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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CW  November 10, 2013 8:30am-9:31am PST

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edition... hillary clinton s a couple of stops in the bay area. this is kpix5 news on kbcw, coming up on kpix5 on the cw, hillary clinton making a couple of stops in the bay area. is there any clue about a presidential run? we will have the forecast coming up for you just ahead. and the warriors owners want to move the basketball team to oakland, to a waterfront arena in san francisco, but could the political atmosphere in the city sideline such a plan? it is 8:30 on sunday, november 10th. thanks for joining us this morning. >> we've got a lot of news and talk to cover in the next hour. questions still remain about the bay bridge. we are going to talk to the senator about what's going on behind the scenes with the bridge. also twitter and its effects good and bad on the bay
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area after the big ipo announcement -- or not an announcement, the actually unveiling of the ipo last week. we have a lot coming up. we are starting with the death and devastation right now in the central philippines. the u.s. government is contributing to efforts to help victims of typhoon haiyan. in one town alone, officials believe the number of people killed could reach 10,000. the storm surge created a wall of water 20 feet high in some cases difficult for relief workers to get into the affected areas. the u.s. navy deploying ship and aircraft to help. and wendy gillette shows us authorities are still trying to get a handle on the full extent of the damage. >> reporter: typhoon haiyan reduced entire neighborhoods in the philippines to rubble. >> the devastation is -- i don't have the words for it. it's really horrific. it's great human tragedy. >> reporter: 150-mile-per-hour winds ripped through homes and snapped this tree like a twig.
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the storm surge reportedly up to 40 feet high in places sent floodwaters into the streets. this woman says she is searching for her mother, father and her child, who was ripped from her hand. cleanup and rescue efforts are difficult because there's no power or phones in most places. people are sorting through what's left of their homes during the day, then huddling together at night in the structures that are still standing. this image from space shows just how massive the typhoon is, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. it's hitting vietnam, then it's forecast to head to china. on saturday, a half million vietnamese people in high risk areas were moved to higher ground. they are hoping to avoid the direct hit that was seen in the philippines. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> and people in the bay area are also stepping in to help. the regional center of the national alliance for filipino concern is asking for monetary donations to help with relief efforts. we have a link on our website,
8:33 am slow but sure is how some insiders are describing the progress of talks about iran's nuclear program. no deal was reached in switzerland yesterday on curbing iran's enrichment program. not seeking to produce weapons. instead iran says it needs its reactors for electricity and medical applications. >> we are closer now as we leave geneva than we were when we came and that with good work and good faith over the course of the next weeks, we can in fact secure our goal. >> the talks in geneva include the u.s. members, plus the european union members and iran. the next round of talks is scheduled for november 20th. former secretary of state hillary clinton is in the bay area this weekend. she gave a pair of speeches yesterday in san francisco, one at the national convention of realtors and the other at a foundation fundraiser.
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there's no media allowed at either event and at the first one, however, some people turned away because there was not enough room inside the ma sconey convention center. those who did get in say clinton sounded very much like a presidential candidate. >> she dressed amazing. >> presidential looking? >> presidential looking, she talked about politics and asia more than home. >> i'm not running a campaign. the press don't need to be there. i'm having a fundraiser for a foundation so that's not press worthy. >> clinton has not made any announcement about whether she is running for president in 2016. so she is still walking that fine line between being a media personality and a candidate. hundreds of protesters gathered in santa rosa and in other cities throughout northern california for statewide day of action. protesting the shooting of 13- year-old andy lopez last month. the 13-year-old was shot seven times by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. the teen was holding a toy rifle at the time.
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investigators say he didn't comply with orders to drop it. prosecutors say what happened to lopez is an example of police pre at brutality nationwide. >> a real, you know, trend in the country towards the militaryization of the police department but the truth is we don't live in a war zone. we live in homes, we live in a community, we live where we want our children to be able to walk in the park, walk to their friends homes so we want neighborhood policing. >> the lopez shooting being investigated by the fbi. a bay area organic baby food manufacturer is recalling some of its products. plumb organics says it's voluntarily recalling parts of its baby stage 2 kids line because of a manufacturing defect. they say the problem is causing some of the pouches to swell and the product inside to spoil. the recalled products have sell by dates between august fifth, 2014, and december 8, 2014. and tomorrow is veterans day, and it could be an end of an era in santa clara valley.
