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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  September 3, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> that project actually will knock the bay bridge off the top position as the most expensive thing. >> with the $6 billion bay bridge open for business, transit buses are looking ahead to something pricier. >> we have been hearing about it for years now, but with the deadline, signing up looming how much do you really know about obama care? >> and a bay area doctor accused of ripping off cancer patients. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm ken bastida. ariel castro is dead. he was found hanging in his prison cell earlier this evening. castro was serving life sentences for holding three women captive in his home for more than a decade. he was isolated from other prison inmates due to his high profile. we are following the story
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closely tonight. we will have the latest coming up on kpix5. a santa clara doctor is facing charges he is accused of stealing money. kit is live in front of valley medical center where the doctor used to work. kit. >> yeah, the doctor was in charge of running a cancer research study and the prosecutor in this case said that she would hope that every single penny went to help those patients. the staff at valley medical center knew something was wrong when reimbursement checks started showing up in the mail. the d.a.'s office says they were addressed directly to dr. tree, who just quit. normally, checks are made out of to the hospital. the american college of radiology had been senting him checks for cancer research. prosecutors say he pocketed more than $46,000 and evidence he used the stolen money to pay verison cell phone bill, visa and chase credit cards and parents mortgage. the doctor turned himself in
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last week and was charged with felony and misappropriation of public funds. and the arraignment is set for september 13 and we looked up the salary payment history, his base pay was $293,000 with a lump sum payment for sick leave and comp time and vacation pay for a total of $93,000 on top of that. live in san jose, kpix5. >> and if convicted, he faces four years in prison. a former contra costa county sheriff deputy on the other side of the law. found 50-year-old, steven guilty on conspiracy charges, wire fraud, and extortion. he accepted a $600 gun from a private investigator in exchange for making dui arrests. the dirty dui stings, as they are known, baited men into drunk driving. it's a police corruption case that led to the corruption of five law enforcement officers.
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he will be sentenced in december and facing 20 years in prison. san jose police officers are changing the way they detain people. officers will now record the exact details of each instance when they stop, detain, and or handcuff someone on the street without arresting them. it is a new policy prompted by complaints from blacks and latinos that officers ordered them to sit on the ground during limited detentions, and whites were usually aloud to stand in the same situation. >> people are saying, why do i have to sit on the curb when it's a traffic stop? >> there's humiliation associated with that. there's a question of racial profiling? >> initially, police will be dictating the information, they will input the information themselves starting in november when their computers are updated. meanwhile, san jose is looking to beef up it police force, the city is talking about adding about 200 officers over the next four years.
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mayor chuck reid recommended restoring the 10% pay cut officers agreed to a couple years ago. the plan is projected to cost $50 million. the city thinks it can cover 30 million of that, but may need a sales tax to raise the rest. the bay bridge has been open for 24 hours now. in about ten minutes, traffic has been moving smoothly all day. it was heavy this morning, but it has not been moving all that fast. the toll plaza was backed up for most of the day. a lot of people showing up and slowing down to do it. already been at least one accident, a minor fender bender this morning. normally, something like that would tie up traffic for a while. but, by design, the cars were able to pull over on the new shoulder and get out of the way. >> by the way, the new bay bridge cost more than $6 billion, but it is not the most expensive people moving project in the pipeline right now, not by a long shot.
