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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  July 7, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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ng-- at the controls oh my god. oh my god. >> the final seconds before the impact. the pilot in training as the control of flight 214 went down. the critical information that crews seem to have missed. >> when i see that picture, oh my gosh. >> a mother talks about the nightmare as they get their first look from inside that wrecked plane. how these pictures help to explain some of the most serious injuries. >> an officer opens fire in the city. sheriff deputies are searching with the guns drawn. the man hunt is happening right now. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. >> i'm brian brian. new information on the airline crash at sfo. the airline tonight says that the pilot at the control only had 48 hours of flying time on the boeing 777 and it was his
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first time landing that type of plane at sfo. we also learned that the pilot tried to abort the landing 1.5 seconds before impact. flight data shows that the approach speed was significantly slower than what was needed to land. despite the fire though, only few suffered burns. two people are paralyzed. we have a live look at the wreckage, expected to remain throughout the week. we learned that the ntsb met with passengers to explain what happened next. >> an amateur photographer was in the right time at the right time. >> look at that one. look at his nose. it's up in the air. oh my god. oh, it's an accident. >> oh, you're filming it too. oh my god. >> oh my god. >> oh my gosh, you're filming it. oh my gosh.
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>> oh lord have mercy. >> that's the voice of fred hayes. they were taking a walk yesterday when the plane happened. now, here's a look at the flight datas. they are known as the black boxes, but they are no longer black. they recovered immediately after yesterday's crash. and they were sent on that red eye flight to washington, d.c. investigators are carefully examining the data. we've got the latest information on the pilot and more on what happened just before impact. linda? >> reporter: we heard some startling revolutions tonight. they are now admitting that the pilot, they were actually on a training mission when he was flying into san francisco international airport. and it was the first ever trip here as he is an experienced pilot, but he also never flew
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that 777 into san francisco international airport, which we all know by now is operating on the visual flight rules. it was a clear day, no evidence, the ntsb says of any wind sheer, which could have cause the problems. but now we know after listening to the flight data recorders and the cockpit reporter, we know that they struggled with that aircraft that the pilots knew they were going too fast that they were about to stall out. that's when another crew member shouted out that they need to go around. in other words abort that landing, go around, try again to make another landing. and in this case, that did not happen as we will hear more from what the ntsb had to say. in this exclusive video given to cnn, an eyewitness records flight 214 seen on the right as they crash landed. it skids. >> oh my god! oh it's an accident. >> reporter: it flips on its side and bursts into flames.
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the ntsb investigators say that the flight data and the voice reporters are giving them the clues as to what happened in the final seconds. seven seconds before impact, one of the crew members called for more speed. the plane was going dangerously slow. >> i will tell you that the speed was significantly below 137 knots and we're not talking about a few knots. >> this is both an oral and physical cue to the crew that they're approaching a stall. there's a yolk that the pilots are holding and that the yolk vibrates. >> it is telling them that the stall is approaching. >> reporter: 1.5 seconds before crashing, the crew member calls
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for a landing. >> they need to go around and try to land again. >> reporter: but it landed short on the runway. the tail section was sliced off as they hit that sea wall. pieces were scattering throughout the field. >> so based on those reportings of what you just explained, are you finding them pointing to the error? >> we will not reach the determination of the probable cause in the first few days. and the facts early on in the investigation. >> new tonight, they admit that the flight was in training, although an experienced pilot, this was the first time where he had only 43 hours flight time on this type of plane. photos released by the ntsb show that the investigators
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were at the crash site, examining the debris field. and close attention was paid to the tail section that broke apart. other investigators were examining the landing gear sitting on the run. just some of the evidence that was needed to zero in. >> everything is on the table right now. that it is too early to rule anything out. >> reporter: investigators, they still have to interview the crew. now, we're also learning that the safety inspectors will be joining in on the investigation. reporting live, linda yee, kpix 5. >> there may be a twist to all of this as we are waiting on the results by the coroner to see if one of the 16-year-old victims was actually killed by the rescue vehicle on the runway. fire officials told the coroner about the possibility on
