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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CW  July 21, 2013 8:30am-9:31am PDT

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>> this is kpix5 news on kcbw. a day of protest for trayvon martin. the rallies demanding justice for the florida teen. >> and we have a few changes in the forecast. mostly cloudy skies on this sunday morning. sun and then completely something different from monday. >> literally as if she was running for governor, she went door to door. that is the constituency. >> our political insider with advice on how to move past the drama. >> thanks for joining us, i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm bill.
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we have a lot of news to cover. we will talk about the demonstrations and the city, how they are handling or not handling the police department. >> we start with developing news in san francisco. one person is dead, another man in custody after a shootout in the tenderloin district at 10:00 last night. an officer stopped two men shooting at one another at larken street. one man was killed an the other tried to run away but was arrested soon after. >> we know the officers came upon a gun battle and as a result of that gunfight, we have one person seriously injured and another who died. >> the officer on scene fired his weapon but didn't hurt anyone. two weapons where recovered at the scene. rallies for trayvon martin
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were held in many cities. two debates, one on race relations and the other, the right to bear arms and the stand your ground law. there were peaceful demonstrations in oakland. don knapp shows us the much calmer scene a week after the verdict. >> reporter: here at oakland's amphitheater, people paused. >> i have been carrying a lot of pain this week and wanted to be surround by other people wanting things to be better. >> reporter: there were at least three demonstrations here in oakland calling for action on trayvon martin. the new mom's rallies. plans to march with a student march were set aside after police were concerned about violent demonstrations asked for cooperation. it was caught off guard and unprepared for the violence that happened last weekend. this time, police were out in
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force, hundreds of officers ready for any repeat, but lots of small business operators were still worried. at 3:00 in the afternoon, another rally at frank ogawa plaza outside city hall. it was peaceful except for a shoving match. around 6:00, a large group of bicyclists circled two motorcycle officers getting closer and closer but officers were able to drive through the crowd without incident. back here at the vigil, people came to appeal for peace. >> for trayvon and his family, for the city of oakland and the young people losing their lives all over the country and all over the world, such senseless an needless violence. >> reporter: officers are working extra shifts an days off are canceled while they deal with the demonstrations. in oakland, don knapp, kpix5.
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mercury news reports that a death on the bridge, orville brown was fighting with his wife on a cell phone. at one point, he turned the car sound of the argument to his passengers. now, they say they have to factor this new information into the report before wrapping up their investigation. a fast moving wild fire in river side county prompted counties to declare a state of emergency. ordering more evacuations as the fire burned into its seventh day. it started at highways 243 and 74 near palm springs. around 6,700 people have to leave their homes behind. fire is still threatening another 5600 houses and in all, the flames have burned 42 square miles. the wild fire is still 49% contained. while the cool temperatures are
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helping, cbs reporter melanie woodrow talks about why they are concerned about storms in the area. >> reporter: raul ruiz surveys the fire. it is under a state of emergency after the fire scorched 27,200 acres. >> one of the purposes of our visit today was to determine the flow of resources. >> reporter: behind congressman ruiz is what is left of fritz wooki's home. he said he had just minutes to get out. >> i told him to get off the stuff you can think of and throw it in the car. >> reporter: you can see the path of destruction. it took out this building and the shed. the flames traveled to the steps of this camp, but firefighters stopped the fire just in time. fire crews drudged through the steep rugged terrain mopping up hot spots but some areas are so remote, they are using trams to find the fire.
