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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  October 11, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> right now, still locked behind closed doors, what we just learned less than five minutes ago. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. it may be a good sign. bart negotiations are still going on at this hour as we get closer to a possible strike and commute nightmare on monday morning. kpix5 has been following the contract talks and sharon, it has been a long day, started 12 hours ago, what can you tell us? >> yeah, less than five minutes ago, one of the union leaders came out and he says any time they will be taking a look at bart's latest offer and so far today, both sides are characterizing the meetings as positive. the pressure is on to reach a deal before sunday at midnight when bart's unions threatened to strike. the main difference today is bart's general manager has been at the table all day.
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the meetings have been face to face. no longer separated on different floors. we talked to both sides tonight. first the union president who said the presence of elected officials has helped, but bart's chief negotiator said having other elected officials there is counter productive. >> how much is that helping, just having her there? >> i think she is getting both sides of the story and that is important. we don't know what is being filtered to her, but she is sitting at the table, we know this is what we are telling her. >> it doesn't help the process at all. if anything delays it a little bit, because they spend a lot of time in the other room talking to them. >> again, union negotiators just told us they are expecting to see the new offer tonight, any time now up until now, he has been doing a lot of listening, a lot of asking questions, bart's ridership fell 20,000 compared to your
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average friday. many people made other plans. the deadline sunday at midnight. we don't know how long they will be negotiating tonight. ken. >> they have the weekend before that deadline comes. sharon chin, in oakland tonight, thank you. of course, we'll be monitoring tonight. updates and commute alternative it is, you can find them all the time, any time on >> a southern california man is charged with trying to help al-qaeda. authorities picked up the man this morning in santa ana as he tried to board a bus to mexico. he faces a terrorism charge. he is also accused of lying oen a passport application. 24-year-old, vin wynn. and fremont police arrested a teenager who they say stole a 70-year-old woman's gold necklace and slammed her to the ground. 18-year-old, alberto of newark was arrested this afternoon. another suspect remains on the
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loose. police released this video. it is difficult to see, but the robbery takes place in the distance. you'll see someone appear to pick something up from the pavement and a crowd arrives after the suspects get away. the victim suffered a broken hip, but is expected to recover. now days, it seems like you can't go without a few hours without accessing the internet. as kit doe reports, some people addicted to everything from social media to porn can now get help. >> a man we'll call danny, knew he hit rock bottom when he spent 30 hours a week watching internet porn. >> i would have breakfast, watch porn, go to work, get back from work, watch porn, watch a movie or have dinner and then probably watch more porn before bedtime. >> danny didn't want to show his face. we also altered his voice. all that porn meant he never left his apartment.
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it affected his sex life, so danny broke up with his girlfriend. >> how much did technology and the internet contribute to this problem? >> it was a huge contribution. >> experts say the selection, the privacy, and convenience of the internet combined with the powerful chemicals that form in the brain from watching porn, has created a whole new generation of addicts. people with no history of addiction before. >> we are seeing millions of people that never would have had a problem back in the magazine days. >> dr. elaine brady opened up the first treatment center dedicated to internet addiction, along with porn, it includes online gaming and social media, which can be just as addictive. brady says it can cause problems in the berm. >> bedroom. >> their brains are so conditioned to these intense and very specific images and
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sounds that they are used to seeing. >> as for danny, he is attending meetings and has a new girlfriend. he's been clean for a year. >> you have to look at yourself and look at how you are affecting other people. >> in san jose, kit doe, kpix5. >> unlike drug or alcohol abuse and internet addiction is not recognized as a medical illness, so it's not yet covered by most medical insurance. new rules tonight for california gun owners. governor brown cracked down on gun control approving 11 new laws. those include a ban on clip kits that convert regular guns to shoot at a high capacity. more safety training for gun owners and better tracking of guns that are lost or stolen as well as restrictions for the mentally ill owning guns. >> people who are in known threat of violence to themselves or others would be prohibited for five years. >> governor brown vetoed
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banning the sale of semi- automatic rifles with detachable magazines. he says it goes too far. if he passed that bill, california would have had the toughest gun laws in the nation. california limousines will get a whole lot safer thanks to another bill the governor signed today. several limo fires like this deadly one on the san mateo bridge sparked a new law that requires two emergency exits in limousines. that's in addition to the two doors. drivers will also have to educate passengers about safety features of the limousine. the new requirements take effect july of 2015. future of the oakland a's remains up in the air after a split decision from a federal judge. san jose's antideed of trust lawsuit against major league baseball was dismissed, thrown out, but, it is alleging contract interference by mlb is moving forward. city and the athletics have a deal that sets aside land for a
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potential ballpark. they have been waiting four years on a decision on whether the team can relocate. >> it means that our case against major league baseball will continue in federal court. we'll be able to do discovery and get to the bottom of why the commissioner refuses to ask the owners to allow the a's to move to san jose. >> both sides could appeal the ruling, there's been no indication that will happen. >> more fallout over a lost dog and the airline that lost him. larry, the italian greyhound was on his way to a new home in canada after his owner died. during a potty break between flights on monday, larry ran away and hasn't been seen since. kpix5's brian webb is at sfo with what air canada is saying now. brian. >> reporter: tonight the airline is apologizing for the incident and insisting they are still looking for larry. what they are not saying is they are probably looking for a way out of this blunder that has offended pet owners from
