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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  July 29, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> foreign pilots are getting special instructions on how to land here at sfo. the story coming up. not a good sign for bart and its workers. with less than a week to go before a contract extension deadline runs out, a compromise could be out of the question. >> new study highlights the hardships hitting families. what one thing more and more moms are having a hard time affording. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> we are following breaking news out of central florida. large explosions at a gas plant in lake county. the blast began around 11:00 p.m. local time at the blue rhino propane gas company. the sheriff says that all the explosions happened inside the plant and blew the roof off. one guy who lives 15 miles from plant says the explosions
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rattled his windows. the orlando sental is reporting ten people are unaccounted for at this time. people living within a mile have been told to evacuate their homes. we'll keep an eye on this for you. >> and federal aviation authorities are asking foreign airline pilots to consider changing the way they land at sfo. in the wake of the asiana plane crash. linda yee joins us with more on the proposal. linda. >> well, liz, the faa is suggesting that some foreign pilots don't necessarily master basic skills on landing a plane without instruments. so for now, they are saying don't try it. the advisory only applies to foreign airline pilots. until further notice, let the auto pilot land the plane. the concern comes after asiana flight 214 crash landed after pilots made a visual approach. the faa says since then, pilots with a south koreaen airline and other foreign carriers have
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had more aborted landings than usual while attempting visual approaches. that worries some passengers. >> that's frightening to me. i've never heard that before. that raises concern more me. >> pilots say it's common to rely on computerized instrument landings. >> but the instruments go wrong? what if? that's scary. >> retired commercial pilot says anyone who flies should train on takeoffs and landings without instruments. >> basically, it's fine. just coming down at a nice decent rate. if the runway is starting to go too high, that means you're too low. means you are too high, but looking outside, you are making adjustments. these people are used to pushing a button. that's not how you fly airplanes. >> sfo has three landing aids
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on the runways that help pilots coming in on visual approach. but one of those aids was turned off during this construction project at the runway, making it that much more challenging for pilot who's are not used to visual approaches. >> how long does the faa plan to keep the instrument only landing advisory at sfo? >> they would like that until that third landing aid is turned back on. sometime around april 22 is when it's scheduled to go back on. that's when the construction should be over. >> police say this bay area couple was arrested for trying to profit off the asiana crash. sean, a baggage handler at united and his wife, are accused of stealing luggage from a richmond couple whose flight was diverted the day of the crash landing. police say the suspect's luck ran out when they tried to return some of the goods at nordstrom. >> our victim is well known in nordstroms. nordstroms contacted her, they
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identify adams going back and forth and it was determined that the person who returned them had no association with our victim. he pleaded not guilty to theft charges in san mateo county superior court. his wife will be arraigned august 26. fbi joined local police to rescue a dozen bay area children forced to work as prostitutes and lock up their alleged pimps. fbi captured part of the sting on tape taking down the bad guys at hotels and on the streets. in the bay area, authorities arrested 21 pimps, that's the highest number taken into custody in the sting that span the country. >> one of the largest urban areas in the united states. it's understandable why there would be a large amount of crimes. >> clearly, it's a tourist town. a lot of folks from out of town. it really hinges on demand. >> the fbi says all the children rescued here were from the bay area. not other countries. nationwide, 105 children were
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rescued. 150 suspected pimps were jailed. the clock is ticking until a bart strike. the deadline for a contract is this sunday. phil tells us there is no sugar coating it. it doesn't look good. >> whether do we want it? >> now. >> this was the scene this morning when bart workers took over and shouted down bart general manager as she was giving a speech before the american public transportation association. it also gives you a pretty good idea of the tone of the bart negotiations so far. >> workers are angry. >> shows how much is at stake in these labor negotiations. >> which is another way of saying with another strike looming, the two sides are still far apart on key issues. bart has had a very layed back approach to it, which makes us suspicious of their intentions. >> one key challenge is pay. according to a recent analysis, a bart union worker earned on average about $76,000.
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bart has offered a 5 to 8 percent raise on that. but only if the workers agree to pick up more of their healthcare and pension costs. unions have counted with a call for a 20% hike over the next three years to bring the average pay to $92,000 or more by 2016. >> that's going to cost our riders 18% fare increase. >> stuck in the cross fire are the daily commuters who rely on the system. >> i think that i'm more excited with bart as a union rather than the people. i think they are well paid. >> you know, another strike. >> definitely worried. because it's going to disrupt everything. >> phil, kpix5. >> bart tells us there's been progress on small issues, but not the main sticking points. so far, both sides say they are standing their ground. if you weren't holding your breath for the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. kpix5 learned it's not going to
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happen by labor day. a cal tran source tells us even if the quick fix to 32 broken bolts work, it would take weeks to approve and implement the plan. the working theory for now that the bridge will open sometime in december. new at 10:00, we learn that a huge number of american families are having trouble affording a basic need. diapers. kit doe tells us what this does to kids and their parents. >> diapers, for struggling moms, they're as critical as food, rent, and medicine. >> thank you. >> ashley was running low on diapers for her one-year-old daughter, so as a student on a fixed income, she made an emergency call at star vista. it was not an easy call to make. >> it's not a good feeling. it's not. like i said, i always have diapers for her.
