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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  July 11, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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. >> this is kpix5 news on kcpw. >> asiana flight 214 is cut up and carted off. the final briefing about saturday's crash at sfo. runway 28 left recreated in graphic animation, what the final seconds looked like as it slammed into the seawall. >> tonight her father in jail and his claim on the kidnapping and where they are searching for that little girl. >> i am allen martin. >> i am elizabeth cooke. large cranes are lifting the fuselage of 214 and preparing to haul it away.
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that has been the painstaking day on runway 28 left. >> reporter: crews are removing all of the debris. some will be removed by hand. they are showing what a mess it is. the tail's lower portion hit the seawall. those rocks landing all over the runway. they are cleaning up spilled jet fuel, fixing lights and the damaged seawall and preparing the runway for use. it also involves cutting the structure piece by piece. >> it is a large structure that needs to be cut piece by piece. they have to cut up the wings
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and remove sections of the fuselage. >> reporter: the airliner was taken away on a flatbed for analysis. >> it is looking less and less like mechanical failure. the engines and flight controls were working normally. the pilot said the flash of light did not affect his vision. this animation shows how 214 came into sfo. this is how it should have approached. the pilot makes the comment about speed. you can see how much higher 214 should be. the tai starts to drop. the first call to abort is too
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late. it slams into the rock wall, th the tail end of the plane. >> the speed for the landing should have been faster than the speed 214 was going. the delays in and out of sfo continue. operators say bad weather in other parts of the country are combining to show traffic. we have kpix live and and pictures and video along with the ntsb video. a robot at the martin luther king shore bridge is searching for the missing girl. it has been 36 hours since
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daphne webb's dad said the girl is missing. this is what the girl's father told them. >> reporter: a search on the water and in the sky. >> we will continue to go yard by yard, house by house, block by block. >> reporter: the toddler's father is facing felony child endangerment count for leaving his daughter in his suv with his mentally ill mother. they saw a hispanic woman with a child later. they are zeroing on webb, and this case is starting to look like a recovery. >> leaving the focus open for
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if there should be foul play. >> reporter: police and the fbi searched web's home. they used a robot to comb shore line park where he and his daughter spent time. the visibility for the robot, we took one of our own cameras under water. or lens was no match for the murky water. the visual you have is 2 feet depending on the weather. the sonar on the robot can verify the object. so far the robot has come up empty and time is ticking.
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an assault investigation, 33-year-old tony frager is accused of exchanging sexual photos wi a girl he met on facebook. he is on administrative leave. police have lost another round with a pay hike they were supposed to have. city leaders say they will negotiate a new pay package, but the union says offers are short and cops will look for better pay elsewhere. a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, the only clues to a body buried in vallejo. it says time is money. the jeans and body were discovered last week.
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they are hoping someone will recognize that clothing and call. on the eve of contract talks, bart is threatening a walk-outagain. they say this is the bloodiest strike. they need a cooling off period. we will have more at 11:00 on kpix5. america's cup, safety recommendations in the weak of an accident, how the affect changes the race. >> reporter: it was another one- boat race today. their one-man show was hardly noticed. they announced the ruling on the protest filed by the
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italians against the director ian murray. the director said he wanted to change the rudder for safety reasons. two teams filed protests saying it wasn't safety issues. the jury sided with the teams and they couldn't change the rudder rules. they want to get back to racing. >> we want to get back on track. >> reporter: they may not have time to modify rudders. paul said if new zealand gets what they want, artimus will be
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excluded. they said artimus racing is here to compete and confident a solution will allow for a safe ragata. once back on the water, they have to compete in the louie voutton race. . >> dozens in an apartment with a single bathroom in china. >> i started regretting it that might. a vacuum cleaner that is more that some people's car. why the smell of bacon is
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pitting a san francisco business against its neighbors. back down to the 80s. alameda was 71. it was cloudy everywhere. we will talk about the chilly change coming up. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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the dow closed at a record -- up 169 points up to 15-thousand-460. s-and-p ga 22. the nasdaq was up 57 po. . >> the dow closed at a record high to 15460, nasdaq was up 57. rebounding, unemployment for college graduates is double. the picture in china is far more bleak. >> reporter: he thought moving to china would be difficult to
