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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  October 15, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> bart and its unions are still talking. that's the good news. what we don't know if trains will be running tomorrow. >> using surveillance cameras to fight crime at a sleepy bay area city. why the idea is raising some eyebrows. >> and from drug dealer to pastor. the real life story about redemption filmed here in the bay area. it sounds like a broken record, we are waiting to see if bart trains will be running in the morning. kristen ayers is live outside negotiations. what are you hearing right now? >> reporter: while the unions have not threatened to strike at midnight, they also have not confirmed that the trains will be running. once again for the second day in a row, bart riders left in limbo, wondering if they will catch the trains tomorrow.
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the two sides remain on separate floors with the federal mediator going back and forth between them. bart's general manager is in on the talks tonight. >> we are under a mediator gag order and by that, that means that we are not discussing what is currently on the table. >> we want to be able to tell the bay area if the trains are going to be running. we don't want the bay area to wait until late in the evening again. >> one reason why the unions believe there has been progress, bart's chief negotiator who has been a lightning rod in these talks is not at the table. he has been in disney land of all places. he spoke at a conference today. but bart will be back at the bargaining table tomorrow. and one man who has advanced negotiations is george ko hen. appointed by president obama, he played a role in cracking some tough labor disputes
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involving the nba and nfl. if anyone can help strike a deal, it's him. now all riders want to know is whether they will catch the train tomorrow. that word is going to have to come from the federal mediator, because as you heard, there is a gag order in place. we don't know what time that will come, but we'll be out here waiting. >> thank you. and we will keep monitoring the bar talks and provide you with the transit alternatives if bart does go on strike. check out our survival guide. >> on over to ac transit, they are trying to convince the governor to delay a strike by its workers. today, management for the transit agency hand delivered a letter to governor brown asking for a cooling off period. if the governor asks, buses would keep on rolling. some commuters can't imagine the nightmare of having to deal with the possibility of overlapping strikes by bart and ac transit. >> that would really suck.
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it would hurt a lot of people. a lot of money would be lost for people who just can't get to work. >> bart and ac transit workers are facing similar issues, both want pay raises to make up for financial setbacks from their last contracts. five people had to be hospitalized after a pickup truck collided on interstate 680. this happened a little after 5:00 p.m. in the southbound direction near highway 237 connector. four bus passengers as well as the truck driver were hurt. the injuries not considered life threatening. two children have been found and are all right tonight after the car they were in was stolen. police say a little after 6:00, a woman took the car near 22nd and folsom and took off. a thin, white suspect with short, curly brown hair. a home on sweeney street off
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silver avenue. the woman is still on the loose tonight. stalemate in washington could cost the u.s. its credit rating. warning it will cut the rate from aaa, the cities political -- over the debt ceiling noting how close politicians have pushed the country to default. and it appears it will fall upon the senate to end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. an effort in the house which appeared on the verge of holding a vote tonight collapsed. senators harry reid and mitch mcconnell resumed their negotiations with a little less than 24 hours before the country defaults. there is a distinct possibility a deal won't be done before the thursday deadline. >> so, i think that is why you see some very serious minded efforts being undertaken in the senate. and we would hope that the
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house would also approach this important deadline with the same understanding of just how serious it is. >> even if the senate can get a plan done and pass, it is unclear whether the house would pass it or even bring it to a vote. >> president remains firmly behind a bill that would put limits on the treasury department's ability to avoid default. he put the blame squarely on house republicans. >> there's a faction there that believes any compromise is unacceptable, that they have to get 100% of what they want, or a lot of what they want, and they haven't been willing to engage with democrats over there. so, we are stuck in the house, but i remain optimistic that this will eventually get resolved. >> republicans find themselves in a quandary. they need to get a deal done, but have to make sure they don't upset the conservative base at the same time. the closure ends stalemate are
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costing the country a fortune. moody says the government shutdown and the risk of default have cost the u.s. economy $22 billion just these last two weeks. the illusive budget deal sent stocks into a free fall today. the dow plunged 133 points dragging the nasdaq and s and p with it. >> forcing workers off the job as sharon chin reports, the lawrence livermore lab has to send its workers walking. >> employees leaving lawrence, livermore tonight wonder if they will return the rest of the week. the engineer is worried. >> we live paycheck to paycheck. >> cover thursday and friday, if the government shutdown lasts longer that, ky catch in vacation days or go without pay. >> it's upsetting. we know they have to come to some kind of an agreement as to
