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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  August 17, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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. this is kpix 5 news on kbcw. a car braeshg in turns violent when the suspect shoots at neighbors. how they went after him and helped the wounded. a familiar east bay landmark comes crashing down. why it had to go. and new information in the death of princess diana but why police say it won't change their investigation. gooevending. i'm an na. for decades it stood as one of the tallest buildings in the east bay, but not anymore. they warn on the csu east bay campus came down. for the last 42 years t 13-story administration building served as a familiar landmark but seismologists say it would have been too dangerous in an earthquake. kpix 5 was there when the building came down. perched on a hill 13 stories
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tall, a view of warren hal reached many, and there were many different reasons to watch it go. >> my kids couldn't wait to see it blow up. >> yeah. it's definitely emotional. >> for rob warren, it was personal. >> the building is named after my grandfather. >> his grandfather helped bring in cal state hayward here. >> if you talked to a lot of people who came to cal state or who grew up in the area, it's a real icon. >> it was until boom. >> but warren hall had to go. it was the worst earthquake hazard in the cal state system. >> i wasn't expecting it to be so spectacular. >> hayward native did not know about the building's danger or it turns out how much the tower meant to her. >> every time we would go to my grandma rose's house, we would watch it all the way until you couldn't see it anymore. so i think that's where it kind of hit me.
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i hate crying. from childhood. >> earthquake researchers are fond of the implosion for a different reason. it's not every day you know when and where the earth will move. >> i could feel it in my feet. of course there was a boom boom boom percussion, but railly i was looking for the ground motion myself. >> this week they put 600 sensors around campus but won't get the info back for months for something that took ten seconds. there's sure fb a lasting impact whether that's what experts find or what some find missing. >> just, you know, my family being here and everybody and seeing this landmark that i've grown up with for so long, it just kind of got me. >> the u.s. geological survey will gather those sensors throughout the next week, then they can start combing through that data. in hayward, kpix 5. a new five-story structure will be built elsewhere on campus and will serve as office space. in a matter of hours, we may
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be seeing and feeling big changes in the weather. take a loovenlth these aren't the clouds we normally see. roberta gonzales is here with what you need to know for the rest of your weekend. roberta. you're right. those clouds near the golden gate bridge typically are not seen there. those are clouds all associateed with a tropical moisture. we'll get more into that, but this is what you need to know to kick start your sunday. it is spare the air day where we will have ozone very close to the surface is pollution. it's trapped primarily in the eastern portion of our bay area. that's where you see a bit of a haze. so in addition to that, by the time we wrap up our sunday, we'll have a fire weather watch in effect for all of these yellow highlighted areas. now, that means that from sunday night all the way to tuesday evening, we have the chance of a fire sparking, and that's because we have thunderstorms in the forecast, at least right now 20 to 30% chance of a thunderstorm any particular time.
