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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  September 30, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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of all the responsibilities from the constitution endows to congress. two should be fairly simple. pass the budget and pay america's bills. >> no can do mr. president. time has run out and the federal government has shut down. >> and breaking news from uc berkeley where the power outage and an explosion plunged the campus into chaos. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. the power outage is just before 5:00 appearing to be related to an attempted copper theft near the lawrence hall of science. 90 minutes later an explosion on campus near the california hall. we have two reports, sharon chin on the students who needed to be rescued, but we begin with joe vazquez, with what
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happened. joe? >> reporter: ken, right now the campus is calling it a state of an emergency as you can see the uc berkeley cops right there as they are guarding the campus to keep it evacuated because they are worried about the possible second explosion as they work to restore power. >> reporter: the underground explosion started around 6:30 near the chancellor building. several bystanders were immediately wounded. the campus police would begin spreading out around uc berkeley, evacuating the entire campus. telling people to be careful of the manhole covers. still a threat of the serious explosion. what caused that fire? the spokesman said that they are investigating the possibility that it was started by the copper thieves. >> apparently the unknown individuals had been in the process of removing the copper grounding wire from our electrical system. the damage that we were able to
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see was repaired on sunday. but the power outage tonight is an indication that the damage they caused may have been far more extensive than what we originally thought. >> reporter: as they worked to get the flames under control, they were causing problems on other parts of the campus as they worked for hours to rescue about 20 people trapped in elevators. the blackouts began around 4:30. most classes were canceled, but some students went on with their lessons outside. even the choir continued their rehearsals. these scenes took place just before the explosion and the entire campus got evacuated. >> it's definitely really eerie. you never see the campus quite this empty. it's scary, of course. everybody is hoping that everybody is okay and that there is no lasting damage. >> reporter: we understand there were four people hurt. three refused any kind of the help from the ambulances.
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one of them were sent to the area hospital. right now as i mentioned, they are guarding the campus because they're trying to restore power, which is what they say caused this explosion in the first place, the restoration of the power. they want to make sure it does not happen again. reporting live, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the outage left quite a few people in need of rescue. sharon chin picks up the story from there. >> reporter: yeah, some students definitely had stories to tell. including how some people got trapped at the elevator. >> they said that when the power went out, noticed that some people were trapped inside the elevator. he didn't notice any panic, no screaming. people were pretty calm. but as they managed to get out of that, when the power came on very briefly, they went out
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again afterwards. and all the spokesman said is that 20 people were rescued from the campus buildings and the dorms. many of the affected students are returning to the dorms, including the foothill as they are still without electricity tonight. live from the uc berkeley campus, sharon chin, kpix 5. >> still no word if there will be classes tomorrow. students will be notified by text or e-mail. a live look where congress, they could not reach an agreement tonight. both the house and the senate pushed the temporary spending bill compromise to the 11th hour with no success. and now some 800,000 government workers will be staying home tomorrow without a paycheck. in the latest move, the senate rejected a house bill that would have funded that government, but delayed the start of the affordable care act. the cbs reporter danielle nottingham with the heated debate. >> we want a closed government. this is all a big fuse. >> reporter: the new fiscal
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year started at midnight just as the last one ended with the divided congress in turmoil. the republican-lead house refusing to pass a bill that only funds the government. and they were refusing to consider anything else. >> i dare you to do that. >> reporter: no shutdown of rhetoric and partisan sniping on monday as they made their cases to the colleagues from the floor and to the nearest cameras outside. >> this is a matter of funding the government, providing fairness to the american people. >> speaker boehner, pass our bill. >> reporter: president obama blamed the mess on the tea party republicans. >> one fraction of one party in one house of congress and in one branch of government doesn't get to shut down the entire government just to fight the results of the election. >> reporter: the battle over the budget could just be a warm up. in about two weeks, congress lava to agree to raise the nation's debt limit or the u.s.