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>> the journal of pediatrics released a study today. found as many as 1 in 3 families can't afford diapers chrks can cost up to $32 a box or $1 1,000 a year. mothers feel guilty and stressed out. >> we have come into homes where they have just some paper towel or a little sheet that they made out of diapers and stuff to help cover that child. but that's what we are coming up against. they are trying to survive. >> since government programs don't pay for diapers, nonprofits like help a mother out, have been stockpiling donated diapers in their warehouse, fighting what many are calling the silent epidemic. michelle just got help. in the past, she had to stretch her diaper supply. >> how does that make you feel as a mom? >> not very good.
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i don't have diapers. >> the agency is giving out a quarter million diapers this saturday all across the bay area. they desperately need sizes 4 and 5. to help, you can go through kpix5. >> help a mother out says you can drop off donations or ship diapers directly to them. they have given out more than a million diapers so far. it's like something straight out of alfred hitchcock's, to catch a thief. except catching this jewel thief may be harder than in the movies. by now, you probably heard about the pope's progressive comments on homosexuality. what about his stance on divorce? >> i really -- from around the world are here for the first ever little league world series. coming up, when livermore was a chosen spot. >> lots of haze out there.
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if you got sunshine today, it wasn't that crystal clear blue sky. but some of you didn't get any sunshine. we'll talk about when the sunshine and warmer weather makes a comeback. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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millions of dollars in gemsr investigators are scratching their heads after a jewel thief makes off with tens and millions of dollars. >> allen martin tells us, it's one of the biggest jewelry heists in years. >> police in france are trying to figure out how a lone robber walked into this upscale hotel in france and stole an estimated $136 million in diamonds and jewels. local media reports the gunman hit up a temporary jewelry exhibit at the carlton intercontinental. stuffing his suitcase with the gems. the robbery took place in broad daylight around noon. and police say the thief made a quick get away. >> this is somebody who knows exactly what he is doing and he knows exactly where the goods are going to go to. >> the carlton hotel located on the glamorous french rivera was the setting for alfred
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hitchcock's famous thriller, "to catch a thief." it comes a few days after the members of the pink panther jewel thief gang escaped from a prison in switzerland. the thieves made off with millions of dollars in stolen gems. if the value is correct, then sunday's heist is one of europe's biggest. and this isn't the first time robbers hit this year. while the famous film festival was underway. thieves tore a safe from a hotel wall and got away with a million dollars worth of jewels. robbers stole a $2.6 million necklace from a different hotel. the stones in this robbery belong to an isreali billionaire diamond collector. his company is cooperating with the investigation. allen martin, kpix5. experts say it's unlikely police will recover the stolen diamonds and diamonds and jewels because thieves can
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easily sell them. >> pope francis has a goal. that is to recast the catholic image. he held his first news conference. there he made a stunning remark by clearly inviting gays to the catholic faith. >> if a person is gay, the pope is saying, and seeks god and has good will, who am i to judge him? not only that, the pope continued, gay should never be marginalized or dediscriminated against. that they are our brothers. >> i think this is a big step forward. >> many people in the bay area are pleased with pope francis' statement. he is the first pope to speak openly about homosexuality in positive terms. pope francis confirmed catholics who divorce and remarry civilly can receive communion, but there's a catch. their first marriages must be annulled in order for them to receive the sack sacriment.