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>> finding fires the old fashioned ways. you have to have a crew on the ground. >> reporter: scattered showers brought much needed rain, but firefighters are concerned about the lightning and the winds. >> they could throw out spot fires and fire blands. that is our big concern. >> reporter: homes are still threatened. many residents are still threatened but left behind signs of their gratitude. in mountain center, california. melanie woodrow, kpix5. the cost of fighting the fire so far, $12.2 million. families of the three teenagers killed in asiana flight 214 have hired lawyers in new york to represent them. one of the girls survived the crash but was hit by a san francisco fire department
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rescue truck. her death is being investigated. more bay area headlines. a watchdog says that officers who report is internal wrong doing are experiencing retaliation from colleagues. the report says opd is not meeting standards of whistle blower protections. the firefighters will honor their fallen firefighters in concord. they lost 16 firefighters in the line of duty over the last 44 years. today's memorial is open to anyone who wants to come. we saw a major change in oakland with the trayvon martin rallies this weekend,. >> but still businesses continue to clean up after last week's demonstrations. what is next for that troubled city? councilman noyo gayo joins us next. how real world retailers are using your smartphone to
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track you. >> and we are tracking some showers coming up on the south land which may affect us tomorrow. today looks okay. cloudy start of the shoreline. sunshine inland and the forecast right after we generate a few bucks. ,,,, >> numbers today, the same as
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yesterday. bay bridge, overcast. same for the golden gate bridge as well. ,,,,,,,,
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also getting into the surveillance game. k-p-i-x 5's mike sugerma >> the nsa may be tracking our phone calls and retailers, now retailers are getting into the surveillance game. mike sugerman shows us how retailers are keeping tabs on us. >> reporter: in the movie minority report, tom cruise has a chip in his head tieing into sensors at futuristic stores. that is just science fiction right? >> we are a lot closer to this than anybody realizes. >> here is what you might see around a department store. here is what others see. >> the comprehensive solution
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for gathering performance data. >> you come in, can tell what you are looking at. >> if you are not looking happy and they can see you tracking chocolates comeing in the store at a certain time of day, they can send a coupon to your phone saying hey, feeling down? how about some chocolate? >> reporter: retail analyst fred phillips say the technology is there, but it might be a while before it is ramped up. >> creepy. >> i don't think it's creepy. i think shopping in general is changing. >> reporter: they track you online, of course, when you shop, they know what you bought, when you bought it. how much you spent. should it be that much different for brick shopping? david hoag is a retail psychologist saying that this helps businesses too. >> how do we arrange them in the store so their movement through the store gives them
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exposure to products they might be interested in? >> reporter: where is this stuff coming from? russia. >> developed by the soviet, by other government agencies to filter that into the commercial land. >> reporter: the cold war has turned into making cold hard cash. mike sugerman, kpix five. lots of chains are testing these technologies, using them to offer customized coupons. i would say that is significantly creepy. i don't think they are trying to track track, but leave me alone. just leave my alone. >> everything you think is creepy, kids will think what's the big deal? you know? >> at some point, it will go too far, though. >> i don't know. >> really? >> at some point, it will go too far. >> look at facebook. privacy is dead.
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>> you know, a century ago, people would lock their diaries. now everything is out there. you know. here it is. come and read it. and the weather forecast, oh, that's right. we have fog and low clouds along the shoreline and a little wrinkle with some subtropical moisture coming up from down south. temperatures in the sunny concord area already at 60. 57 in oakland, san francisco at 57 degrees. looking toward the bay bridge there. look down south. we showed you the flash flooding in las vegas. now those showers are moving into yuma and the carefree highway. we have overcast skies in the south land. for us, low clouds giving away to sunlight later in the day. temperatures in the mid 60 inside the east bay. this weekend, want to cool down? temperatures will be in the mid 60s in the bay. stern grove will turn 19th avenue into one big parking
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lot. 65 degrees for the festival there today. the sunshine will be limited near the shore today. but we do look for plenty of sun inland. numbers today, maybe a degree or two cooler. look at this big packet of clouds in the south land, working their way to the north. we are not getting anything like what they had in vegas. we will get high clouds comeing in from the south and temperatures today will be a little cooler. 70 in oakland. 88 in livermore. down in the south bay, it will be near 80 degrees, santa clara, 85. 87 at morgan hill. still warm away from the marine environment. 87 at danville. up in the north bay, nice, sunshine is out. they will have a forecast high of 80 at kenfield. 65 in sausalito. you want a roast in the north?
