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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  October 20, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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. >> trying to do what's best for his family and looking forward to retirement. >> we'll be turning have -- over every stone. >> we're learning about the man who died. late developments from the bart contract stalemate. the union say they are ready to talk again. good evening. we begin with brian webb in oakland where union workers are mourning their coworker. >> and many doing double duty on the picket line while expressing sorrow for the men killed. these can debts light -- cab dells lighting up the station. >> dealing with the emotions and the frustration.
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candles and prayers, handshakes and hugs. >> everybody at bart is affected by this. it's sad. >> at the accident scene, federal investigators arrived one day after two men were killed they walked the tracks, sifted through evidence and moved the train. we took measurements and wanted to get a look at the lay of the land, the accident area before we moved equipment, which is done by us. >> some individuals at 16- decibel two on the c 1 track. a bart employee and contractor were inspecting a reported dip in the track when they were hit by the train controlled by a computer. investigators will look at signals and cameras and regardings, records and the rails plus the people on the train and the tracks.
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>> they insist the strike is secondary. >> i'm aware there's a strike and i don't know if that will have impact on what i'm doing. egg here is of interest to me. >> we're going bow our heads. >> in walnut creek a second memorial. a strong feeling this accident didn't need to happen. >> we watch each other as backs. i feel i'm one of them and i am one of them. it's great sadness we're here. it's senseless, and my condolences to the family and the kids that don't have a fath. -- father. a day after the accident not a lot of answers. the investigation could last six months. >> let me ask you the ntsb did down low video but it doesn't
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show the accident. >> what are they hoping to learn. there was no forward facing camera, from was a camera in the cab, the ntsb has not had a chance to look at that video. >> the two men killed in the been identified as contract larry daniels and christopher sheperd. >> christopher sheppard had experience had the rail industry. he was a senior track engineer at bart and before that worked at amtrak. chris lived with his wife at this house. he was a kind man. >> he was a great guy. it's tough. it's a shock. >> jeff smith noticed chris was working longer hours during the strike. >> he probably wouldn't have
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been out there. give them a chance to work on new lines, and he called his wife and told her that he had to run out to check on something. >> bart says chris and a contractor were inspecting a problem on the tracks. they were outdoing an unexpect to identify if that was the case. >> and during that inspect a bart train hit chris and the second worker. people stopped by and dropped off flowers, his coworkers are wearing a black ribbon. >> aside from his love for his work. friends and neighbors say he loved astrong knee. he -- astronomy. we would look at it and see what's up there. now he's up there.
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>> i talked to christopher's son this afternoon, the family declined to comment. in walnut creek. kpix 5. six people were are on the train when the accident happened. they were not hurt. the bart union are offering up a new proposal. workers and management are at a impasse. the union now are willing to allow certain technology upgrades but are standing firm on rule change that could lead to unsafe working conditions. we reached out the management but they received no such offer and no new talks are scheduled. bart's board of directors will discuss their next step. stay with us for the latest. ac transit will meet with a
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state appointed panel. workers have rejected two contract offers. they planned to strike next week but the negotiate stepped in. they carry 100,000 riders a day. instructors -- truckers are planning a stoppage protesting unsafe working conditions. port truckers are independent contractors and can't form union. the federal government shut down was the hot topic on the sunday talk show circuit, how to avoid repeating it. >> i join the american people and the disgust in terms of the shut down in government. that's unthinkable tactic to use. >> there will not be another government shut down. there's concern about another shut down a plastic bag to prevent -- plan to prevent one
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has not emerged. the feds are calling on help to fix the roll out of obamacare. technical gliches have been tripping up a lot of people. the botched roll out will be the subject of a committee hearing. for now john mccain is offering suggestions. >> send air force 1 out to silicon valley, load it with smart people and bring them to washington, d.c.. half a million people have applied for coverage. the administration has not said how many are successfully enrolled. one of the most expensive projects in america is underway. engineering for the high speed rail system has begun. the voter approved system will
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span the state, but not until 2029. in the state prone to earthquake you would think california would have a system detailing the faults. not so according to the "los angeles times." only 23 maps have been drawn since 1991, none were drown between 2004 and 2011 because of budget cuts. this weekend marks 22 years since one of the worst fires in bay area history. the 91 oakland hills firestorm killed 25 people and destroyed 3,000 homes. a wildfire prevention district was formed to keep fire danger down. funding for the program is set to expire at the end of the year unless voters approve an extension. fires are here every year.
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and while we can't do anything about the weather that contribute to fires we can reduce the fuel load that will keep small fires from flaming out of control. ballots will go to 40,000 voters, the partial tax will cost 78-dollars a year. a dozen people are homeless after a apartment fire in walnut creek. it was on north pacific drive. four units were destroyed. no one was hurt. >> if i had an opportunity to talk to him, i would ask him, what's the deal. >> a lot of people asking that question tonight. investigators say the convicted killer had help. if you haven't backed your flight home for thanksgiving. prepare for sticker shock. it means the world to me. >> a marathoner on a mission.
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the story of strength and support to help the bay area mom through the race of her life. the fog was conducive for the marathon, now the impact the fog will have on the commute. ,,,,,,
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the questions remains: how d two convicted killers he first place? ma three back behind bars but the questions remain. how did they get out in the first place. you can count on more arrests in the florida prison break in court this morning joseph jenkins and charles walker were denied bond. they were hold up in a beach motel. 20 law enforcement agents surrounded it last night. they called on the bull horn. he came out with his hands up and laid on the ground. a minute later the second guy came out. neither fugitive was armed. >> there's a lot we do not know. i can tell you there will be more arrests, we will be backtracking to those who helped carry out the fraud.
