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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CW  June 16, 2013 8:30am-9:31am PDT

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weather ad l . a teenager gunned down at a child's party overnight. police are learning about the motive this morning and the suspects on the run. >> and a beautiful father's day on the -- underway in the bay area. happy father's day to you all. in return, we'll give you the forecast. >> don't post anything online that you can come to regret. >> and a word from the wise after the lid is blown on a secret government spying operation. why officials are defending what they did and saying why they did nothing wrong. >> and it's 8:30, father's day, june 16th. thank you for joining us. i'm anne makovec.
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>> and from the east bay, we'll talk about the bridge and budget. >> they passed one on time this year. we have a lot to discuss, including on the latest facebook spying revelation. first, a teenager was shot to death while attending a child's birthday party in vallejo. it happened around 11:30 on the first block of sawyer street. the 18-year-old was shot multiple times. the family members took him to the hospital but he was pronounced dead thereafter. at least two suspects fled the area and remain at large. this is the 11th homicide this year. one woman is dead, six others are hurt after a two- vehicle crash in brentwood. one driver appeared to have run a red light. and that happened at vasco and marsh creek roads at 9:30 yesterday morning. the woman who died was behind the wheel of a dodge charger that collided with a minivan full of people. six people, including four
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children and a pregnant woman were injured and chp said the charger ran a red light. the driver suffered major injuries and died at the hospital. the crash knocked over a power pole and that intersection is to go dark for hours. in colorado, residents are cheering on firefighters as they gain ground on the most destructive wildfire in that state's history. more than half of the black forest fires contained and officials are now preparing to lift the mandatory evacuation orders for hundreds of residents e. they're getting ready to go back. heather burke reports that frustration is sharing in about the evacuees who have to wait for answers. >> reporter: the fire started about three clocks from our house. we were one of the first people out of there. >> reporter: wearing the same clothes for the last four days. landon phillips comes here for answers. >> when they think they can get back in, when they think they will have electricity and gas and to find out about my
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neighbors. >> reporter: e vehicley -- evacuees hug. >> i want to make sure that everyone understands we're in this together, this is a community. >> reporter: tell that to shawn galvin, who left with dozens of others frustrated. >> and we want to know information and get that in. what is burn, what isn't? >> we want one thing to go home with that we didn't know when we came in here. and we're not getting that. >> reporter: those frustrate -- frustrations led some for the daily news briefing and it's hard to pinpoint when they can go home. >> a termoused by the deputies, it looks like a nuclear bomb went off in some areas and you can't recognize if it was a house or another structure. that is the willful of epsiperation and destruction that took place. as crews inch closer to battling the blaze, phillips is thankful to be safe with
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friends. >> the community's good with us and -- that was heather burk reporting. instead, contact the disaster distance center of el paso county. the state legislature passed a major piece of the federal affordable melling -- healthcare act. democratic lawmakers are calling saturday's vote historic and say it's a basic human right rather than a service for people who can afford it. republicans are raising doubts whether the state can afford the expansion in the long-run. a nationwide tour of runs preaching immigration reform through the gospel. >> raise your hand, raise your voice. >> reporter: up ins on the bus stopped in bakersfield, yesterday. a delegation of catholic sisters marching in support of comprehensive immigration reform, hoping to get the attention of lawmakers. tomorrow, they're taking the message to silicon valley. the senate is currently
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debating immigration reform under a bill crafted by republicans and democrats known as the gang of eight. and this is a story getting a lot of attention. demonstrators are marching in hong kong showing their support for dweller. -- edward no-- snowden. he is taking refuge in hong kong hoping its legal system will protect from u.s. prosecution. >> meantime, facebook, google, and microsoft are revealing how many times the government asked forires information in recent months. the number of data requests are in the tens of thousands. while the program is legal, it may affect how much people are willing to disclose online. >> don't post anything online you can come to regret. >> reporter: advice in the wake of the latest revelation of government spying online. after intense negotiations with national security officials, facebook, microsoft, and google are allowed to talk about orders for user information for