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could default on its loan. >> the senate majority leader harry reid said playing a political game with that could be a catastrophe. no agreement before monday's midnight deadline means some 800,000 federal workers will be told to stay home without a paycheck. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> the shutdown delays applications for things like the federally backed mortgages, passports, no gun permits, and government workers are told not to check work e-mails or voice mails if they are sent home. the shutdown won't just hit washington hard. kpix 5 with how the bay area will feel the pain. >> i'm at the ames research center in mountainview where more than 1,000 federal workers will be sent home if they shut down. only a few dozen workers are involved in tasks like the ongoing and the unmanned mission to the moon that will be allowed to come in. they will also close major attractions throughout the bay
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area, like alcatraz and the seashore where more than 100 workers will be sent home. visitors will lose their reservations. only a few will be staying on at national parks and the recreation areas to provide law enforcement and fire protection. in mountainview, kpix 5. the yosemite national park will also close and the timing couldn't be worse for the nearby businesses. they're just starting to recooperate loss of the recent wind fire. >> and it is really going to be hard as we were trying to recover a little bit from that. usually we need to do that while the weather is still good. it will be hurtful for our business and everyone's business will be very devastating. >> the visitors to the yosemite have just 48 hours to pack up and leave the park. >> and here's what won't be affected. social security and the unemployed checks will still go out. you'll still get your mail every day. airports will continue operating normally. and law enforcement and border
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patrol officers, they will stay on the job. for more information on how the shutdown could impact you, you can go to a hazmat spill at the fisherman wharf's hotel forced everyone to evacuate the building. dozens of firefighters were at the raddison hotel this -- radisson hotel this afternoon. the fire department thinks that it could have been bear repellant, but they can't confirm it yet. people were allowed back into their rooms after about an hour. bullets pierced an ac transit bus in oakland this afternoon injuring two people on board. and the shooter is still on the run tonight. police say that someone started firing at the 1r bus as they traveled east on international boulevard between 9th and 10th avenue just after 2:00 p.m. both passengers were taken to the hospital, but they are expected to be okay. san francisco's top prosecutor is standing by his decision not to file charges against the prime suspect in
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last week's deadly knife attack. michael montgomery confessed to stabbing jonathan denver out of self-defense following wednesday night's giants/dodger's game at at&t park. montgomery has since been released from jail. the district attorney spoke to our reporter. >> what more do you need? you have a confession, him thoughing a knife away. >> you don't have a confession to murder. you have a confession to a self- defense claim. >> what is it that you still need? >> well, we need corroboration. right now we have two differentgroups and their sames are significantly different -- and their statements are significantly different. >> meanwhile police are still looking for the knife. the hayward police officer is behind bars accused of sexually abusing teen girls for nearly a decade.
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the 38-year-old richard mcloud carried out the abuse after working at an afterschool program in livermore before becoming an officer. the program is called kid zone. the livermore area recreation and park district runs it out of several locations. police say the abuse happened between 1998 and 2007, but they didn't find out about this until earlier this year. well the party is over as police made dozens of arrests during the two-day raid on the peninsula. why they still consider that a success. tired of government spies scanning your e-mail? maybe it's time to try a different font. and we nearly wiped them out. now, the california researchers are bringing them back. how they are helping the sea otters make a comeback against all odds. well, we have light rain and high surf and now for something completely different. big turnaround in the weather ahead as we look at the current readings. the forecast is coming up in about two minutes.
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shore-line amphitheater ovee weekend? it was a two-day lg rave. as kiet do reports, police made dozens of arres. now, it was a two-day long wave as they report that police
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made dozens of arrests. >> and dozens of crew members spent a full day dismantling the stage as they are nowhere near that, giving you the idea of the spectrum. and it was a weekend of the grinding to the fantasy world of the lights, music, and well, let's be honest, people were telling us that it is about the music, but i'm having a hard time believing that. >> yeah. and a lot of people, they would like to go there. >> reporter: and they arrested about 90 people on drug and alcohol charges, even though they tried warning about that drug use ahead of time. they had about 40,000 people and no serious incidents, so they will be considering that a success. >> the drugs, they're not allowed there. and so they had what they called the amnesty boxes where you could put your stuff in there and basically stay out of trouble. >> and people, they would try to hide it. they want to get there and stuff. >> why would you bring it
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there? >> yeah. they say they never saw anyone actually take drugs, but they were definitely more high. >> if they want to do that, it's up to them. >> you don't judge? >> i don't. >> reporter: they only received about 20 to 30 noise complaints last night. they could not come up with a new contract before next friday as they could walk off the job. and that happened on saturday. if they have not worked it out by then, they'll resume next monday. we are just two hours away from the affordable care act taking effect. and the new marketplace, they are officially asking for something tomorrow. agents inside the station are
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asking $4,000 calls a -- about 4,000 calls a day. when they call, they'll ask for your family size spotlight tax filing. the current access to the health care and your age. now, they say about 400,000 people in the bay area are eligible for the obama care. humans nearly wiped out one of the world's most enduring animals. the sea otter as they are making a comeback. and they tell us this time that it is thanks to the humans, right here in california. and that they are not having a care in the world. the latest count shows their numbers are up slightly to 3,000. a lot of the credit is going to the doctor and the rescue team from the aquarium. this year, the sea otter has produced a record number of the pups. some are saved by dr. murray. >> they came in that we really moved it up to the point to handle the solid food. >> reporter: the doctor has
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worked to save the otters for 20 years. >> people love them because they are so cute. >> no, i would like to consider them the wolverines. they're not very friendly. >> reporter: and since they learn from their mothers on how to hunt or feed, they are unlikely to survive in the wild. the orphans rescued by the aquarium have to be taught. a decade ago, they tried to use it, but they played a big role of the mother. and even showing them how to dive for the shelves and break them with the rock. >> yeah, we're not very good sea otters. we were not only that cute, but we cannot do what they do. >> reporter: but turned out some of the female otters a part of the exhibit will be making excellent mothers. >> reporter: so the otters in your aquarium are much more than something to look at? >> yes, absolutely.