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ukiah, 102 degrees. beautiful spot in kelseyville. a few clouds tomorrow, maybe a chance of a sprinkle monday. you heard it here first and the extended forecast is calling for plenty of sunshine. top, maybe a drop or two of subtropical moisture. >> i love weather an weather people. you both know that. >> maybe a chance. >> there might be a chance. there might not be a chance. >> either way, he will be right. >> you caught me on that there. this is a chance. >> thanks brian. there is relative calm in oakland this week, you can see peaceful rallies in honor of trayvon martin. compare that to protests last week when demonstrators were setting fires and breaking windows. oakland is one of 100 cities across the country holding rallies for change. the question in oakland, what makes this verdict different from the ones earlier this
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week? we sat down with oakland city counsel member nel gayo. >> the community led this rally from the student body to the teachers, to the teachers that were directly involved at the last rally for peace and justice as we call it. and, they control it. they organized it and they make sure it was going to be a peaceful rally and that was the difference. >> another difference was the troublemakers didn't show up after dark as they did in the past week, now, when we were covering that story, one of the stories that caught everyone's eye was not just the lack of police presence, but also the passive way in which police handled the situation. >> right. well you know, throughout oakland, it has been a city of protest. and so what has happened recently of course, we don't have the number of police officers that we should have at the staff level. today we have 630. we should be up at the 800 we were years ago.
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so there is a lack ... ands we are trying to grow the numbers to our academies every year. but the bottom line is this one is, we say at the leadership level we were caught off guard. we should have been prepared at all times because we have been through every other month, we have a protest. a recallly and so forth. for me, it had to do with leadership, with making sure that our police officers do their job because through recent history, we handcuffed our officers. in other words, they are hesitant to approach you due to the fact we on an annual basis are paying. our businesses an our neighbors are expecting you to do your job. >> that seem to be the catch 22 when it comes to demonstrations in oakland. one, you say you can't go in
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and prevent them from breaking the the windows or hitting someone with a hammer. you can only arrest them after the fact. so the question becomes are you deciding to let the windows get broken because it is cheaper than the lawsuit that's follow? >> that's a poor excuse. our job is law enforcement is to, one, if you see someone's property being violated or sol individual being hurt, you have to take action. that is why i hired you and pay your salary through my tax dollars. >> we take action and nobody backseat up your action and say it was the wrong action, it is not a very big big incentive for the police to get involved. >> i think, you know, we have to be more assertive, more aggressive, and do our job and enforce the rules. >> meanwhile, the demonstrators going through downtown oakland, you say 630 police. let's take 30 of them off the table. so you are down to 600.
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the chief said he had to call in units from all around the city to handle this. meanwhile, there were shootings going on, robberies going on, and the city was uncovered. >> you know, i think, we have the able to call for outside help. we have an ongoing contract with the highway patrol and certainly, we have the country right in the same city of oakland we can call the sheriffs oat. we can reach out and we failed to do so. >> all right, it is going to if very interesting to see how the city council breaks this down. also, how they discuss the new proposition for not being able to carry the nonlethal weapons. that did not get a new reception. >> all right, when we come back, the former homeland security secretary takes over the uc system as president this fall. >> advice on what she need to do first thing to win over students. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the board of regents confird former homeland secu t napolitano to >> praise and protest this week for the president of the new california system. janet napilitano. >> in fact, last summer, i
8:53 am
proactively put in motion an administration of the dream activism and arttistic. thousands of young people were granted corresponding work aught ryization. i did it because it was right thing to do. >> sever students disagreed with herment police had to tackle one of the students. >> they are upset about her record on emigration reform so we turn to former san francisco mayor willy brown. our first question is what is the first thing napolitano needs to do as uc president? >> literally as if she was running for governor, go door to door with the student body. she has a problem with that because of her reputation as governor of the state of arizona and the attorney general of arizona in both of those categories. there is something in her reputation and her history that creates doubt in the students mind. >> it's an immigration issue.
