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packing the streets. we're e as many now start to make their way home. day 4 of t . >> crowds pack san francisco for the 4th of july festivities. bart strike may have kept some people away from the city there are issues they haven't gotten to yet. illegal displays and what people are doing about it. >> i am allen martin. let's take you outside on this independence day night. we have pier 39. many are starting to head home after the fireworks. the display was along the water
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front. sharon is along the embarcadero. they are headed out. >> reporter: absolutely right. it is grid lock. it has been this way since this afternoon. the fireworks drew many in to san francisco before night fall. a sea of people streamed down the embarcadero which was reduced to a crawl. >> it took as long to get to the east bay from here as it did on the em baker embarcadero. >> reporter: plenty of cars still packed the water front. those who drove had a plan. >> we figured if we left we wouldn't make it, so we left at
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8:00 last night. >> reporter: they avoided the traffic at the toll plaza. once they got here. how was parking? >> difficult. we spent $50 in parking. >> reporter: $50 or even $60 in parking. >> it is a special day. >> it is ridiculous. >> i parked in the castro district. >> reporter: the lots were full. many were headed home. it will be a long ride home. allen. >> at least if you are stuck in the city, it is a nice night. the weather is great. have fun. other celebrations, those are the illegal kind. we are showing you oakland.
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joe vasquez is there. >> reporter: look at the oakland sky line. this is playing out across the city. one explosion after another. we drove around deep east oakland. they are rocketing hundreds of feet into the air. what is this called? what would you say to people saying that is illegal, the kids could get hurt. >> the kids, as long as they are not in the street with me, it is fine. >> people like this stuff. we are on 84th street. >> reporter: are people worried
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about safety? >> they do, the kids are important to us. >> reporter: these are illegal across the board. all fireworks are illegal. what do you think about that. >> i think it depends what you are popping like the explosive like the m1000 but the others i think are fine. >> reporter: this show has been going on for an hour or hour and 15 minutes. i should mention that are a handful of communities that have safe and sane fireworks. the street name is coliseum fireworks. they are huge. >> we see it year after yearand
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year, and i think the police are keeping a lid on it. that's all you can do. >> reporter: we didn't see a single police officer. they are responding to emergencies. they put the word out and ask people not to do it. that's as much as they can too with a tradition as strong as this is. >> be safe. on holidays like the 4th the cell bra -- celebratory gun fire is a problem. they have equipment that can determine shell casings at the scene. >> it is like the next generation 911 call. it is very reliable and
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precise. we are 100% effective with a high degree of precision. >> the company says 20% of gun fire happens on the 4th. 75 gun shots are shot per square mile on this day. many are home because of the bart strike. bart workers have been off the job for four days. it looks like it will go into a fifth day tomorrow. kristin has learned what is going on behind closed doors or what is not going on. >> reporter: it is unbelievable. unions tell us after this time the mediators haven't even touched the major issue, money. july 4th spent on the picket line. >> we have to come out on
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strike. >> reporter: union leaders had to talk about the slow pace of negotiations. >> we are not close to an agreement. >> they are still talking. >> we will be up there as long as we have to be. >> reporter: mediators have made no headway on the negotiations. they are strong arming workers into a contract. >> they want to keep us on strike. they think the public will turn. that is the card they are playing. they want to break there union. >> reporter: they clammed up about a possible contract. >> i am not ready to talk about that. >> i just want an explanation. >> i am not ready to talk about it. we are not there. >> reporter: they have notices of special meetings for the next 10 days.
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they fear unlateral implementation. >> the general items that could be discussed. >> reporter: talks going strong here tonight. bart says the strike will continue tomorrow. if you are a commuter, they will have the east bay bart station tomorrow. >> if they haven't talked about money, what have they been doing? you are probably shaking your head too. >> reporter: there are smaller issues they have been trying to address. they haven't gotten to the major issue, no idea. on saturday it is doubling the buses running the late night 800 line from san francisco to berkeley and richmond. stay with us for continuing
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coverage of the bart strike. you can find our survival guide on the website of danville closed because of a water main break. east bay munis municipal utility is working on it. now to egypt, many egyptians celebrated the military order change in government. the supreme court swore in an interim president. they ousted morsi. 8 students and a professor from
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uc davis had to cut their egypt trip short. here is their story. >> reporter: parents were waiting for the arrival of their kids. their 20-year-old daughter wasn't worried. >> they shot us out of there, but i didn't -- i felt safe. i loved the people we were with. >> reporter:10 u.c. students were evacuated. >> he said seriously i will check my e-mail. >> i can understand their concern, but the place we were was really safe the the time.
