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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  November 2, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. >> the suspect in the lax shooting rampage new faces charges that could carry the death penalty. plus, it's time to roll back the clocks. why tonight's time change could be a cause for concern for students on the cal campus. >> and new details on the nursing home shutdown that left patients to fend for themselves. turns out staffers were not the only ones who walked away. good evening, a live look outside at lax. the famous 100-foot pylons are lit up in blue to honor the tsa agent who died. tonight, we have new details. carter evans tells us the suspects paul ciancia, carried multiple weapon's magazines and
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a chilling message. >> in the note handwritten we found from the defendant, it was signed by the defendant. we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. >> reporter: late this afternoon, the widow of jirardo hernandez spoke about her husband, the first officer in the agency's history to die in the line of duty. >> and we're heartbroken. >> reporter: at lax, more than 24 hours after gun fire disrupted thousands of flights, many passengers remain stranded. their belongings still inside the terminal they were fleeing from. >> and i want to go home. >> reporter: paul harris was trying to get home to missouri. >> all of my stuff was on the conveyer. i heard pow, pow, pow, the next shot and we all took off running. you can still hear shots going off. >> reporter: police say the 23- year-old paul ciancia shot his way through the security checkpoint killing tsa officer
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hernandez and wounding two others. >> you were taking off your shoes. >> yeah. >> and you started to run bare foot? >> that is it. >> reporter: that is when he slipped and injured his leg. >> and he is coming up. >> reporter: the shooter then continued down the concourse firing along the way before he was finally subdued by police near the food court. >> ciancia remains in the hospital and is unresponsive according to the fbi. he is originally from new jersey. the police there say he had had no history of violence or mental illness, but he did send text messages telling his family he was unhappy and discouraged living in los angeles. >> the text message was a message to the brother and the way it was written, there was a concern about it. >> investigators condition firmed that ciancia was not a ticketed passenger for any flight out of lax and they believe that someone dropped
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him off at the airport and won't sea who. as for our local airports, things slowly return to normal. there were delays on a few virgin american flights between the bay area and los angeles. the airline cancelled one flight to san jose. and in oakland, southwest cancelled one flight but other than, that no other delays. the winds are going to be howling tonight. >> and it was one week ago when we started talking about the winds anticipated for last sunday. remember how awful that situation was? and here we go again. the wind advisory until 7:00 a.m. monday for the blue highlighted areas. and we'll primarily talk about anything 1,000 feet above elevation. the winds 10 to 20 and gusts up to 45 miles an hour and we're realizing that so far and take a look at the wind gusts at this hour, 40 miles an hour wind gusts at mount vaca. 19 in gilvo and 20 in pacific a. overnight, the winds will
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continue to increase. this is your sun up tomorrow and as you kick start your sunday, it will be breezy to windy. look at san francisco, floor miles per hour-wind gusts and the winds will subside during the day before they increase again on sunday night. we'll pinpoint the windiest locations and the snow coming up later on in this newscast. >> thank you, robert a. a deadly crash shut down highway 1 in both directions near stinson beach this afternoon. a car went over a cliff around 4:30. the cor owner was called to the scene. right now, it's unclear how many people were killed. the highway reopened around 7 this evening. and a spike in campus crime has police at uc berkeley stepping up efforts to keep students safe. kpix5s brian webb is in berkeley where students are taking precautions as well. brian. >> reporter: campus police plan to step up their efforts, especially when they getting darker earlier with daylight savings happening over the weekend. this is when on-campus crime is
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front-page news. crime on berkeley's campus is up this year, way up and students are talking. >> we see a new story every day and that is like someone's getting robbed on the south side. >> i heard people get robbed more on campus than usual. >> reporter: the student newspaper shows that technology is the target from iphones to laptops and students walking by themselves are often the victims. >> and i think for women and night, campus crime is bad. >> reporter: campus police are taking notice starting new nighttime patrols in high-crime areas and students admit they feel safer on campus than off. >> once you get farther out from campus, not that far, it's bad. >> reporter: most students have learned the best way to stay safe is to be smart. >> students should try to walk with someone and if they unsafe -- and i think the university has a system set up where we'll
