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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  April 27, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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than 24-hours and still no of a man police say tried to abduct a 2-year old girl. good evening they've been searching more than 24 hours and still no sign of a man police say tried to abduct a 2-year-old girl. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. this is the face of the suspect wanted for that attempted kidnapping in pittsburg yesterday. police say he snatched a 2-year- old girl from her front yard as her mother watched. it happened around 1:45 yesterday afternoon on snow flake way in pittsburg. the suspect dropped the child a few feet away and then took off. kpix 5 reporter don knapp tells us police have been searching for the suspect ever since. >> reporter: since the attempt child abduction early friday afternoon, police have continued searching nonstop for the would be kidnapper. and parents have been holding their children close. neighbors told kpix 5 they saw
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few children playing in yds. or the nearby community park. the man they're looking for is believe today have attempt today steal a 2-year-old by grabbing her and running off with her. the child was in the front yard of a home with her mother here in the california seasons development near rain drop circle and snow flake way. >> mom gave chase and fortunately the person dropped the child and unfortunately escaped but at least they did leave the child behind. >> reporter: police say that when the mother yelled the startled abductor dropped the child into bushes. the child was upset but not hurt: police are handing out copies of the accept of the suspect -- sketch of the suspect. he's a 30-year-old white man with blond hair and last seen wearing a green shirt and blue jeans. >> you have concerns when anything like this you know happens in your neighborhood. this is not a neighborhood that has those type of things happen. >> i don't think any neighborhood is really that kind of neighborhood but no it hasn't happened here before and you know we've lived here since the development was built. >> reporter: robert has a strong opinion of what he would do if someone tried to harm his
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daughters. >> anybody that tried to do anything like that to my kid better hope the cops get them before i do because it won't go good for them. >> reporter: lice are hoping it will generate some leads. asked to call police if you have any information. in pittsburg, don knapp, kpix 5. police say they're also looking for a mid '90s ford explorer similar to this one. the one they're looking for though is maroon or burgundy and it's a person of interest. man will appear in court on monday. as cbs correspondent ines ferre reports the arrest comes days after charges were dropped against another man. >> reporter: the fbi arrested james everett dutschke at his home in mississippi overnight. hours after this photo was taken. agents searched his house and the martial arts studio he owns earlier this week. as part of the investigation into ricin tainted letters sent to president obama and other officials. during that search the 41-year-
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old denied having anything to do with the poisoned letters. >> this is just crazy. this is just insane. >> reporter: the letters which tested positive for ricin were sent to the president and senator roger wicker of mississippi. but they were discovered at a mail processing facility and never reached their targets. a tainted letter was also sent to an 80-year-old mississippi judge whose family dutschke has clashed with in the past. charges were initially filed against an elvis impersonator named paul kevin curtis but were dropped tuesday. after investigators said they had discovered new information. >> i would like to move on with my life and find out what normal is again. >> reporter: curtis claims he had been framed and blamed dutschke. the fbi would not say what they found but dutschke is charged with developing, producing and possessing a biological agent or toxin for use as a weapon. namely ricin. he faces life in prison if convicted. ines ferre for cbs news, new york. dutschke and curtis the
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former suspect, did know each other. cowardice claims he uncovered a plot to sell body parts on the black market and talked with dutschke about writing a book together about it. but he says they had a falling out. and education motion and fire on a boat in san francisco bay forced four men to hang off the bow for their lives. police say the men were fishing off candlestick point when the boat began taking on water. the explosion happened when they tried to restart the motor. another boater who rached the we skaw -- watched the rescue says fire is a big danger abort a boat. >> the smoke is very toxic because you have resins, fiberglass, you have -- chemicals. you have wood. you have fuels. lot of things that burn. carpeting. so really boats can be quite volatile. >> one person was taken to a hospital were smoke inhalation. the three ohs were in the -- others were not hurt. it is back to work for air traffic controllers tomorrow and the end of the frustrating