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>> downtown san jose's veterans day parade has been held every year since 1919, one of the biggest parades in the nation but organizers say tomorrow's could be the last. united veterans council says it's losing grant money and private funding needed to keep the parade going. organizers are launching a save the parade effort hoping ceremonies begin at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning at cesar chavez plaza. president woodrow wilson proclaimed november 11th november 11th avesicst day. a lot of veterans day ceremonies begin right at 11:00 a.m. congress changed the holiday's name to veterans day in 1954. most government offices will be
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closed for the holiday, no regular postal service. most libraries, schools and banks will also be closed. most local transit agencies will run on different schedules tomorrow. bart will run on holiday schedule. san francisco muni system will have regular service. a controversial plan to develop a bay area beach is now under scrutiny by a top state official. >> still to come the debate over who should have the right to decide the land's future. in that spot, second in seven, they pitch to crawly, bag to phil, wide open, touchdown. >> a wild night at -- at san jose puts its winning streak on the line. also got the all important weekend weather forecast. looking ahead to veterans day and the chance for rain coming into the bay area. that's coming up as we look live at toward north beach. stay tuned.
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♪that little reward for all the things you do.♪ luscious, creamy filling - combined with our slowmelting chocolate - the one and only ghirardelli squares chocolate. for all the things you do. now try creamy crunchy hazelnut crisp let's get a look at the numbers. foggy down in san jose where they've got 48 degrees, in concord sunshine and 47. forecast in a minute.
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development near alameda's n beach is drawing the attentn of the state a a plan to build a 4-acre
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housing development near alameda's crown beech is drawing the attention -- beach is drawing the attention of a state attorney general. asking federal authorities to reconsider -- she thinks the state or regional parks district should be the one to determine what happens to that property. the city has already been sued over the decision to rezone that neighborhood as residential. another concern about housing on the waterfront. meanwhile, we are on a three-day weekend. >> that is true. and we are talking water, but barely. >> not much. yeah, we might get a little bit of a chance of rain on tuesday but not going to be much. we had built it big and then it kept evaporating in the face of high pressure that's building off of southern california not going to get much on tuesday. right now the numbers at the airport, oakland at 55, san francisco 54, elsewhere a little bit on the chilly side. later today we will recover into the low 70s for livermore, it will be in the upper 60s around the bay so we've got sunshine coming out after we
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dispense with the fog and speaking of chill, the holiday ice rink is up and running at the embarcadero, 66 degrees, mostly sunny and cool. here's what's next, we got a chilly start to the day, mild and sunny later today, chance of showers work their way into the north bay monday night and the rest of the bay area on tuesday but it won't amount to movernight lows, 54 in the city, 55 at livermore and 44 in santa rosa. santa rosa will recover to a high of 67 degrees today, 73 at livermore and 68 for san jose, 63 here in the city. veterans day, partly cloudy skies and a range from 68 to 69 degrees, extended forecast, looking for numbers to -- pretty much be mild all week even with the rain coming in, not going to get that cool. the chance of rain comes into the bay area on tuesday and then on wednesday we rebuild the high pressure and then by the latter half of the week we've got more sunshine coming
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in. so the rain won't amount to much, might not even make it south of the golden gate bridge. >> what are are the long-term effects of this? >> if you talk about the reservoirs and all of that, it could be bad. if we don't get rain and there's nothing on the horizon. so you remember those years. >> yeah. >> it's a little early to panic, though, right, guys? >> absolutely. >> we have enough water in the reservoir for now? >> absolutely. it can all turn around. there's just no sign of it yet. >> semipanic. many of us have already enjoyed a ride over the new eastern span of the bay bridge but still controversy will -- about the trouble along the ways, especially safety concerns. >> state lawmakers are looking into what caused the mismanagement and overruns. we sat with the head of the committee in sacramento and trying to be -- going to try to