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>> that is exactly what it is. >> what does that have to do with uc in. >> you have a considerable number of students that are immigrants. there is heavy emphasis on exploiting emigrants whether it is instant and out of state so she has a whole series of things of that nature. >> what about the teachers and the administrators going, we are a politician running the school? we always had people from southern universities running this. she is not from the ivory tower. >> you see, there have been some previous occasions where they have had people coming from the corporate world and from the government world. we had a professor in running the school. didn't work well. they had a politic in running the school, got good vibes and good appropriations from the
8:55 am
administration of ronald reagan. all of those things count for the university. so, the teachers and the academic types can live with a politician. students can't live with an antistudent person. >> this selection was made by a very small group of the regents which is a very small group to begin with. jerry brown was very active. more act i than i think he has before. >> i think she is jerry brown's personal choice. it is is not unusual for the governor to end up being the person who says take this individual. jerry probably won't take credit for it, but this one may be it. >> what do you think he is looking for then? >> i think he is looking for what he wanted in the state university system. he really wanted that kind of skills in the state university system because after all, he provides more money for that system. >> what does a former governor and attorney general bring? >> that governor and attorney
8:56 am
general brings the ability to run a huge institution. attention to detail. but above all else, access to research money and resources that the university can't otherwise get. >> mark udoff, her predecessor not a popular guy so i asked a student if it could have been worse. they said they were most upset about the process. they said it was a very seek ralliestive selection process. the university says they considered hundreds of people. >> right, okay, here's the catch 22 on that. it was a very select group that did it. in part, because the people they were interviewing for these jobs already had jobs. very high profile jobs. >> there are so many angry student that's have been fired up for years. we have seen these protests get very heated. they didn't want them to know who the prospects were so they
8:57 am
wouldn't get harassed. >> it was interesting, the governor really got involved in this. held closed door meetings on the process. with that, we will be right back. the dodge way? first wait till summer. then get the cars read now add the dodge part. ♪ ♪ the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days first wait till summer.
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cooler weather helping the fight in southern californi next - see the unique way they're >> this is kpix5 news on kcbw. cooler weather helping the fire fight in southern california. next, see the unique way that
9:00 am
firefighters are reaching the steep terrain. >> and the same thing that gave them relief might give us a few sprinkles in the bay area. we will have the details in a minute. >> i think the justice would like nothing better than to go after zimmerman. >> but will they? the investigation continues into the shooting death of trayvon martin. our political insider explains what may be next. >> welcome back. it is july 21. i'm phil matier. >> and i'm anne makovec. we have a lot coming up, starting with thousands who came out looking for justice for trayvon martin this weekend. it was a much calmer scene this week after officials were caught off guard by the violence last week after george zimmerman was deemed not guilty in this criminal case. this time police were out in full force ready for any repeat of violence, but they were not needed as protesters came out
9:01 am
to be peaceful. >> for trayvon and his family, for the city of oakland, for the young people who lost their lives in this city around the nation. all over the world. such senseless and needless violence. >> the only uncomfortable incident had nothing to do with trayvon martin. a small shoving match between a critic of the mayor and her supporter. san francisco, protesters wan federal charges against zimmerman calling it a civil right violation. we also heard from nancy pelosi who disagrees with a law involved in the case. >> the stand your ground law, i done know how it has standing to justify what happened. and i don't know if it did. i don't know what the attitude was of the jurors. >> pelosi says stand your ground law was more provocative than protective in this case.