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it's all associated with the subtropical moisture slipping up from the south. we're going to pinpoint the areas that the biggest risk is involved. that's still coming up and later in this news cast. >> roberta, thank you. a violent start to the week end in oakland. eight people have been shot since last night. four were injured along telegraph avenue just this afternoon. kpix 5 don knapp talked to witnesses who went after the suspect. it started as a car break in and should have ended when neighbors gave chase and recover add woman's stolen purse. about ten minutes later, the thief came back and started shooting. joyner watched from her shop across the street. >> the young woman's boyfriend who was not shot actually ran after him, chased him down. him and another bystander chased him down, took a photo so the police have a photo, and he came back, circled back, and went on and shot fire. >> two men and two women were wounded. one person is in critical condition. three of the wounded worked at bad boys hair salon and stepped
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out when they saw the chase. >> the involvement of the young man that was shot the most, he tried to push the young woman out the way. >> this all happened near telegraph and broad waishgs not far from city hal, an improving area called uptown. if there's an upside to this story, it's this, what the neighborhood did after the shooting. >> at that moment it's glad you were able to run and help somebody else out at that point. >> and it wasn't just those two. many came to help the victims. >> they came from rudy's. they did that because they want today get this guy. >> yes. and to help four people who were shot. >> this man who didn't want to appear on camera says the response reflects the true oakland. >> and i don't want people to think this is how oakland is, you know, and there's a lot of people who came to aid, you know. so that -- that's oakland, people coming to help people. that's oakland. not what happened. the after math. and there was general win concern. >> in oakland, kpix 5. oakland police haven't made
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any arrest in this shooting. all four victims, though, are expected to survive. today's shooting comes after a deadly shooting at an east oakland birthday party last night. one man died at the scene on 105th avenue in the cervante park neighborhood. another man died at the hospital. a third victim is in critical condition. officers are trying to figure out if a fourth man was also involved. police have no motive and have made no arrests in that shooting. some action tat coliseum in oakland tonight, but this wasn't on the field. several cars caught fire in the parking lot just minutes after the a's started playing the cleveland indians. investigators tell us one car drove onto or too close to a small grill and caught fire. the flames then spread to nearby cars. in the end, three cars were heavily damaged. three others had minor damage, but no one was hurt. a fire burning near bouet county is growing at this hour.
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nearly 250 firefigers a working to contain this fire. it's burned more than 1800 acres since it started yesterday afternoon. the fire is just 20% contained. hundreds of people are being evacuated from the area. so far one home has been destroyed. at least 300 more are threatened. no injuries have been reported. and more people have been evacuated from their homes in idaho as a wind-driven wild fire continues to spread. nearly 93,000 acres burned since the fire was started by a lightening strike ten days ago. it's just 6% contained. more than 700 firefighters are fighting the fire as it grows closer to the resort communities. and more gunfire in egypt today as egyptians security forces and the muslim brotherhood shoot it out in a mosque. hundreds of supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi took refuj in the mosque after protests turned violent yesterday. today security forces eventually
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stormed the moss k and cleared it out. spokesman for interim leader says despite the violence, there's reason for hope. >> egyptians are today more united than they were ever before. >> more than 170 people were killed in protests yesterday. at least a thousand people have been killed since wednesday. british authorities are looking into a newly-revealed conspiracy claim in the death of princess deana. cbs reporter kelly has more from london. the crash in a paris tunnel that killed princess diana and their driver was the fault of the driver, drunk and speeding away from the chasing paparazzi, at least that's what a court ruld in 2008, case closed, until today. in a statement announced they're taking another look at the death, scoping information they've received and assessing its relevance and credibility. the assessment will be carried out by offices from the
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specialist crime and operations command. this new information about diana's death reportedly came from the in laws of a former soldier and was passed on by the royal military police. the deaths of diana were investigated for 11 years at a kwos of $12 million. there were countless rumors and conspiracy theorys, including an alleged letter from diana to her butler claiming her former husband prince charles was plotting to kill her. father, former owner of the luxury department store insisted the two were murdered. investigations by the police and the courts ruled that out citing insufficient evidence. a spokesman said he had no comment to make but said he will be interested in seeing the outcome, adding that he trusts the metropolitan police will investigate the information with vigor. scotland yard is not talking about this new information beyond what they said in their statement. they did say the information is
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not part of the old investigation, not a rehash of old facts. royal spokesman said there will be no comment from prince charles, prince william or prince harry. kelly, cbs news london. >> august 31st, that's just two weeks from today, marks the 16th anniversary of princess diana's death. well, a raul drive to get san diego's mayor out of office begins tomorrow. organizers nearly 1402,000 valid sittings in 39 days to qualify for the ballot. 16 women, including three city employees, have publicly accused mayor bob philner of unwanted sexual advanced. the entire city council called for him to resign. according to the l. a. times, san diego's city attorney is considering getting a restraining order to bar filner from city hal. saying i do on the spot. the public place where same-sex couples are getting married this weekend. and mishaps on the water.
