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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  November 9, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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jobe. >> this is kpix5 news on kcbw. >> rallies are held across the state protesting the killing of a 13-year-old boy by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. >> i don't have the words for it. it is really horrific. it is a great human tragedy. >> catastrophic devastation in the wake of one of the strongest tropical storms every to hit land. and we one of the most high profile women in politics doesn't want to be seen in san francisco. good evening. hillary clinton is in the bay air tonight but she is keeping a very low profile. brian webb has been chasing her all day. >> reporter: she just wrapped
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up a convention behind me. but in both places, it was no media allowed. [ cheers and applause ] on the steps of the moscone center, hillary clinton supporters held signs and sang songs. >> i want her to come out and say hello, but she need to know we are behind her. >> he is waiting to shut the whole building down. >> reporter: inside the center at the national association of realtors convention, dozens were turned in. no more room to hear the keynote speech by hillary clinton and people who came from far awry not happy. >> we got to e-mail our president as well as hillary clinton. this is horrible. >> but once you are in the building, you have to have permission. >> reporter: also cut off. the media. banned from all clinton speeches in san francisco. the realtors who did hear hillary's speech said she sounded presidential. >> she dressed amazing.
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presidential looking. she talked about politics in asia more than home. >> reporter: tonight at the regency ballroom fund raising for the clinton foundation, a speech, and no media allowed. politics professor cory cooke says clinton is walking a thin line between citizen and candidate. >> she says she just having a fundraiser and it is not press worthy. >> reporter: professor cooke got in. he said clinton talked about childhood obesity and women's rights but nothing about running for president. three days in talking ended in geneva with no agreement on
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iran. they said considerable progress was made. one proposal suggested easing economic sanctions. >> we are closer now as we leave geneva than we were when we came and with good work and good faith over the course of the next weeks, we can, in fact, secure our goal. >> negotiations are scheduled to resume on november 20. as many as 10,000 people are feared dead in the wake of one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. super typhoon haiyan barreled through the central philippines yesterday leveling entire communities. a major international relief operation is underway. and the storm is not over yet. >> reporter: authorities are surveying the damage in the philippines after one of the strongest storms ever recorded ravaged several of its islands
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friday. typhoon haiyan damaged all buildings in it's path. it brought heavy rain leaving many trapped by flooding. dramatic video shows a reporter and producer trying to rescue people on mattresses from a hotel. the cnn crew got everyone out, risking their lives. >> okay, i can feel electricity in the water guys. >> reporter: meanwhile, roads destroyed, homes washed away and a power shut down. >> our biggest concern is that we cannot really communicate with our people on the ground. >> reporter: humanitarian aid group catholic services says they are trying to bring food and water to people. >> we have people going to the worst affected area. clean water, emergency shelters, and we will look at how this storm impacted them.
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the secondary impact. and then, we will be sending assessments as soon as the airport is reopened. >> reporter: however, the red cross says it is unable to get aid workers into the city of taclaban. that city suffered the worst devastation. they described seeing more than 100 bodies on the streets after the storm. though officials say hundreds of thousands of people evacuated prior to haiyan. millions are still feeling its catastrophic effects. >> and this image from space shows just how massive the typhoon is. the superstorm is now headed to vietnam and china. the local chapter of the national alliance for filipino concerns is collecting monetary donations to help. go to the banging of of drums protesting the killing of 13-
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year-old andy lopez. don knapp was there for what is billed as a national day of action. >> reporter: they perform a ritual for andy lopez kicking off an organizers call a national day of action for the 13-year-old who was shot and killed by a sonoma county deputy sheriff october 22. the action many here want is the arrest and murder conviction of 24 year sheriff's deputy aaron gilhouse for shooting andy when he failed to drop a pellet gun. many say the case is not an isolated one. >> they killed my son. >> reporter: liz adams is speaking about the death of her son. the family is about to open a wrongful death lawsuit. elizabeth talks about a police shooting of a mental patient a few years ago. >> it made me feel like if i
