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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  July 1, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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without bart? these people were stuck for on the same street for hours! but tonight: there's one man who claims he can bring the stre think your commute was wad bad? due to b.a.r.t., some people were stag streent for hours. >> brace yourselves, the b.a.r.t. strike still on. there will be no trains tomorrow. there were no forral negotiations today and so far, no talks for form today's traffic was so bad, some commuters were actually taking coffee breaks? >> yes, take a look behind me. compared to most day is, it's a ghost town underground. as for the street, that's a whole different story. >> reporter: gridlock.
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how bad is the traffic caused by the b.a.r.t. strike? >> bad. >> reporter: so bad, it took an hour and a half to drive a stretch of battery street, long enough for a children to take a nap, for woman to walk to a truck and get a snack, and for a guy to take coffee break for his wife, who was driving. >> i was able to walk there, pay for my coffee, and get back before traffic started moveing. >> reporter: they're not even at the table any negotiabilitying. >> they're not, and we're sitting in traffic. it's frustrating. >> i would be happy to participate in the effort. >> reporter: and you haven't been asked yet. >> no. >> reporter: former mayor willie brown helped negotiations in the 1997 strike
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when he was mayor,ed and say he would do it again if asked. but not even grease he reached the best resees resolution. >> reporter: one of the comments is he helped settle that, but at a price. and there we go, b.a.r.t. employees were paid a loft money. >> there's always a dispute between management and labor, and usually, it reinvolves around the money. the public thinks i'm running b.a.r.t. and the guy driving the train makes more than me. >> reporter: so far, he hasn't been asked, and no other prominent politician is stepping forward to mediate either, at least not publicly. >> the two sides are still far apart. b.a.r.t. is offering an 8% wage hike over 4 years. they also want workers to pay
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more toward their pensions and benefit. the unions want an 18 and a percent -- an 18.5% raise over 3 years. >> if anyone wants other than basic, they pay on top of that plus copay. >> reporter: according to b.a.r.t., the average non- management employee earns ab $171,000 a year, blues plus another 11 grand in overtime. >> and there's more sticking points on tap for tomorrow's commute from the bay bring to the buss to the ferries, pretty nasty out there today. kpix5 traffic report elizabeth winger show us what happened today that could help you avoid the crowds tomorrow. >> reporter: my best advice, find someone to share a ride. the worst commute were proaches
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bridge. but here's what surprised us. the car pool leans were far less crowded, saving drivers who used them a lot of time. another piece of advice, go the long way around. if you're in the east bay, to the golden gait bridge. it was a breeze today. ferries are another great option. the bay ferry tripled its number of riders. i'm elizabeth winger with your kpix5 traffic. >> b.a.r.t. will offer 36 shuttles from their walnut stations. a bay area economic group estimates the first day of the strike cost about $73 million in woker productivity alone. that figure will increase for each day as it goes on. the last b.a.r.t.
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strike lasted 6 days. >> b.a.r.t. workers weren't the only ones who hit the picket line. city employees hosted a 1-day oupush for pay increase. they say they deserve more money after making concessions for the economic downturn. linda yee show us some drivers got tickets despite services being shut down. >> reporter: it was supposed to be free parking in oakland. city leaders couldn't make clearer, and elizabeth cook announced it on our 11:00 news. >> there will be no parking in oakland. >> reporter: except paul mason got a ticket anyway, a hefty $58 fine for not feeding the meet glerp i'm mad at somebody. >> reporter: at least one parking enforcer crossed the
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picket line and went to work. >> he came and issued a parking citation. >> reporter: it's not known how many he wrote, but he put in a fu shift. >> there's probably a lot of other people who may be having the same problem and that's not right. >> reporter: so we asked that city if they'll make it right for unsuspected ticketing victims. >> we told the public we did not believe there would be parking enforcement, so we will honor that. >> reporter: you take the ticket to the city in person or online. >> reporter: >> the free pass only applies to parking tickets issued in oakland today. a grass fire destroyed a shed and several acres. that's before firefighters managed to contain it.
