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the case of a woman found dd in a stairwell. the errors by the hospital and by the sheriff's department in a case of a woman found dead in a stairwell. the troublesome time line that authorities are admitting to. the bay area is plagued with car thieves. why the spike is happening now and where the cars are ending up. and meteor sightings in southern california. what people are witnessing tonight. good evening. >> authorities are admitting the search for a patient at san fransisco general hospital was botched from the very beginning and spiralled from there. her body was eventually found almost three weeks later. we have the series of errors that occurred. >> reporter: one that likely should have been looked at on day one, but wasn't.
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does this woman look black or asian? those were the first two in a series of epic blunders in the dis's peerns of lynne spalding. the problem started at 10:25 a.m. when her doctors and nurses grossly misidentified her. she's english. >> twice during the conversation, the deputy was told that the missing woman was african american and wearing a hospital gown. >> reporter: fast forward 14 hours. the identity problems continue. this time by deputies. >> ms. ford was identified as an asian female in the log book. >> reporter: when video was checked five days later it was useless. >> the supervisor attempted to review the video footage as requested by spfd but was unable to do so. >> reporter: nine days after her disappearance her case fell through the cracks of employee incompetence. >> the search did not include
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all the stairwells. >> reporter: a proof to clean up the search proved just as sloppy a few days later. >> only half of the stairwells were searched. >> reporter: and then. >> there was somebody laying on the landing in the third or fourth floor of the stairwell eight. the communication center staff responded, we'll take care of it. there was no indication that anyone was dispatched to that stairwell. >> reporter: it wasn't until october 8th, 17 days after her disappearance, that lynne was found by someone checking locks. . a bay area mother is anxiously awaiting a reunion with her newborn baby. the father is accused of kidnapping the boy from his sunnyvale home last night. mesut guler made it all the way to mexico. he was stopped on the mexican side of the border at a
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checkpoint this afternoon. the baby, unharmed. at this point it's not clear why guler took off with his son. the baby's mother told us through a translator tonight, that's not what's important. >> i'm only really worried about my son and thinking about him and aim sure he knows what he did and the actions he took and that there's going to be consequences to them. >> at this point it's unclear when the baby will be reunited with his mom. oakland police are looking for two people they say put the flames out after a bus passenger was lit on fire. the victim, 18-year-old luke fleischmann was asleep. a 16-year-old boy set him on fire causing severe burns to his legs. that suspect has been arrested. the two didn't know each other. police say luke was wearing a skirt when it happened and they're looking into whether this could be hate crime. >> set the fire with a lighter
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and unprovoked. even after a long career in law enforcement i find this disturbing. >> a website has been set up to help pay luke's medical bills, as of this afternoon, $21,000 have been donated. blairo is hauling tuns of dirty fuel through bonitia and they want to ship more. neighbors hate this area. there was a close call just a few days ago. >> reporter: all of the refineries are all interested in shipping this dirty form of crude oil by rail and tonight environmentalists came together to talk about how to stop it. the three train cars derailed in bonitia monday afternoon carrying petroleum coke. it's what left after the
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refinery processes oil. >> this has shocked our town. >> reporter: none of the dust spilled but a watch dog group says the incident was a wake-up call for bonita after they're taking 70,000 barrels a day of some of the dirtiest oil on the planet. it's tar sands and all five refineries have plans to transport it from canada by rail. even though it carries a risk of fire and spill. >> tar sands feeding into my town. i don't like that. >> reporter: but tonight environmental groups gathered in berkeley to talk about how to fight back. bonita residents will review an environmental impact report before the tar sands project goes before the planning commission and that's a start. >> this is huge and the
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refineries are not used to that. >> reporter: va layero has argued that sending that through the bay area will cut down on pollution because it won't be being transported by ship. . >> the bay area is taking a historic step as part of a climate protection resolution. the air district board wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions substantially by the year 2050. it wants them 80% below 19930 levels by then. twitter goes public tomorrow. under the ticker symbol t-w-t-r. $26 a share, valuing the company at more than $18 billion. the dow hit another all-time high today. it added 128 points to close at