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criminal and national security investigations. facebook received between 9 and 10,000 requests in the last six months of 2012. microsoft between 6 and 7,000. each request can encompass several accounts, though the numbers are in the tens of thousands. google's been forced to give the government information and hasn't released its numbers. >> we don't know how many of those actually came as a result of national security. y that lumping in every criminal investigation for every jurisdiction in the united states. >> reporter: the top attorney said the company is allowed to talk in total numbers right now and can't give specifics, but is lobbying to reveal more. today, congresswoman jackie spears wants more information, too. >> and i don't know how much they have or what they have. that is the problem for all of the talks about congress, what they're aware of, a handful of members of congress that serve on the intelligence committee and they have access to this information. the rest of us do not. >> reporter: but, show supports
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programs to track down homegrown terrorists and house democratic ten is higher points out that the program is legal. >> we need to have a very robust discussion about this policy, whether americans are comfortable with this policy. >> reporter: in the meantime -- . >> if it's illegal, going to get you in trouble with anybody, including your spouse, don't post it online. >> reporter: that is the takeaway. to put it in perspective, facebook has more than a billion users worldwide and that means fewer than 1% of user accounts are looked at by authorities. we'll have more with my interview with cbs tech analyst larry magid in a few minutes. security forces were diploid in istanbul as more protestors arrived in the city heading for taskin square. [ gunshots ] crashes between riot police and protestors continued overnight after police stormed an istanbul park using tear gas and quarter
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cameras to disperse hundreds of protestors, coming at the heart of two weeks of protest against the regime in turkey and its practices. meanwhile, many south africans are wishing nelson mandela a speedy recovery and a happy father's day. the no-year-old former south african president ised to be recovering well follow -- is said to be recovering very well following the treatment that kept him in hoital last week. as we speak, thousands of runners are hitting the pavement for the 36th annual san francisco marathon and looking at the golden gate bridge. there are no runners there. maybe a couple of stragglers. we saw the bulk of them going back and forth across the bridge earlier this meaning and there are a couple of lane -- this morning. a couple of lanes closed down. the remainder finished off in the court and golden gate park to the embarcadero and this is going on the next few hours. there are noticeable differences in the san francisco marathon this year. the police boosted security. they're responsible for the
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bombings in the boston bombing in april. all bags are searched and there is a size restriction and bomb-sniffing dogs are at strategic places along the course. now, for drivers, take note of this. the embarcadero is closed northbound and southbound at various points until about 1:00 p.m. that is where the marathon ends today. we'll keep you posted on the marathon throughout the morning. good luck to all the runners. still ahead, the senate senator standing with us to talk about the newest controversy surrounding the bay bridge. will it open on time and what is in it. >> that's right, and the bay area moms and dads who may get the power to demand more flexible work schedules. more time with their families and less time at work. >> and the bay area home prices are climbing through the roof. others are struggle just to stay afloat. there is a plan to fix that. >> and a good sunday morning, happy father's day to all of the fathers out there. starting out with mostly sunny skies around the bay area and
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temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s. going north from there and there are changes on the horizon. speaking of the horizon, the forecast is after a break. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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fixed it up... and made 200-thousand some bay area homes are sold in weeks. an investor bought this home in san ramon, fixed it up and made $200,000 six weeks later. the median price jumped 38% in a year. buyers who are paying cash up front have a better chance of getting a house. sounds like right now, many home owners, home prices are sky rocketing in several parts of the bay area. it's not all one size fits all. >> some spots are struggling in aby big way. patrick sedillo tells bus a plan to keep home owners in that city afloat. >> my home was valued at $498,000. it's now valued at $109,000.
