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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  September 24, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> well, it's not your usual defensive play. a wayward tank ends up on a bay area soccer field. >> we look like a guy just minding his own business on muni. minutes later, he became a murder suspect. >> and a safeway store manager beaten so badly, he doesn't even recognize his own wife. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. the surveillance video that shows how the safeway manager was soccer punched. >> the safeway store manager is in the icu tonight. he is at the medical center in castro valley and his friends telling us tonight that yes, his head injuries are so bad, he does not recognize his friends or his wife. >> san leandro police want everyone to take a close look at this guy. he's wearing a gray sweatshirt
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and dark knit cap. words were exchanged and then the suspect violently punched the man. the store manager fell to the ground. the attacker took off. long-time safeway customers know the manager as mo. and tonight, mo's friend tells kpix5 he has serious head injuries. >> that really hurts me a lot. especially the coworkers. he is trying to do his best to keep the store safe, which things happen. you don't know what's going to happen. >> police are hoping someone will see this surveillance video and help identify the attacker. >> not much to go on. he was in a store prior to, so we don't know for sure what his intent was there and again, exchange between he and the manager was extremely brief, like you see on the video and then it was one strike and he was out the door. >> employees say mo is a great boss and great friend. >> i know the manager for three years now. he is trying to protect the store. this isn't the first time the
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safeway has gotten ripped off. >> and again, the store manager known as moe is in critical condition tonight. his wife by his side. police are asking anyone with information to come forward immediately. in san leandro, kpix5. >> a tight knit east bay community heartbroken tonight. trying to figure out how a nice, well known father ended up getting beaten into a coma. this brutal attack happened saturday night on a quiet cul- de-sac in pleasantton. according to police, 51-year- old went outside after he heard some loud noise, likely coming from a group of teenagers. emergency crews showed up to find him lying in front of his home unconscious with his wife at his side. neighbors saw an suv drive off. >> i was very shocked. this is a quiet town and something you would not expect from anywhere in the valley. and from san ramon, danville, to pleasantton, it's not
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something you would expect. it's very sad and you know, kind of a crazy idea to think that kids would disrespect an adult and then eventually beat him up to a point of putting him in the hospital. >> no arrests have been made in this one. police are questioning students from nearby high schools, calling them persons of interest. >> san francisco police need your help finding the guy who killed a man on muni last night. a 20-year-old man was shot to death just before 10:00 as he got off a metro can at randolph and bright streets. now take a close look at the suspect caught on surveillance camera. he was wearing a white baseball cap and blue jeans before he got away. police don't believe they knew each other and the attack appears to be random. something you never want to see in the east bay hills. smoke. this fire burned up a two story
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house. it also did damage to the roof of the house next door. fire crews kept it from spreading, still no word on how it started. >> the biggest soap opera going on in town right now. a dramatic come from behind win for team oracle in the america's cup. >> as they come to the line, the comeback is complete. >> it was a shocker. even to the announcers. today, team u.s.a. won its 7th consecutive race against team new zealand to tie it all up. the kpix5's joe vazquez on one of the greatest sports comebacks in history all happening right in the bay. joe. >> i talked to so many people tonight who had the same story, you know, a week ago, they could have cared a rat's whisker about this boat race. now it's tied up 8-8 with one race remaining. it's a whole different story. >> come on. >> dave's competition began
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with a bang. it's not exactly nascar, but this slight fender bender slowed team new zealand down so much, they never recovered. >> the comeback is complete. >> oracle team u.s.a. took two victory laps today. >> are you kidding me? >> at the kiwi bar, instead of crying in their beer, they claim they got the americans right where they want them. >> we were getting bulldozed. >> you were bored. >> we thought we would play with you guys for a while and build up the interest in this cap, and tomorrow, 1 1/2 kilometers lead. >> if they are going to come back, they may need some help from their fans. >> they maybe need to do the war dance. >> i have faith. i did the hacker. >> oh, well actually it turns out, they tried that earlier today. i guess it didn't work.