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>> check this out. this is huntington beach. a huge fight after a surf competition yesterday got even uglier when a mob overturned porter potties and lewded a bike store. dozens of witnesses caught everything on cell phone cameras. >> this incident was minor, we take any kind of civil disturbance very seriously. that's why we gathered a special meeting tomorrow to open a dialogue with the community about this issue. >> witnesses say police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to break up the crowd. 8 people were arrested. the bay bridge tonight all a glow, but beyond that, i'm looking at tropical storm you have on the wall. >> all is not well in paradise. you think regardless of what happens, you go to hawaii, things are fine, sip your drink and sit on the beach anden joy
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the sunshine. not the case tonight or tomorrow. tropical storm flossy has been degraded, but we are expecting 40 to 60-mile per hour wind gusts. this is the first direct hit on the hawaiian islands. in two decades, video to take you to hawaii, all the rough surf. it's pretty windy. the winds are 20, 25 miles an hour. this stuff, surfers should stay out of the water. it's going to be pretty rough in and around hawaii. also, take you back to orlando. they are starting to do evacuations around this propane plant. only 5 to 10 miles an hour. great news, because you don't want that spreading or any of the stuff going into the air. but a big situation in orlando with a propane plant explosion. for us, just clouds. live look outside. the blanket of cloud cover is back. it's beginning to push well inland. it will be another cloudy day.
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we may see some drizzle, but it is a cool weather maker. redwood city, your forecast stopped for tomorrow, lots of morning cloud cover, below normal. another day with morning cloud cover late day sunshine, tuesday and wednesday with highs in the mid 70s. over the weekend, one low pressure area to our south, enhancing that on shore flow. keeping us chilly, that's now gone. this guy is even stronger. it will hang out even longer. this will be june gloom. likely not seeing a change until the end of the weekend. we'll call it stratus quo. fore lots of clouds. we won't be back to normal until sunday. 75 for a high for san jose. hayward only 67. pittsburgh 80. walnut creek in the 70s. look at the high.
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only 62 degrees. extended forecast, not getting much sunnier until friday. we'll turn the corner a bit. highs up near 90. >> chilly and cloudy for a while. >> a break in the sunshine. >> players, families, and fans are pouring into the town of livermore in anticipation of a little series. >> how liermore got chosen. >> they are at the top of their game. little leaguers from around the world. ready to play ball in livermore in the first ever world series. little league interimmediate world series, that is. fernando's entire city traveled to liver more. >> it's a big deal for us. >> a parade of teams kicked
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off the eight-day world series. a total of ten teams from japan and six u.s. teams. >> this is very exciting event. i never dreamed of this kind of event. this is unbelievable. >> liver more beat out cities like chicago and vancouver to host the event. livermore's mayor says he isn't surprised. >> livermore has proven it. a phenomenal job and brought the world to liver more. >> but he had to check out a map to see where his team was headed. >> i look on the internet and show the map. they didn't know. >> what do you think? >> so far, very good. >> this new world series would have cost $50, $70. mitch of pleasantton has a pitching strategy.
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>> throw hard, believe in my pitches. >> this field of dreams will make hisly first cling tomorrow when all these little leaguers play boll. kpix5. >> the championship game will be broadcast on espn2. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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little boy was clinging to : nathan woessner had
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been following his dad on ad dune hard to believe this little boy was clinging it life. >> nathan was phenomenon lowing his dad on a sand dune climb. rescuers discovered him under 11 feet of sand. four hours later, barely breathing, but conscious. after two weeks in the hospital in critical condition, he made a full recovery and his parents are calling it nothing short of a miracle. just to let him know how much strength he has given others, you know, and to never give up on that. >> you'll never know how much we appreciate what they do for us. thank you. >> nathan's parents say this experience will remind them to treasure every moment with their son. the a's continue to light up the score board in a big way. the defending champions, they got one last day in the sun at the white house. the minute is next.
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,,,, goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment.
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cu this time last year, the a's were clawing their way up the division ladder. the american league west with no sign of losing it. give me the clock. the a's welcome the blue jays. still trying to get that average up. he hit one past 3rd. two runs score. his third triple of the season.
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3-0a's. another guy trying to find his throw. he splits the gap with that. a's take a 7-1 lead. they win 9-4. they are 20 games over .500. a.j. griffin gets the 10th win of the year. vaughn suspended for using performance enhancing drugs. the team is also paying the price. milwaukee will offer its fans $10 vouchers for anyone attending a home game in august. giants met with president obama today for winning the world series. vern glenn got up. >> i flew back with my brother just to come here and see the ceremony. it was pretty cool. it was really cool. huge giants fan, grew up going to the stick, then they moved. it was wonderful to be here. >> that was vern clean at glenn at the white house. >> on the lawn almost. >> absolutely. he had the presidential gesture
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going. brilliant stuff. >> see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles. >> michael, since it is your 15th anniversary at the company, i thought it might be appropriate to begin the festivities with a 15-minute round of applause. >> i like it. >> followed by a 15-minute moment of silence. >> i don't know. is it classy enough? >> jim, enough with the classy, okay? >> i just feel like after 15 years at this company-- and bravo, by the way-- that we should celebrate with a very classy event,


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