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>> $450,000 when i went to the bank and worth 165. >> reporter: more than 100 people concerned about the status of their mortgages filled the neverin center in richmond today to hear about a plan to help them save their homes. >> people are drowning. the recovery that is being talked about in the paper is not hitting richmond. over 50% of the home owners with mortgages are under water. what is going on here today, there is a local solution. >> reporter: the plan is simple. the city of richmond with the help of investors, would buy the underwater loans from the b afloat. >> does it seem like a long shot? >> this is, in my view, has uphill battles in terms of having to fight. >> reporter: one investor is mortgage resolutions partnerships, or mrp. if they get their way, they will -- . >> purchase them at a fair market price. >> reporter: which would be ideal for home owners barely hanging on. the problem is trying to convince the bank to sell the mortgages for less. the mayor insists it will work and the banks will give the
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city a discount. >> this thursday, the city manager and myself will be meeting with a representative of mit -- mrp talking about the implementation and expecting implementing as to be moving forward, you know, very quickly and ready to move in days j. really? >> yes. >> reporter: patrick sedillo, kpix5. >> at this point, the propose -- program is a proposal. if it goes through, it would be no cost to the city or home owners. it's quarter to 9, father's day weekend and we have to give brian congratulations. five emmies last night. >> yes. thank you. >> and we're proud of you. >> and it was the team i worked with. >> we get to say and now a forecasting emmy award-winning brian -- . >> congratulations, brian. five total. >> amazing. >> and the station won for best newscast, that is big.
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the super bowl of local emmies and channel 5, kpix won for best newscast. congrat legs to the station and the cal-- congratulations to the talented people who work here. to the embarcadero and the broadway street pier, very nice. the temperatures in the mid- 50s, i think they like and there is some sun out. there the numbers are, you know, pleasant enough for us. climbing to near 80 degrees by the end of the day. inland and as we look to san jose, plenty of blue. some low clouds in there along the shore line and we'll go with status quo. the usual low clouds are the time of the year and sunshine in the afternoon. we'll cool it more on monday and warm it up by thursday and this is the -- the culprit or the hero, depending on how you look at these things. the low pressure is spinning out in the pacific and finally moved the high pressure offshore and it's the heights in the atmosphere, the temperatures came along with them. we fell 15 degrees yesterday. today, we meet warm up a degree or two. getting more sun than yesterday and so, we'll be sunny and mild
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the next three, four days. pinpoint forecast out of the bay area, the central valley is warm, near 90 degrees on average, from redding to fresno and that is a great day to be at tahoe. mid-70s will do they it and that is it for the bay, for the most part. 73, freemont and san jose and mountain view. 63 at pacifica and in the extended forecast, we're looking at the usual low clouds in the morning, plenty of sun in the afternoon. the temperatures cool from here to tuesday. all the way into the low 70s inland. that low takes hold over the west coast. the high comes in and nudges yet aside and look what happens next weekend. the numbers near 90 degrees. a little bit of cooldown and warm-up. that is weather in the summertime in the bay area. >> thank you. judge congratulations again on the emmy and hope that that forecast is right. [ laughter ] >> luckily -- . >> and this is another story heating up. government is defending its secret data gathering program to stop -- top u.s. intelligence officials say they
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have thwarted potential terrorist plots in the u.s. and more than 20 other countries as well. they said they did it by using information gathered from companies like facebook and google. just because it's meant for protection, does it make it right? that is one of the questions we asked larry magid. >> he thinks there needs to be more transparencies about the programs. there are too many unknowns including how serious the investigations themselves are. >> there could have been a criminal investigation in fresno or a security investigation out of washington. we don't know any details. but it does tell us that the scope is relatively limited. we know there are in the hundreds of thousands of national security orders. i think the concern the people had when this story first broke is that the government without their controlling your facebook and goggle, searching for information, phishing on every one of us and that is not quite the case. there is no back door. the government doesn't have access to server that google or facebook or twitter.