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>> we are all even at 8. >> it's awfully suspicious. >> to actually come back and whether it is, it has been phenomenal and i think san francisco has gotten behind it. >> believe what you want to believe. right now, it's going to be the most amazing comeback in history. >> weather permitting, the final race will be tomorrow afternoon and we may finally see those huge crowds we have been promised for years now. reporting live, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> the final deciding race set for tomorrow at 1:15, as joe mentioned, if the weather cooperates. the senate floor is on cruise control tonight. >> i intend to speak in support of defunding obama care until i am no longer able to stand. >> republican senator, ted cruise, has been talking for hours. he is trying to deny senate democrats a chance to amend a house budget bill that stripped
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funding from obama care. he knows he doesn't actually have any real power to do that, but that's not stopping him. he has been filling time in the empty chamber criticizing the law and saying anything else he can think of. >> on a saturday or sunday morning when your dad is making pancakes, it's cool when you can make them do a flip high in the air and catch them. i will credit my father. this wasn't for the restaurant, but he did it anyway. do you like green eggs and ham? i do not like them sam i am, i do not like green eggs and ham. >> eight white castle restaurants a year. i like their little burgers. >> well, it's just after 1:00 a.m. in washington. senator cruz has been talking for nearly 11 hours now and he is still going. president obama didn't exactly break bread with the new president of iran at the united nations today. but, jerica duncan says the two leaders opened the door for a
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possible new relationship. >> president obama had lunch with world leaders at the u.n. today. >> cheers. >> there was speculation he might cross paths or shake hands with iran's president, hassan rouhani, but that didn't happen. earlier, president obama told the u.n. general assembly his administration will pursue talks with iran. >> the roadblocks may prove to be great. i firmly believe the path must be tested. >> in the first speech to the general assembly. addressed his country's nuclear program. >> nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass description have no place here. >> alcohol was being served, so he skipped lunch. a face to face encounter with president obama would have been too complicated for rouhani
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back home. president obama called for a security council resolution forcing syrian president, bashar assad to make good on his promise to surrender his chemical weapons. >> if we cannot agree even on this, the united nations isn't capable of enforcing the most basic of international laws. >> the president announced the u.s. will spend nearly $340 million in additional aid to refugees in countries affected by the syrian civil war. cbs news, the united nations. kenya's president says the siege at a high end shopping mall is over. kenyan troops cleared the top floor, making sure all the terrorists have been found. complicating the search, three floors collapsed because of damage from the siege and assault. as many as 72 people are dead. more than 175 wounded from the terror rampage, 11 of the attackers are in custody. five of them are dead.
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and out of that chaos, an amazing tail whstood up to one of the tearists. elliot prior, seen here with his mom and sister lock eyes with the gunman and called him a very bad man. that gunman replied, please forgive me. we are not monsters. and then let the british family go. a strong defense is good, but this is a little much. how this tank ended up in the middle of a prosoccer practice in stan jose. >> i don't know if they are really dumb or smart, but they are annoying. >> the bay area neighborhoods that may as well change it name to hog heaven. >> and this may look like a routine takeoff, but something is missing. >> clouds were missing in our forecast today. nothing but sunshine. highs in the 70s. other numbers are catching my
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attention, like wind gusts. the winds have changed. your forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tary tank. it was a close call for a player on the earthquake soccer team this afternoon. a tank crashed close to him. that's right. a military tank. kit doe is standing by. how is this possible, kit? >> when i first heard the news. i said a tank as well? out here in san jose, a big mess. chunks of concrete everywhere. it's easy to see how this happened. the tanks go here. the soccer field is right here. pretty crazy and loud experience. >> a bradley fighting vehicle, just like this one, was rounding the corner when it lost control. like a crunch or crash? >> pretty much a loud bang. >> san jose earthquake's president was at the team's practice field when the tank crashed. luckily there was a barricade and fence inbetween and luckily, there's an awning, you
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couldn't see through. if you would have seen it, it would have been more frightening. in fact, after the crash, the team snapped these photos of the continuing with their testing. the b.a.e. track is right up against the track property. the tank was not going above the track speed limit. >> they said different tank thicks weren't well sunted for the speed. so it wasn't around and crashed into it. >> the tank didn't even look like it had a scratch. and d.a.e. told the team they are looking at changing the orientation of this track to prevent this from happening in the future. live in san jose, kpix5. >> the goalee who is ten feet away said it is scary and shake it off in time. >> pigs are going hog wild.
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people in the henry ranch area say wild picks are descending on their neighborhood from the surrounding hillsides just about every night. they are out looking for food. but they have been ripping up everyone's landscaping in the process. >> you could see they were walking across the street. they don't seem to be daunted by a car or lights or noise. >> wake up in the morning and see a line, somebody just drive through it. >> the city spent thousands of dollars, but they only cought six. >> you can see more, governor brown signed a bill that allows the chp to activate an amber alert no matter the relationship. those were triggered when a noncustodial parent or stranger took a child. the governor signed another bill to expand the current earthquake early warning
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system. it will use sensors throughout the state to provide up to 60 seconds warning. they have until january 2016 to develop the system and find $80 million to pay for it. the air force is testing out a new f-16 bomber. >> and we have never seen anything quite like this one. there's nobody in my cock pit. climb to 40,000 feet and turn so sharply, a pilot would probably black out. the unmanned f16 will be used for pilots doing target practice. >> pretty amazing. >> pretty boring for a top gun sequel though. >> are you in? >> no. critics. what happened? what happened?
