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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  August 24, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> what's dryer than lumber? >> it's not getting any easier for firefighters. the fastest growing wild fire in the nation, now raging in parts of yosemite national park and even threatening bay area utilities. good evening, right now, the rim fire is burning out of control. this is a look at the scene from earlier today. the wild fire has crossed into the national park for the first time. it is now 200 square miles, making it one of the largest in state history. crews spent the day keeping a week-old fire away from buildings at san francisco, just north of highway 120, but the rugged terrain allowed the fire to burn unchecked. it burned 140 miles from san francisco, the fire is threatening the city's power
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and water. tracy garcia explains from yosemite national park. >> reporter: the fire burning in and around yosemite national park is devouring its way through the forest, becoming one of the largest wild fires in california's history. >> hello. >> se seal in a matter of a couple hours, it crossed three mountain ridges and was within a mountain ridge and a half of the lodge. >> her barn is gone. the fire has destroyed at least four homes and threatened more than 5500 more. one of the main routes leading into yosemite remains closed and just a few miles away, the fire is still raging and leaping across the roadway. the wild fire is even threatening san francisco utilities. the city owns power lines near the fire. and flames are within miles of the reservoir, which supplies 85% of san francisco's water and some of its power. the city says the water quality remains safe, although it fears contamination from ash. >> we came out and served that
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water unless we filter it. we have local supplies so we can fill in, so there will be no interruption on water service to anyone. >> as nearly 3,000 firefighters scrambled to contain the flames, field is grateful she was able to save her most precious possessions. teresa garcia, cbs news near yosemite national park. the governor declared a state of emergency. the rim fire forced city officials to shut down two of three hydroelectric power stationing serving the reservoir. a fast moving fire in eldorado county led to the evacuation of 80 homes. the fire broke out near georgetown and empire creek circle. so far, it burned around 45- acres. one home was destroyed and there's concern it might spread to a nearby business district. the fire is 50% contained. >> oakland police came up empty handed today in their search for a missing 22 month
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old girl. daphne has been missing for nearly seven weeks now. a tip from the fbi had a search crew of dozens combing through the dense trails surrounding merritt college. a pick and ax found on a bike trail turned out to be a false alarm. for daphne's family, finding nothing brings hope. >> we are still looking, still searching, still want our baby back. >> police say they have one more area to search, but they won't say where that place is. the fbi just increased the reward money to $20,000. anyone with information about baby daphne's disappearance is asked to call the tip line. you can also join the search efforts at members of the san diego community turned out today to remember two murder victims killed by a trusted family friend. >> we offer our own prayers. >> hanah anderson and her
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father joined about 500 other people at a memorial today for her mother and brother. police say christina and ethan anderson were murdered by james dimaggio, who also kidnapped 16- year-old, hanah, earlier this month. the family says they'll never make sense of the killings. >> we will miss them for ever. we will always remember them and ask, what could have been? >> hanah's father lives in tennessee and one of her uncle says she doesn't know where hanah will live now, but he's hoping she will stay with her grandmother. the bay bridge toll plaza looked like a parking lot for most of the day today. caltrans closed three toll lanes to make some changes. and the result was confusion and traffic that backed up for miles. kpix5 is there now and don, we understand that traffic mess eased up a bit. >> what a difference a few hours makes. the traffic is coming out of
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the tolls. lights are off, but earlier today, as you said, it was quite a mess. quite a backup. it was a colosal backup. some people spent 2 1/2 hours to get to downtown san francisco. in one case, almost an hour and a half to get from 880 to the toll plaza. the reason, street toll lanes were shut down friday night to allow lane 17 to be converted to a fast track only. that meant some confusion for drivers who detoured, who were detoured to their lanes. the confusion led to giant backups that we saw today and we should expect the same kind of backups tomorrow, unless people learned from what happened today. but when you have detours, it's not easy to get ahead of them. crews should have lane 17 fast tracked and ready to go for monday morning when things should be back to normal, or better than normal if the fast track is working. but that good commute should last for three days because they will shut down all the
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lanes completely on august 28 at 8:00. that is a wednesday night and of course, that is because they will convert traffic lanes over to the new eastern span of the bay bridge and that is going to be closed then until wednesday morning. i'm sorry, tuesday morning, september 3, at 5:00 a.m. so, some adventures in traffic lying ahead as we get used to these new patterns. reporting live, kpix5. >> don't forget, the bridge will be closing down next week and we are counting down the days until wednesday night's closure of the old span and the opening of the new span tuesday morning as don says, september 3, you can find all the details on our website and be sure to check out our survival guide at the stanford, cal football rivalry is one of the biggest games in college football. the school's swap duty each year, but the construction could mean a new venue for the
