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construction.. all that stas -- is a if there is an opportunity to open up the bridge earlier, we'll certainly take that to jump that. >> after decades of planning and construction, all that stands for the commuter's way is a bit of paint and some clean up. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. and we are just one day away from the opening of the new bay bridge. here is what it looks like right now. the traffic lanes are set and ready. kpix 5 don don is at the toll plaza with a look at the finishing touches, don? >> that's right. >> reporter: as things look like right now, there is no reason that the bridge will not open at 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. there's a little reason to think that it will open a whole lot sooner. only some small stuff remains to be done. lane markers, roadway signs, some paving of the eastbound lanes, striping, clean up. but for that it's a clear shot to san francisco. and they still will not say that the bridge will open up
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early. if there is an opportunity, then we will take advantage of that, but again we're not ready to make that call yet. >> they took that afternoon tour and the cable cars, riding over the peer where they will be awaiting that there. most of them will be planned before the opening, including a chain-cutting ceremony on monday afternoon. here at the eastern end of the old incline section, crews moved the bridges here in place. >> what you see behind me is the temporary view for the permanent bike path on the side of the bridge, which will be ready on tuesday by noon. they took us to the site of the event, giving birth to the $6.4 billion new bridge.
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>> the section that i'm standing on, it's the section that collapsed in the earthquake, which is the incident to move on to create a brand new bridge, which will be sounding for the future. >> reporter: no doubt that the controversy and the design and the safety will cost for them for some time. but tonight, i can tell you that there will be a real sense of the accomplishment and the pride in what will be done. reporting live at the san francisco bay bridge, don don, kpix 5. >> no rest for bart. it's been running around the clock, sending them to run on out there away. carrying the times for them yesterday. and thursday was the third busiest day ever. the trains carried more than 400,000 riders to the first full day of the closure. after the labor day transit option, bart will run as one of their closure service. ac transit and them will run on the holiday schedules.
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to have them get around during the closure, check out the survival guide on the rim fire near the yosemite is now the 4th largest fire in state history. burning for two weeks. and they made it to the reservoir last week, but at this point, the water supply to the bay area is still unaffected. higher humidity is expected to give them a hand as they work to strengthen the lines. a group of hunters ended up taking down the suspected arsonist in the county. they caught the 28-year-old starting the grass fire this morning as they held him until the deputies arrived. he is also suspected of starting several other fires in the county yesterday. and one burned more than 28 -- 20 acres. the fight that started behind their house, it is also under
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investigation. a late night shooting that left the home riddled with bullets. the city's shots and the system happened last night. two people were hurt, but their injuries are not life threatening as the shooters are still on the loose. and they are trying to convince congress that it is time for the military actions. lawmakers returned from several recess today for the classified view on what they said was a deadly chemical weapons attack. but the response plan could be a tough sell. >> reporter: about 100 took a break from summer recess to return to washington to hear what evidence that the white house has to warrant the military strike for them in syria. >> the president made a decision. >> reporter: and he wants the lawmakers to authorize the limited military action. >> that's the biggest single
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concern among the members, that it may have very well been a very broad request for authorities. >> reporter: some members are not ready to say how they will vote. >> i won't be answering that part. >> reporter: more than 1,400 people died last month when the syrian government launched a chemical weapons attack in damascus. many lawmakers say they do not question the poison gas was used, but they want to know why the u.s. should get involved now. >> we know that the chemical weapons have been used in the other instances, and we did not take military action. >> reporter: the secretary of the state said that they carried from the alleged attack proves that the deadly nerve agent was used. >> those samples have been tested and that they have reported positive for the signatures of sarin. >> congress is expected to
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debate starting the week of september 9. molly hall, kpix 5. >> they deny using the chemical weapons. united nations is also investigating what happened, asking people to expedite their findings. >> nelson mandela went home in an ambulance today after nearly three months in the hospital. he remains critical and at times is unstable. but they say that he will continue to receive the same intensive medical care that he received in the hospital. the government released details about his condition, but he's believed to be on life support. veteran british journalist, david frost has died. he garnered worldwide fame for his historic series of interviews with former president nixon. he got him to admit to the wrong doing in the water gate scandal. >> i let down my friends, i let