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they can issue letters and issue requests for information. under the federal law, those companies moist comply. >> i think the tech companies are in a difficult position trying to separate themselves from the public outrage a rising on things like prism. >> there has long been scrutiny privacy as there should be. there are privacy issues with all of the services and you add the notion that not only is your information running into corporate hands and are they marketing to you, maybe the government, maybe, maybe, you get the maybe, the government is looking at your information and that is putting more of a chill in people's minds. >> from a politician's perspective, what do you think they should know about this or what should they look at when it comes to making decisions? what should be allowed? >> i think politicians need to have an after picture of what is being done and what is not being done. they need to review the underlying laws and policies that have enabled the nsa to make these kinds of. they need to review who it
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should be done in secrecy. they need to review whether or not there is adequate information and drowns for all of those questions and to make sure you don't have analysts sitting in offices earn the world just jumping in and getting information about people unless there is a really legitimate need to know that information. >> what can the average user do? what should we do? >> i think we should be concerned about our privacy and never post anything online that can get us into trouble. that is with the law and our school authorities, our parents, brandparents, our perspective spouse and boss. if it's really, really embarrassing or illegal, don't do it online. >> the most interesting thing to come out of this as far as my perspective was hearing from president obama a couple of weeks ago. hey, this is out in the open, congress knows about it, it's approved and talking with congresswoman jackie spear, gosh, she doesn't know about this. only a handful of people do. >> you have to remember that. when somebody like the president said they know about it, sometimes that they can be two or three or four people or 10 people on the intelligence
8:50 am
committee. it's the imperial they. it's a way to say we're not holding a secret. but, like you said, how many -- . >> how many actually know? >> and it's interesting. she's calling for more transparency as are several democrats. we have a democrat-on-democrat issue, which could be an interesting dynamic. >> it's going to be an interesting second term for the president. meanwhile, coming up. >> the pressure to allow working moms and dads to request more flexible schedules to be at home with families. >> and health -- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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california burger king aftea blade-spiked burger acciden a customer reporter biting a cheeseburger with a . >> health officials plan to keep a watch on a burger king. after a blade-spiked accident. a customer reported biting into a cheeseburger and finding a two-inch long blade inside. police believe it was an accident. they discovered the blade is the same kind employees use to clean the restaurant's flame brewers. the customer, luckily, was not hurt. wouldn't it be great if work started giving away time with your family. he's mike suingerman more on his idea to make the city family friendly one work place at a time. >> reporter: here in at this hardware in san francisco, there is chuck, a girl, adrian, a man, and tara.
8:54 am
if chuck had a special medical issue with her mom, adrian child care issue with the kid, and tara with one issue or another, they should be able to ask for shifting schedules. that is what the board chairman believes and has introduced a law that would allow -- . >> employees to have the right to request a more flexible working arrangement. >> reporter: he's a contract compliance officer and has a three-year-old daughter. her 9-5 schedule doesn't leave much time to be a mom. changing the schedule in. >> an extra hour with my kids a couple of times a week, i think, would make a huge difference. >> reporter: that is the idea in the city that is kid unfriendly. lois presented the children anywhere in the country. >> any time there is a law, it's going to cost us time and money to deal with it. >> reporter: steven cornel owns brownie's hardway and paints a different picture. >> it can be a nightmare. and the difference like this, we don't have flex scheduling. everyone has flex schedules. they know their days are off a -- their days off a year in
8:55 am
advance. >> reporter: that is the key to run a small business, he said. under the law, a business owner could say no if it would cause undue hardship to the business or hurt customer needs. >> he said you have the right to ask for a more flexible -- . >> a free country. >> you don't have a right protected under any laws. in fact, there have been examples of retaliation and discrimination against parents trying to balance work life. this affects parents up and down the economic spectrum. >> reporter: mike sugarman, kpix5. >> the proposal would affect businesses with 12 or more employees and he's going present it to the full board this week. coming up, what does made in america really mean? >> a local exhibit putting products made here in the spotlight and how buying american made equals opportunity. . >> and why the filmmakers of the new superman movie hope
8:56 am
that jesus will get fans in the seats. >> we have lots coming up. stay tuned. ,,,,,,,,
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so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. children among those injure a deadly crash in brentwood. what witne the driver that . a pregnant woman and children are among those injured in a deadly car crash in brentwood. what witnesses are saying about the driver that may have caused
8:59 am
it. >> well, in the weather department, we got good news. it is plenty of sun out there. the things promise to warm a bit. we'll have the forecast forny a few minutes. >> and expanding healthcare to 1 million more californians. how the latest move by state lawmakers would change coverage for those who may not be able to afford it. >> well, welcome back to kxi -- kpix5 this morning. the time is 859time. happy father's day. i'm phil matier. >> i'm anne makovec. we have a lot coming up, including topics about like the state budget passed on time. >> and we have questions about the incentive program for the bay bridge and looking at world headlines. first, the top story this morning. >> a teenager shot to death outside of a party. a child's party in vallejo last night and it happened around 11:30 on the first block of sawyer street. the man shot was 18 years old and shot several times.