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have a hearing to shed lights on the problems. >> the retrofit because of the bolts breaking is now going to be later than they originally thought so another month or two. fortunately we were able to open the bridge on wednesday. our committee going to have a first of series of hearings on what lessons we can learn from being $5 million over budget and 10 years later. >> one of the lessons we learned covering the bridge was the initial estimates are not anywhere close either on this or it seems like about any other project of magnitude like this. >> mega projects is a real phenomenon, so wednesday we have experts from europe, from the east coast, from the big dig in boston and from california to talk about why most of these projects are -- come in so overbudget but this sort of was the poster child for that. >> how much of it is deliberate? let's be honest. if the public were given the final cost for half of the things we build, probably would say no. >> well, former mayor brown, willie brown said that. the comment a few months ago
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that we now voter approved it and that's probably true. in 1998 when i voted for this design, i doubt if we would have approved it if we knew it was going to cost $6.4 billion. >> how much of it is because of the engineers not knowing what it's about and how much of it is -- well, let's be honest, contractors getting you on the hook and starting to raise prices? >> underbidding to get in and then bidding up? >> we are going to look at that closely because the contractors is a sophisticated national and multinational corporations, they have models when they come in the bid process to get the bid but then lots of change orders. so we are looking closely at when they came in and asked for change orders was it legitimate and what kind of oversight did dsl didcal trans had. >> are they paying attention? >> we need to change caltrans. there's a lot of great people
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that would there, but there's a culture that isn't performance driven. look at washington state, they went through a similar thing. they completely changed their culture in washington state. we need to do the same thing. >> on the bridge appeared we were covering the opening, the projected opening, the final opening, there wasn't even a lot of agreement and clearly tensions between the people at the bridge authority, caltrans, department of transportation, weren't always on the same page. >> here too with the the metropolitan commission, local elected officials i used to be in that position who have the responsibility into have oversight on the toll money so those tolls have gone up from $2 to $6 during the peak trip. we all pay for that and the mistakes. >> is that sort of used a temptation to throw the budget out? >> i think so. i think just sort of lack of respect for where the money comes from. >> what do you hope to get out of these hearings?
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>> i hope that we will learn and we will learn nationally and what we really need to prepare for is high-speed rail and the water project. >> when this bridge first came up and the hearings started coming there was a debate about whether we were going to drill down and actually, all right, let's get on, were people going to lose their jobs, were names going to be named, were we going to find out who did what and when or step back and take a broader look. >> we are going to do both. start from 1989 when loam paradea -- loma prieta happened. to the degree people can be held accountable, a lot of people are gone from caltrans and the contractors now. >> how many people that are gone from caltrans are working other big projects? >> that's a good question. >> the drama with the bay bridge has kind of fallen off the radar, but the same type of problems as he alluded to we are going to see as we go forward with this high-speed rail project. >> exactly. now, some of them are because of structural problems, let's
8:47 am
say, within state agencies, we will give you that, but a lot of the blame is with us because we do everything by committee. the bridge, for example, could have been done a lot cheaper, a lot quicker, but the public got involved and said no we want this, we want that, we want the suspension, we want a world stellar bridge. we got it. >> but then at one point we were told that was going to be affordable. >> they said if you want that it's going to cost a lot more. just like we said if you want high-speed rail to get you from san francisco to los angeles in this amount of time with this amount of conditions, that's how they sold it, we said yes and now they are changing it. >> the price keeps changing. >> exactly. because some of these things are unrealistic going into them and we don't ask the questions early on as the public. >> well, i think we have but we are getting the wrong answers. >> thank you very much. you're right there. because everybody says yes it will work out and she is right we do get the wrong answers and it's surprising how later it turns out to be the wrong answers. >> we are going to note he said
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she is right. the future of warriors basketball. will san francisco politics get in the way of the team's plan to move across the bay? we will be right back. ,,,, female narrator: sleep train challenged sleep train challenged its manufacturers to offer even lower prices. but the mattress price wars end monday. now, it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing, plus free same-day delivery, setup, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save.
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welcome back. it's time for a little college football. san jose state had a four game winning streak going into last night's home game against san diego state and, boy, was it a game. >> second in seven, pitch to crawly, back to phil.