9:02 am
rallies were held in more than 100 cities across the country demanding changes. cbs's tyrell brown shows us about how the president was moved about the recent comments about trayvon martin. >> i am trayvon martin! >> reporter: in a crowd of hundreds protesting the george zimmerman perfect, 25-year-old andre thomas was among those energized by president obama's remarks about trayvon martin. >> what the president said means a lot to people. it gives an extra kick in the pants to the movement. >> no justice! >> reporter: thomas feels there is a double standard for justice in the case. >> if trayvon martin had a gun and he stalked zimmerman, he would be in jail! >> reporter: martin's mother sybrina fulton spoke to the lower manhattan crowd while he father appeared in miami. protesters turned out today in philadelphia and dozens of other cities across the country and in front of the white
9:03 am
house. >> trayvon martin could have been me. 35 years ago. >> reporter: following the president's comments on the trial, hilda clark said she was surprised. >> it is insulting and deadly. >> reporter: she viewed his death through a personal lens. >> trayvon died needlessly. he was an innocent child. could have been my grandchild. >> reporter: critics want to re- examine the stand your ground law. that's the aim of a precision with nearly 600,000 signatures. it is backed by jay-z and beyance. they are struggling with the issue of inequality and the lack of value for a black man's life. in the rally in new york, they were told to keep a day in late
9:04 am
august in mind. there is another rally planned on the 50th anniversary of the march on washington led by martin luther king, jr. and developing news in san francisco's tenderloin district, police are looking for a motive in a shoot out leaving one man dead. it happens at 10:00 last night when an officer came across two men shooting at each other. one of the shooters was killed in the gunfire and the other man was taken into custody after trying to run away from police. this weekend, protesters surrounded the san francisco home of wells fargo ceo john stump. demonstrators were critical of the banks handling of foreclosures. wells fargo accounts for much of california's foreclosure activity. it is not always the right answer, they say. >> just it is down and talk to us about a loan modification. we don't want to lose our
9:05 am
homes. >> the company responded by saying "wells fargo has helps more than 860,000 customers with loan modifications and expended more than $6 million in principle forgiveness since januar 2a fast moving fire reco a state of emergency. more evacuations as the fire burned for a seventh day. it started at the intersections of highway 243 and 24 in palm springs. the fire is threatening 5,600 houses. it is only 49% contained. cool weather and much needed rain helps firefighters gain control over the raging mountain fire as it is called this weekend. flames have spread to remote areas that are hard for firefighter to access. the rocky terrain is the challenge. members of the hot shot fire crew are using trams to get to
9:06 am
the fire. >> this is probably the hardest way to fight fires the old fashioned way. but you have to be people on the ground to get around the fire. >> many evacwees had to leave everything behind. congressman raul ruiz surveying the destruction of the fire. much of what is left, as you can see, homes destroyed by that fire. also new this morning, belgium has a new king after former king albert stepped down. he handed the throne over to his son phillip. he entered a 20-year reign as the monarch of belgium. he wanted his son to take over because his son is modernizing. belgium will hold elections in 2014 calling for more autonomy. pope francis is heading to brazil tomorrow for the world day of youth celebration. they are trying to raise awareness about the poor.
9:07 am
he is expected to visit slums in rio. and a clean up after a tornado ripped through campus. it caused a wall to collapse at usuline college. the national weather service reports the tornado's path began northwest of the college and plowed over a mile through the campus. >> thousands of people are heading to san francisco's golden gate park today. >> that's right, the walking tradition to raise millions of dollars in hiv research. >> this is probably about as hot as you can get. >> bringing america to living rooms around the world. and we are off to a cloudy start close to the city. elsewhere plenty of sun. but some wrinkles in the forecast for monday. could we get sprinkles? sprinkles and wrinkles. that was all an accident.
9:08 am
we will have the forecast after the break. look at 'em.
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living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> on this summer day, the gray and the blue. the gray at the golden gate bridge and the blue as we look inland. forecast in a minute.