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week for air travelers. perhaps realizing that their weekend flights home would be impacted too, lawmakers allowed the transportation secretary to shift up to $253 million to the air traffic control system. and return staffing to full strength. the sequester meant 15,000 air traffic controllers were furloughed. thousands of flights were delayed and hundreds more were canceled. as cbs reporter carter evans told us the whole situation left some people unhappy with congress. >> reporter: it seems members of congress couldn't leave washington fast enough for their week long recess. even after a rare show of unity. both sides agreed to quickly end the air traffic controller furloughs which caused thousands of flight delays. >> is what we saw congress said it best, or congress at its worst? >> i don't think it's congress at its best. >> reporter: democratic congresswoman karen bass arrived home in los angeles friday night on time. but with plenty of unfinished business remaining in
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washington. thousands of government services still face significant cuts. ranging from the military to road construction to child care. >> what i'm worried about is that we're going to address it in a piecemeal fashion. >> reporter: week of flight delays is the first time the cuts were widely felt by the public. >> i think the whole idea of sequester is starts to come unraveled because we have any number of instances like this where people are needlessly inconvenienced. >> i think it's going to take the outcry from people around the country to say do your job. >> reporter: whether congress actually did its job is still up for debate for travelers at reagan national airport. >> this is ridiculous it's to this pin. >> that is how business is done these days. they wait until squeaks or squawks and it's just how they do it. >> reporter: the white house confirmed the president will sign the bill.
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once it reached his desk. that may not happen until tuesday because of a typo in the senate version of the legislation. but we've learned that delay will not prevent air traffic controllers from returning to work. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. russian authorities have turned over a secretly recorded phone conversation in which one of the boston bombing suspects reportedly talked about jihad with his mother. the recording between tamerlan tsarnaev the older brother killed by police and his mother was made in 2011. this is a significant finding because if it had been revealed earlier, it may have been sufficient evidence to investigate the bombing suspects' families. meantime as the wounded heal and tributes to the fallen continue in boston, investigators are digging into the lives of the two suspects to find out what put them on the path to extremism. cbs reporter elaine quijano on the radical who influenced they will and the chilling -- them
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and the chilling premonition >> reporter: sources say investigation fors were looking for laptop computers as they tried to determine what shape the tsarnaev brothers views. investigators believe the brothers were influenced by the online preaching of islamic radicals including al-awlaki. >> the simple answer is america cannot and will not win. >> reporter: the american born cleric was a leader of yemen and was linked to multiple plot against the u.s.. among them the attempted underwear bombing of a detroit bound airliner on christmas day, 2009. al-awlaki was killed in a u.s. drone strike in 2011. authorities are also examining what they believe to be a twitter account of dzhokhar tsarnaev which includes a tweet in russian last year saying "i will get killed young, but tsarnaev may have shared that account with another person."
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in watertown where dzhokhar tsarnaev was captured eight days ago, investigators towed away the boat. the 19-year-old didn't have a weapon and did not shoot himself or at police before his arrest. tsarnaev is now being held at a federal prison hospital 40 miles from boston. tributes to bomb victims continued today. 8-year-old martin richard who was killed in the marathon attack was honored in dorchester where he played little league. it was the first day of the season. the town's firefighters all wore shirts with his name and age. 30 bombing victims are still in the hospital. one of them is in critical condition. elaine quijano, cbs news, boston. authorities in new york will search for more remains of 9/11 victims. after part of a plane was found two blocks from ground zero. new york city coroner's facials will start looking -- officials will start looking tuesday morning for any remains.
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authorities say the gear found in an alleyway is believed to be from one of the hijacked anes. police are guarding area as a crime scene. it's been a long road. we're just really excited to be back. and finally get some good rest. >> a relaxing vacation turns into a fight for their lives for a bay area man and his sister. they tell us how they survived being lost at sea. >> the america's cup not just for billionaires and sailing fans. the opportunities for dozens of bay area job seekers. >> from the cw weather center. good evening everybody. today was warmer than yesterday but tomorrow up to 12-degree warmer than today. we'll pinpoint the hottest locations as the news continues right here on the cw. look at 'em.
