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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  September 17, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news. >> a child is hurt in a daylight shooting, just as the feds give oakland a big cash infusion to fight crime. >> another bay area green technology company goes bust after taking in tens of millions of tax dollars. >> a serial killer sentenced to to die. i'm allen martin. >> that decision came down nearly one month after joseph was convicted of killing four women. kpix5's joe vasquez is there tonight. joe. >> the state prison here at san quinton will likely be his new home. sometime within the next month. six miles away from here, also in marin, a jury sentenced the serial killer to death today. >> rest in peace. >> the daughter of one of the victims says she was relieved
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that joseph is getting the death sentence. >> i am just glad justice is served and we can put this to rest now. after 35 years. >> naso is a former photographer who killed four young women decades ago. promising to shoot photos of them, he ended up drugging them and once they were unconscious, straggling them. naso was his own attorney, pedro helped him during the trial and read a few of the serial killer's own words after the sentencing this afternoon. >> i am pleased that the jury listened to my mitigation arguments. i want to help others in prison. i am on the threshold of a new life and will make the best of it. >> at this point, the death sentence is just a recommendation. the judge says he got 20 days to look it over, make sure all the rules were followed before he makes his final decision. >> could there be political considerations? it's marin county. you know, that's not part of
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the standard of what the judge has to evaluate. follows the law, he follows the rules, according to what the charges are and what has been presented to him. that's the analysis. >> i'm surprised to hear that somebody, a jury did that. >> it's extremely rare here. the last death sentence was in 1990 for a san quinton prisoner who killed a guard. >> i didn't think he would be sentenced to death, but i can understand that, because he was a serial killer and he killed in marin as well. >> he hit close to home. >> yes, it did. >> as i mentioned, the judge has 20 days. there will be one more hearing before that final decision. reporting live in san quinton, kpix5. >> more than 700 prisoners are currently on san quinton's death row, but california's death penalty has been on hold since 2006. because of legal challenges. >> a young boy is hospitalized after being hit by flying glass
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from a shooting. bullets began flying just before 5:00 this evening on 27th avenue in oakland. kpix tells us this happened the same day oakland gets money to put more cops on the streets. >> i heard gun shots and we heard screaming. >> the bullets burst the car to the window. when the gunfire stopped, a familiar scene in east oakland, a young boy who was in the backseat of the car wounded and bleeding. >> they had to really hold him still, because he was scary. >> this woman did not want to show her face. amazingly, the bullets missed the boy, though shattered glass grazed his neck. >> both of the kids were very shocked. young kids, toddlers, i would say. crying hysterically. >> oakland police department received a $4.5 federal grant to hire ten new police
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officers. it may not sound like much, but oakland's police chief says it could make all the difference. >> i would be here saying it was wonderful if we were getting officers. the fact that it is ten, that's a whole squad of officers. you can run an operation. >> five years ago, oakland had 837 officers. today, that number has dwindled to 614. interim police chief says anything helps, but some oaklanders have their doubt. >> maybe 100 cops, that may make it safer. >> child was lucky. neighbors say it's clear it will take more than police to turn things around. >> we as a whole will have to come together. >> in oakland, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> the feds gave other bay area departments money. heyward, vallejo, and the alameda county sheriff's department. >> the board of supervisors shot down a plan that could have put county weapons into the public's hands.
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the sheriff department asked the board to amend a county ordinance and allow it to sell more than 700 used guns. the rest would be sold to gun manufactures, smith and wesson. those guns could end up on the street. that's after the county held a gun buyback program that took in more than 700 weapons. >> we think that gun buybacks make people safer, so why would we turn around and provide guns? essentially, replacement guns, if you will. >> while the board rejected the idea of selling any firearms, they did agree to let sheriff deputies buy their own used weapons. >> investigators still can't point to a motive. in yesterday's deadly shooting rampage. but bob tells us it is becoming clear that the suspect was deeply troubled. >> investigators say aaron alexis drove this car on to the
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navy yard base monday and walked to building 197. surveillance cameras captured alexis using his security card to open a door. he was carrying a bag, which investigators believe carried the shotgun he used to launch his attack. records show he legally bought that weapon saturday at this virginia gun store, about 20 miles south of washington. alexis arrived in the area about three weeks ago to work as an it contractor at the navy yard. sources say a search of alexis' hotel room and car did not produce any notes to explain his actions. alexis' family told investigators he suffered from mental illness for a decade. he sought and received treatment through the department of veterans affairs. just last month, there was an incident, alexis called police on august 7 to say he was hearing voices and that people were stalking him and using a microwave to send vibrations into his body.