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hillside this weekend... the main busted yesterday... seg mud and debris toward the h >> a water main break behind a home in laguna hills busted
9:11 am
sending mud and debris to the homes below. at least 60 people had to evacuate. orange county fire officials says an engineer was going to test the hill's stability. and in bay area headlines. a 35-acre site, apparently, the plan is to build a test plant for electric automobiles. they are not offering precise details on how the land will be used, but it will allow them to expand a test track. and 25,000 people are expecked in san francisco's golden gate park today for the 27th annual aids walk to fight hiv. since 1987, over $77 million have been raised. the walk starts in less than 16 minutes from now. >> and there will be another america cup race on the bay today. viewing fans for those races on
9:12 am
the bay have been largely empty so the question is will more people watch on tv? kpix5 don ford taking a look at the enormous production crew. >> reporter: they are the most sophisticated, fastest boats ever to compete in the america's cup. it is no surprise, then, that the most technologically advanced television gear would be used to cover the sailing, too. dennis harvey is executive producer. he has covered sailing at three olympic games, five previous america's cup and other worldwide events. >> i got hooked on this. it is like a drug, you keep copping back to it. >> reporter: he is in charges of helicopters, chase books, and cameras. there will be seven of these custom made cameras complete with little wipers. >> all of the incoming sources of water. so in terms of technical challenges in television, this
9:13 am
is about as hard as you can get. >> reporter: but it's the impressive graphics having everyone talking. stan honey is one of the world's leading television graphic designers. he won a national emmy when they figured out how to superimpose computer graphics on moving boats on a moving surface from a moving helicopter camera. now nonsailers can understand what is happening. >> when you take the race course and put boundaries around it and hundred meter lines, it looks so much like a football field that even a nonsailer can figure out who is furthest down the field. >> reporter: the boats exact measurements are measured in millimeters. you will able to see the graphics in action later today. they will be at the starting line around 12:15 this afternoon. that will be broadcast in six continents around the world.
9:14 am
lit be interesting. it is going on in our backyard. >> what will the weather be like? >> it will be not bad. it will if chilly. they could get a little sunshine later in the day. if you are thinking about what we should do today, what would you think about heading to san francianthe state fair? 90 degrees, nice, sunny, warm. take me to the fair if you do all the things you promised. >> what musical is that from? >> it's from camelot. yes. it's from camelot. have you never seen camelot? oh come on. well, camelot was not set in sacramento. though. [ laughter ] concord right now has 64 degrees. san jose, 60. 55 at santa rosa. here is how it looks today. we are high pressure that is still over the desert southwest and the southerly flow the bringing up the showers they
9:15 am
had down south and pushing the cloudiness in the bay area. the high pressure is still in command but as the low and high squeeze together, a southerly flow brings us a few chance of sprinkles monday. so we will increase some high clouds from the south and you will see what they are getting in southern california at the california arizona border. in the yuma area. for us, we are looking at mostly sunny skies. 68 degrees at monterrey. san francisco at the airport tomorrow, expect westerlies to 25 and the high clouds. so a partly cloudy day monday and thunderstorms for new york and for chicago. pinpoint forecast, bay area, oakland hit 70 today. 88 allot livermore. south bay, nice and warm. sun coming out, temperatures in the mid 80s . in thest bay, it will be 88 in brentwood. north bay, mostly in the 70s .
9:16 am
82 at sonoma. far north, clear lake will be nice and warm in the 90s . forecast in the five-day outlook calls for increased high cloudiness and maybe a sprinkle or two monday. it is possible, just a slight chance for the rest of the week, it is about as summertime as it gets in the bay area. lit be a great sunday. have a good one. especially if you are head today the fair. >> okay, tell us what was promised in the musical camelot? >> take me to the fair, she wants the knights to joust for the honor of taking her to the fair. >> that's a reasonable request. >> absolutely. talk about a princess. >> thank you. tens of thousands as we have been talking about are demanding justice for trayvon martin in cities all over the country. there were rallies demanding change. trayvon's mother described how she felt when the jury
9:17 am
acquitted the neighborhood watch volunteer. >> i thought surely that he would be found guilty of second degree murder, manslaughter at the least, but i just knew that they would see that this was a teenager just trying to get home. this was no burglar. this was somebody, somebody's son that was trying to get home. >> an attorney for the family wants the department of justice to investigate this case. okay, given that, we turn to former mayor willy brown for his observations on the verdict and what may be shaping up when it comes to the justice department. i mean, the question is, what will the justice department's investigation uncover? >> it will be real tough. because in the previous cases that they have had in the south, particularly, martin luther king, jr. , and others, they always had a series of
9:18 am
statements made by the perpetrator expressing racist comments and a racist attitude. zimmerman on this case, only on the occasions of this incident did he allude to the fact that this was race. >> he doesn't have a history. >> that is right. he has no history at all. >> so if the guy has no history of racism, why did this become a race all of a sudden thing? >> we don't know whether or not. >> okay. but,. [ talking over one another ] >> if he said or did anything there, brown, come on, it would have been out there. you know that. >> you have to be clear, phil. the justice department stopped its investigation to await the prosecution. and now the justice department will exhaustively do their investigation. >> there is a good chance they won't come up with anything outside of it. >> i trust the justice department. if they don't, you will know
9:19 am
that they were not able to prove it. >> if they don't have something, will they slowly see the air go out of this tire? >> i think that except for the demonstrations, that tire is already awaiting inflative purposes based on the evidence to come. i don't think you have organizations like the naacp everyday continuing the dialogue. they have registered with the justice d. the justice department has said we are going to investigate and we are investigating. await the report. >> and what do you think happens? politically? not so much the report! the justice department wants nothing better than to be able to go after zimmerman. and after the state of florida. i think, what, however, based on evidence as we know it today, you are going to get recommendations about gun control rather than prosecution.