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eight miles from shore wearing life jackets. the suskis say they were able to spot land in the distance despite their panic and started swimming for their lives. >> ful we could see land off in the distance and started swimming that direction. and then it would disappear intermittently. as we swam. but we felt the wind behind us and tried to use that as a gauge for direction kept swimming that way. >> yeah no, there's -- from the life vest and saltwater and take a long time the heal. it's pretty painful. >> a local man found them and helped them. the other passengers on the boat also survived. the suskis plan to head home. the help wanted sign is out for anyone who wanted to work at the prestigious america's cup event this summer. kpix 5's anne makovec was at the job fair where lots of people showed up hoping to sail away with a job.
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>> reporter: among the dozens of people filling out job applications today we found debbie anderson. >> my big skill is people communications, i've dealt with selling multimillion dollar deals for years. >> reporter: at the new america's cup pavilion. >> as a woman that came from high -- high yield income it's difficult finding a job. >> reporter: she used to represent a fruit company making international deals. the jobs available here? ticket takers and maintenance workers. and every time she goes for an interview, she hears the same thing. you almost seem overqualified. >> yeah i'm very overqualified actually. >> reporter: but a job is a job. carl gordon knows that. he's already got two of them. >> my current job is a part- time --32 hours a week and i also work from home doing business development on my own. >> reporter: he's looking for a third in a job market that's still proving difficult five years after the recession began. >> just to give it the opportunity anthe opportunity comes along and we'll be ready for it. >> reporter: the competition is tough for job seekers.
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>> it's really difficult. >> reporter: but good for hiring managers. >> the more professional and the more people that know the city and can help make recommendations and give directions it just enhances the guest experience overall. >> i'm reeducating myself and rethinking. >> reporter: for now even for $10.55 an hour she'll take what she can get. >> i have no idea. i have to start somewhere. >> reporter: they are still accepting applications for jobs here at the pavilion. you can find out more information on the website,, click on links and numbers. in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. it was a starry night in the nation's capital. big names from politics, show business and journalism turned out for the annual white house correspondents' dinner in washington. it's a chance for comedians to focus on power and for powerful leaders including the comedian in chief to perform standup comedy. here's the best moments from the president's and conan o'brien. >> these days i -- look in the
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mirror and i have to admit i'm not the strapping young muslim socialist that i used to be. [ laughter ] i understand second term. need a burst of new energy. tried some new things. and then my team and i talked about it. we were willing to try anything so we boar reed one of -- borrowed one of michelle's tricks. how does it look? i had dinner with a number of the republican senators and i'll admit it wasn't easy. i proposed the toast. it died in committee. i know cnn has taken some knocks lately but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story. just in case one of them happens to be accurate. [ laughter ] >> tonight's entrees were halibut and filet mignon. or at cnn's john king reported it. lasagna and couscous. speaker boehner and president obama are still struggling to get along. president obama and john boehner are kind of like a
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blind date between anderson cooper and rachel maddow. in theory, they understand each other's positions but deep down, you know nothing's ever going to happen. [ laughter ] [ cheering and applause ] that is always fun to watch. isn't it roberta? >> i've always wanted to attend that and you tell me that you have. >> i did. i worked for cnn actually early in my career and got to go a couple of times. it is quite a treat. >> what did you wear? >> know nothing as fancy as you see on it was. >> katy perry there. did you see that? >> it's a neat night. >> it's a cool night. cooling down very rapidly. good evening everyone, let's step on outdoors, it's never enough. is it? to see that bay bridge. >> beautiful tonight. >> just beautiful. albeit a little overcast except right there in the santa row sea area 50 degrees. san francisco also 50. still in the low 60s in the trivalley. that's what it looks like in san jose. overlooking the rotunda of city