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saturday. and a photographer in china captured the moments they got the news that they were killed. they were on the educational trip from china. officials believe that they were sitting in the baof the plane. >> take a okas these pictures are from the ntsb, showing you how they were hanging from the overhead bins. >> they tossed knives so they could cut them free from their seat belts. so kpix 5 tried to recap that, coming up with the same results. >> your eyes should be able to
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judge what you're going to land. >> they fly a simulated approach. too low and too slow. just like their flight 214 before crashing. >> so i'm going to bring the power back now. and to pick it up just a little bit for you to see now. get it closely there. and so you can see them bring that back. and now that's the one right there. do you see that? you see? >> why didn't they know they were flying low? that will be a big part of the investigation. one thing being talked about is that it is out of service, it's used to navigate the runway. >> this is a visual approach. what it means is that you can fly it visually. it was a clear day, good visibility, they were cleared
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for an approach. >> they simulate the landing without depending on the indicator. like others, they still have other options. on board the gps, something called the localizer to help them align the plane with the runway and happy that the lights that show the pilot whether or not they are too high or too low. they show that the pilot is right on track. >> we have to evaluate, whether or not they had that made available to them. what was on the airport property and how they were flying the approach. now back to the indicator, widely distributed guidelines advise parents that they will be shut off. that's something that all people would know about.
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live in the newsroom, i'm don don. >> thank you, don. new tonight, ntsb investigators are on their way to another deadly plane crash in alaska. the air taxi crashed at the airport. about 400 miles south. all ten people were killed. the state troopers say that they were fully engulfed, a man hunt is on the way. it all started when the sheriff deputy recognized the suspect's vehicle. a witness said that the officer approached the vehicle and told them they would shoot as the suspect drove off. >> when a gentlemen smashed down the road, mind you that there are 14 down the street.
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there were two more behind the gentleman that drove off. >> they were there for about an hour as they searched it house for house. some streets remain closed while the search goes on. an update on the most serious injuries. plus, incredible story of survival. >> that touched the grounds directly. >> a mother sitting in the back of the plane describes how she and her son were able to walk away. >> chaos and cancellations. the scramble to get things back on track and how passengers are dealing with the mess. a sundown with that there. boy was it beautiful there. now tomorrow's sunrise, and the reasons why most of us won't see it. that's as the news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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without their swift actions....san francisco mar ed lee there's new praise tonight for the emergency crews on the crash. things could have been a whole lot worse. >> with the injuries that they have notified us about, they're showing you how it works, that was done at the crash site of some of the victims that would
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not have survived on how they are now. >> hospitals are treating the injured passengers at san francisco's general. 17 patients remain hospitalized. six are in critical condition, including one child. ten are still hospitalized. two of them critically injured. and now many of the seriously hurt suffer the spinal injuries. we've got the story of one crash survivor that has family members including a 4-year-old son. >> when i see the picture, you know, you can see that. they speak calmly outside the hospital about the nightmare she just went. there >> that touched the ground directly. >> and you felt that? >> yes, yeah, yeah. >> reporter: she and her 4-year- old son, they were sitting in row 40 near the back of the plane, right next to a whole that had ripped open. large enough for two. >> i had a time to work out
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because they were close to my feet. and so i would take my baby and it just takes the carry-on baggage. to work hard. >> reporter: and many were not as luckily, with all the hospitals that took the injured patients, sf general took the most. >> reporter: and they had head trauma, internal bleeding. and they were dragged, as we're not sure if they were outside the plane and that's what happened to them. both of them will be alive. >> others came from the seat belt. and they were sitting in the seat and that's how she got her injuries. at one point last night, they were running low on blood, but they will need a lot more over the next several days.