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why we wait until last minute. >> many of our employees are going through foreclosures and having trouble buying groceries. >> researchers would leave behind important scientific work. >> you aren't allowed to work at home. >> frustrate something. >> yes. >> some fear the government shutdown will accelerate a brain drain, highly qualified scientists leaving for the private sector. >> going to use their younger people, they already lost several. people just walking away. >> and although an east bay congressman is requesting back pay, union reps advise them, don't count on it. lab officials didn't want to talk. the shutdown procedures have already begun and the labs could be completely closed by the end of tomorrow if there's no agreement to reopen the government. >> the british sailor who died
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during a training run in the bay drowned after suffering blunt head trauma. 36-year-old, andrew bart simpson was sailing for the team when complications split the 72-foot cat ma ran in half. the bart was thrown from the boat suffering trauma to his head and neck before drowning on may 9. simpson's death prompted america's cup to add 37 new safety rules to the races. a movie premier right here in the bay area. we talk to the stars of a tale about a drug dealer turned pastor. filmed entirely in the south bay. and after a year of bullying, a teenager takes her own life and wait until you hear what the bully said when she found out. >> this is a unique fix to a unique problem. >> remember those broken bolts on the bay bridge? of course you do. now we are getting a closer look at the fix designed to protect us in an earthquake. >> what a day it was in santa
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rosa. record low, 36 degrees, 4 degrees above freezing and this morning, 85 and sunny. we'll talk about anymore wild temperature swings coming up in the seven-day, next. ,,,,,,,, when our little girl was born,
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two florida girls are in breaking news tonight. >> want to go to kristen ayers right now who has latest on an announcement a lot of people have been waiting for. >> we got that a couple minutes ago. the union tweeting out from their official twitter account that there will be no strike tomorrow. we have not confirmed that word with their spokesperson, but that is a twitter account we relied on throughout these talks. that does not necessarily mean that a deal has been reached. it is a good indicator that there is progress between the union and bart management tonight. we'll keep an eye out. but again, atu tweeting out tonight that there will be no bart strike tomorrow. back to you. >> that is good news. at least people can get to work. kristen with the latest. thanks. two florida girls are in custody for bullying a class classmate who later killed
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herself. rebecca sedgwick jumped to her death from an abandoned building last month. her classmates, 12 and 14-year- old girls, bullied sedgwick so relentlessly and stalked her online, she took her own life. sedgwick's mother blames the school for not taking the bullying threat seriously. >> please look into it more diligently. it can save a life. >> one of the alleged bullies admitted in a facebook post to bullying sedgwick. she also said she was not sorry about it. >> tonight was the premier of a film based on the life of one of california's most notorious drug dealers. all was shot in san jose. it's a story of crime and redemption. >> hollywood in the bay. >> the lights, the stars, the film, called i'm in love with the church girl, premiered in
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downtown san jose. >> it means a lot to us to be back. >> big part of the dna is san jose. >> gally of san jose wrote the movie, reduced it, shot much of it here in the city. it's a story about his own life in prison. >> this guy is the biggest drug trafficker. >> it's a story of a drug dealer who finds love and god and redeems his life. he goes on to become a church leader. >> there's two kinds of people in this world. people that grind and people that don't. i'm grateful to the city. i love my city. wee will have the premier here. >> right now, i'm inbetween churches. >> played by jarule who just finished his two year sentence for weapons and tax evasion. >> it's good to see that people can change. have second chances in life. and you know, that's what america is about. they love to see people bounce
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back from tragedy to triumph. >> it's great to see somebody from your hometown be successful. at the same time, your past does not determine your future. although, a pass here, obviously changed for the better. >> in san jose, kpix5. >> i'm in love with the church girl opens up in theaters this friday. many churches plan to show it to their congregation. >> the bad bolts that delay the opening of the bay bridge, crews are installing the permanent fix, and tonight we can show yaw what that leans like. >> this is a unique fix to a unique problem. >> obviously we're having a problem with that. we'll get it back to you as
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soon as we can. >> talked about that -- we are trying to forget about it. don't share the video. forget about it. >> weather is good. >> weather is great. >> all right, yeah. we never get teared of talking about weather. it's been fantastic. chilly start, mild finish, a 50- degree temperature swing. this is what is going on. we have a big ridge of high pressure off to our south and to our west. it will keep us looking very good weather wise for the next couple days. i'm going to back up and start my graphics all over again. i want to take you outside. show you a big view. clear skies, 78 degrees in the city today. overnight lows, another chilly one. santa rosa, not record setting, but still cold. 48 for redd wood city,son highway jose dropping to 50. richmond, 80 degrees in