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15,746. that beats last week's record close by 66 points. broader s&p 500 is one point below its all-time high. oakland may be struggling to keep its sports team but pandora is there to stay. the internet radio giant is installing a new sign on its webster street headquarters down town. it has been based in oakland since the beginning. in 2005 the company calls tomorrow's unveiling a sign to its commitment to the city. google finally has something to say to us today about its mystery barge on the bay. alan martin has been following this story from the very beginning. >> reporter: as kpix 5 reported the mystery barge docked at treasure island is meant for marketing and selling google products, specifically products such as the wearable computer
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called google glass. the company statement says google barge a barge housing the last remaining dinosaur? sadly none of the above. we're exploring using it as an interactive space where people can explore new technology. the mayor of san fransisco claims he didn't know anything about the barge. now he says google has extended an invitation. >> we had a conversation with representatives of google to find out. there is an invitation for me to visit, perhaps understand more what they're doing. i might take that opportunity up. >> reporter: and now there's a possibility of a second barge that will be under construction on treasure island. fencing has been moved from around the pier to protect additional cargo containers and other construction materials that appears to match what is used on the nearly completed
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barge project. and there is an empty registered barge right alongside the one that is almost complete. a ramp connects the two. but google could be in the hot seat over another issue. the longshoreman's union told me google may be in violation of its jurisdiction if they used nonunion workers to move the cargo containers. any containerize the cargo is under the jurisdiction of the longshoreman's union. google has never contacted us about assembling the barge. google might move the entire operation down south to los angeles to avoid the strict environmental regulations in place to protect san fransisco bay. . >> so far there's still no permit first it has to be convinced what google wants fo do can only be done on the water and not on land.
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a tribute today for tsa officer gerardo hernandez who was killed during last week's shooting at l.a.x.. a plan arrived at terminal 4 carrying the nation's honor flag which flew over new york's ground zero. firefighters greeted the plane with a double water cannon absolute. it traveled in a motorcade across the airport as fellow officers gave one final salute. >> we lost a good one. he was passionate about his job. he loved what he did and showed that each and every day he came to work. >> hernandez was the first tsa agent to die in the line of duty. a spike in car thefts. where they're being lifted more often and where they're ended up. the growing frustration for students and staff as more resources are cut at universities. and a first if space.
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professional kitchen services at a low price. the number of stolen cars t is up 14-percent since last year. . thieves are keeping officers on their toes in alameda county these days. the number of stolen cars there is up 14% over last year. where are all these cars ending up? >> reporter: well, pretty much awe all of the above. some in mexico, some ditched in other cities. some are cut up and sold for parts. san leandro police are getting the word out because they do not want you to be a victim. when it comes to stolen cars, this week the small town of san leandro posted big numbers. in the past seven days how many? >> 21 vehicles have been stolen. throughout the city. >> reporter: this crime map shows the city's auto thefts since last wednesday. that's right, 21 in a week in a city with a population of 87,000. in fact, six were stolen in just one day. most end up at chop shops like
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this one in oakland where the cars are cut up and sold for parts. some are shipped out of the country and a few are taken for a quick spin. >> we find a lot of them where people joy ride. people leave it idling in the morning and someone steals it. >> reporter: the number one stolen car in san leandro, 1990s honda accords. number two, honda civics. daniel perez says she parks hers inside a gated community. >> are you worried? >> a little bit. i know hondas are stolen a lot. >> you love hondas. >> yes. >> reporter: san leandro doesn't know what's caused the spikes but they're hitting the streets hard with all three of their license plate readers. >> the east bay and the 880 corridor is seeing a rise in numbers. >> reporter: and police say if you have one of these cars that
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the thieves like to steal, if you can park it inside that garage, use one of the clubs on the steering wheel, and please do not heave the car unattended with the -- leave the car unattended with the engine running. even if it's just for a minute. california voters approved prop 30 last year in hopes of putting an end to school budget cuts but still many state universities are finding themselves in the middle of a budget crisis. lynn ramirez says san jose state is one of the hardest hit. >> i am a student and this is personal. >> reporter: they faced a crowded room of students and faculty frustrated that more classes are going to be cut, more instructors cut off. >> this is a glorified pr seminar. i'm done. >> reporter: late last weekdays before spring enrolment begins academic department chairs were told to make millions of dollars