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at the time, alexis denied having a mental episode. he had several run ins with authority. in seattle in 2004, and in texas in 2010. that texas shooting case led to alexis' discharge from the navy reserves. it was the last straw in a string of 8 to 10 misconduct incidents. >> navy wanted to dispatch, after he appealed, that was upgraded. he went on to become a defense contractor. bob orr, cbs news, washington. >> investigators are taking a closer look at how military contractors are screened before they get their security clearances. a san francisco company that makes charging systems for electric vehicles filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. makes charging and power storage systems under the blink and minute brands for vehicles, including the nissan leaf. it had received $100 million
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from the department of energy. the company suffered from disappointing sales and a suspension of payments last month from the federal government. today, ecotality said the filing is quote, a necessary step to ensure that we can continue to meet the needs of customers and continue to operate the blink network. it is asking a court to approve a bankruptcy auction. the most famous bay area green company to file for chapter 11. it defaulted on millions in federal loan guarantees. then republican presidential nominee, mitt romney, visited the shuttered freemont company during a campaign stop. he signed as an a example of government waste. >> said yes to a preliminary plan to fix up the lake house. the mansion in kensington north of campus was home to uc presidents for 40 years.
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$620,000 was approved for restoration planning. the house, which is surrounded by public gardens stood empty since 2008. because it is in such bad shape. >> the living quarters are way out of date. i've seen them and you know, definitely need some work. and there's some work that needs to be done to make sure it's safe in the event of an earthquake. >> another proposal will be presented for more intensive repairs. uc says right now it's less expensive to lease a house than overhaul blabbing house. incoming president, janet, will be living in a leased house for $9,950 a month. >> i didn't think she was going to stop. >> adding insult to injury. a driver takes off after hitting a blind man and his dog. >> i have it, i can't get rid of it.
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i don't know what the future will be. >> millions of americans not getting better. the medicine that could be making it worse. >> and an amazing rescue caught on camera. the heros risking their lives for a guy they don't know. ,,,,,,,,,,
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a blind bay area minister is asking for an apology tonight from the driver who hit him and bolted. reverend, albert and seeing eye dog was on a stroll a block away from home in east palo alto when a car struck them. len ramirez picks up the story. >> reporter: it's more emotional, the fear and walking down the street and having this sense of being hit by a car all the time. >> for the sense of security he once felt walking in his neighborhood is now gone. >> about 8:00, i left here to go to starbucks. >> he was out for a stroll with his seeing eye dog when they crossed the street one block from his home. >> a car comes back and out of a cul-de-sac and hits me and my dog. >> the car was not going fast and neither the reverend nor his dog were seriously hurt, but what happened next made the incident a serious crime. >> says, are you okay?
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let me move forward, and she moves forward, she keeps on going forward, turns around in the cul-de-sac and comes back toward me. i'm thinking she's going to stop. she swerves around my body and keeps going out the cul-de-sac and speeds out. >> talking to people, seeing if anybody saw something, heard something, might have seen something. >> search for clues for the identity of the driver. because the reverend is completely blind, he could not give police a description of the driver. >> to hit someone and leave the scene, but to hit a blind reverend, it compounds. >> he lost his sight 17 years ago and regularly walks the neighborhood, especially to the new suite home church of god and christ where he is the pastor. >> early 40s, 50s, i want her
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to come forward and apologize. >> reverend macklin is a well known person and has been for years. some people think whoever hit him may have recognized and knew he was blind and thought they could get away with it. in east palo alto, kpix5. >> please, call east palo alto police if you have any information. part of interstate 280 in san jose looks different tonight. to keep taggers away. there's now raiser wire up on the railroad overpass. the city says it was union pacific's decision to install the wire, officials say they want to do what they can to keep people from tagging. they also want to focus on painting over graffiti as soon as it appears. >> i am certain that any 17- year-old tagger has an unbounded imagination for how they will get on to a bridge, no matter what we do to it. even if we were to paint it and super glue. they would find a way to get on
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there. >> we told you about the chp's new crackdown on taggers in south bay. there's a special task force dedicated to arresting those who spray paint freeways. >> nearly $30 million worth of marijuana all hauled out of one bay area county in a matter of weeks. since late august, the narcotics task force has eradiated more than 8,000 pot plants from secluded grow sites. they have also hauled away four tons of potentially toxic trash. it includes propane tanks, fertilizers, and pesticides along with camping gear and bar gage. >> there's growing concern over a super bug. tonight, we have cold hard numbers that show just how real that threat is. >> their nicknames are catchy. cre, but the tiny bacteria can pack a big punch. there are among 17 types that have grown resistant to the