9:20 am
>> is that a political statement? >> that is a major political statement because after all, gun control has died. you have had the school incident in connecticut. you had a whole series. you had arizona, a whole series of gun issues. on each case, they have hit a wall. people who run guns in this country have done a great political job of removing guns a an issue. this brings it back. >> and on that note, we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> hey, good morning remember. remember matt cane? remember his last start? you may not want to, because it was the worst start of his career, but yesterday against the diamondbacks, he went five plus! how about busker posey? backed away and gone in the
9:23 am
fifth. his tenth career home run as a first baseman. the giants led 4-1 and they did it all for the runs because sergio romo shut the door on former giant cody ross. last night, anaheim cj wilson gets nasty. josh reddick struck out three times. eight strikeouts for wilson. a 2-0 shut out. tiger woods putting machine in the british open on saturday, not enough for the lead. he is one of three under par with one under with the fourth round just moments away from starting. two strokes behind lee west wood as we go into the final round. can woods do it? come back and win? later at the american century celebrity golf tournament, steph curry shooting range in basketball and on the putting green. having a good time in lake tahoe.
9:24 am
speaking of a good time, know what my assignment is? i get the giants, diamondback series finale. what do you got? see you later. >> all right, that could be a sweep. coming up, one more look at the top story. >> include ago deadly shoot out in the tenderloin district. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
9:25 am
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in a shootout that left one person >> welcome back. let's take a look at this morning's top stories. >> police searching for a motive this morning after a shoot out left one man dead in san francisco's tenderloin district that happened around 10:00 last night. officers say two men were shooting at each other. one man died at the scene, the other tried to run away but police officers caught him. cool weather and rain helped firefighters get control of a fire in south california. flames have spread to remit areas that are difficult to
9:27 am
access. the fire has burned 42 square miles. thousands of homes are still threatened. 9:26. let's take one last look at the weather. >> overcast at the shore. plenty of sun inland. the temperatures today, about the same as they were yesterday. forecast highs today, 65 in san francisco. oakland, 70, 88 at livermore. an extendened forecast calls for a chance of a sprinkle tomorrow. we mentioned it so you are individual lent. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, things look okay. the usual fog and clouds in the morning and sun in the afternoonment. >> you are mentioning it so you are not caught flat footed. >> that is plan b. >> thanks brian. a bay area got the chance to thank a man who helped save his life this weekend. two years ago, 24-year-old jack chin was diagnosed with leukemia, thanks to a bone marrow transplant, he beat the disease and beat the odds again by meeting his donor jason su.
9:28 am
he is living proof that different types of people need to get involved in bone marrow programs. and the world is counting down the birth of prince william and duchess kate's baby. >> it could happen any time now. one couple is so excited take into consideration traveled two months to be there when the royal child is born. >> i just love the royal family. we have always been fans of the royal family. thought, we will take a trip down south. >> and as pat an norman bate, they decided to travel about 300 miles on their narrow boat from liverpool to london and parked the boat a few minutes away from saint mary's hospital where duchess cate is giving birth, but some think she may be doing it in her hometown. the entering continues. that's for us this morning. >> have a good one. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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