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big game. kpix5 stopped by cal for reaction. >> for cal and stanford football fans, there's nothing like the big game. the annual matchup of bay area rivals. it's always been played at either stanford or memorial stadium, but in 2014, it might be played at the new levi stadium in santa clara. right now, cal's chancellor won't say. >> there's discussions going on. i understand that monday will have something to say about that. >> khalfans have things to say right now. >> it's ridiculous because that is like stanford territory. >> 49ers new stadium is only about 15 miles from stanford. from berkeley, it's 45. >> that would be an outrage. >> as the vice chancellor points out, there's one benefit. >> it's probably just size. the ability to house more fans. it depends on if we have a winning season. >> levi stadium can host more than memorial stadium. if the big game is played in santa clara in 2014, it might
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be moved back to memorial stadium in 2015. future big games would be played in berkeley in odd number years and at stanford stadium, even number years. contrary to long-time tradition. >> i think it's a shame when you see that go. >> a couple guys who wouldn't mind a chance to play in a new nfl stadium, cal football players, ben sells. >> it would be nice. >> but for fans, it wouldn't be the same. >> you are on campus, and with all the excitement and craziness. >> in berkeley, kpix5. >> here's how the seating capacity for each venue stacks up. levi stadium in santa clara holds 68,500. uc berkeley's memorial stadium seats 63,000 and stanford stadium holds 50,000 spectators. while the future of next year's big game remains up in the air, a new generation of golden bears is heading to the
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cal campus. more than 6,000 undergraduates moved in today at uc berkeley. they were greeted by profees tores and new chancellor. >> i'm excited, but i'm also nervous and making a ton of new friends and meeting the people. >> fall semester courses begin thursday. >> checking other bay area headlines. e rat cation efforts are underway after a disease carrying mosquito was found. the nonnative yellow fever mosquito was discovered in a residential area of menlo park. people bitten are at risk of contracting yellow fever. so far, diseases associated have not been reported. new zealand with a sale? have to wait one more day to secure a spot in the america's cup match against defending champion, oracle team u.s.a. 54 miles per hour, but high
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winds forced officials to cancel a second race. the speed propelled them and gave them a sixth win in the best of 13 series. a few races are scheduled for tomorrow. and 50 years ago this week, tens and thousands of people witnessed martin luther king, jr.'s, famous, i have a dream speech in washington. >> more people there than i have ever seen in one place in my entire life. >> hear from a bay area woman who attended that historic march and how she and others are commemorating king's legacy. >> vendors supplying your produce, fighting for space. no more. the new plan to bring them all under one roof. >> it is back. a chance a authority back in the forecast. we'll pinpoint the location as the news continues right here on the cw. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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washington today, to commeme tens of thousands of people packed the national mall in washington today to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the historic march on washington for civil rights. family members of reverend martin luther king, jr.,
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delivered his famous, i have a dream speech at the march led today's event along with other civil rights leaders. >> this is not the time for a commemoration, nor is this the time for self-congratulations celebration. the task is not done. the journey is not complete. >> some of those in the crowd had attended the march 50 years ago, the anniversary is wednesday and president obama will make a speech from the same spot where reverend king gave his historic speech. and those unable to go to the washington area to celebrate the landmark anniversary, there was a march in san jose today. kpix5 talked to one woman who was at the original march in washington. >> at st. james park in san jose -- >> he kept hope alive. a rich mix of people from all over the bay area united to address civil rights issue, five decades after the historic march on washington.
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>> i'm mixed, african american heritage as well as german. >> michelle wasn't even born at the time of the original march. >> i think it was important for me to be here because if there was no movement like this, there would be no me. there would be no my children and so on. >> the gathering gave way to a 1 mile march through the santa clara county building with marchers peacefully demonstrating. hundreds of people are here replicating the martha happened in washington, d.c. 50 years ago. one of the people here was at the march on that day. >> there were more people there than i have ever seen in one place in my life. >> progress has been made, but there's much more to be done. >> seeing everybody there was just to be united for a cause and trying to really facilitate the fact we needed our jobs and justice for people. which is something we still need today. >> this is wonderful. all the people that are here,
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we all weren't able to make it to washington, d.c., but again, it is the importance of being visible in our community. >> reporting from san jose, patrick, kpix5. >> new at 10:00, for decades, the san francisco wholesale produce market has brought fresh fruits and vegetables to bay area dinner tables. now it is due for a change. mark kelly reports, this project is uniting the markets 25 vendors around one common goal. >> when many of us are just heading into work, this produce market is already in high gear. michael jan ice is gm. started leasing market two years ago to sell his fruits and vegetables. he says business is great. but, he has one critique. >> we certainly, during this time of the year could use more space. >> and brian lyles is going to fulfill that wish. >> has to be durable, long lasting, easy to maintain.