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hall. clear skies. 57 degrees the northwest winds are at 8 miles per hour. becoming overcast just about everywhere tonight. then, you can plan on a sunny and warmer day for your sunday. the extended forecast calls for dry conditions. warm to hot conditions by the end of t woweek. that seven day forecast coming up but today, 50s at the beaches. 60s bayside. 70s around the peninsula all the way through the low 80s to the mid 80s in throughout the industry valley. 82 degrees in fairfield and yes, the pollen remains on a high side. speaking of high going up tomorrow. today we had 59 in san francisco. tomorrow at least 11 degrees warmer. 12 degrees warmer in san jose at 85 degrees. we'll tag a couple more degrees on to that livermore high and redwood city also 11 degrees warmer than today. it's this right here, high pressure it continues to expand and build into the western states. if it does so, our temperatures nearing that 90-degree mark and many locations tomorrow. until we get this trough to the north of us that will begin to break down the ridge on
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tuesday, wednesday. now sunny for santa cruz, thinking about going to the beach tomorrow. most of the beaches still in the 60s. but the further south you go, 80 water temperature 52. late day winds west 10 to 20. tonight overnight, with the development of the clouds at the coast and trickling into the bay, 40s and s for overnight lows. tomorrow's daytime highs again going up. 63 in pacifica. 77 degrees in alameda. piedmont and ole is a rhee toe as well as in oakland. low 80s in mountain view. 85 degrees in los gatos and in campbell. here's the extended forecast. ditto monday. just a tad cooler tuesday, wednesday dough to the trough up -- due to the trough up steam. by thursday high pressure, the warmest day of the next workweek 93 degrees on friday. think about taking this up tomorrow. grab a sweater or light jacket. it's the pacific coast dream machines and these are some
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beautiful beautiful planes that are here in the bay area. putting on quote a show. >> a neat tweet if you like -- treat if you like cooler temperatures. thanks and we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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authorities in several bay area communities are taking drugs off the streets one old prescription at a time. it was national prescription drug takeback day. it gave people a chance to drop off their expired or unwanted medications to prevent misuse or abuse. one organizers says the martinez event collected 10,000 pills in addition to medicinal
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liquids and pet medications. and little league officials in sonoma county are buying defibrillators after the incident that nearly killed an 8-year-old boy. he was hit in the chest by a pitch during a game in the park two weeks ago. the blow disrupted his heartbeat and he collapsed. fortunately two paramedics we strived him and -- revived him to shock his heart back to normal rhythm. little leagues are also buying defibrillators in other cities. ahead among the items the a's took a trip down memory lane. and nine innings, not enough to settle the giants' outcome in san diego. minute is next. ,,,,
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10:26 pm he nurses his sprained left hey, steph curry and the warriors may not practice with the team for the remainder of the series but you need him the day of the game. a sprained left ankle. from outside staples center to the ice. sharks, kings. winner gets the fifth seed in the west. tied at 1. with the slapper here. kings win it 3-2. sharks will face vancouver in the first round of the playoffs. oh, together we're giants. huh? in san diego tonight, giants blew an early 5-0 lead. kyle banks up the middle for a run tying rbi single. this one went to the 12th folks. hunt lee hid a grounder that's -- hit a grounder that ate marco scutaro up. that's how the padres win it. before the game against the orioles, jackson drove up from his monterey home. day belonged to the o's, not the a's. adam jones the second of back- to-back homers put baltimore up 3-2. they win it 7-3.
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and the 49ers back in south carolina running back marcus lattimore. suffered a nasty knee injury last october against the tennessee defense that nearly ended his career. but he's a fifth rounder now. the 49ers and all happy about it. they may get him next year. >> what do you think about this? drafting somebody -- hasn't even stood out. >> he was such a dynamic running back. i mean it was just like like a can't miss guy and his knee was just -- torn up on that hit. and they must be absolutely convinced that he can rehab that knee back. so -- we'll see. because if he can go? >> hopefully the doctors are right. speaking of lookout. you're going to be with the warriors tomorrow? >> be with the doves tomorrow, huge game because we have a chance to go up 3-1 in that series going back the denver. >> the hometown crowd is going nuts. >> is going to go -- >> roaracle. >> i'm serious bring ear plugs if you're going to the game
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really. >> the biggest curry fan now. that guy's got game. >> we'll see you at 11:00 on kpix 5. >> good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,,,,,,
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[phone rings] >> you gonna answer that, kev? [phone rings] >> right. thanks. dunder mifflin. this is kevin. please hold while i transfer you. oscar, your mom. >> charles is having kevin cover the phones for a while. how do i say this diplomatically?


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