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>> they could follow the success of the animals they would help rescue the rays and relief. some have now become grandparents. >> there's a lot of blood, sweat, tears to work for the animals. to see it work, it is just amazing. >> reporter: the hope is to increase the otter population to well over 3,000 in the coming years. and in a population so fragile, every animal is precious. john blackstone, cbs news, california. >> they are all precious and all great characters. >> have you ever seen one out of the wild in >> i have. >> yes. >> they're adorable. the cutest little faces. >> yeah, you can go out on the cruises. >> yeah, right there. >> keep a safe distance for them. >> yeah, exactly. i did not get too close. because they do bite. >> as you can take a look at the numbers right now, we're looking at mostly in the upper 60s with the dense fog coming on through the golden gate bridge and a chilly night around the bay. tomorrow it will be bright and
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beautiful for the most part. we'll have a little fog to start out with. otherwise the morning show will be talking about mostly clear conditions. here's what's happening next. the high surf is out there tonight with a pretty robust northwesterly swell. and between now and midday tomorrow, temperatures near 90 degrees inland by friday. so we've got a warming trend. the numbers are coming up with the low pressure triggering some of the showers over the area moving out over the queen charlottes. we're looking for things to stay sunny and wile for the rest of the -- sunny and wild for the rest of the week. now, it will be cooler than what we should be for this time of the year. san francisco tomorrow about 67 degrees. in san jose, 71. about 9 degrees shy of where they should be at this time of the year. tomorrow will be relatively cool, warming up good by thursday and friday. tomorrow 70 degrees. 74 at morgan hill and 71 in san jose. out in the east bay, the mid- 70s will do it for the most
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part. 76 at brentwood and 76 at livermore with a nice day in vallejo too. mid to low 70s in the north bay though. 73 on out here. cool with the water temperature off the area. 51 degrees right now with the daytime high tomorrow at 64. and up in the far north, they come in tomorrow at 75 degrees. the same for santa rosa up to 74. and look ahead as the numbers are warm, beginning on wednesday and will climb to near seasonal highs by thursday and be above that by friday and saturday. so we are back in the mid to upper 80s inland as we head into the first week of october. can you believe that? >> wow. >> man, september, gone. >> around the bay, it will be a nice beach week by thursday and friday. it looks like a good one. >> fall is always so pretty up here. >> yeah, it's great. >> thanks, brian. another major milestone for apple and it comes at another big brand expense. how the tech giant just crushed coca-cola. ,,,,,,,, look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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fonts that could help prote your privacy online. each one uses a different op graphic designer in korea said he invented four unhackable funds to help prevent your privacy online. to make it difficult to read by tech scanning software. the designer worked with the nsa during his time in the korean military, but admits if the government really wanted to spy on someone, the fonts probably wouldn't stop them. apple was moving up in the world. it's now the most valuable brand, knocking coca-cola from the top spot after a 13-year run. consulting firm interbrand and pegs them at $98.3 billion.
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a 28% jump from last year. google rose to the number two spot, coca-cola dropped to number 3. well what's the longest you could hold your breath? >> i bet you can't beat this guy. the croatian diver held his breath under water for 20 minutes and 30 seconds, beating the previous record by a whopping eight seconds. the guinness made the record official on sunday. the raiders will be burning the midnight oil on sunday. i'm dennis o'donnell. and baseball's regular season, it's going to be going extras in texas. the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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season...the rangers and ra met in a 1-game playoff ton
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for the right to move well tied after the regular season as they met in the one- game playoff tonight for the right to move on in the post season. give me the clock. back with texas after serving a 50-game drug suspension. already up in the third with the two-run shot. with the 17th career run of the final day of the regular season as they woke up to envisioning the complete game. that's what they got. they'll face cleveland on wednesday. meanwhile they fired the manager after two horrible seasons. the yankee's manager could be in the running for that job. the a's start game two of the alds on saturday. which means that the raiders, they will now have to kick off at 8:35 on sunday. a big night for that man right there and the battle of the unbeatens in the big easy five- yard touchdown run to get them there. and then in the second quarter,
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to make it 21-10, 142 total yards. and they win 38-17 as they are 4-0. miami, they will drop to 3- 1. what you got, kansas city is undefeated. >> the game was over in ten minutes. >> yes, it was. it was. >> and seattle, they remain undefeated as well. >> yes, a few undefeated left. >> good for drew brees though because they lost their head coach as he's back and now the team is undefeated. great stories that are brewing. >> i like it. it's at 8:35. next sunday night. >> that's good. >> yes, if you're a raider fan on the east coast, bro. >> you'll be up until 2:30 in the morning. >> they all need to watch it the next day. >> yes, very good. >> a pretty good storm coming our way? >> the fact that it is getting warmer, it will raise the red flag warnings by the end of the week. sot warming trend taking temperatures back to the upper 80s will be warm. not so good if you're a firefighter and worried about that kind of thing. >> all right. thank you. we'll see you at 11:00.
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