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it wouldn't have taken long if things had happen. >> reporter: worried parents more than students. >> the situation can explode into who knows what. >> it was a long 4th of july for me. it makes me think up really can't take yourindependence for granted. they are worried about the military taking over. >> i almost pointed when i saw my dog go into seizures. a dog ate tainted
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meatballs. the unexpected merchandise thieves took. when does the cool-down begin? the news continues here on the cw. ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ poisoning dogs with "toxic"t in several neighborhoods. . >> san francisco dog owners be ware. someone is poisoning dogs with tainted meat. we spoke with a dog owner whose pet is in the hospital. >> reporter: dorothy's dog was immediately sick after eating meat balls. >> he has a couple of rough days ahead. >> reporter: they were placed on sidewalks. >> they have little green and red seeds in them. that's the toxins. >> reporter: there may be
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another case. neighbors believe her dog also ate the bait. here dog has been throwing up and not eating food. >> it was little parts of it. i pulled him away. he ate some of it. >> reporter: they collected 400 meat balls in their neighborhood alone. >> it is terrible. it is completely heartless. >> reporter: dorothy hopes her dog survives. her son committed suicide. >> i don't know what to do without him. >> police are still trying to track down who is doing this. you have bank heists and
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jewelry heists. men steel vodka. they drove up in a mercedes, broke through a concrete wall. the ukrainian bottles are like gold. a volcano is spewing ash. this has gone on for 24 hours. students may attend for eeif they promise to do one thing, they have to pay it forward. hike in student loan rates. they have tuition and loan free in return for a 3%reduction in
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post-gradiation pay checks. that money goes to pay for future students. oregon may pass that this week. a celebration of cultures. this san francisco ceremony was from each of the 4 team's nations. u.s., sweden, italy, the race will go on with the louis vouitton company. >> they are elbowing each other. >> the new zealand teams will compete and they will go to the
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oracle to the america's cup. they need to win. we had the return of the marine layer. we had robust winds. take some dramamine. easter and christmas and 4th of july we were fog free. i am looking at the golden gate bridge and we are still fog free. it is going up and over the bridge. we are in the 70s in san jose and 80s in santa rosa. it was hot again today. it was 7 days ago when we were
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in triple digits. 102 and walnut creek and livermore, 108 in vacaville. 93 in santa rosa. cooling begins now. temperatures will drop everywhere. right there the development of the marine layer isalmost toward livermore. we have condensation and drizzle, cooler air works its way in for friday and over the
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weekend. look at the temperature trend. 103, below average saturday. tonight's lows 50s and 60s. 78 in red wood city. out of the triple digits east of the bay. 60s through the 70s and 80s. the heat way is over. >> no more. >> reporter: after breaking records and what was rare was it was prolonged, this was seven full days. i am so done. >> thanks, roberta. the car industry has hit a
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new high. the strongest sales since 2007. the timing is just right. red, white and blue, how long it took them to create it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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out of 108 crushed cars! ano recycling specialist in . >> well, move over besty ross, this is made out of 108 crushed
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cars. it had a special team. it took them a year to finish it. it is 19 feet high. the golden state warriors, and joey chestnut is the king again. first here is the new eastern span of the bay bridge. a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment.
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big man dwight howard... ..l of . >> at this hour the warriors are very much in the mix for big man dwight howard. they have trade destinations for 3 contract holders.
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they could have $20 million of bank to throw at him. a's against the cubs, 6 strikeouts. score was in the 7th inning. here is a fastball. look out. he nearly has his head taken off. throw the glove up there. oakland shut up the cubs 1-0. giants didn't play. they are here ready to face the dodgers after a 1 and 8 road trip. 23rd seed of the wimbledon
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finals coming up. joey chestnut wins with 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes. ,,,, ♪ [ roars ] ♪ ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival.
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