9:00 am
the family members took him to the hospital, but he was pronounced dead shortly after a 2-year-old pit bull was hit by gun fire. at least two is suspects fled the area and they're at large this morning. this is the 11th homicide of the year. and a woman is dead and six other people hurt after a two- car vehicle crash in brentwood and happened at vas key and marsh creek roads at 9:30 yesterday morning. the woman was behind the wheel of the dodge charger colliding with the minivan. the six people inside including four children and a pregnant woman were injured. the c -- chp said the charger ran a red light and the driver of the charger suffered major injuries and later died at the hospital. the crash knocked over a power pole as well, causing traffic lights at the intersection to go dark for several hours. firefighters are catching ground on the most destructive wildfire in colorado's history. y that cheering them up on on
9:01 am
they're cheering them on and more than half of the black forest fire is contained and they're about ready to lift up the orders for hundreds of people there. >> heather burke reports the frustration is growing among evacuees who want answers. >> the fire started three blocks from our house. we were one of the first people out of there. >> reporter: wearing the same clothes the last four days, landon phillips comes here for answers. >> when they think we can get back in, when they think we'll have electricity and gas and to find out about my neighbors. >> reporter: evacuees hugged, some seeing the neighbors the first time in days at the community meeting. >> i want to make sure that everyone understands we're in this together. this is a community. >> reporter: tell that to shawn galvin, who with dozens of others frustrated. >> we want ton information, when to get back in, what is burnt, what isn't. real things. >> we want one thing to go home with that we didn't know when
9:02 am
we came in here. and we're not getting that. >> reporter: those frustrations led some to the daily news briefing where the sheriff said it's hard to pinpoint one e -- when evacuees can go home. >> what is used by the deputies, it looks like a nuclear bomb went off and you can't recognize whether it was a house or some other kind of structure. that is the level of insiperation and destruction that took place in some areas. >> reporter: as crews inch closer to balling the blaze, phillips is thankful to be safe with friends. >> a community is really good to us. >> reporter: that was heather burke reporting. evacuees are being warned not to sneak back there to their homes but wait it out and contact the -- constant the disaster assistance center and tell them when to head home. in world news, extra security forces were deployed to istanbul this morning. more protestors arrived and heading for taskum square. that is the sound of clashes
9:03 am
between riot police and protestors continuing overnight after police stormed an istanbul park using tear gas and water cannons to disperse hundreds of protestors, coming at the heart of two weeks of protests against the prime minister. today, north korea made a new overture for high-level talks with the united states. it said the goal would be to ease and to discuss a piece traity -- peace treaty. the obama administration responded by saying it wants credible negotiations to make north korea nuclear free. and more than a million low- income californians may soon be eligible for medical care. california lawmakers voted ex-- voted to extend coverage under the federal affordable care act. a new report by the uc berkeley labor center obama care, as it's called, will be good medicine for the state's ailing
9:04 am
health system. don knapp has more. >> reporter: it's almost mere. -- here. it's about time, thursday berkeley high senior. >> many countries in europe have healthcare, universal and america's stepping up to the plate and joining that. >> reporter: the cost of the state's expansion of medyical will be reimbursed 100% by the federal government. a drop in later years, california the have to peak up -- pick up the difference. >> the people not having insurance costs us money, too. it causes -- costs us mean. >> reporter: on a summary, uc berkeley's labor center predicted expanding medi-cal will have far-reaching benefits for the health of kill kimmians, including increased use of medicare and lower mortality. 85% will be federally paid, bringing in 2.1 to $3.5 billion. and the california's coverage cost will be offset by new tax revenues generated by those millions -- billions in federal spending. individuals say that they want
9:05 am
to see what expanded medi-cal does for them. >> my concern is if our company that we're working for, if they are going to show 100%. >> reporter: because, they say, they're carrying the greatest burden. >> we shoulder 50% or. >> sixty. we shoulder 60%. >> you want to see something better than that? >> of course. >> reporter: uc berkeley reports said that as uninsured program -- persons enroll, they could so other state health programs and mental health services and state prisons. don knapp, kpix5. >> whatever you think of the healthcare reform law, it's coming. the pre-enrollment deadline is october 13th. and thousands of runners are hitting pavement for the 36th annual san francisco marathon going for a couple of hours now and looking live outside at the golden gate bridge. most of the runners have passed through. can you see a few there and there is some lane closures that drivers are dealing with
9:06 am