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be okay. >> reporter: the student senate has formally asked the campus leaders to address the crime issue and to try to come up with new solutions. live in berkeley, brian webb, kpix5. >> a man beaten unconscious outside of his pleasanton home six weeks ago is finally away -- a weak, but he can't tell investigators what happened. he went outside to ask a group of teens to quiet down. when he didn't return, his wife went out and found him badly beaten. lamont is now out of a medically induced coma. while his condition is no longer life-threatening, he can not speak. the investigation is on hold until police can question him. the city gardener accused of running over and killing a woman in san francisco has been fired. thomas bernowsky hit the victim in september as she sunbathed with her baby and dog. he's charged with vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run. a daly city family is asking for help to find a
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missing mentally ill relative. the man has diementia and schizophrenia. he was supposed to meet the family at sfo yesterday morning. instead, he took a cab to daly city and got out at john daly boulevard in mission and hasn't been seen since. and a patient reported missing from a closed down care facility in castro valley has been found safe in san jose. 65-year-old edmond had not been seen since the state shutdown valley springs manor late last month over a slu of health and safety violations. only a couple of staffers stayed behind to take care of more than a dozen elderly patients. anne on makovec told us even social service workers walked away. >> i feel what the owners did at this facility and other facilities is -- >> and the san francisco chronicle reports that the owner of valley springs manor's trouble dates back to the
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1990s. hilda manuel owned other homes over the decade says and racked up $860,000 in fines and was still able to obtain a license for this one. >> is he breathe something. >> yes. >> reporter: this is as more information comes from the coke and janitor who stayed unpaid to take care of residents after the home was shut down. >> he's not look willing? >> and you can -- looking well? [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the workers called emergency dispatchers four times over three days and never told them the center was closed. the state revoked the valley spring manor's license on october 24th. the owner's lawyer agreed to spoke to kpix5 only if we didn't show his face. >> we're in a catch-22 situation. you can't take care of the people, you're supposed to transfer them and there is no resources to transfer them. >> reporter: meanwhile,
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california services workers visited the care center on october 24th and 25th and did nothing to curb the chaos. anne makovec, kxix -- kpix5. >> state and federal agencies have joined the investigation. crews went door-to-door in menlo park warning people about a potentially lethal mosquito. the species is commonly known as the yellow fever mosquito because it can transmit the deadly disease. the mosquitoes were first spotted from california in fresno county over the -- and larvae turned up in san mateo county. >> it carries significant issues like the yellow fever and denghi. there is no indication at this point that is out there, but we know the mosquito is here and it's not native. we want to eradicate it as quickly as we can. >> if you spot any mosquitoes in standing water, call vector control. none of the mosquitoes so far has tested positive for any
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diseases. well, finally. some light at the end of the tunnel for bay area commuters. b.a.r.t. workers overwhelmingly sign off on a new contract. we find out what is in it. >> and the halloween costumes are in the put away and already, the holiday shopping deals are underway. re in the bay area. after months of negotiation >> and a world-famous singing monk makes his u.s. debut here in the bay area. ,,,,,,
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and two workers were killed. >> and it's most unfortunate. and there was a lot of light on the safety issues going on with b.a.r.t. >> reporter: she said 88% of sciu's 1400 members approved the contract and that work safety was a big reason. >> our people are the people that step on the tracks and they do this every day to make sure that those tracks are clear for the trains coming through. there are workers having to deal with 1,000-volts every day. >> reporter: work role changes played a role. >> when management tries to manage in the old contract, we were able to do it with the approval. management never got to manage under the old contract. this is essential for us to move on forward over the next 40 years and let management shape where we have to go. >> reporter: atu, the train operator's union ratified the contract by more than 85%. >> i think there is an overwhelming understanding of what was on the table.
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and an understanding that at this point, it needs to be done. >> all workers will see a 15% pay raise and they will pay for their own pensions, healthcare and work under new safety rules. they're expected to vote on the agreement before the next regularly scheduled meeting november 21st. dozens of accidents and -- dozens of people and their dogs are upset over a plan that would limit their access to popular places like ocean beach, christy field and other places. the golden gate national recreation area wants to restrict dog walks in those areas. it's open to public comments. and sports give way to science at at&t park today. the stadium posted -- hosted the third annual bay area science festival. a robot zoo wowed the crowd outside and one threw frisbees.