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best antibiotics we have. for those that get infected, it's a shocker. >> i don't know what the future will be. >> for the fir time, federal health officials have come up with hard numbers. more than 2 million americans fall ill from antibiotic resistant bacteria each year and 23,000 ,000 will die. >> these are bacteria that are now resistant to what is, has in the past been a reliable last line of defense. >> chief of infectious disease at san francisco general hospital. part of the problem is the misuse of antibiotics, but not just among doctors and patients. >> most antibiotic use in this country is not inhuman. it is used for livestock. in many cases, it's not to treat infections. it's not a growth promoter. >> not everyone agrees. one member, a vet, disputes
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there's a link tw the use of antibiotics and increased resistance in infections in humans, saying there's no proof of cause and effect. the california department of food and agriculture gave us his opinion. vets understand the need to use our most powerful antibuy yours biotics sparingly. senator feinstein signed a bill. >> looks like superstorm sandy are did finish what it started. fire investigators said today storm damaged electrical wiring sparked that massive bard walk fire in new jersey last week. it started under a building that housed a candy store and ice cream stand. and take a look at this. a couple of new yorkers risk their lives to save a total stranger. dangling from the window of a
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burning apartment. he was five stories up, hanging on by his fingers. the men next door used a bridge, one walked across to guide the man to safety. amazing. >> that was great. >> absolutely. for any of those. >> would have been a bad day to try that rescue in san francisco, with the wind. >> we had gusts up to 50 miles per hour. it's easing off. >> we'll show you the numbers. it was really blowing today with northwesterly winds. gusts 250 at sfo and 60 miles an hour in fremont. strong winds are beginning to ease up. some places reporting calm winds, but still, fremont and west southwesterly at vallejo, but it's much better than it was earlier in the day as low pressure causing all this begins to move out of the pacific northwest and start to warm up. right now, 65 degrees in
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concorde. temperatures in the 60s and 8:00 a.m., mostly sunny skies, and here's what is happening. the chance of showers by friday. wow, it's true. especially in the north bay. the rest of the bay area may escape unscathed, but that's not until late friday, early saturday. that low pressure is heading out and as it does, allows pressure to build in and so the winds ease up and we get warming temperatures. the future cast is showing things going fairly calm. by 9:00, we're at f at san francisco and four miles an hour at fremont. highs tomorrow nationally, it's warm in the middle of the nation. 95 degrees down in san diego. for the bay area, south bay tomorrow, san jose looks okay. about where we should be. 80 degrees. santa clara is at 80.
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same for walnut creek and in the central bay. san francisco 72 degrees. heyward 75. standard forecast, we'll have a couple better days, but increase the clouds on friday night and that will spoil a picnic. and saturday morning, looks like we'll get a few showers. the winter, she is having a picnic here. >> one bit of sunshine. just caught me off guard. >> i'll bring a really big umbrella. >> i've seen it multiple times. >> sometimes smart phones make people do dumb things. coming up, why they are putting more and more people in the hospital. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, the old saying, you can't walk and chew gum at the same time. >> no, people can't walk and talk on their phone at the same time. more and more encounters like this keep happening. people bumping into others and sending people to the hospital. a recent study from ohio state university finds the number of emergency room visits due to people walking with their cell phone has risen more than five fold since 2005. and most of them are between 16 and 25 years old. >> i think they really grown up with these devices and it is practically an extension of their bodies. >> he was texting without looking where he was going and he almost went over that rock.
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>> i saved him. >> she saved me. >> no kidding. well, there are now public awareness campaigns to get people to put down their phones when they walk. >> i see people going across crosswalks when the light is red. hello. >> one giant does something he has not done since may, and help the a's lower that magic number. it's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kpix5 news is sponsored by airport appliance. >> well, the a's announced that the third deck will be open during the playoff to increase the capacity to roughly $48,000. only a shade over 18,000 to see the angels tonight.
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gray had earlier given up a home run. this time he struck it out. 6th inning works for gray. he was backed by nice defense. josh will fall out to make the diving catch. he keeps the score at 1. angels threatening again in the 7th. josh hamilton, rock him out. jerry right now, it's #-1. can i have a live update please? >> motel room? okay. giants beginning their new york theories tonight, the former met, angel pennsylvania gone, hits his home run last may. giants beat the mets by a final of 8-5. and a live update. 1-1. martin chavez, great shot. corner pocket. earthquake speed. america's cup race was canceled due to 125-watt wins. 49ers coming up, 5:00, wait a
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minute. that's not right. >> on the cw. >> 1:00. good night, everybody. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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