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kirker pass road was ton trained for a number of hours. fire crews says lots of power lines were down in the area and heat didn't help firefighters today. paul? absolutely not. trim digits in pittsburgh just about everywhere from the water. fort east, you were over 100. morgan hill at also hit 100 degrees. pittsburgh above 100 degrees as well. everybody away from the water, the north bay, the sow bay, the east bay valley, anywhere away from san francisco bay or the coastline, you are under an excessive heat warning. all that area is unhealthy for kids and the elderly. the average high this time in livermore is 85. you've been 101 or hotter saturday, is sunday, today, and
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you will continue to be hot because of this high pressure system that's acting like on oven. there is an end in sight to this heat. i'll let you know when we expect temperatures to fall by 10 or 15 degrees in few minutes. tonight, we know more about what happened on the fire lines in arizona where 19 firemen died. investigators say a dramatic shift in the winds trapped them. these guys were theby of the best, elite firefighters known as hot shots, most of them in their 20s and 30s. >> that's tragedy in what just happened, they're younger firefighters. >> the hot shots tried to shield themselves from the flames using small fireproof tents, but it wasn't enough. it was the deadliest incident for a u.s. fire crew since 9/11. the firefighters used special emergency shelterers to try to protect themselves, but the flames were too intense as
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we mentioned. sharon chen gives us a look at those shelters. >> reporter: i'm in one of them, and firefighters can certainly use them. unfortunately, they don't work in every situation. >> reporter: ryan hyatt show us a $400 shelter packed in everyone firefighter's emergency kit. so let's say the flames have blown away your safety area. the captain explains. >> want to stay out of direct flames. knees their shelters are designed to deflect 95% of the radiant heat from the exterior. >> reporter: you put your feet
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in first, put your hands in the hand strap, and anchor your feet and hands to the ground to keep it from blowing away. >> reporter: it can withstand high temperatures but cannot endure direct names for more than several minutes. >> they start to break down after 30 seconds of 1300 to 1400 degrees. after that, the exterior starts to break apart. if it's for that amount of time, you should be okay. but if it's minutes, you probt probably wouldn't be able to survive. >> reporter: since 2009, it's been a requirement for firefighters in wildland situations to have this emergency shelterer with them. every year, they have to be
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retrained and recertified. they have a 30 second test to show they know how to use these. >> sharon, thank you. every dollar counts when you're a student. i think people underestimate how difficult it is. >> why some college students are starting to see the interest rates on their loans double. >> they start up here and they create jobs here. >> billions of new business up for grabs. the campaign to make sure the bay area gets a piece of the highpipe. >> where black bear was caught just trying to beat the heat. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all because congress could' work out a deal. uc students are already fil out the paperwork for their college loans. the loan rate allow. bad news for millions of people with student loan. interest rates just doubled because congress couldn't work out a deal. >> reporter: uc stopts are already filling out the paperwork for their college loan. the rate hike is a tough pill to swallow. >> i don't think it's really fair. >> reporter: the rateon
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subsidized government loans jumped from 3.4% to 6.8%. it only applies to new ploons lawmakers filed reach a deal after floating several proposals to stop the increase. many agree that student debt is a financial crisis that will take a toll on the broader economy. >> people in their 20 are putting off home purchases and automobile purchases. they are not doing what their parents' generation did because they have so much debt. >> reporter: but democrats and republicans say they want a deal to stop the hike in student debt. republicans favor a proposal linking rates to a financial market. democrats favor extending the rites for a year while they work out a long-term solution. >> it's another $200 that could pay for represent or food. every dollar count when you're
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a stunt, and i think beam -- and i think people understood estimate how difficult it is. >> if the senate does find a way to stop the hike, it will be retroactive. facebook will begin pulling advertising from pages that feature environment and sexually explicit images. they're trying to strike a balance between protecting brands and free speech. in may were more than a dozen companies pulled their ads, saying they don't want their ads next to violent and sexual content. len ramirez on a non-profit
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rolling out out welcome mat. >> 10 to $60 billion could flow to california. >> reporter: the question is, where, not when. >> we want to make sure we get a strong stair -- a strong share of that. >> reporter: san jose is teaming up with private partners to promote the region to chinese company and investors. >> we have more chinese companies coming to san jose and sill con valley. they start up here, and they crate jobs here. >> reporter: a trickle has already started in this north san jose office building, where investors are making startups. >> i see them place a more important role than in other regions. >> reporter: hong bank was born
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in china and moved to california. he says the area has what the chinese want. >> knowledge, talent, investment capital. >> reporter: the valley also has a sizable chinese-american community and room for businesses to grow. >> reporter: this facility isn't empty because of a b.a.r.t. strike. like a lot of silicon valley building, it's been vacant for years. but it has been well- maintained, and it's just sitting here, waiting for the next investor. >> reporter: will it be from china? it very well could be in silicon valley gets its way. paul, welcome back from vacation to the heat. >> yeah, it kind of smacks you in the face, but this particular heat wave is
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different and it's been so long. it will be a while before we finish this, likely aft july 4 holiday before we see some bo that food relief way from the water. dublin at 104,ball nut creek, 102 opinion do i hear a 101? gil roy and pittsburgh. so what do you can do with the kids when it's this hot? you find park with fountains. the kids are having a great time enjoying splashing butt thrut water, enjoys
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it was so hot today - even s were caught cooling off.
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one bear trying to beat the ,,,,,,
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take a look: a trail camera caught this black bear taki dip in a cow's water troughe bear rolls around, makes a w splashes... then gets out of the water, and takes off. beat the heat -- one wear trying to beat the heat has the right idea. >> he takes a flash in the water, and then gets out. >> no loofah. >> no suds either. i have to slip it in there. >> the calendar says july, but the giant's june gloom continues. and serena on the ropes at wimbledon. what happened? next. ,,,, goodnight.
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wayne start the clock.. wimbledon is already without roger federer, rafael nadal, maria sharipova, and now the biggest star of all is out as well. serena williams is on the streak no more. sloan steven is the loan
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american left in london. ricky mantekum probably earned a ticket back to sacramento. a bomb to the upper deck by todd frazier for 35-run home run. he can't get out of the third. it was 8-1 cincinnati when rain ended the game in the 6th inning. chris paul is going all in on the clippers. he agreed to a 5-year, $170 million deal with the paper clip. the third stage of the tour de france was a thriller. the win over the second stage won by less than half a wheel. a thriller as the tour de france is off to a great start. >> a lot of people disappointed to see serena williams out. >> especially with that winning
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streak, clearly the most dominant player in tennis. >> and it's anybody's game now. >> the folks at nbc are not happy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is a gift for your many years of service here. wow, thanks, michael. i didn't expect-- can i just say that of all the idiots in all the idiot villages in all the idiot worlds, you stand alone, my friend. [door opens] hello. (michael) hey! hi, good to see you. you too. i'm just having a little exit interview. yeah, i know. that's why i'm here.


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