as the marathon wraps up. the runners ran across to the marin side and came on back. they're around golden gate park and it's beautiful day as you can see for the 36th annual san francisco marathon and there are noticeable differences this year. the police see security in response to the boston marathon bombings from april. all bags are searched and there is a size restriction on what bags to bring in and bomb- sniffing dogs are placed strategically throughout the route. for drivers, take note. the embarcadero is closed northbound and southbound at various points until 1:00 p.m., because that is where the race is ending today. good luck. still ahead, the state senator was in studio discussing the latest controversy on the bay bridge. will it open? >> and the gospel of immigration reform, according to a bus full of nuns. the message they're bringing next. >> and athletes with the bronx shoes. their own clothing lines. apparently, world leaders get
9:07 am
ice cream. we'll explain. across bay area headline . >> sounds good to me. speaking of sweet, we have a nice forecast for all of you fathers out there and you mothers and sons and daughters. it's going to be sunny and a good typical summertime temperature ralph. the forecast is coming up. stay tuned. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a good sunday morning, haze in the atmosphere there and not where you look. no sun. at farmers we make you smarter about insurance, what you dont know can hurt you. what if you didn't know that it's smart to replace washing-machine hoses every five years? what if you didn't know that you might need extra coverage for more expensive items? and what if you didn't know that teen drivers are four times more likely to get into an accident? 'sup the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance.
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tour of nuns... they're preaching the gospel of immigration reform. yesterday "nuns on the bus" marched in bak . >> the sign of a tour of nuns, preaching the gospel on immigration reform. nuns on the bus marched for comprehensive immigration reform. tomorrow, they're going to take the message to the silicon valley. the senate is debating a prison immigration bill. this week, state park officials will make their case again on why they should be allowed to charge for parking at more sonoma county beaches. the public hearing happens tuesday afternoon. the state wants to install 15 self-bay machines and charge a
9:11 am
flat fee of $7. the money would go toward restroom maintenance, garbage collection and wastewater treatment and other programs cut by the budgets. because products are made here doesn't mean that they have to cost more. >> that is the message behind the third annual made in america exhibit. the local business owners shared their secrets for keeping labor costs down without manufacturing overseas. congresswoman jackie spears hosted the exhibit and told us that made in america translates into job opportunities and much more. >> there is a lot of open doors for companies wants to -- wanting to do business in america. if we spent $64 a year on products made in the united states, we would be creating 200,000 new jobs in this country. >> made in america doesn't necessarily have to cost more and truly, if it's a dollar more and you know that you're contributing to this economy and that your next door
9:12 am
neighbor or brother-in-law or, you know, the young kid down the street is going to benefit from this, i think you're going to be willing to pay that extra dollar. >> and spores said congress is trying to create more incentives for businesses like tax credits. the exhibit is open today from 11:00 a.m. to 9 at the san mateo county fair. how's this for ice cream. a white russian or nestle o bra bama. those are two specialties served up in the local store in ireland ahead of the g-8 summit. there is chocolate and roasted nuts for president obama and vodka and coffee liqueur for the russian president putin. now, the choices may not be for everyone's taste, whether you like the leader or not. >> and probably coming up with a little cali system. you know. that is how they do with big time sales. they did this with the 7-eleven cups? >> on this, they can base it on how you exited the ice cream store. if you walk the oba malign, the
9:13 am
straight line. the putin, weaving. >> i like that flavor. we have a great father's day underway and a lot of sunshine is out around the bay area. a little bit of a cooling trend and we'll talk about that. first, shall we have fun? >> what? >> a good idea to me. by the way, the marathon is across the bridge this morning and it was coming across the golden gate bridge. why are there ants on the freeway? those are people that shut down the entire northbound lanes and it's quite a sight this morning. there is nothing but stragglers left at this point and mostly sunny skies, patchy coastal fog and a temperature range from june. sixty at the coast and 82 inland, mostly sunny skis as the as take on the mariners at 105 this afternoon. talking about 65 degrees and he's the numbers now this morning. 65 for concord. oakland to 59; 61 in santa rosa and the weather headlines, we have a nice father's day. the low clouds along the shore line this morning and overcast
9:14 am
skies in south san francisco. otherwise, cooling off a little bit more tomorrow and by next weekend, we warm it up. the low pressure is off the pacific northwest. the thunderstorms in the midwest and they picked up 9. nine inches of rain from thunderstorms in springfield, missouri, yesterday. the thunderstorms new heading east. they'll be -- there will be thunderstorms in new york, chicago, and denver tomorrow. the future cast shows we have the low clouds to the shoreline and mostly sunny skies, then like salt water taffy, it comes back in tonight. tomorrow morning, talking about the low clouds offshore. tomorrow, looks mostly sunny at sfo. southland's nice and the thunderstorms for denver, chicago, and new york, if you're heading for those destinations,ma may slow down. the pinpoint forecast, 64 in the city and up to 77 in san jose. 81 at livermore and fairfield. the extended forecast cooling it down for tuesday. and then, we'll warm up toward the end of the week. so it will be back in the 90 degrees range around livermore and concord by next side.