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need help, i'm not going to call the police. and i felt like they would come and make the situation worse. >> reporter: two-and-a-half weeks ago, a fireman was one of the first responders to the lopez shooting. >> there has been a real trend in the country ward the militarization of the police department. but we live in homes in a community where we want our children to be able to walk in the park, walk to their friends homes so we want neighborhood policing. >> reporter: bruce lives near where lopez was shot. >> how can they say the officers are trying to make us safe and protect our community? this boy liveed in the area. >> reporter: the shoot sergeant under investigation by santa rosa police and the fbi. people say this is not just about andy lopez and they hope to start a movement for victims
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of police violence. in santa rosa, don knapp. >> and people turned out in the mission district asking for the deputy who shot andy lopez to be arrested. and a gruesome discovery in san francisco bay. a person walking a dog spotted a body in the water near mccovey cove this morning. it is not clear if the body a man or a woman. a plan to build a housing development near alameda's crown beach is drawing concern from the attorney general who is asking federal authorities to think twice about selling it to a developer. a lawsuit has been filed against alameda over the decision to rezone the neighborhood as residential. and anne makovec july tradition that was a casualty of last year's shut down took place today. it was a perfect day for the
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sand castle competition at ocean beach. >> it wasn't just any day at ocean beach. 27 teams took sand and watt tore build art. at the 30th annual sand castle competition. and it wasn't just for kids. architects and engineers transformed the beach into an outdoor art gallery. >> we have been doing this seven years. every time we do it we are surprised at how great it is. >> reporter: the contest is supported by leap. >> when you go to the sand, it is a lot different than drawing it on paper. >> there are so many things you have to improve. that is the beauty of it. if you are going to pull it off or not. we still have 15 minutes to go. the wall could come down. >> reporter: pyramids were popular and the golden gate bridge too. there was also a sand whale. >> we are the community just, i think, it is great for the kid
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to have good role models. >> reporter: the government shut down postponed the contest and it was rescheduled today. >> considering the weather today, it worked out for the best. even yesterday, the fog was incredibly thick. so today is just a fantastic day. >> reporter: so this is the winner. the winning team gets bragging rights for the entire year though their work will be swept out to sea in the next high tide. hundreds of people got some exercise this morning in health in the fight against aids at the same time. the second annual hike and bike started on the campus of santa clara university. people walked four miles or paddled for 33 miles the raise money for the health trot. the health trust is the largest provider of nonmedical aid for hiv services in the county. >> to many people have died of hiv over the years.
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it is great to commemorate their passing an continue the education and the services that are so vital to our community. >> the 33-mile bike course was to recognize the 33 years of fighting against the spread of hiv and aids. and still to come, a shock outcome to a friendly football bet. [ laughter ] a husband using a stun gun to settle the score with his wife. >> we have a sunny sunday on tap, but don't be lulled into a false sent of security, a little rain is on the way in the bay area. we will cover it all in the forecast coming up. >> i just like going over the bridge because it had bad memories and this is closure. >> plus the families who lost loved ones on the old bay bridge gather to say their final good-byes. ,,,,
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packers game sunday night. his wife lost but didn't think it was so funny afterwards and had it arrested. he is charged with felony possession of an electronic weapon. and another gun scare at lax in the same terminal where a tsa agent was shot to death last friday. a man was arrested after pulling out a gun. a search turned up an unloaded handgun of the police say his offense was showing it off in a public area. and in seattle a man was arrested after he sprinted through an airport security check point. police and tsa agents ran after the man. he got out on the the tarmac and into an empty plane. police arrested him after a brief struggle. investors have filed a class action lawsuit against tesla. three cars have burst into flames in the past six weeks.