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down the country. >> it was dramatized in a hollywood movie. he would continue to reflect on the recessions for the rest of his life. >> and as it happens over the two days of the actual interview on the water gate. about halfway through the second day, you know, we have gotten to the point where we are hoping to get to it and then it was a question of going further, trying to get more than what we have really expected. it's a one-of-a-kind view from the bridge. the spectacular shots that they want you to pay close attention to one thing in particular. the closure could rain on this parade as we will take you out to the pride. and the candy shot, restaurant, even the arcade as it is all just a typical day of
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the office when you work with facebook. >> it is fired up, live, the high-def radar as we have showers back in the forecast. that labor day outlook as the news will continue on the cw. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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attention. oakland's festival isn't quite at that level yet. but john ra they are attracting big crowds and worldwide attention. the festival is not quite at that level yet, but they show us that it is definitely having a style on its own. oakland is often described as a blue collar city, but today, some folks, they showed off their true colors at the city's pride festival. >> it's celebrating the diversity that we have here in our city. as everyone knows that we do things a little differently in oakland. >> reporter: this pride festival does have a different feel than the celebrations across the bay. it's smaller, just four blocks long and mellower with a popular kid zone where no one bothered it if you have
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but the bridge closure may kept some people home. the red bull youth america's cup kicked off today along n francisco's waterfront. ten teams from eight differt countries are competing -- including san francisco's "e force." the competitors are sailing the same catamaransd by the elite america's cup d series teams. "'s really cool to be t up in all the action and se everything first hand..." "the force" is sailing the oracle team u-s-a boat... the young, upcoming sailors between 19 and 24 years old-- they are paying all race-related cos with their own money. 2 races are scheduled each day through wednesday. the bay bridge closure did' keep the crowds away from america's cup pavilion toni. jason mraz performed as part of the america's cup concert serie if you commute by caltrain, prepare to pay more for par. starting today, the daily re for station parking -- jump from 4- dollars, to 5. caltrain says ridership groh is spurring high demand for
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those spots. monthly parking passes are also available, r 50- dollars. wal-mart is rolling back the price of its i- phone-5. to 98-bucks. that will get you the 16-gig model, with a two-year serve contract. that phone is usually 200- dollars. walma and other retailers are tryg to clear inventory. apple is expected to unveil the new i-phone in about a week. in this hot high- tech econ silicon valley is going all to attract top talent. sumi das shows us: facebook's menlo park headquarters-- is practically a small city.. big-time perks. this is the campus that fack built. with it's metropolit vibe, it's not your typical office park. >> our courtyard is really paying tribute to our roots that will come from downtown. so when you go out there, you're going to feel the urban feel to it. >> reporter: they have all the
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necessities and then some. restaurants, the full-fledge bank. >> we actually have a throwback barbershop. we also have the wood shop here. >> reporter: and the vending machine, the on-side health center, the bike repair shops and the other extras, they may add to the bottom line. but in the end, it will be a smart business decision. and the assumption, of course, is that the employees, they will spend any spare time building and improving the social network. >> what we offer on the convenience, the purposes, to create the employees here. >> reporter: for most companies, the smart business decision that makes sense during the boom times. but what happens if a bus comes along? facebook says that they will still offer the benefits. for the potential higher weighing multiple job offers, that could tip the scales on facebook's favor. the recent survey by the career site glass door found that one out of five workers said that the office perks were important. >> if you look at the benefits
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for facebook in 2013 on the five-point scale, they rank 5.5 out of 5, literally blowing them out of the company in the water. >> and the perks, they will keep coming. plans for a new facebook building designed by the world reknown architect boast the roof-top garden, lending themselves to social networking naturally. in california, for cbs news. well, that's one of the perks working here for roberta, who just so happens to be sitting next to me. >> that's probably because you get the free weather report. >> you know it's a beautiful picture. you have a lot in tonight. >> i've been busy this evening and it's been fun every time you open the e-mail and the twitter site. like oh. >> here is another pretty one that they put on the display for us across the bay area today. take a look at some of the photographs that were submitted to us. >> oh. >> isn't that a pretty one? and it is the painting. >> those are just great. now, i can't even say it. i've been saving for $48, right? and these costs were developing