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the scary moments in this reyes on the san francisco bay. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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weddings. now that same-
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. the 38th annual san jose pride celebration features something new this year, weddings. now that same-sex mashlg is legal in california, organizers are offering on-site marriages. about 1200 people were at san jose's discovery meadow park today. organizers expect an even bigger crowd tomorrow. pride runs from noon until 7:00 and tickets are $15 at the gate. scary moments in the first day of the louis vuitton cup finals. in the first race, two men were overboard. they were rescued within seconds and weren't hurt italy's luna row sa withdrew because of problems with the keel of its boat and then conditions got too win doi so race two was postponed until tomorrow. competing for the right to take on oracle team usa in the america's cup finals next month. >> 3, 2, 1. >> the sights and sounds of
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middle ajs filled san francisco's golden gate park today. it was the annual celebration ochl archery known as debalkly along with an archery tournament. there was also a competition where participants read original poetry or sang songs. scientists want to know why honey bees are dying off and some are trying to prevent it. kpix 5 shows us how one woman is making her honey bees count. >> i bet if i asked you how many bees per hour your backyard has, you might not know. >> spebt her day at a managed flower bed in black east pasture counting as many behse as she could. after that, loading the numbers into a data base through her smart phone. >> we're losing more honey bees than we used to. about 30% are getting lost each year rather than the historic 15% background loss. >> six years running. an international endeavour,
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received counts from the nether lands and brazil. >> that is great spot because this is a hard time of year in california for behse because it's so dry. if you turned your camera around and shined it up in the hills here, you would see that it's just barren. there's not much in bloom. >> a lack of rain is the main culprit for loss of bees. without rain, there are fewer wild fires, and with fewer wild fires. >> we are losing both native and honey bees. >> but grechen says honey bees can use anyone's help from their homes. >> but you could go out, sit there for ten minutes, get a measure and then compare it to your zip code, to california's estate, and to the nation and have a sense of how well your community and your backyard is doing. >> and offer advice with three simple steps to help the bee population survive. >> one thing is having a diversity of flowers like this. another is adding a water element. it can even be a dish with some pebbles in it to drink from, and a third one is just being careful about what pesticides you use. >> reporting, patrick, kpix 5. a yale university study
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shows about a third of all the food we eat is made possible by bees pollinating crops. al gore will give the keynote address at the 17th annual lake tahoe sim mitt on monday. the former vice president was also at the first summit in 1997. elected officials and environmentalists will talk about the environmental challenges that threaten a lake's dleer waters. research reports show tahoe rebounded with clarity last year with an average depth of more than 75 feet. a decades old san francisco playground is getting a new lease on life. reopened playground after a $9 million renovation. the almost 4-acre park has a new clubhouse, children's play area and overhauled basketball and tennis courts. it also includes dozens of hand maid wooden sculpttures made over the years. seems unusually busy for this time of year in the weather department. >> it's actually fin.
