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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  July 14, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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crowds in los angeles blockg streets tonight to get their this is cbs 5 eyewitness news. >> out in force against the not guilty verdict for george zimmerman. crowds in los angeles getting their message out and the same message in oakland. we will take you live to the demonstrations going on right now. >> as i was waking up i hear a big bang. >> the survivors of the asiana airlines flight 214 crash. how this family of five managed to walk away. good evening. >> protesters took down part of a southern california freeway showing their opposition to the george zimmerman not guilty plea. forcing cars to a complete stop. in crenshaw police in full riot
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gear tried to keep the peace. over oakland earlier. chopper 5 caught up with protesters at 14th and broadway. cbs 5 joe vazquez has been on the ground since the protests began. >> reporter: take a look behind me. this is 14th and broadway. frank ogawa plaza. this is what it has been like for the last four hours. demonstrators in the intersection. traffic is blocked off. there was a blench an hour a-- glitch an hour ago as the police disappeared. traffic started flowing and there was confrontations. this man and his son were trapped with protesters banging on their hoods. they got off safely. the police have come back and monitoring the events. they made an announcement to
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disperse, that made them more angry and they ignored the order. they had about a thousand people. at one point they had march into the neighborhoods. >> reporter: as the folks are marching through what are your thoughts? >> big impact. we need to be unified. big impact on the community. that could have been my son. i have four boys. i don't condone violence but when are we going to be heard as a people? >> reporter: tonight no vandalism, no violence. and police are monitoring the events in case it gets out of hand. >> last night police didn't make arrests. is it safe to assume there
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haven't been arrests tonight? >> reporter: no arrests tonight. police are saying, i said wait, you saw this stuff last night, no arrests and they said no. they meant to make sure arrests are made safely so they are staying back from the crowds. >> joe vazquez, thank you. >> the protests across the bay have been vocal. don knapp has a look at how they spread the message in san francisco today. >> reporter: frank ogawa plaza sunday afternoon. tour and say shoppers on market street. that is why trayvon martin supporters chose this place to deliver their message. >> reporter: demonstrators were angry and loud and voicing
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their disagreement with the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trail. >> the next thing to prevent more trayvon martin is to attack the system, the root cause. every 28 hour as black person is killed by a police officer. >> reporter: some protested after the decision came down on saturday. only a few police officers were seen in the crowd. after a half hour of protests demonstrators marched past tourists. then through the downtown area and on to justin herman plaza near the ferry building. noisy and angry they remained peaceful. it was over but one said it would not be just a one day
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event. don knapp, kpix5. >> in los angeles, angry about the george zimmerman not guilty verdict. this is hollywood boulevard. you see the police cars are lining up. on interstate 10 they closed down an onramp for 30 minutes. these protests, it looks peaceful but you can see the police presence in los angeles tonight. >> people across the country are reacting to the george zimmerman not guilty verdict. in florida outside the courthouse where the trial took place demonstrators held signs and chanted in support of trayvon martin and in times square times square it was -- and in times square it was peaceful. george zimmerman's breath said george will be looking --
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brother said george will be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life. >> cool their jets. give everyone time to process what is going on. >> the defense attorney said he needs to be frail people looking for revenge. new search today for daphne webb came up empty. she was reported wednesday missing. the focus now is on other places the father and daughter went together. >> reporter: search teams conserated in the reserve. -- concentrated in the reserve, looking for anything that could give them a clue where daphne webb could be. >> basically looking through debris piles. >> based on your experience that could be where someone could hide a body?
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>> could be anything. anything that looks -- blends in with the normal trash out in the environment. >> reporter: she has been missing since wednesday. he told police someone kidnapped his daughter after he left her in his car with his mother who suffers from dementia. police are searching places throughout oakland where the father may have taken his child. this is behind the apartment complex where he lived with her. >> anything is possible. she could have wandered off. being the area is wooded she could see. >> reporter: this isn't any specific tip? >> no. >> the father was briefly jailed on child endangerment charges. he hasn't been named a suspend. >> is the rail getting cold? >> that is the common belief but i refuse to believe that.