8:51 am
goes through, wide opening, touchdown santa rosa -- san jose. >> the trick play. touchdown pass. won in the final minutes, 34- 30, final score. cal football lost at home against usc. the trojans jumped out to a 14- point lead in the first quarter. usc answered back. final score usc 62, cal 28 and the bears, sorry to say, only have one win so far this season. nba, the warriors were in fesms memphis -- in memphis to take on the grizzlies, 10 turnovers by the first half. all memphis. final score grizzlies 108, warriors 90. today in the nfl, the raiders on the road taking on the new york giants over on
8:52 am
kpix5. 49ers at home against carolina panthers and then the nhl, the sharks facing the jets in winnipeg. the topic of the warriors team owners have a big battle ahead for their plan to move from oakland to san francisco. >> it used to be considered a slam dunk, a waterfront arena for the warriors. what's not to like? but as we sat down with former mayor willie brown and current mayor ed lee, looks like this works. >> what do you see happening next with the warriors? >> i think they've got to finalize their design, they are in what they call the eir process, the environmental impact report, got to deal with a list of things that the conservation and the waterfront and the port have insisted that they respond to, whether it's traffic, whether it's how do you deal with water issues, they got to do all of that and it takes them a full year and they are kind of in the first third of that year to do it and by early -- by next year, maybe in the spring, they will come out with a report that says this is how we are
8:53 am
addressing all of it and but in between they will present a design that i think will be exciting to look at amount of open space that will allow people to come onto that dying decaying pier at 3032 and i think it's going to be exciting. they've got good ideas. >> do you think they should be thinking about taking it to the ballot? >> i think they probably have to. i think they need to consider that because everybody should and they want to have a voice, i think we learned in washington there's a voice there on everything to do with the waterfront and everyone wants, i think, to have an opinion about that and i think they will have a good opinion about it. >> mayor brown, you did two sports facility votes in your tenure, you did pac bell and also did at&t park, you also did the 49ers. what do you think, should the warriors go to the ballot and would they win if they did? >> i think they have to go to the ballot first and foremost, i think they have to ensure in
8:54 am
any lawsuit that they have a leg up because these same people will sue you. they will let you do things and then challenge the legality of what you've done through the legal process. you ensure yourself potentially by having a vote of the people. courts don't overturn the votes of the people. >> mayor brown, if you were running a campaign against the warriors, what would you be emphasizing? >> against the warriors? >> yes. >> are you kidding me? i would hire chuck davis on either side and he will come to the conclusion of what ought to be said where the weaknesses are. in this case, however, it's agnals, who have been high elected appointed officials they will come to some conclusion and it probably would be the same conclusion were i trying to defeat the warriors that i would come to. >> this war ybarra deal is more than just -- warrior deal is more than just an -- >> always complicated things,
8:55 am
the more things you have on any project, phil, you complicate it. but it also could be the foundation for a good marketable tool. >> also, it is a secondary kusha terminal landing that will be held there in respect to the dcdc, fireboat station and a very beautiful park for people and you're going to be able to walk up a ramp, look in, people will look out and you will see the bay bridge. >> thank you. >> if it goes to the ballot, what that does to the timetable of trying to be up and ready by 2017? >> they are still on a path for 2017. if they go to the ballot, that has to be figured in. i don't know what happens there at the time. we haven't thought through that but we will be having that discussion probably very soon. >> if it does go to the ballot, what do you think? i mean, we just saw voters in san francisco shoot down the other big project plan for the
8:56 am
waterfront. of course that was housing as opposed to a stadium so that might change people's mind. >> limited thing about walls on the waterfront versus a big project. on the other hand, i'd have to say that given the squeeze in the city right now, given the attitudes about trying to preserve the waterfront, this is the big battle in san francisco for the next couple of years and kpix5 tonight has an excellent newscast program on just that debate and the future because it's not just the future of san francisco. this is the whole bay area. sports, convention center, you name it, on the water san francisco, should it go or not? >> that's 11:00 over on channel 5kpix. the new miss universe, 25- year-old gabriella islip crowned last night. the president sent congratulations via twitter calling her performance a triumph for the whole country. venezuela now won seven miss universe titles including three
8:57 am
in the past six years. an annual traditional that was -- tradition that was a casualty of last month's government shutdown -- >> the 30th annual sand castle competition draws plenty of kids as well as artists, architects and engineers. it was supposed to take place last month but had to be rescheduled because the beach is part of the national parks. >> considering the weather today it worked out all for the best. even yesterday the fog was incredibly thick as it often can be here at ocean beach so today a fantastic day. >> it provides art education to san francisco schools. most schools have cut back on art programs to save money and help is coming right in time. some people had one more thing to do before the old eastern span of the bay binge is -- bridge is dismantled? how a tradition. olympic games has made its way
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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. devastation in the philippines, just ahead, the search for survivors and victims of the one of the strongest typhoons on record. got some fairly mild weather for the west coast for us today, a mostly sunny sunday on tap. forecast coming up in a few minutes. and twitter's entry into the stock market. does a successful ipo mean
9:01 am
long-term success for the bay area company? the time is 9:00. good morning. i'm phil matier. >> and i'm anne makovec. thanks for joining us. a lot coming up in the next half hour, including more about obamacare, we heard a lot about the drama with the website, but the good and bad of the actual program that is taking effect that's deadline is in march. >> it's bound to be one of the issues in the next presidential election one way or the other and on that topic we have some news here in the bay area. hillary clinton making several appearances in the bay area this weekend. of course not officially a presidential candidate yet but the former secretary of state stayed out of sight from the media. didn't want to talk about that yet. she gives a pair of speeches in san francisco, one at the national convention of realtors and the other at a clinton foundation fundraiser. at the first one, some people turned away because there wasn't enough space inside the
9:02 am
ma sconey center. >> she dressed amazing. >> presidential looking? >> presidential looking. she talked about politics in asia more than home. >> i'm not a candidate, i'm not running a campaign, the press don't need to be there. i'm having a fundraiser for a foundation so that's not press worthy. >> clinton of course hasn't made any announcement about whether or not she is running for president from 2016, now walking a fine line between being a citizen and potential candidate. a massive typhoon may be the deadliest natural disaster ever to strike the philippines. in one town alone, officials say there could be as many as 10,000 people dead. winds of 150 miles an hour ripped through homes and snapped trees. storm surge created a 20-foot wall of water and some areas are still unreachable because they were cut off by flooding and landslides. >> the devastation is -- it's -- i don't have the words for it, it's really horrific.