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san francisco to sac sascachuwan. >> the way these dogs are, they are very skiddish. >> kathy with her italian greyhounds has been looking for larry for four days now and despite a few sightings, she's about to give up hope. >> what do you think happened to larry? >> i think he ran down the street and got hit by a car. >> this is where larry was last seen near the air canada cargo area a few blocks from the terminal. crews say instead of going to the bathroom, larry took off toward the employee parking and the 101 freeway. >> we received one call. by the time we arrived, the dog was gone. it's a scary situation. >> what is worse than the case of a missing dog? air canada's response by this man, head of corporate communications in an e-mail about the american media sent to the american media. he wrote, i think i would just
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ignore it, it's local news doing a story on a lost dog. their entire government is shutdown and about to default and this is how the u.s. media spends its time. for duncan white who is about to give larry a new home, it's all a shame. >> i was totally shocked and very upset, you know, you look at their website and they say they take great care with shipping animals and obviously, it's not true. >> what the airline hasn't said is how this happened. why they were in that area when they were warned he might try to run away. kpix5. >> an air canada spokesman told the newspaper quote, i guess i'm the poster child now for be careful with your e- mail. we el mailed him today asking for an interview, but he did not respond. : no new movement in the partial government shutdown. how some of the landmarks will be able pho reopen tomorrow.
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business own owners fed up. the high crime rate is causing its economic development to suffer. >> and how mark zuckerberg is spending millions of dollars to protect his own privacy. and we are starting out with low clouds around the bay area tonight. we'll be greeted by low clouds and a warming trend for the weekend. i'll have the forecast in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,, when our little girl was born,
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. rob i have another violent crimes have some businesses thinking of leaving town. this past summer. gunmen held up lee's garden on park boulevard. after they emptied the cash register, one pistol whipped the owner. the future in england is in doubt. angela is considering packing up for good. >> oakland is too much problem. i feel unsafe. >> two months after the robbery, a restaurant worker
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making a delivery got caught in the middle of a shootout. no arrests have been made in this case either. the government may still be shut down, but it's not going to stop lady liberty from welcoming her visitors. the statue of liberty will reopen to the public tomorrow after being closed since october 1. but it's going to be costly. new york state will pay more than 61,000 a day to reopen the landmark. and south dakota will pay just over $15,000 a day to open mount rushmore for a ten-day period starting on monday. in washington, more talk, but not a whole lot of action toward ending the government shutdown. president obama spoke with senate and house republicans today about that. and the looming deadline to increase the nation's debt ceiling. cbs's danielle nottingham has a look at the latest proposal. >> heading into the long columbus day weekend, senate republicans said they discovered a plan to end the
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government shutdown and prevent a u.s. default. the proposal would reopen the government immediately and increase the debt ceiling for about four months. democrats would have to concede a couple changes to obama care that had bipartisan support. including a repeal of an unpopular tax on medical devices. the plan's architect, main senator, susan collins. >> the president listened carefully, he said some of the elements were issues we could work on, but he certainly did not endorse it. >> the senate's plan wasn't the only offer to cross the president's desk as members of both houses looked for a way out. earlier, the president called house speaker, john boehner, the republican led house to have its own proposal to extend the debt for six weeks. >> as part of a budget negotiation process, for only six weeks, which would put us
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in the same position we're in now. >> talks between congress and the white house will continue through the weekend. danielle nottingham, cbs news, capitol hill. >> investors seem to have the same hope that political leaders have. the stock market rallied for a second day. the dow was up more than 100 points. the facebook founder bought four homes that surround his home. in palo alto's pricey neighborhood. as kpix shows us, the billionaire isn't afraid to pay a premium for privacy. >> today was a pretty normal day in suburbia. on edgewood drive. it was trash day. cindy walks dogs in the neighborhood. with one look at facebook founder, mark zuckerberg's estate, she knows he treasures privacy. >> there's a lot of bushes that cover the doorway and a big gate. >> it seems he is taking that
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to a new level. he spent $30 million buying up four neighboring houses, three of those are behind his house on hamilton. he bought one for $14 million. that's half the size of his house for double the price. >> yeah, this is probably an atypical situation. >> james says this probably won't affect the neighborhood's home prices. he says the median palo alto price is heading up already. it's a seller's market and it's true even if you aren't looking to sell. >> if you are interested in a piece of property, maybe isn't on the market, then you know, go and knock on somebody's dare and sigh, what to you want? >> the mercury news report zuckerberg wanted to build a mansion and market it as being near the ceo. he doesn't have a plan to --
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>> they did a good job at keeping the wraps on everything. >> it's not uncommon for sellers to have nondisclosure agreements. that was evident when this former homeowner told us he better keep quiet. >> what else would you expect when privacy is at a premium. the realtor added the medium home price is $3 million. so it seems that the sellers got a good deal and they can stay in the homes for now. kpix5. >> brian in for paul with what we can expect for the weekend. brian. >> we got a little bit of a warming trend on track for the bay area. tomorrow we'll have highs in the mid 70s, i promise, there's a bite in the air today. but, along the beach we'll be looking at mid 650s with low clouds. we'll be around 70 degrees around the bay. here's what is happening.