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find a job. you cannot tell if it is day or night. i hand wash laundry. there is no air conditioning. i only have a fan. his roommate couldn't stand the heat and moved out. despite having a college degree, wages are low. graduates know the odds. 35% have found work. colonies are illegal. we saw one with 20 beds and 1 bathroom. another unit slept 30. this 23-year-old your journalism graduate makes $400 a month. >> is this what you imagined the life of a college graduate
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would be? >> i realized real life is completely different. >> reporter: his dream seems well out of reach. a delivery person can make twice as much as someone with a degree. . >> u.s. students found the same problem. they are working in jobs that don't require a degree. a new emergency housing facility. many are struggling to put their lives together. they will provide free meals, employment services and counseling. servicemen and women from iraq coming home. >> when they come to us for care they need a higher degree
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of services than veterans from any other era in the past. >> veterans can stay up to two years hoping they can get on their feet. sue kwan reports on the $8,000 vacuum cleaner. >> reporter: irene's vacuum is cleaning up a storm and cleaning out her bank account. >> we ended up being sweet talked into it. >> reporter: she was visited by two door-to-door-sales men. the cost was $4,400.
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it ended up being closer to $8,000. >> i shed a lot of tears. i regretted it that night. >> reporter: they were told they had 3 days to get a full refund. by the time irene tried to cancel it was past the cancellation window. >> i figured i was stuck with it. >> reporter: not exactly. after some publicity, the company that distributes the vacuum canceled, but she continues to get bills. they don't know why the bills
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kept coming butpromised to stop. it shouldn't affect her credit. next time someone knocks she will say no. many counties require door-to- door salesmen have licenses. madera is one. he did not have one. sue kwan. >> you can call 888-5helpu. this shows the challenge when the water and the shampoo float away in the international
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space station. combing it in can give results. >> looks fast and efficient. she has troll hair. >> that is a mohawk a 9-year- old would love. you never know. you have to wash your hair, maybe not. we have a blanket over top. it is pretty chilly. everybody in the 50s, concord 59 and santa rosa 55. with that marine layer we have another day with a big temperature spread. callastoga hit a high.
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100 was the high monday. sunny sky and a high of 84. high pressure is bringing tropical moisture. some of the rain has impacted los angeles and san diego and las vegas. we have been just west of it the. what we have gotten is warm air from the water. high pressure moves out and low pressure is winning. you will make up to cloud cover and get the afternoon sunshine. the temperatures will rise. everyday of the next several will be close to normal. oakland tomorrow down to 71.
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livermore 85. fremont 75. pittsburgh 84. upper 70s for san rafael. cloverdale 85 with sunshine. mornings will be foggy, par for the course for july. the coast will be in the 60s. that is a carbon copy forecast. if you don't like today, fly somewhere. the bizarre bunny getting lots of looks on you youtube. ♪
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. >> now we have the san francisco city planners in the bacon, bacon battle. neighbors complained about the smell and the people and affic. now you have to have a special permit to stay in business. he pled his case, so far no decision. you may call it the virus gone viral. this guy called it the frankenstein rabbit and his croc hunter impression. this video got hundreds of thousands of views. the horns are little tumors
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caused by a virus common to rabbits. >> who knew. >> reporter: 4 straight losses. was tonight the night on the road in san diego? look at 'em.
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sequoayah country club... ...scored low enuf to become youngest w . >> history in oakland. 10-year-old lee scored being the youngest in the amateur event. she played in august in south carolina. that's not all. giants fans in the lamp
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district. 2-0 in the 4th. got a friendly bounce. first home run since late may. after tying they went ahead in the 8th. ground rule double time scoring another. giants reaction in the dugout? like little kids. giants 4. padres 2. yankees jeter back with his ankle. introduced to the bay area we can tell he will be a favorite with the media. >> curry is like the second coming of jesus christ, the most loved man on earth. >> he is trying to get in good
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with the point guard. >> they need to be best friends. >> have a good night. >> see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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