9:03 am
it's great human tragedy. >> the interior secretary also said the communications, power and water and all still down in many towns and looters have raided grocery stores and gas stations. the storm is now hitting vietnam. yesterday a half a million people were told to move to higher ground. slow but sure describes the progress of iran's nuclear program. still no deal was reached in geneva yesterday on curbing iran's uranium enrichment. leaders insist they are not looking to make nuclear weapons. they need it for electricity and medical applications. >> we are closer now as we leave geneva than we were when we came and that with good work and good faith over the course of the next weeks, we can in fact secure our goal. >> those talks in geneva include the u.s., members of the european union and iran. the next scheduled -- or the next round of talks is scheduled for november 20th. the eastern span of the bay bridge is soon to become part
9:04 am
of bay area history, but those who lost their lives on the old bridge are not forgotten. the california highway patrol extended a special invitation to the families who lost loved ones on the bridge over the years. yesterday was a chance for 12 families to say a final goodbye. and also give them a chance to have a sense of closure. >> it's not like i could hug scott, i could hug the spot where his spirit left this world and where he took his last breath and it brought me some peace and brought me some peace that i've been longing for. >> crews have already begun removing some sections of the bay bridge. the complete dismantling of the project is expected to take three years. tomorrow is veterans day and could be an end of an era in the santa clara valley. >> downtown san jose veterans day parade has been held every year since 1919, one of the biggest in the nation but organizers say tomorrow could
9:05 am
be the last. the united veterans council is losing grant money and private funding needed to keep that parade going. organizers are launching a save the parade effort, opening ceremonies begin tomorrow at 11:00 at plaza de cesar chavez. the parade then starts at noon. it is a holiday tomorrow and most government offices closed. there will be no regular postal service. most libraries, schools and banks will also be closed. most local transit agencies will be running on different schedules tomorrow. caltrain, sam transand at transit will run on sunday schedule, bart will run on a holiday schedule. the san francisco muni system, though, will have regular service. still to come, local help for victims of world tragedies. >> how a bay area woman is offering aid to those in need. also ahead, a longtime kids game goes high tech. and we got a nice sunday on tap for the bay area, temperatures will be up into the low 70s inland, even as we get fog to start things out with and the chance of rain finally. we will cover that as we look
9:06 am
live after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:07 am
looking live down at the airport in san jose, santa rosa is 48, forecast for you in about 30 seconds. ,,
9:08 am
[uncle]this is hopscotch,okay? uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah? the former p a business trip to haiti changed the life of a woman in pacifica. >> that's right.
9:09 am
the former paralegal and mother of three now dedicated to improving the lives of families by bringing clean energy and the home of -- hope of a brighter future. kate kelly introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. >> the property is so extraordinary, it just doesn't seem possible. >> reporter: michelle couldn't believe her eyes when she visited rural haiti for the first time in 2009. >> there was something inside of me that said you have to do something. let's do something. >> reporter: so from her home in pacifica she started a small sustainable buy oh fuel -- biofuel program to help farmers but that was the beginning. >> we begin tonight with breaking news, a major earthquake hit the country of haiti. >> reporter: january 2010, a major earthquake devastates haiti, using her contacts, michelle helped organize the largest earthquake effort in the bay area and -- tackle one of that country's biggest issue. >> energy a huge problem.
