditor says the number of complaints resulting in officer discipline is also down by 7%. a bogus tweet about a terror attack on the white house sent stocks in a tail spin today. the associated press website was hacked. the hacker sent out the fake alert. the dow lost about 150 points, almost instantly. it bounced back minutes later when the ap explained what had happened. but it made us wonder, how could a single tweet hit the market so hard, so fast? and what is to keep it from happening again? we sent don knapp to find out. >> it was cruising at this point, up around 150 points on the day. and that twitter warning comes out, and boom, it drops it down in a matter of moments. >> what happened was a tweet from the associated press. president obama had been hurt. the dow dropped suddenly, losing nearly 150 points, then
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quickly recovered. as much as $136 billion, by one insider's estimate, may have changed hands. the reason, high frequency computer trading. >> the dow only moved down 1%. that's not big enough to hit those alarm bells and the safeguards. >> there doesn't seem to be sufficient safeguards on twitter accountings, which quickly distribute bad information. >> it's too easy to hack anything. they are still relying on simple passwords. >> c net writer says while twitter is protected legally, it's untrust were thy and headed toward a tipping point. >> they have to be trustworthy. they'll stop reading twitter and that's a problem for their business. >> twitter declined to talk with kpix5 saying it doesn't comment on individual accounts. the associated press says it is cooperating with twitter to
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investigate the hackers. >> it does start to get scare yes when the goal is to spread misinformation. you have to wonder if the hackers profited from the stock market drop, after the false news. >> the associated press says a group called the syrian electronic army is claiming credit for the hack. although the ap could not corroborate that claim. don knapp, kpix5. thday up more than 150 ended points. all of the markets were pushed higher by earnings report, including apple, which beat expectations. its stock is down $3 00 from a high it set in september. the company announced today it will distribute $100 billion to shareholders by the end of 2015. a tweet about a white house attack turns out to be a hoax. who got hacked? >> i know the fear and i know the anxiety. >> the governor talks to victims. what happened to him that proves no one is immuned.
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and soaring in the sun like a modern day icarus. why this tale of flight has a happier ending. mid 80s. this afternoon, mid 50s. big change. overnight lows tonight around 50 degrees. we'll talk about how chilly we're going to get. how foggy we're going to get. that's coming up. ,, the humble back seat. we believe it can be the most valuable real estate on earth. ♪ that's why we designed our newest subaru from the back seat forward.
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expected. california on track to collect $4 billion more in personal income taxes than originally expected. the legislative office says the state has been posting strong tax collections so far this fiscal year. this news means a potential boost for education. much or all the extra revenue is expected to go to public schools and community colleges. being governor doesn't make you immuned to crime. when jerry brown revealed his place was nearly robbed over the weekend. the governor's efforts to make the state a safer place. >> i understand the importance of public safety. >> governor brown found this out firsthand this weekend when crime hit him close to home.
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at his home in fact. speaking to crime victims at the rally on the capital steps, brown told them he, too, was a victim. >> just a few days ago, a gentleman was found on my balcony trying to break in. >> that's right, out of all the places, brown says a man tried to break into his fourth story loft. >> i live on top of pf changs on the fourth floor. >> he called 911 when he saw the man on the governor's balcony. they showed up and arrested the suspect on prowling charges. somehow he made it on to the roof before getting on to the balcony. there's in evidence the possible would be burglar was targeting the california governor. the governor used his story to show victims he feels their pain. >> i know the feeling. i know the anxiety. and i want to do nothing more to make this place safe, but i have to make it happen. >> the governor says something
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similar happened to him a year ago. he says three men tried to break into his house in oakland while his wife was home alone. according to brown, the men claimed they were looking to buy real estate in the neighborhood, so police let them go. >> you may have seen it, that weird look in flying machine around the bay area, a swiss made solar plane took a 16 hour test flight around san francisco. the solar impulse. the bay bridge, took it all in today. it is powered by the sun, not any gasoline. kpix5 reporter has more details on the solar impulse. >> with remarkably long wings and a determination to make history, the solar impulse took off this morning just after sunrise and spent the day flying over the bay area. the solar impulse crossed the golden gate bridge around 2:00 this afternoon and slowly cig zagged near the bay bridge all through e evening hours.