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we hope and think he is -- she is still out there. >> reporter: linda yee, kpyi -- kpix5. about to and teachers who -- students and teachers who survived the asiana airlines flight 214 crash arrived home today. their families are waiting for them. they planned to attend a summer camp when the plane crash landed. three girls from the group died. a colorado family is thankful to be alive eafter survive -- alive after surviving the former new england patriots tight end aaron af-- after surviving the asiana airlines flight 214 crash. >> oh, my god. >> as i was waking up i just hear a big bang.
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impact. >> heading home from south korea the family was sitting three rows from the back of asiana airlines flight 214. they say they had no warning from the pilot before the tail hit the sea wall. >> when i saw the video i couldn't believe i survived. >> reporter: his holder sister checked to see if they were alive. >> i looked to my parents and they were on the floor. i called out their names names and they moaned. i wanted to get out of the plane. >> i remember something crashed down from the ceiling of the airplane and felt my chair going backwards. after that i don't remember anything. >> reporter: how did you get off? >> i have no clue. >> reporter: she suffered a spinal injury. that is her behind her husband. once outside she found her family. >> i saw my three children and my husband laying down with
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bloody face. >> reporter: they are counting their blessings since they believe 2-3 girls who died were behind them. >> that is the amazing part. i thank god that we are still alive. >> she can't imagine what the parents of those girls are feeling. >> i don't know if i -- if that happened to me how would i be able to live my life. >> the fact all 5 of us are here is a miracle. >> that was howard n reporting -- howard nathan reporting. a blood drive is planned tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the arrival level of terminal 3. the opening of the bay bridge -- eastern span of the bay bridge is once again up in the air. last monday officials said it
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would be december. but now the group says a temporary fix could make the delay unnecessary. a lot still needs to happen. >> i do know that the plan it needs to have a thorough bedding. caltrans and the engineers need review it and make sure this is a plan that could work. >> they were looking into the idea as a way of protecting the span till the permanent work is done. protesting the george zimmerman verdict, the online movement demanding new charges against the man just acquitted by a jury. >> and huge waves, the hifune forcing thousands of -- typhoon forces thousands out of their home. >> 7 degrees cooler today compared to yesterday. low clouds are back. beautiful shot of the bay
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bridge. a further cooling trend coming up in my seven-day forecast. >> a special celebration in the bay area today for the -- for a mother. ,,,,,,
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officers in full riot gear peaceful tonight... a much different picture from 24 in oakland the anti-george zimmerman protest has been mostly peaceful tonight. look at the damage from the rallies. shattered windows and death threats to police on walls in downtown oakland. for those who might support protesting like this, others say the damage hurts the cause. >> if we behave in a way that people see we demand to be heard it might help us get our message across. >> protesters burned flags and damaged a bart police car last night. police say there were no arrests or injuries. hundreds of thousands of people are using the internet to voice their frustration. kpix's anne makovec is on the
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protest clogging websites. [ singing ] >> reporter: from protests in florida to riots in the bay area. people are speaking out in disagreement with the call on george zimmerman's guilt. >> we know socially it is illogical. unharmed teen has been killed by -- unarmed teen has been killed by someone with a gun. >> reporter: they are calling for federal charges. >> it was about race from the beginning. >> reporter: online petitions are spreading like wildfire. like this one. demanding a civil rights case. it got so much traffic the website couldn't keep up. the naacp's website crash sunday as well. that petition had 350,000 signatures by noon.