9:15 am
have a great father's day and a great rest of the weekend. >> sounds like that. >> yeah. >> warm and getting warmer. >> yup. and this is some questions, though. not such good news, about the new eastern span of the bay bridge. could financial incentives for builders to get the bridge open by labor day lead to unsafe shortcuts or at least the appearance of a rush job? the main contractor could collect as much as $20 million if it fulfills the checklist by the end of august. >> per more on the bridge, we have an update from the state senator who chairs the transportation and housing committee. >> and he's among the 14 lawmakers that sent a letter this week to the metropolitan transportation commission and i asked him about the reason for the letter. >> well, it was not to question but to find out the facts of it and this is a race against time since 1989, when it happened. we know we have to get creators off of the existing bridge and we want to make sure the new one is safe. >> okay, and that seems to be
9:16 am
the balance going on now between safety and time. how do you see that playing out or how are you keeping an idea to make island things and make sure that works? >> you covered this storyar a long time. it's been a race against time. you have to make sure the new bridge is safe. so, caltrans is doing a review. they have outside experts doing it. the federal highway administration is doing a review. the top people from d.c. came out and we're having a legislative analyst do an additional review. we make sure it's arm's length and the public can be assured that the bridge is open and safe when it opens. >> over the last few years, we have done a number of retrofits and rebuilds on bay area baseballs -- bridges. what do you think went wrong this time? >> having voted for this design in 1998, it was supposed to be $1 billion done by 2003, i think the design created a lot of challenges. there is no other bridge like this in the world and that is what the bay area wanted. having said that, it's 10 years late and cost $6.3 billion. >> a lot of questions are
9:17 am
raised about caltrans. the state agency's that is doing the bridge. you have sat up there and questioned officials. what is your read on the state of that department as we said? >> there are a lot of great people who work at caltrans and it's a largeinsular, in my view, not responsive to the public or the people who represent the public, so, i have a couple of bills to try to reform it and make it more transparent. if that is notes that, i have a group going to the ballot and reform caltrans. >> as we look at the bay bridge, and it's decided that it is safer, the new one than the old one, do you think that is going to be the ultimate decision? is it going to be let's open it no matter what? >> it's always been as upsociety. -- upset. the old bridge is not safe. we found that out in 1989, at loam loma prieta. it's not safe now. we have to get the commuters off of the bridge. the sense to do that or lack of that is frustrated over the years. we're close to getting people off of the bridge. we need to move them as soon as we know the new bridge is safe.