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inside, visitors found more than 150 exhibits and the festival is geared toward helping children explore science and the future career. and it's so popular, organizers plan to hold next year's event as the -- at the nasa ames research center in mountain view. his record label turned down the beatles but not the humble franciscan monk. he -- franciscan monk. he met the performer who brought his divine voice to the bay area. >> reporter: he's known as the singing monk. the 35-year-old francis can priest from assisi in italy stund this crowd of catholic school kids from the bay area with his enormous voice. [ singing ] i caught up with him after his private concert at the cathedral of christ the light. across the street in oakland. >> this is the first time i am here in america.
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>> and what did you think? >> it was wonderful. like the movie. >> and for this contact -- >> that is the same deck of records that turned down the beatles. >> this time, they knew a good thing when they saw it and got him into a recording studio. he recorded two cds with them and he turned into an internet sensation, garnering thousands of hits on youtube. there is one thing. >> i don't want to use microphone. >> the microphone is not natural. the amen of a have maria this is not possible with microphones. >> reporter: the next stops include washington, d.c., and new york city. he's shy and that is something he will have to overcome. >> and you're showing the world? >> yeah. >> reporter: reporting from oakland, patrick sedillo,
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kpix5. >> i have to tell you, i would love to walk in a church on's monday and have him sing at our church. wouldn't that be awesome? the invitation is extended there you go. >> there you go. >> another wind advisory in affect for the bay area and this is because of an area of low pressure that is already passed through our rogue. so, i fired up the doppler radar and it's a destroy errorless front. no rain and on the back side of it and that is where some wins are increasing and they encompass anything above 1,000 feet in elevation. the winds pretty much at the surface, 10 to 20 and some of the gusts up to 45 miles per hour and that -- and we could see downed power lines and right now, the gustiest wind is
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at 27 miles an hour. ukiah, 22 and san rafael, 15 in gil roy and leave night, the wins increased. 34 north at golden gate bridge and two issue miles per hour winds. the winds dial back somewhat during the afternoon hours and increase again by sunday evening. it's live, the kpix weather camera. we don't have a cloud in the sky and that is a wind-swept sky. winds up to 24 in san francisco; 55 degrees and otherwise, today's highs. fiftys in the beaches and 60s across the bay and above average there in the trivalley and to the delta, 76 in santa rosa and that is slightly below normal and throughout the santa clara valley. tonight with the wind of mixing up the air, not as cold and last night, to 34 degrees at
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napa. 43 overnight and into santa rosa. here's what you need ton. the winds increase in the overnight hours and tomorrow, the wind-swept blue skies and temperatures come down slightly and this is associated with this here and that area of low pressure and that is moving out of the pacific northwest. the tail end, you will see that today and with that there and now, that is moving out. the winds increase and carve the path for that and that is producing a chance of rain by thursday. hump day, are you ready for football? the raiders, 66 degrees and a about the of a breeze. the forecast, pinpoint outlet, 63, san francisco, a good 5 degrees below normal. pair of sixs in napa, 60s everywhere and 70 degrees and
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in brentwood, tracy and oakley, when the wind advisory is allowed to expire. the warmest day, the workweek on wednesday and caught up with on thursday with the slight chance of rain, partly cloudy saturday and sunday. >> yeah. >> and i asked anne this question, we get an hour of sleep in. >> right. >> do your children know that in. >> no, and they'll get up and it will be 6:00. >> they can help you change the batteries. >> yes. >> and the fire detectors. >> and the carbon monoxide detectors. look at this, robert a. a live look at the bay lights on the bay bridge. starting tonight, you can enjoy it a lot longer. not just an hour longer. the display will run from dusk to dawn. the artist has even programmed new sequences for their early morning hours. very cool. we'll be right back. ormance this afternoon by ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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see the new look "warriors" jerseys... . a lot of material tonight. where do i begin? would you like to see the new look warriors jerseys? short sleeve saturday at oracle. going to see it six saturdays. they dominated the kings. thompson going crazy with 27. slow it down for andrew. yeah. and curry had 22.
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warriors now 2-1. they thump sacramento 98-87. the sharks shoot out. shark tank and right on by between them. moments ago, the final of 3-2. cal football put up a good fight but not enough as they lost to arizona. 33-28. oh, cal now, 1 and 8 for the year. and in golf, a five-stroke lead into the final round of the charles schwabb championship in harding park for fred couple. we love this. the breeder's cup, in a photo finish. a 7-2 favorite. cathy ripo, a heart transplant survivor, became the first woman trainer to win the breeder's cup classic. >> wow. >> always wanted to say macho man. >> yeah. >> i've got to be a macho man. >> the dance coming up on at 11
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