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top speed, 43 miles per hour. it is not carrying any passengers, but the swiss scientists who built the solar impulse say it is considerlying an important message about saving energy. >> all the technologies we have with solar impulse, were used everywhere in the world. the energy consumption and half of its needs with renewable sources. >> i think that would be great for everybody. if we run out, then we'll save the oil. we won't have all these problems overseas. all our war. >> the sun is going down. i'm concerned for them and know they stored enough juice. >> that shouldn't be a concern, because the solar impulse can charge its batteries all day and enough so, it can fly all night. thus in theory, it could fly indefinitely. but today's all day flight over the bay area is a technical test run. they are preparing for a cross
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country flight beginning next month and in 2015, the plan is to fly around the world relying solely on energy from the sun. joe vasquez, kpix5. >> makes it extremely lightweight. it has one pilot and exactly 11,783 cells. converts sunlight into battery power and something else i found out, peanuts are free. >> oh really? you get free peanuts. >> there you go. we have a lot of solar today. >> we had some cloud cover moving in tonight. change coming. downtown san francisco, a 30- degree drop over one day. all we did was change the wind direction. here's a live look outside. behind the pyramid, we have the clouds lurking. the coast and the city will wake up foggy tomorrow. let's show you a different
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vantage point. what a gorgeous sunset. what a nice day it was. a lot of you got toasty. that is not going to happen tomorrow. let's talk about the strings in our pattern. it's going to be a 2 or a 10 scale. only at 2, the fog will be confined to the city and the coast and portions of the peninsula. san ramon, only 76 with sunshine, but not as warm. you're going to see morning cloud cover on thursday and a high of 71 degrees. we are trending downward temperature wise and all that changed is the big dome of high pressure that has been protecting us from the storm tracker. has moved farther away from us. farther out into the pacific. that allowed marine air to work its way up the coastline. it is really going to be with us coming up on thursday, keeping temperatures down and coastal clouds up. all that high pressure is going to do is move back closer to us. we say good-bye to the fog. we get milder temperatures.
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we'll get lighter as we approach the weekend. temperatures down. tomorrow, nobody hits 80 degrees. we had 90s. nowhere will we see 80-degrees. tomorrow, wednesday, upper 60s for oakland. upper 70s for concorde. including san jose at 74. sunny vail 72. campbell 75 dries. sunny, but not nearly as warm for pleasant hill. pleasantton, 78. 66 tomorrow for alameda. trending cooler on thursday. friday, the sunshine is back and milder and the weekend looks great with highs in the upper 70s. be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and washington, d.c. can the giants come from behind again? a record night for the golden state warriors. wait until you see this. next. until the new eastern span kpix5 is the official television station for the bay bridge opening ceremony. we are counting down the days until it opens in september. ,, when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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shots saturday against the nuggets.. tonight, c : david lee is out for the playoffs. currie made up for that loss and more. stefan curly over wilson chandler. and currie has 30 points. warriors led by 8 at halftime. end of the 3rd quarter. harrison barnes on the break with the dunk. barnes finishes, fills in nicely for lee with a career high 24. the warriors win 130-117. sharks need a point to clinch the playoffs. they are down 2-1. they score two goals in 30 seconds. gave him a 3-2 lead. they win by that. the giants trail 4-2 in the 9th against arizona, but brandon belt who won it last night tied it with a home run in the arcade. it is tied right now in the 11th inning. a's knocked out, red sox starter, it was already 6-0 in the 4th when smith went deep.
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it was 13-0 when the game was called because of the weather. a's win. >> giants win. great night. >> they did? i'm saying we need that. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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