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many need multiple surgery. >> and i hope that you're lucky. >> reporter: they were sitting in the back of the plane that turned out to be the most dangerous area for the passengers in this crash. her son does have a broken leg, but all of their five family members on board are expected to survive. >> with the confusion and the cancellation following the plane crash that a lot of the luggage got lost in the chaos. this is the scene yesterday. dozens of bags were stranded and left behind, along with the passengers that they used to belong to. this is what it looks like today. a little bit better with the suitcases in rows, waiting to be claimed. they spent the day at the airport to see how the passengers were waiting to fly out as they were holding up. >> reporter: the lines, they began even before travelers arrived at sfo.
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after hugs and good-byes, this is what greeted them inside the international terminal. long lines, stretched for blocks. and you couldn't see that for any point. it was a sea of people that were standing, waiting, and hoping that they could fly out of san francisco today. many of these passengers, they had their flights canceled yesterday. they spent the night sleeping at sfo. >> it was joined by a bigger scheme of things, as they are worse off. you know, it is just the vacation. >> this woman flew in yesterday. her flight was canceled. >> they would need to wait and ask, just keep asking. >> how do you feel?
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>> upset. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: unlike many that were forced to sleep at the airport, she found the hotel nearby. they say they are trying to stay patient. >> in other parts of china as it took two and a half trips for them. >> it sounds like a mess. >> yes, you're trying hard. >> reporter: they canceled dozens of flights today and many more were being delayed. >> joining us with the forecast with roberta gonzalez. good evening everybody, this is the scene for you as we are saturated, limited for the truck across the bridge. san francisco, currently 57 degrees. winds have been kicking up to 13. san jose to the south with lots of clear skies, but that will
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change. today was warmer than yesterday, but not as warm as tomorrow on monday. 60s, partial clearing there. low 90s there tonight as they tumble into the 50s. moving inland, at least a good 50 miles. here's the bottom line. this is what you need to know overnight. becoming cloudy with patchy fog. we're not going to see it as it will be gray and then the clouds will peel back to the coast. watch what i mean here. that's your future cast. there you have the clouds, working their way right there, around that area. it looks like they want to back it off to the coast, but quickly fills back in the afternoon hours. tomorrow this is how you need to play your numbers with the afternoon clearing. barely any clearing at half
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moon bay. a pair here for them at walnut creek and the warm spot at 93. in fairfield, here you go, the warmest day of the upcoming workweek will be on tuesday. otherwise they will bring down the temperatures. we still have sports coming up next. ,,,,,,,, the thing is bee,
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you can see several family members crowded around helping the injured as huge plumes of smoke were visible nearby. a frantic scene certainly as the daughter watched the whole ordeal from her balcony. >> there was a long waiting time when i was on the balcony and that is the vantage point, the big crash as i could see the smoke and watching it from the balcony with my own eyes was enough. i was sweating because i didn't know if he was okay. >> they didn't know for another six to seven hours that he was all right. when she saw him, she leaped across the room to meet him. the two teens who died in the crash were headed for a study abroad program. at the church in the valley, church members mourn the deaths. the girls were a part of a group of 35 students who were going to spend the summer with
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host families learning english. instead they will return home to china. of the 200 passengers, majority of 141 were chinese. 70 others were korean. their consulates opened up today to deal with replacing their visas and passports. straight ahead, the a's keys were raging and one step forward, another one back. they did some damage today as the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,, the thing is bee,
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pearls. let's bring on the minute. welcoming them back here for the series finale. sending them on out there as he did not disappoint. nine strikeouts, giving up only one run. tied in the middle of the 9th as the bases were loaded. and that is the bases for them clearing the shot. and the a's for them there, matching kansas city on the cruise control, a two-run shot here. the 4th for the year and the 4th for the day. home runs, they could be happening here. just like what i'm saying, like it's a big guy. deep to right for the first of the season. a's, they win 10-4, remaining in first place. at the new england club, they finally did it. knocking them off to become the first in 1936 to win wimbledon.
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