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the next big project on the list is the bart extension from fremont to san jose. eclipsing even the cost of the new bay bridge. >> that project actually will knock the bay bridge off the top position as the most expensive thing, because i think it's about $7 billion to get that one done. >> next in line for commuters, the opening of the fourth floor of the tunnel, which could happen by the end of this month. >> we were a little bit nervous if we had delayed opening, they would beat us to it. so they'll be opening in the next several weeks. then of course, there's high speed rail from here to l.a. that will lead everything else in the dust. that is estimated to cost up to $80 billion. in 28 days, you'll be able to shop for healthcare, all part of the affordable healthcare act. enrollment starts october 1. if you're like many, you don't know what you're signing up for. tonight, kristen ayers was with
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people trying to get answers. >> tonight, close to 200 people packed congressman, mike honda's town hall meeting in fremont to wrap their minds around obama care. >> what are things that confuse me. >> dave was one of them. nearly four years after obama care passed, the residents still have doubts. >> in particular, has some very unexplained components. >> honda heard that a lot. it's a reason why he held this town hall. >> why are people so confused? is that a failure of the government? >> it's a complicated procedure. >> part of the problem, the size of the bill. at 2700 pages, experts joked it was the size of a harry potter novel. a market where you'll be able to shop for health coverage is trying to make it simple. on the california website, you punch in the number of poem in your family and your household income and the program that
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sets out your monthly and out of pocket costs. >> people said that helped a little, but many walked out with more questions. >> it did not ease my mind. it answered some specific questions, but it didn't make me feel anymore comfortable with the process. >> and a march 31 deadline to enroll, looming. >> pretty self-evidence tonight that the questions, a lot of things we need to negotiate, understand better. >> kristen ayers, kpix5. >> there are penalties for ignoring the obama care mandate. they could face up to $208 or 1% of the family income, whichever is greater. well -- >> president obama wants a military strike on syria in response to the use of their chemical weapons. both ends of the political
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speck trim. using military force. allen martin says good luck trying to convince bay area lawmakers to jump on board. from the white house,. >> it does not involve boots on the ground. >> it did happen. >> the obama administration is urging congress to give the president the go ahead to unleash a military strike. saying the syrian government used them. >> this is something that the united states, as a country, needs to do. but as for the rank and file, democrats aren't so confused. >> there are more questions than answered at this point. >> coauthored a public letter. the letter addressed to national security adviser, susan rice, includes a series of questions that must be answered before they can make
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any decision. >> what if there is retaliation against turkey or israel? what would the u.s. be required to do in that case? >> they are not alone. other bay area democrats want to know more of the facts and any alternative. >> i think it's not a slam dunk. he says in the last few months, thanks to nsa surveillance and syria, lawmakers on the right and left are pushing back. >> it's an extraordinary coalition. >> as for letter, brady says it's good for public policy. >> asking very good questions, and that they are doing what elective representatives should do, which is to ask the hard questions of the administration. >> questions he says the administration should offer. 73% of the bay area believe that syria did carry out a
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chemical attack on its own people. the bay area is split about what the u.s. should do about that. 23% say we should stay out of it. 30% say we should. >> the america's races haven't started and the defending champs are behind. the cheating scandal. and if you're in the market for a car, you might be waiting a while. whine while many bay area dealerships are running on empty. >> downtown san francisco has yet to make it. the city hit 79, that will likely change. and have you ever wondered by the new bay bridge is white? i have the surprising answer coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fire crews are finally getting control of the massive rim fire near yosemite. it is now 75% contained. at more than 235,000 acres, it is the fourth largest fire in
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state history. full containment is not expected until september 20. the fire burned right up to the hetc h hethchy reservoir. >> tour turbulent waves, to provide water and electricity to san francisco. >> we are still measuring the water quality on every hour basis to make sure that the water quality never gets compromised. >> san francisco's water and power supply starts near yosemite at the reservoir, where the massive rim fire threatened the utilities. the water comes from the reservoir. it is a six hour trip, courtesy of gravity. although the region's natural terrain has been unkind to firefighters, left unscathed in every way. >> water quality is the same as it was before the fire. >> as a precaution, they
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already sent more water than usual to bay area reservoirs, in case it was polluted by ash. that didn't happen. and the forecast for the spring runoff is good. >> only about 2% of our watershed actually was impacted by the fire. and so we are not really, really concerned about our water supply. >> but the fire knocked out 2/3 of san francisco's power supply. damaging two power houses, customers didn't notice it because the city bought power at a cost of $860,000. >> and hopefully, next week we will be able to generate enough power to meet our supply. >> they can't say yet when the other power house wills be fully repaired or thatch will cost, although they expect it to run in the millions. they are already looking ahead. california can move from fire season to rainy season with lightning speed.
