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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  October 12, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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i don't know how long it will be down, but i know my stomach is agoing empty and i'm hungry. there been some progress but still no deal. it snowballed. it took three decades and thousands of tooth picks, but a san francisco man's unique contribute to his hometown is finally finished. good evening. the government wasn't the only thing shut down today. the state's food stamp system wasn't working either. we spoke with shoppers who were forced to leave the grocery
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store empty-handed. >> i can't imagine that happening in the u.s. usually that happens in the third-world countries. >> reporter: people who was electronic benefits cards were out of luck today. >> i came out and i tried to use my card to get some food, and they're down. i tried every subway, and nothing is happening. all through the city, it's down. i don't know what is going on. >> reporter: this man said he relies on the card and doesn't know where his next meal is coming from. >> i don't know how long it's going to be down, but i know i'm hungry. >> my daughter hasn't been able to use hers. she needs to eat.
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i'll go to one of those free-food places. >> it's pretty bad right now. >> they have families to feed and they have their children and that's all the money that some have in order to buy food. >> reporter: they advised people having trouble using their cards to get emergency vouchers where they're available. >> the usda said the glitch had nothing to do with the government shutdown. they will come back tomorrow for a final push for a contract deal before time runs out. we are live with the latest. where did they leave it tonight? >> reporter: like you said, the meetings are other for tonight. there's still smaller groups upstairs going over the
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numbers. even though both sides the claims have been productive, something is slowing these discussions. i asked both sides earlier tonight what the holdup is. >> they definitely have the resources available but they seem to be fixed on certain points and it seems more political an economic. >> we hope we get this thing done. whether or not we don't and they do, that's up to us. we don't stop the train. >> reporter: those trains could come to a halt on monday with people trying to find another way to work, in fact crippling the commute. when they finally speak to the cameras, they speak in code and trying not to say too much, but it seems they're agreeing on smaller issues, but not so much the bigger issues, the money. so if something doesn't give soon the bay area could turn ugly first.
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they say they have 150 buses on stand by at nine different stations ready to help monday morning, but that would be like a band-aid covering a huge cut. >> we'll be following the talks down to the wire. remember you can always find updates and commute al alternatives. the government shutdown is still at a standstill. the only certainly out of day 12 is that there will be a day 13. >> reporter: despite a phone call with the president on friday, the republicans were told there is nothing to report. >> it doesn't appear the president wants anything except more tax revenue with tax increases again. >> reporter: it will shift to
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the senate where it looked like they might be making progress. collins hoped the pro proposal could gain bipartisan support. >> the plan she suggested that i've seen and in writing, it won't go anyplace at this stage. >> reporter: still the plan is what both sides are talking about today, although it may not have enough support to pass the senate, the parties will need some framework if they hope to break the stalemate. this morning they met for an hour. they have no further talks scheduled for today but said they might talk by phone. this evening he was called with another hope of meeting. >> reporter: the house is not expected to be in session on
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sunday. as for the senate, they would like to see a deal in place the next 48 hours. but the latest talks are still in the very early stages. >> san francisco's cliff house is back in business. the restaurant and bar is privately owned but it sits on federal land. so when the government closed its door, it had to, as well. the owners briefly reopened on monday before they shut them back down. late yesterday they relented, and it was opened. >> the same can-do spirit that helped win world war ii helped this festival go on. >> reporter: a replica is here telling the war story, not the scary stores but stories of
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nappieration -- stories, but story reese ofies of inspiration. betty would usually be here in her park uniform but this year she's not allowed to wear it and the rangers are out of work. >> my uniform meant much to me because i don't think most children of color see enough park rangers to be able to choose that as a career path. >> reporter: the festival goes on in a privately owned former ford plant. ships were built here. >> i think there was 747 ships produced. >> i want the young people to
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know that they can do anything. >> reporter: -- kate morrison was just 20 years old when she became a ship welder. >> we didn't know we were capable of these other opportunities that came to us. >> reporter: some skills will be taught to a select few girls. >> they'll probably be asked to learn about the women who entered the workforce in world war ii. >> reporter: they are showing even a government shutdown didn't stop the festival. >> kids hoping to participate in this year's sand castle this year, not so lucky. it's part of the recreational
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area come has had the workers furloughed. it was postponed. three national landmarks are reopening despite the shutdown. the grand canyon reopened today after arizona secured the necessary funds. it will be open for at least a week. new york is paying to reopen the statue of liberty, happening tomorrow. and mount rushmoore is reopening. in california, it's different. they won't spend money to open them. they'll have to wait to hike up these mountains. paroled six offenders that try to cut off their monitors