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richmond. cooler, but sunny on thursday. calling for a high of 74 degrees. here's the set up. blocked for many weather activities by a big ridge of high pressure, deeping us dry. the only thing that will flux fluxuate -- a dry, northwest flow of air. subtle change starting thursday. temperatures will drop by 3 to 5 degrees because low pressure will pass by. that will kick up a light on shore flow, really nice weather, but if you're looking for rain fall, afternoon, sunny and mild. those mornings if you are out and about, it's going to be chilly. highs tomorrow, liver more 80. san jose another day of 80 degrees. union city 77. low 80s after a chilly start for pittsburgh and pleasant hill and highs around 79 for mill valley. sunshine and san francisco with
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a high of 74. thursday, friday, more sunshine. saturday and sunday, more cooler. you get the best of both seasons. you get et fall, crisp feel in the morning. just about perfect. >> thank yous, paul. fremont is looking to crack down a crime with surveillance cameras. where the city wants to install the cameras are casing a lot of eyebrows. >> we are here at the police surveillance camera. it sits on top of that light pole. the first round of these will go into poor neighborhoods and for some people, that's a problem. that guy beware, you may soon be watched in fremont a lot. this is a picture of a test surveillance. >> i understand the privacy
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concerns. >> tonight the city voted to reel cat federal grants that might be used to -- they have had a lot of success, it helped them catch a woman who was stealing packages last christmas. >> we have to break away from that story because we need to get back to oakland right now. we have breaking news. the mediator is speaking to report. >> the parties have authorized me to advise you and on behalf of themselves and the support of the public interest and the writers, there will be train service operating all day dong. ly appreciate your attention and understanding that we are intimately involved in the negotiation process, which is devoting that energy to an agreement and i will not be taking any questions and i
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thank you. >> the deadline is extended? >> you're looking at an impromptu news conference in front of the caltrans headquarters there. that is one of the mediators who has been involved who has come out and has been working with the two sides and has basically repeated what we heard a few minutes ago from kristen arrest that there will be no strike. trains will roll as schedule. >> he was appointed by president obama. he is the mediator that both sides get along with. that's the latest on the negotiations tonight. >> things start rolling when george cohen got involved. bart trains will run tomorrow, so that's good news. we're going to talk about the
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bad bolts on the bay bridge. of course, you remember those and how that threatened to delay the opening of the bay bridge. crews are instulling ailing fix. >> this is a unique fix to a unique problem. >> beneath the deck of the new bay bridge, the permanent fix is taking shape. >> along the way there were tweaks and revisions. >> the last time we got to see this job, crews were laying the ground work for the saddle. literally carving nooks into the concrete so it could lock into place. now six weeks later, you can see that saddle. that's where the steel cables will threaded through. >> they will start putting the tendons, they will go up and over and then there will be tension on both sides and it's
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are the pulling down that will provide. >> and securing the cables doesn't end with those skell steel. once it is all done, the temporary shims come out and the false work will come down. >> we are still on schedule for getting everything installed by december. once every bomb has been checked and dotted, then they will start to remove. >> cost of the fix is $10 million. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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honking. and the headlights kept going on and
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well, the windows are fogged up, the headlights kept going on and off, on and off. >> police took this picture of the intruder who got locked in an suv. a neighbor spotted the activity, poor bear, and went to investigate. when he approached the driver side window, the bear head butted it, but didn't break it. the bear jumped out, ran off into the woods, truckee police say this is the third time a bear has been locked in a car. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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25 years ago, curt gibson had that run. they could use that magic
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tonight. game four, nlcs, his ribs probably feel like gibson's knees did. this baseball felt pain after matt holliday destroyed it. the first home run of the entire series. 3-0 cards. it was 4-2 st. louis. bottom 9. a runner on for puig, but he grounds into the double play. cardinals win 4-2. they are a win away from advancing to the world searces. between the tigers and red sox and the power outage at the plate in the mike napoli took justin verlander deep for the only run of the game. the red sox take a lead. and dan boyle was drilled into the class by forward, pierre, he left the game on a stretcher and taken to the hospital. he was alert and moving his extrim dis. logan scored the first of unanswered goals. 6-2, they are league best 6-0-
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0. the only team to match that is the colorado avalanche. >> see you at 11:00. no bart strike. ,,,, look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver. back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ let's get some cake in you. i could go for some cake. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver.
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