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it really is because we have so many different ingredients moving in. first of all we have areas and then low clouds and then also have tropical moisture. did you see the clouds today? that was all associated with the tropical moisture that now poses a threat at bart's thunderstorm activity is concerned. look at this. it's our live kpix weather camera looking out towards america's cup. that's kind of like the venue for the concert series where tonight it was steely dan. how about that. what a great night for that. the temperature did drop. san francisco now is at 59 degrees. winds have been picking up out of the south. livermore in 60s. sachl is true in san jose and santa rosa. 64 degrees around the peninsula and mountain view today where it was 75 degrees, which is pretty status quo this time of the year. in fact, that is pretty much spot on for this time of year. 77 in san jose and mid and high 80s to the north around santa rosa and in penngrove. tonight we will have a veil of
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clouds. 50s and 60s, a little bit on the muggy siechld in fact, here's what you need to know. first off, tonight milky skies with veil of cloudiness and patchy fog develops after midnight. tomorrow a spike in temperatures. you will feel the difference. then we have unsettled monday and tuesday. we'll get to that because it's all associated with that right there. tropical moisture to the east of us wrapping around the core of the area of low pressure that is currently offshore but this area of high pressure is going to retrograde, migrate back west. that's what's going to heat up our bay area tomorrow, then tap that in with subtropical moisture we do have a watch that goes into effect by sunday night, but first off we'll begin our sunday with the spare the air day in effect. little bit of haze in the eastern portion of our bay area where we will feel some of the hottest temperatures, and then the fire weather watch goes in effect sunday night all the way through tuesday night and that's for the potential of dried
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lightening and also the potential of fire here locally. now, 64 degrees tomorrow in pacifica. mid 60s around the seashore. not bad at all. 70s and 80s across the peninsula then from the 70s through the mid 80s in san jose. upper 70 degrees. mid 90s morgan hill and in gil roy all due to that southerly flow. bit muggy and hotter. triple dimths. discovery bay, antioch also right around. 99 in danville. otherwise 60s, 70s and 80s news, weather, and sports north of the golden gate bridge. 103 in clear lake. we will show the difference tomorrow. we won't have as much cloudiness tomorrow as what we experienced today, but nevertheless by tomorrow night we certainly will when duo have that fire weather watch go into effect. that produces also that chance of thunderstorm activity on monday and tuesday. dry ir air mass by the midportion of the week, and that will lead to some seasonal
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temperatures. oh, heading out to the ball game tomorrow. lucky you. make sure you have the sun block. temperatures in mid 70s. or maybe food is more your speed. we have the food festival on sunday, as well. low 70s. i have to say when i go to a baseball game, i can eat. i can eat. >> well, ballpark food is really good. >> and i do. >> all right. thank you roberta. all right. how is this for a cool outfit, a northern california boy just got his very own space suit. who handed it over making the gift even more special. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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n . a wish has been granted for an 11-year-old sacramento boy. hunter wants to be an astronaut but suffers from a rare muscle disease that will leave him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. thanks to the make a wish foundation he got his very own space suit today, though, presented to him by a former as tro naught. he also gets to go to the johnson space center in houston. >> i'm really xietd and speechless. i thought it could change my life. >> hunter leaves in a few weeks. he'll get to see inside a shuttle as well as visit the launch pad and mission control. get this, an ferrari auctioned off in monterey today sold for $27.5 million. that's almost double its xupted price. this 1967 ferarri nart spider was bought by a self-made millionaire for $8,000, but off the owner, eddie smith died back
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in 2007, it went to his son. the 27 million drr price tag makes it the most expensive ferrari ever sold at auction. former athletic and giant is in deep trouble with major league baseball, and the a's look great in the field but how were they with their bats? coming up next. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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after straining his left grn yesterday during workouts..e start the clock.... rick efrments a's starting pitcher bartolo colon is headed to the disabled list after straining his left groin yesterday during workouts. mo, start the clock. ricky henderson a part of the sell out crowd, the a's didn't do too much with their bats, but they were speck lack lar in the field. donaldson nailing at third.
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first inning nick swisher makes former team pay. solo shot, and the indians never look back. the rangers win for a's are game sxaf back in the west. after 19 hits last night, the giants only had five tonight. pablo vand value with one as he runs scores shaken up on the play spiked by logan morrison. he'd be okay. evens his win loss record at 8 and 8. seven innings, mooif strike outs, fwies win. miguel tejada tested positive twice this season and has sub pended 105 games. he says he admits to making the mistake but says he was using adderall because he suffers from add. third-straight title in 200-meter dash. 19.66 seconds at the world championship. >> all right. thank you. we have breaking news coming into the news room. there has been another deadly shooting at oakland tonight. this one took place at 9:41
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p.m.. one person is confirmed dead. we'll have more for you at kpix 5 at 11:00. we'll see you then. good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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