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of cuts to stay within their budget. >> i had to go from 20 sections to 17 sections of classes. plus tell somebody they didn't have a job. >> reporter: the university is $17 sections of classes. plus tell somebody they didn't have a job. >> reporter: the university is reeling from a $32 million deficit. $4 million must be slashed this spring. >> i am so upset because my sons are going away for college and i planned on attending a four-year university and it looks like five or six years now. >> it's highly extraordinary for us to be told to do budget cuts and turn them in by tomorrow or friday. we had two-day advance notice to affect the lives of faculty and students that will not be replaced. >> reporter: the way the cuts were handled affected students and faculty and could hurt the
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university's reputation. shares of tesla fell drastically for the second day after word they do not have enough batteries. >> this is a shortage of the lithium ion battery and there won't be relief until next year. the palo alto base company's stocks tumbled yesterday following a disappointing earnings report. say goodbye to the thumbs up logo when you like something on facebook. facebook is ditching it and will add just the signature f to its like and share buttons. you'll notice the changes within the next few weeks. a space craft launched from kazakhstan but it's not your average mission. . >> and we have liftoff of the space craft on a truly olympic
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leap. >> the crew made are carrying a sorch torch into space. it will go on a space watch and then returned back to earth in a few days. something else exciting is happening in the skies above. >> it's really interesting. on the eve of the twitter ipo to watch an event like a meteor sighting in a certain part of the country, southern california take over the twitterverse and we saw that earlier this evening. we had a significant meteor shower in southern california, las vegas. any one big meteor like this, the likelihood of seeing this is low, but it happened over a highly populated areas tonight. you see that in the deserts of nevada and l.a.
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we did not see it here. keep your eye to the sky, maybe you'll see a small one or a big one like they saw in l.a. over the next few days. overnight lows tonight, vallejo 49, sunrise tomorrow 6:42 a.m. we've been dry this year, livermore has been drier than death valley. this year, yes. livermore has received less rainfall this calendar year than death valley. but it's about to change. the process has begun. the afternoon cloud cover you saw today with things moving in about 2 or 3:00, the clouds moving from west to east, that's a sign. the big ridge of high pressure is beginning to move. it will take the next storm system and keep it to our north. no rain this weekend, but high pressure will move up over utah and new mexico and open up the
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storm door and the storms will move down the coast line into the bay area. rainfall after seven weeks. it will get here by veterans day. more sunshine and clouds. both weekend days will be dry. the rain moves in sunday night and lasts until tuesday. tomorrow, 70s in san jose liver ds and livermore. concord 71. cooler in the city, 63. berkeley 67. lake port, 71 degrees with sunshine. we're still sunny on friday. still sunny on saturday, albeit cooler. increase the clouds on sunday, rain chance moves in sunday night and monday and tuesday finally are looking soggy.
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embarcadero ice rink opened today. it's at justin herman plaza . it's the sign of the season. san fransisco's embarcadero ice rink opened today. it's the justin herman plaza. kpix 5 is a proud sponsor. the rink opens every day at 10 a.m. i'm excited about that. >> i know you are. cardinals host oregon in a game that could very well determine who gets a shot at the national championship. some fans have already claimed their spots in the parking hot. we found one guy who showed up with an r.v. yesterday. that's living right there. and if you want to go, you
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better be living to pay out. standing room only tickets are going for $90 each. >> the reason is such a big a game is because stanford has to win to keep their national title hopes alive. in the same night they hoss their bigs star. the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this season..but everyone k it's predicated on the healf star point guard stephen . there is enormous optimism for the warriors' playoff prospects this season but everyone knows it's predicated on the health of star point guard stefan curry. he appeared to tweak his right average onl this inbound play and then he comes down awkwardly on his left ankle. he left in the third and said
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he'd be ready for the spurs game on friday. barnes picked up where he left off last year, 14 off the bench in 14 minutes. six of nine from beyond the arc, 19 in 9 fourth quarter a long arc. newton has better numbers than cap but you wonder how things would have been if jim harbaugh had listened to his father-in-law. >> fearborn, you have to draft cam newton. jack harbaugh, kaepernick. he was championing kaepernick. >> the thing is, the 49ers that year did not have the number one pick. otherwise they would have taken newton. by the way, you know what
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harbaugh told me today? he tapes every judge judy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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