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will face harsher penalties. they could be sent back to prison for up to three years. more offenders are trying to get rid of their monitors. a quick thinking parent managed to stop a child abduction in in and around the library. they found the man and he's been booked for attempted kidnapping. after 22 years police in new york city have made an arrest in the murder of a 4-year-old girl. her body was found in a cooler in a wooded area in 1991. she had been smothered and sexually molested. nobody ever claimed her body. police paid for her funeral. today, an anonymous tip. >> i'm very proud of this
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department and the detectives. i'm very happy and certainly i'm relieved for the fact that when we visit in plot now we can now attach a name to this little girl. >> police say the cousin admitted to assaulting and killing her. a massive cyclone packing heavy rains and winds has! slammed into the coastline, forcing nearly a half a million people inland. damage estimates aren't expected unstill sunrise tomorrow -- until sunrise tomorrow. the new travel tip that 62
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have you flying through security at the bay area airport. tooth picks here and a work of art with a surprise inside. tomorrow we'll have 60s in the beach. the numbers will warm into the 70s. we'll cover all of this in great detail with the forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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[ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant on his trip to san diego. ts to the g-p-s unit in his re car. the phil a tourist got more excitement than he bargained for. the philadelphia man said his gps led him onto a set of railroad tracks. he got out okay but the car didn't do so well. this is the fifth time in three weeks a car has wound up on the tracks or near them. each time it happened the same way. >> the common fact earn is every single one of them told me the same thing. they had their gps running. lawmakers are questioning a change just made by google that allows it to use people's name and photos and product reviews
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in online advertisements. the massachusetts senator wants the federal trade commission to investigate the change. starting tomorrow travelers flying out of oakland international will have the option of a faster lane through security. they'll off precheck, a security screening program that allows certain passengers to zip through the line. travelers need to enroll in order to use it. a san francisco man has elevated the toothpick to a thing of beauty. a long labor of love is drawing big clouds. >> reporter: scott weaver is a man of many talents.
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he's a master sculpture in an unusual medium, toothpicks and ellmers glue. using more than 105,000 toothpicks, he created this 9-foot high love letter to his hometown, san francisco. the stools of his trade -- the tools of his trade are less sophisticated. >> i used this calculator for figuring out how many things will fit into an area. >> reporter: nail clippers serve as toothpick trimmers. his natural talent has elevated this low-tech art form, but he credits high-tech for much of his success. >> i got on the internet and went viral. >> reporter: in 1974 he created a few san francisco
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landmarks out of toothpicks. this is now on display -- at a museum, attracting crowds, especially when they realize it's not just a sculpture. what's next for him? >> a self-portrait of myself doing what i invented maybe, the ping pong ball rolling through myself. >> reporter: turning ordinary objects into something extraordinary! >> that is cool. another fall day around the day. let's take a look at how the rest of the weekend is shaping up. >> let's get you ready for tomorrow morning. we might have a patch or two of low cloudiness. the numbers will be mostly in the low 50s to, at most,
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mid-50s, so a bit of a cold start to sunday but things will warm up from there. tomorrow for the game, sunny skies for game time and a game time temperature of about 70 degrees. so nice for a football game. the high pressure offshore pumps up the atmospheric pressure, and when it does that, the low exits to the east. northwesterly winds keeping the shorelines clear. temperatures come up a little bit tomorrow and they'll be cool tonight with mostly clear skies. we'll be down into the mid- forts in the coolest locations, and the slow, warming trend will continue. inland reaches around 80 degrees by monday. the warming trend is affecting the inland areas. the short line is still on the
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cold side. we look pretty good, too. san francisco is cooler than average for this time of year. we usually hit about 70 degrees downtown, but tomorrow, 66. livermore, 78 degrees. san jose, 74. down in the south bay, the numbers look like this, mid-70s. san jose, 74. out in the east bay we'll be in the mid-70s getting toward the upper 70s. livermore, 78 degrees. napa, 78 degrees. in the north bay, a nice day, 70 degrees here. the extended forecast, the
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numbers inland will be about 80 degrees. around the bay, you can see the numbers in the mid-70s for the most part. that will warm as well. towards the end of weekend, friday and saturday we cool it down. in general there's not a drop of rain in view and plenty of sunshine. a weekend of extreme sports, excitement in downtown san francisco. it's bmx, spotlighting the top-action sports athletes. >> i'm having fun with my friends, friendly competition, bringing the whole action sports community together. >> the tour continues tomorrow with community day. people who attend will get the opportunity to skate the dew
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street course ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. last saturday against washington... but the fifth ranked cardinal would not be as fortunate tonight at utah... christian, start the clock.. a scare last saturday against washington, but the cardinals wouldn't be as fortunate tonight at utah. the final minutes, they were down six. kevin throws it out on 4th down, and utah hangs on, ending the cardinals' 13-game winning street. san jose state is back to 500
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after an impressive win. the spartans beat the rams 34-27. the sparks and senators. it was 3-2. game two of the nlcs, the dodgers have the bases loaded. and they escape the jam and st. louis wins taking a 2-0 series lead. sanchez and four tiger relievers, a one-hit shutout at fenway with 17 strikeouts. detroit beat boston 1-0. >> more sports coming up at
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11:00 on kpix 5. we'll see you then. good night. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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