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in the subtropical moisture as we saw it first and then we've got this one. tony lee from mountain view. this is the sunset earlier this evening. now what we're looking at is the subtropical moisture, the clouds are producing a little light pressure. the rain is evaporating before hitting the land mass out towards the brentwood area. that's about it, so we will keep an eye on that. it's been quite breezy with the gusty winds as well. temperatures are pretty uniform with that deck of clouds into the 60s. that is after realizing the highs today at 63 in pacifica. 60s and 70s were common across the bay. 80s in the peninsula and san jose and 88 degrees, one of the
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outside numbers. fairfield, oh, it was 89, however in gilroy. tonight overnight into the 50s and the lower 60s as the winds will begin to dial back out to the north. 10 to 20 miles per hour. mostly cloudy, a few sunny breaks with a possible shower and we'll have a warm up. the seven-day forecast is coming up. watch this future cast. very interesting. 10:00, tomorrow morning, a line of very light showers from the north bay all the way through the peninsula. we do have the clouds around the bay area with the subtropical moisture by 5:00 p.m. and otherwise that we have a warming trend working their way. and the low pressure, they will push to the north. and that will be warming up the air mass. a little bit on the muggy side tomorrow. and then drier conditions on
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tuesday. here is your game forecast. and otherwise tomorrow, playing the numbers on out there. and around the peninsula, just a couple days closer tomorrow due to the increased cloud cover for them there. that is pretty much what it should be for the time of the year. the numbers are dropping off into the mid-80s. 4 degrees below normal. and livermore, topping out at 69. 69 in san francisco through belmont. low 70s across the bay towards berkeley and also in alameda. san lorenzo also in the lower 70s. here's the extended forecast. we'll walk you through it each day. a few breaks in the clouds tomorrow with a chance of a shower. otherwise it will be dry conditions with the high pressure building in on saturday. not as muggy.
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oh, saturday, tuesday, sorry. boy. and then i'm looking at saturday. >> i did, i looked at saturday. we're talking about the mid- 90s. and that is the real awesome sun where it feels like it will be sizzling a little bit with the cool breeze that will work their way on in as we are starting to see some autumn temperatures work their way in. >> thank you very much. >> i was a young man when i came out here. >> it's a photo 15 years in the making. but the new bay bridge is not exactly their focal point. what they want you to notice. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bay bridge go up for years but one man, has gotten
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we've been watching the new bay bridge go up for years now. but one man has a closer look at that. he's been working on the new span since the 90s. as john black stone shows us that the whole time he's been using the same tool. the camera. >> reporter: the photographs capture soaring views from the top of the new bridge across the bay. but more often the photographer will be focusing his lens on the workers building the bridge. he is now 72. he's been documenting the construction for 15 years. >> i joke with people that i was a young man when i came out here when i started on this project. so let's go. >> reporter: and his age, it never seemed to get in his way as he maneuvered on scaffolding cat walks and cables. hundreds of feet in the air. he took the photographs as workers hammered the bullets and wrestled with iron to create the elegant bridge for them suspended from the single
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525-foot high tower. but as impressive as the structure is, it is the workers that they want us to see. >> the engineers, they get credit. the design is an architect as they know how to get in front of the cameras. these guys do not at all. they're taking the plan, the design, the prints, turning it into a living structure. >> and their work is truly a labor of love. nobody is paying him to do this. the bridge builder's collection is currently on display at san francisco's city hall and it will be there through september 27. >> that's not only the new bridge for them. center all right, they are not done making moves. and the rangers, they know .they last met 25 oms.
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games ago and tomorrow... s is set. 1st place texas at d place a's...the gap? just a game... baseball and the last games met 25 games ago. the first place texas. and the gap. it is just a game. it is just a game. now, on breast cancer awareness game. they needed to settle it up for them. back away. no. and they deleted it off. the 16th of the year. they are up 2-1 in the 7th. a base hit. here is the relay throw. and here is the tag. and just to make sure that they need to tag him again. yeah. the a's would win it, 5-1.
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diamondbacks set loose on the giants. but san francisco, they went off. in the 4th. texas sanchez with runners in scoring position. and they found a hole. they came in to score and the giants, they took the lead as they were not done as that is all they needed. >> the 2-2. >> whoa. just striking out 10 as they win 8-2. the latest to making moves, cutting the quarterback tyler wilson. and they also cut the ties with the punter right there. he was signed from the vikings to replace shane. king is the man, punting the football now. >> wow. >> and game day tonight? >> game day tonight with the tough guys, the ufc guys that you don't want to miss that. for we also have a fish story involving dennis o'donnell that you will not want to miss the story. >> oh. >> the only thing he catches is a cold. >> it's amazing. >> that's the only thing that o'donnell catches out there. >> we'll see you at
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