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it says tesla should disclose puncture and fire risks in the battery pack. reviewers had given it high marks for safety. and a final good-bye today for families who lost led ones on the old bay bridge. demolition on the old span is set to begin in days. but as anne makovec shows, the memories will remain long after it is gone. >> reporter: as cars whizzed by on the new eastern span of the bay bridge, good-byes were said on the old. not only to the bridge itself but the lives lost here over the past 77 years. >> my son scott was killed by a drunk driver in august 2008. >> reporter: and when karen asked that the bridge was going to be taken down. she asked if she could come here one last time. >> being able to come here and actually stand in the place and walk the route that the car went when it was hit by the
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drunk driver. it brought me a lot of peace. >> reporter: and once the chp saw that, they extended the invite to other families. mary milton's father was hit by a car in 1964. >> i just like going over the bridge because it had bad memories and this is closure. >> loved ones are ever remembered in this place and in this space. >> reporter: the price family lost a brother last february. >> the chp came to mom's house and asked if he owned a specific vehicle and that his car was left on the bridge and he had jumped over the bridge. >> reporter: lan aulos her son here in 2008. he had gotten out of the car to help someone who stalled when another car came from behind. >> crashed into tony, hit him and threw him into the back windshield of the lady that he was helping. >> reporter: coming back to the
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bridge today to her brings peace. >> the sun is out. look at our water. look at where we live. look where god took my kid's hand. and to me, it is just so beautiful. >> reporter: a beautiful final good-bye. >> it felt like i could hug scott. i could hug the spot where his spirit left this world and it brought me some peace. >> reporter: in oakland, anne makovec, kpix5. and the families of 12 people came to say good-bye today. well some hazy skies over the bay area today. the smoke came from controlled burns in the santa cruz mountains. those will continue through the weekend. other than that, a beautiful day with another in store. brian hackney is here with the forecast. >> good evening, we are starting out with northeastly clear sky ins the area. and fog in the morning.
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so sunny and mild conditions on the coast. sunny and nice around the bay. upper 60s looked pretty good for the first week in november. and inland, low 70s tomorrow. we will begin to cool it off next week. we will cool it off. not get much rain because this high pressure off of southern california simply persists though some models suggested it was going away. the high won't die. the result is that the rain will not sink far enough south to give us much. we will increase clouds monday night. and then tuesday, we get a little bit of rain favoring the north bay and a tenth quarter of an inch. that would be about it. satellite and radar shows that for sunday, you can see the big dome of high pressure out west taking all the clouds in the pacific northwest. so tomorrow, mostly sunny. have a good sunday with that. here is what is next. we have chilly conditions tonight with mostly clear skies. mild and sunny for sunday, but cloudy and cooler monday. just a chance of some rain again. mostly north of the golden gate. pinpoint forecast, it is nice.
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59 degrees in yosemite. in eureka, 70. tonight, we will get down to 37 in santa rosa. 42 in redwood city. upper 60s inland. partly cloudy skies monday. and for the rest of the bay area tomorrow, the numbers look pretty good. in the south bay, 70 in campbell. 65 at hayward. out in the east bay, 73 in brent wood. so we are still be over the 70- degree mark in the east day. north looking good. temperatures in the mid 60s with thin high clouds. that is about it in the far north. clover dale at 72. an extended forecast, we are goingen with increasing clouds that will lead to a chance of showers. mostly in the north bay and look what happens in the latter half of the week. wednesday, thursday, friday,
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straight back to dry conditions and numbers in the 70s . for november, it is a little weird. stay tuned and we will see what happens next. have a good fund. >> thanks brian. well macy's parade is still a few weeks off, but practice makes perfect. today organizers took a few of the giant balloons out for a test flight. >> there are 8,000 volunteer that's will be on the ground. each one of these balloons, we could have up to 90 people. >> macies has been hosting the parade since 1924. still to come, another first for the olympic torch. this time, a space walk. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> star trek fans, today boldly went where they had gone many times before. to a convention. the event at the airport brought out lots of trekees in costume. william shatner appeared. but the real fun is the chance to dress up as their favorite characters. many have been coming to these for decades. >> i think my first one was in april of 75. >> so you are a real pro at this. >> i don't know about pro. i'm an enthusiast. >> the convention runs through tomorrow. meanwhile t olympic torch went where no torch has gone before. it is currently in space. it went for a six hour space walk with some russian cosmonauts. it will return to the sochi winter olympics. it is also going to the north
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pole. cal finds itself on the wrong side of ncaa history and steph curry was back in the warriors line up. ,, woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big.
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10:27 pm
punts for touchdown to tie an ncaa record. ufc over cal, cal is now 1/9. steph curry was back in the lineup for the grizzlies. andrew bogut throws it away. the grizzlies dominate in the second half. no call. the warriors lose 108-90. >> jeff green gets a shot off. got it. jeff green knocks it down. >> and jeff green of the celtics with six tenths left. he beats the heat. 111-110. they hand the heat their third loss of the season. the only undefeated team is the indiana pacers. >> oh my gosh. >> i feel bad for cal. >> me too. they still have the big game.
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redemption. >> all right, that's it for us. we will see you at 11:00 on kpix5. goodnight! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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