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>> lyles is the architect behind a new produce market. for food safety, it got more refrigerator space. for staff, a second story of office space, and for vendors, 30 new loading docks. plus, 85,000 square feet to fit the food we feed on. >> with merchants going back and forth and customers coming in. >> the produce business can be tough, often these vendors compete with one another for business. but for salsbury, this is starting to melt the ice and bring them together. >> planning, cooperation, doesn't seem to have been there in the past is now right on the front burner. >> of course, that comradely and this space isn't coming free. more like $17 million to build this. but management plans to pay it off through their leases. >> if all goes according to plan, demolition will start this fall and the new space will open in the summer of 2014. in bay view, kpix5. >> crazy flooding in colorado.
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check out this tractor that got swept away in fast moving water and it is no small feet. that backhoe weighs almost 19,000 pounds. the creek bed was dry and the backhoe buried in sand and debris and took crews two hours to pull it out. all right, there's rain in her forecast, but nothing like that. >> no, it is only a slight chance at this particular time. but we'll get right to it. right now, our doppler radar is not picking up precipitation around the bay area. you see the radar sweeping across the horizon at this particular time. but right now, we are seeing the clouds on the increase. current air temperatures still in the 60s for the most part. 62 now in santa rosa. 60 san francisco. mid 60s to the south and san jose. tonight, we will become cloudy. we have that slight chance of a thunderstorm that contains rain. in the north bay, tomorrow morning will wake up with
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cloudy skies and clear out. that seven-day forecast coming up. today's high, 60s. 60s and 70s around the central bay. 80s to the north of the golden gate bridge. it was spot on for this time of the year. 8 had 4 in livermore. four degrees shy of where we should be. 50s tonight for overnight lows. 60 mountain view and across the bay into fremont and union city. this is interesting. see that right there? that green on your screen to the north? that is all rain. that one to nick the far reaches of the north bay. a little bit of light precipitation by 9:00 a.m. and then it all desin grates. let me show you where this is coming from. it is an upper level trough right there. it's in the development stages right now and as it bangs up against the state of california, it's going to fall apart quickly. so that low is pesky. it will cloud up our skies. that chance of a thunderstorm in the north bay and overnight hours and in the early morning hours and high pressure will nestle in, providing us with
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sunny skies and seasonal temperatures. with that cloud cover in the morning hours, bring down the temperatures slightly in most areas, 73 in san jose. 78 degrees in redwood city, back in through palo alto. east of the bay, while inland, up to the mid 80s. low 80s trivalley. 83 the park. 68 degrees with partly sunny skies. and from the 70s through the low 80s to the north. now the extended forecast, you have it each and every day. talking 60s coast side. 70s across the bay and seasonal in our inland areas and the mid and high 80s. you have sunday, can you hear it? gentleman, rev up those engines. grand prix sonoma takes place tomorrow. mid 70s, and the skies will clear out to mostly sunny conditions. are you ready for some football? >> yes. >> niners, low 60s. >> okay. >> thank you. >> okay. it may not be what hemmingway
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envisioned, but running with the bulls is now a thing in the u.s. the great bull run held the first of several events at a drag racing strip in virginia. organizers say thousands of people paid to run and run they did. >> how do you trust? i was just ready to go. they are like, wait. i'm going now. >> veterinarians -- fences allowed to get runners out of the way. similar runs are planned throughout the united states, including california. >> oh yeah. a rocking good time over in finland this weekend. who won the world air guitar championships and why the contest is more than just about rock and roll. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"..." all right, you living room rock stars, there's a new king of the air guitar. there he is. eric from the united states is crowned world champion air guitar player yesterday in the city of olu. he beat out challengers from around the world to take the crown. this is the 18th year of the competition and organizers say, i know. now that's strange. the purpose of the air guitar is to promote world peace. because all bad things would disappear if everyone played air guitar. >> all right, take it away. >> can i just play like a
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banjo? >> you -- and i am wearing pants, i really am. hey, it's only a minute. but it packed the punch just like cocoa crisp. did you know nine of his 13 home runs put the a's ahead? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kurt suzuki... it's all rig here...right now... huge night for tim lincecum and a welcome back for catcher, curt. you may applaud. it's all right here. after a year with the nationals, he was there today. got a hit, scored a run. jared parker had nasty stuff. fastballs, changeups, they went 8 innings. each gave up a run. now it would be tied in the
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9th and cocoa crisp went down and got it. game winning homer. 3rd and 3 games. they gained a game on the rangers. 2 1/2 is the gap now in the west. francisco, the pirates threw out one of the best. touched up by san francisco tonight. four-run 1st inning. giants got the win. 6-3. the earthquake, could close. fc dallas tied on the penalty kick. and a 2-2 draw. and in new york, two agents this afternoon, this one by choy, have a look. >> wow. >> so, we end with that one? >> yeah, why not? there's one for the left side. >> there we go. >> and they make it look so easy. jason dufner.
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tiger woods is four shots back. >> we'll give it to him at 11:00 on kpix5. good night. ,,,, look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet.
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