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has moved completely out of the state. high pressure begins to build in. we get a warming weekend, the numbers will be better than we had them today. the high pressure winds, weal still have a few clouds and with clearing sky, temperatures into the 40s, it will warm up a little bit tomorrow. near 80 degrees inland by monday. we'll look at mid 70s. 63 down at monterey. if you're headed out of the area, we'll be looking at 25. chicago has thunderstorms. back in the bay area tonight, santa rosa down to 46. san jose at 51 degrees. san francisco 64. 6 degrees lower than average. so it it will take us a while. we were going to it do that later in the week. san jose 76 and 69 at fremont.
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looking at nite, mild number ofs. 71 at walnut creek and upper 60s to low 70s. will thes of sun after the clouds set. extended forecast, be looking for numbers to recover to near 80 degrees inland by monday. look at the rest of the week, it stays there so we have a pleasant and very sunny week ahead. so enjoy the weekend. >> all right, thanks, brian. flash mob that you might be used to seeing. the purpose behind this gatt everying of people knitting and crocheting. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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one re well, it is not your usual flash mob. they didn't use their legs or whole bodies. they simply used their hands for one reason. two dozen yarn enthusists gathered in san francisco's union square at noon today to weave, crochet, and knit. their goal, spread the word about their craft and the difference between crocheting and knitting. you use two needles to knit. with crocheting, you only use one. >> i knew people were interested. it's hard to get people out and sharing the love of it and getting people to talk and say, oh my grandma knit and my grandma crocheted. >> she knows the sweater. all knitted. one person said it's like therapy. he started crocheting when he quit smoking. >> it's healthier. do you want to have the largest orange diamond in the world? well, this pear shaped beauty
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will be available next month at cristie's. it could fetch as much as $0 million. a mere $1.3 million per carat. cristie says this is the first time a diamond like this has ever gone for auction. it would look good on you, liz. hey, it's going on and on. cardinals, dodgers, going extras. mike sighs, it's so good you don't want to leave. ,, female announcer: female announcer: save up to 35% and through columbus day, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, at sleep train's inventory clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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dodger, cardinal fans getti thier money's worth... it started at 5:30 pacific. nlcs and it's only game one. dodger and cardinal fans getting their money worth to the minute. scoreless in the third inning. juan uribe back at you up the
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middle. two runs coming to score to make it 2-0. another former giant, carlos beltran. he evens it up with a shot to deep center. can't make it up with it. we go extras. top 11. look at beltran gunning out mark ellis at the plate. molina, but sai, tied at 2 in the 13th. vikings runningback, his two- year-old son died when allegedly the mere mother's current boyfriend assaulted him. he plans on playing sunday against carolina. the u.s. soccer team finishes atop the world cup as josie is out the door. finishing it off.
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final of 2-0. >> update. breaking news. >> 3-2, and that's it. the game is in st. louis. >> bottom of 11? 12? >> the relief was the hero, st. louis 3, and the dodgers 2. >> the dodgers lost, it break my heart. >> do you feel bad? >> yes, i feel horrible. >> i got myself in trouble last week. >> fair enough. >> you know, it will be exciting. and you did a little polo today. we'll have to save that for a later time. >> it was pretty good. >> if you're still walking straight. >> i'm telling you, get on the horse and ride. >> it was impressive. you owned it. that does it for the news at 10:00. >> the news is always on we will keep you updated on any
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developments in the bart negotiation on the website. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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