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counterfeit court orders fooled prison officials. they released two convicted killers sentenced to life behind bars. her son was murdered by charles walker in 1999. >> i was blown away when i read that. percy got a convict's -- victims letter and she aalerted authorities. >> hour lives were at stake. >> joseph jenkins murdered a man in 98. henry pearson, his uncle raised him like a son. prison officials called him to say jenkins was released. he drove 300-miles to pick up his nephew. no concerns. everything was fine. we had no indication that anything was amiss. >> not until last wednesday when officers came here looking
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for jenkins, he fooled his uncle too. i love him, but if i had an opportunity to talk to him, i would ask him, what's the deal? you know, why would you put us through this if you know, it's not real. >> investigators are looking into the possibility that the forged court papers were bought for $8,000, they've seized the printers and computers from the prison where the inmates escaped. >> and police say when they found jenkins and walker they were waiting for a ride out of state. gas prices are coming down but bay area drivers are paying more. it has dropped to 3.36 a gallon. albuquerque has the lowest price at 3 .03. san francisco has the highest
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at 3.81. if you have not bought a flight home for thanksgiving. airfares are going up. the average price is $415 round trip. if you have not booked the best fares may be gone. hoping to beat the rush, prices increase the closer to the holiday. it's light. if you have a specific budget you may not be able to fly. travel experts say the best bet is to travel on thanksgiving day or come back on saturday or use a travel agent. a woman who's feeding a -- fighting an aggressive form of cancer beat the odds. the bay area mom inspired others with her determination. >> she's been running from the nike marathon since 2005. this means the world to me. >> she didn't run the 26 miles.
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just the last 4.2 miles. four for the rounds of chemo and two for the rounds she has left. each round of chemo is another mile marker. >> she's been doing both for months after getting sick in july. >> eventually got the diagnosis of cancer. and it was a shock. >> the cancer is rare and the odds aren't good. equally shocking is how she reacted. >> most people if you got that death sentence, you'd just retreat into yourself and fall apart. >> not amy, she kept training, sharing stories with her friends and each trip solidifies her message. life is hard, you can get through. she's inspiring us. >> amy has inspired more.
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organization made special arrangements so she could run the mile. >> we're grateful for everyone that brought this together. they made it a dream that became a reality. >> a dream that came from a nightmare. >> in san francisco. the whole bay area is rooting for amy in this fight. i'll run for her. i wish i was there today. >> she has a lot of people rooting for her. >> weather was conducive for the nike marathon. we needed the low clouds and fog and insulate the bay area. we had a foggy start, it was nice running weather. look at the bay bridge, shrouded is the top deck in low clouds and patchy fog. it feels chilly outside. it is 50 in san francisco, 47-
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degrees in santa rosa. mid-50s in mountain view and livermore at 63 degrees, that was after a high of 87 degrees, 1 degree warmer than yesterday. everybody else seemed to cool by five to 7 degrees. 74 in san jose. which is spot on. we were 8 degrees off the mark in san francisco for averages. overnight in the 40s and 50s. we'll have blankets of fog along the coast and the bay. this is futurecast, this illustrates where the commute will be socked in. right now it is 1000 feet deep but will be deepening. i suspect delays at sfo at arriving flights. it hangs site to the coastline. now this is interesting. see this right here. an area of low pressure and it will affect the weather
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pattern. we have a beach hazard statement for tonight at 11:00 through tuesday at 5:00 p.m., that area of low pressure is producing long waves, and we're going to see the surf increase five to 7 feet and we're trying to encourage fishermen not the fish at the rocks. so tomorrow, inland highs into the 80, 67 in the south shore after a morning low forecast of 25 degrees, 68 should be warmer in monterey bay. 68 to 71 around the peninsula, we jump neighborhood the -- into the midand high 70s. 80 degrees in morgan hill. 83 degrees east of the bay in san ramon. down from 86 today. 85 toward the delta. 60s, every day we'll see a couple degrees cooler and the temperature are riding above
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average for this time of the year. very little day-to-day change except for friday, we'll cloud up. a slight chance of rain in the forecast. we'll stay partly cloudy. dry conditions right now through november 13th. >> look how far out you're looking. >> i'm in search of a rain drop. check this out. what this the world is going on here. 20 people running around on fire, on purpose, they had a good reason, don't worry, they are okay. ,,,,,,,,
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the warner brothers space adventure --- topped the box of t week.. pulli gravity is pulling big crowds to the theaters -- it pulled in another $31 million. it's made more than $170 million. captain phillips held on to the number 2 spot. followed by the horror remake carrie. this may be one of the most extreme efforts to get into the guinness book of world records. i'm not sure we should show this. 21 people set themselves on fire. participants wore multiple
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layers of gel soaked clothing. guess who's on fire. the last unbeaten team in the nfl. the latest tirade does not tell the true story. but we will. blame ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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be the best, or pretty darn close to it..for the first 6 week the 49ers may not be the hottest team in the nfl but they may be the best. the 49er fans wondered what happened to the 2012 persian of capper -- verse of capper nick. he showed up today. here's the capper nick of last
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year -- kaepernick. he had 69 yards rushing. more than his previous 3 games combined. frank gore for the one-yard score. 17-0. gore had two touchdowns, the 49ers dominate. for 14 years peyton manning was the face of the colts, don't he returned for the first time has a visits player. the colts win 39-33 to hand denver the first loss of the season. alex smith and the chiefs looking to stay undefeated. alex did his best kaepernick impression the the chiefs are the loan lone unbeaten team. game ends in a tie. the earthquake are eliminated from the playoffs. no. couldn't they have a shootout.
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they made a dramatic come back. we'll see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,
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