9:18 am
>> and it's not the only story going on in sacramento. it's one of our interesting ones, however. let's move to the other topic this week. yesterday, you guys managed to, or you got a budget on time. >> it's surreal, a wonderful thing. when you think four years ago in 2008, all of us were suffering because of the great recession. the governor's done a great job. the voters who supported us by passing prop 30, and we have made enormous cuts. the balancing things is what to expect. >> what is the public going get out of this? >> we're going to add behavioral health services and mental health services, we're restoring dental care for millions of californians and trying to be efficient with the money we spent. we're looking at more oversight for departments like caltrans. that is not the only agency needing greater transparency, performance and greater standards j. how and the middle class fair? >> well. we speak to -- providing millions in scholarships for
9:19 am
middle-class skids -- kids and that is important. dental care is important. people are moving out of poverty into the middle class. >> final question, everyone likes to hear the song "happy days are here again." the question is, are we singing it early? we still have a lot of debt and pension problems. were any of that addressed in this budget? >> yes, the pension problems -- problems are daunting and we started to last year with significant reforms but we have to be honest, we have a big challenge ahead in terms of our pension liabilities. >> the short answer is no. >> you right. we still have challenges and we always will have challenges but things are better. >> all right, interesting. coming up after the break, we have a sports wrap with a triple overtime thriller. >> plus, the higher power message filmmakers want to take away from the new, or want to put into the new man of steel movie. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:20 am
9:21 am
took flight this weekend. a filmmakers are hoping it las
9:22 am
big both in theaters and pulpits. the new superman movie took flight this weekend. filmmakers hope it lands big in theatres and churches. they're marketing it creating father's day discussion guide and created a theologian for sermon notes for preachers that they might want to use and titled jesus. the original superhero. similar campaigns to attract christian movie grow -- moviegoers were used in soul surfer, the blind side, and less miserables. in sports, the giants come up short against the braves and the as -- as get shut down. >> and the u.s. golf tournament. one player is under par now and kim coyle has that and more. >> the major truth will continue for fig-- tiger woods, who is 10 strokes back in the
9:23 am
u.s. open after shooting a 76 in the third round. phil mickleson is the only player under par. the five-time runner has a one- shot lead over hunter may han, steve stricker and charles schwartzel. and giants and braves, romo walked in the tieing run and freeman drove in the winning run. the save of the year for romo. and the braves beat the james 6- 5. mariners say felix hernandez tossed seven shutout innings against the as and henry blanco provided the scoring with the first grand slam since 2000. the mariners win 4-0, the as remain two games up on the rangers in the west. game two of the stanley cup finals in chicago. only one overtime needed after wednesday's triple overtime thriller. daniel is the hero for the bruins. they win 2-1 to even the series at one game apiece. and finally, the earthquakes beat the rapids in mark watson's debut as head coach.
9:24 am
>> &that is a look at sports. make it a great father's day. coming up, one more look at the morning's top stories. >> including when police say may have caused a crash to injury a pregnant woman and handful of children. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:25 am
9:26 am
in vallejo...police are loo for at least two suspects w shot and killed an 18-ye let's look at the morning's top stories. >> police are looking for two suspects who shot and killed an 18-year-old boy and standing in a driveway. that is the 11th homicide this year. >> and a woman died after a crash in the princewood intersect. the chp said the dodge charger ran a red light and hit a minivan. six people were there and they were injured. firefighters in colorado are catching ground on the most destructive wildfire in that
9:27 am
state's history and more than half of the brack black forest fire is contained and officials are preparing to lift the mandatory evacuation orders for hundreds of residents ready to go back home. >> and if you're looking for something to, do that will be fun. in the peninsula, plenty of sunshine on the peninsula where you will get fog along the coast and low cloud through the sunset district of san francisco. and sunshine on the other side of the city. looking to the bay bridge. 65 in concord and 60 in san jose and we're looking at status quo for father's day, moving into the shoreline and tomorrow, cooling down more and bottom out on tuesday for temperatures -- story performs -- for temperatures on tuesday and thursday, the high pressure is returning and takings us into the near 90 degrees range by next weekend.
9:28 am
looks like a nice father's day. happy father's day to you if you fall into the category. if not, have a great sunday. >> and that is a clear commute tomorrow? >> and why? >> -- >> looking different. >> challenging you on the best transition line. all right. >> and check out this video. an electric bike using propellers to fly. and it's tested unmanned and will be able to carry a rider if it's put into production. the prototype was a year in the making. and it cost under $80,000. >> look at that. jet-propelled jet packs with the restaurants? >> and they wound up lifting michael jackson to his concert. that is it for kxi -- kpix5. >> happy father's day. >> have a great father's day.
9:29 am
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