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>> ice man. >> oh, ice man. i am dangerous. all right. you're thinking of lines in that movie, too. some which can't be spoken here. we have the on shore flow, without a temperature difference, we do not have that cloud cover rushing in. you will have another sunny day tomorrow. with clear skies tonight and cooler air filtering in, it's going to be chilly. fair field, you'll wake up to 52. the warmest, a lot of you will be in the 40s. redd wood city 54. even san francisco. now let's talk about fire danger. we are drying things out. winds are going to increase. and humidity levels will drop. there's a fire weather watch in effect for all higher el vagues in elevations in the bay
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area. it will be chilly. a high in the upper 60s, but you'll have mainly sunny skies. we'll start getting milder coming up on thursday. lots to talk about. first up is the on shore flow. that will be with us tomorrow. big storm system passing by. will we get windy conditions and that offshore flow. you get the sunshine. that same low pressure area does nothing more than move into a different location. we have getting a north to south wind. that drops the humidity, increases our temperatures and it's going to be dry, sunny, and got all the rain last weekend. it's going to be much warmer. many areas near the bay will likely get into the mid 80s. so the wind, it will begin to increase tomorrow. the offshore wind will start developing on thursday, but take shape on friday. the humidity is going to drop, fire danger goes up and that will set the stage for the weekend. tomorrow will likely be the
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coolest day of the week. that is significant for you in liver more. the high of 70. palo alto only 68 despite the situation. ann yoke your high today is 72. pleasant hill 83. it will be nice in the city. breezy in the afternoon. kentfield 72. and 70 degrees for santa rosa. 69 degrees. milder on thursday, we're getting warm on friday. this is going to be a warm one because the offshore wind. mid 80s inland. after tomorrow, we'll be cool. we'll be much warmer as we head toward the weekend. >> thank you, paul. >> well the new gold iphone is a pretty hot commodity. they are back ordered until october. would you pay $10,000 to get
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one now? that's what one unanimous bidder just did, $10,100 to be exact. it went on sale friday. shoppers got more than 9 million of them in just days. >> coming up, as if running a marathon didn't do enough, this guy did it backward while juggling. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lter "joggled" people running a marathon would be enough, not this guy. joe jogged his way through an entire race in illinois over the weekend and he did it
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running backwards and that's right, joggling. it's juggling, but he is running so he called it joggling. he completed the 26.2-mile race in less than six hours. the giants are holding home game fundraisers this week to support brian stowe. he was severely beaten after a game in los angeles back in 2011. this video is of him in june of this year. he is recovering from the attack and suffers have a variety of problems. giants fans who bought certain tickets for games tonight thursday and sunday will have $10 donated to a fund in stowe's name. >> it looks like he has come a long way and i bet he was happy tonight. or maybe not. the giants had an old friend for dinner. the angels put their hurt on the a's in more ways than one. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the a's are 23 games over 500 at home. they are just seven games over 500 on the road. getting home field advantage throughout the playoffs is critical. wayne, give me the clock. the theme in game one behind the red sox for the best record against the angels, howie took a.j. griffin deep. halos take the lead. that's all he would need. he pitches on four hit complete game shutouts and 110 pitches. angels beat the a's 1-0. they remain one game back. brian wilson back at at&t where dodger blue is having a good time. matt kemp taking big daddy
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kaine for the home run of the year. will son by the way, pitched in the inning and struck out two. cardinals rookie pitcher wasn't out of the way for a no hitter, but the sheriff could not get the throw off in time from behind the mound. ryan ximmer monocalls it in. terrell prior doesn't remember much about the raiders loss last night in denver. he suffered a concussion. he will have to pass test in order to play on sunday against washington. eric rita suffered a concussion last week. he was able to play this week. so certainly not unprecedented by any stretch of the imagination. >> we have a that boat race tomorrow, too. >> today, i brought out my picnic basket with solami, sandwiches. a little red wine. >> carry on.
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>> fair enough. >> have a good night. if the car was invented today, it would be the 100% electric nissan leaf. with over 200 million gas-free miles driven and automatic hov lane access, the question isn't "why electric?" it's "why gas?" [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪
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