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the morning talk shows think that is a fair possibility. >> all around race was involved. and the broader network of racial sociations. we know now that you could have stereotypes in your mind and profile somebody and that could have lethal conserations -- concentrations. >> reporter: he was shocked by the verdict. >> and yet in one sense i should have known that profiling is an issue in america. >> reporter: he says he faced it himself growing up and still today. >> we got many more battles to front and that gives us a sense of commitment and destiny and we will not give up. >> reporter: in san francisco anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the justice department is looking at whether prosecutors
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should file charges. tonight fans and celebrities are mourning the loss of glee start cory monteith. the 31-year-old was found dead at a vancouver hotel yesterday. he talked about his struggle with drugs. he went to rehab at 19 and last april. the cause of his death is not yet known. foul play is not suspended. a autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. a subtle forecast this week. >> it is all good. what we should expect this time of year. changes from day to day to talk about. cooler next couple days. live look outside tonight. significant change in san jose, more coming up in a minute. clouds coming up tomorrow morning. the bay bridge and the low
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clouds. like a tied rushing in and filling in the bay. livermore, warm day. 88. morgan hill 88. sonoma 77. san jose 75 for a high. average is 84. hayward 70. san francisco 61. saturday 82. and today 75. a 7-degree drop. let's take you to marin county. lot of clouds tomorrow morning, 72 for a high. tuesday you will bottom out, partly cloudy skies, even in the afternoon with a high of 70b degrees. we are getting cooler. clouds are not that much of a problem, except for the low clouds during the morning. we had showers towards los angeles, orange county, san diego county. not impacting us. it is a fight in the atmosphere between low pressure to the north and west, high pressure to the south and east.
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which will be closer. next couple days, low pressure. that is why we were cooler today. high pressure begins to win out and we go from cooler than normal to above normal. week starts chilly but finishes above normal. lots of clouds tomorrow. it will be a cloudy start. not seeing sunshine near the bay till the afternoon. coolest day is tuesday before we warm up on wednesday. tomorrow below normal. san jose 79. high of 77 in sunnyvale. low 80s for pleasant hill, concord. napa 78. low 70s for mill valley. san francisco 63. sunshine in the afternoon. cloverdale tomorrow 88 degrees. bottom out on tuesday. and then we warm up by theond
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of the week -- end of the week. low 90s next week. all and all very pleasant and dry. >> thank you. conditions are calm around here. a typhoon is pounding china. check out the huge waves. strong winds. they have caused flooding and land sides. 300,000 people have been evacuated. this is the 7th typhoon to hit china this year. still ahead celebrating more than a century of life. [ singing ] [ singing happy birthday ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and today... mother ruth jos celebrated her 107th birthda she known as the mother of the blank panther and today he celebrated her 107th birthday. the party honored her with music from france. she is cretted with starting black panther -- credited with starting black panther programs. somebody bought a powerball ticket in san francisco. it was bought here at the cable car wine store. 5-6 numbers matched. 2, 8, 22, 35, 37. the powerball is 6. the winner
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has 180 days to claim the prize. giants tried to streak into had all star break. how is he not an all star? he does it again. minutes next. [ male announcer ] on vacation, you want more of the things you love. ♪ hello, bacon. get more with breakfast and a two-room suite for rates as low as $115 per night at an embassy suites. book now at
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all star game... he is replg teammate bartolo colon who pitched . the a's only representative in the all-star game, he is replacing bar tollo cu-- bar tolo cologne. there is a game tying home run in the 7th and won it in the 11th with a rbi base hit. the a's take 2-3 from the red sox. a two game lead.
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>> well deserved day off for tim lincecum after the no hitter. today the padres, three home runs off barry zito. san diego wins 10-1. joey logano. vicars took the lead and found his way to victory lane for the first time since 2009 and pga, from the banker on 18. he won in the playoffs to become the youngest winner since the hoover administration. the newest kick returner is our special guest today at 11:30 p.m. and man, does he have a personalities. i told him don't ever become a local sportscaster or i am out of the job. >> we are in the all star break. >> i will tell you the giants
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will make a trade. they believe they are in it because the division is lousy. they will not give up. >> see you at 11:00 p.m. on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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