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prevent landslides that can jeopardize the water and power supply. kpix5. >> the team u.s.a. is facing major setbacks, even before the america's cup finals, because they cheated. today, an international jury handed down penalties after weeks of investigating illegal modifications to boats used in rigatas. the boat must fine a $250 fine. >> we don't agree with the decision. we have to get out there. take one race at a time. that doesn't change. >> being penalized two points before the win begins. instead of nine, they must win. >> so many people are buying cars it's getting hard to find popular ones. running out of the most popular
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car, the nissan sentra. this year, car sales have really surprised a lot of people, especially auto makers. and with supply and demand, you might expect to see higher prices, even though the avenue ravage is down 2%. so the monthly . also says this is not a widespread industry problem, but seems to be affecting fuel efficient compacts the most. >> bay bridge bike path is officially open. there are two ways to get on to it. from shell mount street and grand avenue. the path is not finished yet. stop st right before the island. it won't be completed until crews can demolish. that's not holding back big
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groups from walking or crossing. many people were expected to see the views. >> this is a stretcher they will use for decades and it will be an iconic part of the bay area. i'm excited we are here for a moment in history. >> it was amazing, looking at the two bridges converge, that was nice. and also looking forward to the dogs. >> 42,000 hours of construction into four minutes. 12 cameras first started recording in 2008. air force cam construction cameras featured 32 avenge les and check it out. >> you were there last night. >> and i've been on the bridge seven or eight or nine times
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last night driving across the bridge where the lights were on, it is mind boggling. >> he drove it. and what a beautiful, absolutely stunning thing. >> it's an iconic structure. why that bridge is white. a live look at emeryville. a desin process. they had a different models. somebody asks the question, what color are we going to paint this thing? you chose the color. they decided to keep it white. if you look that white structure, you will see that clearly. we have ourselves some low cloud cover moving back in. start off cloudy, but more sunshine. what a beautiful afternoon we will have tomorrow.
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high definition doppler, sweeping, looking for sympathyers yesterday, tonight. nice day for you, sunny schoolboys, with a high of 84. after thursday, things are going to change. low pressure hanging out over the farther west coastline. we will stay rain free, all the moisture in the northwest. with that low, we'll have a light to moderate on shore flow, keeping temperatures in check. we'll be warm, but not going to be hot. that changes starting friday. low pressure gone. say hello to high pressure, once this guy gets here. it will strengthen, it will get closer to us and it will tashing way way any warm weather. triple digits may be widespread and the city may hit 80. so we are staying close to
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normal. lasting through monday, we will be 10 to 15 degrees above average. enjoy the conditionalable while you have t. tomorrow 68. sunny vail, nice day for you tomorrow. fremont 73. union city 72. san ramon, north of concord, fair field, all in the low 80s. 66 for daily city. petaluma 80. say good-bye to comfortable, hello to hot coming up on friday. high of 94 degrees, close to had 00. we'll see widespread low 80s, likely through next wednesday. and right on cue, we're going to warm up. >> it's going to get tasty. >> .
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>> talk about a hot property, casting something a lot more concerning than a shadow. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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started getting its finished touches. some strange things started happening when london's new skyscraper started getting its finish touches. >> this tall beauty is reflecting dangerous rays of sunlight on to the street. thursday, the heat melted parts of a parked jaguar. the owner found some panels fried beyond repair. rays have also burned a bike
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seat and a restaurant chair. >> wow. >> defending u.s. champion on the ropes tonight. i'm dennis o'donnell and division rivals collide for first place. the minute is next. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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just 16,133 on hand at the coliseum tonight to watch the a's and rangers battle for the lead in the american league west. travis blackley with the rangers and here we go. tied at 1 in the 5th. he couldn't handle a comebacker. he charged with an error and that opened up the flood gates. he takes coe loan off the wall to put texas up 2-1. that was part of a 3-1, 5th inning.
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at shallow center field. the rangers move, are about to move back into first place. they are leading five outs. he has one win since the all star break. 2 in the 8th. kristen, the former at let ebbing and padres beat the giants 3-2. defending champ lost the first set, woke up and won the three sets following. and on the women's side, serena williams, by beating her in 52 minutes. it took our crew going into the a's game today longer than it took serena williams to win that match. serena is on to the semifinals of the u.s. open. >> how did they get to the game tonight? >> they are driving and they never even got on the ramp. it took them an hour and a half to get them near the ramp and turned around and came back. >> the new bay bridge? >> that's right.
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>> how many years? >> you know you could have bought a stadium in the city for the 49ers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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