9:10 am
only one in eight people have any access to electricity. without any access to electricity, you are locked in grinding poverty. >> reporter: at a recent event in washington she showed off the centerpiece of her sustainable energy solution. >> it's a solar generator, 1.5- kilowatt solar array and that equipment is designed to charge battery packs. >> reporter: each generator placed in a village can charge and recharge 100 portable battery packs. >> gets carried in, plug it in, recharges. >> reporter: each portable pack can charge cell phones and light a home for five to seven days before recharging. that's 100 homes at a cost of just $6 a month, what an average haitian family spends now for kerosene. >> watching a child turn on a lightbulb for the first time, it is an astonishing thing to witness. i think it's nothing short of miraculous to be honest. >> reporter: the volunteer
9:11 am
marvels at the impact michelle has had. 14 generators and battery packs serving 7000 people. >> she is giving them the ability to make their entire life better, long term. it's not a short-term thing. >> reporter: so for creating long-term sustainable changes that are improving lives, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to michelle locrasare. kate kelly, kpix5. >> michelle named her nonprofit sure roan know in -- sure rona -- sherona. >> you can use the link on it is a traditional that the olympic torch travels many miles before the start of a competition and the torch traveled for the 2014 winter games has gone to new heights, try 260 miles above earth. the torch right now in space. it went for a six hour spacewalk with russian
9:12 am
cosmonauts. besides space, a trip to the north pole is also on its agenda. frequent flier miles racked up there. >> i think so. what do you think about our weather? >> i think it is dry and not going to change much except for a little chance of rain coming in late monday and early tuesday. but that's about it. not much on the horizon. we do start out with some fog around the bay area this morning and the prospects for a pretty sunny sunday. as you look down towards san jose, nothing but fog and 48 degrees, so a chilly start to the morning but that fog will pop, the sun will come out, going to look nice. later today back in the low 70s inland. around the bay in the upper 60s and at the coast the low 60s will do it. in the headlines, we are looking for mostly sunny and mild conditions on the 49ers flight this afternoon -- when the fines play this afternoon at 1:05. the high pressure that's been on the southern california coastline is going to get knocked down a little bit by this low pressure that's on the way but not enough. i mean the high speaking of football is just kind of
9:13 am
blocking this stuff out of the way so that the rain is -- as it heads farther south, we are not going to get much and not going to happen until monday night and tuesday morning. so the high pressure hangs in and the rain chance is late monday and tuesday. chilly start to the day today, mild and sunny inland, rain chances on tuesday, late monday for the north bay. overnight lows tonight mid-40s and 50s and for today we will look for san francisco to hit 63, 73 at livermore and 71 at fairfield. for veterans day, partly cloudy and pretty mild temperatures and in the extended forecast increase the clouds monday night leads to a chance of rain in the north bay. little bit wet on tuesday, not much and then latter half of the week that high pressure builds back in and we get back to sunny and dry conditions. >> i'm sure everybody is going to have a good three days. >> yeah, that's a look at the bright side. >> no raining on the parade so really important. >> how many more cliches can we talk about? >> you would be surprised. this week president obama
9:14 am
tried to contain the damage that we saw from the bungled roll-out of the affordable care act. the president gave an interview and apologized to the thousands of people who have gotten cancellation notices from their health insurer. he says he is determined to rectify the situation and also get that federal website running smoothly, but has president obama done enough to reassure the public and can the law work in the long run. >> we sat down with a visiting scholar from uc berkeley who has been following the roll-out for the last couple of years. the question is, there's no denying it's off to a rough start. >> the website did not work out as they had hoped and then also turned out a lot of people are not going to keep the insurance that they had thought they were going to have. >> now, glitches in a website and a roll-out can create a question of confidence, but when people have been told that they would be allowed to keep their health care plans no
9:15 am
matter what and now they are being dropped, that's a different story. >> yes it is. the website is, maybe by next month this won't be a story but it is a fact that hundreds of thousands of people are going to be having to change their health insurance plans. >> why? >> well, because the way the administration drew up the regulations, a lot -- most of the individual plans that were in place in 2010 are going to have to be changed. the insurance companies want to be able to get these people into these exchanges by covered california and so their plans have been disqualified basically by the administration. >> okay. if they are disqualified, that goes against exactly what the president said. is he going to be able to rectify that or change that back or is he just -- this is just the way it is? >> i think he's planning on riding it out. you know, by this time next year, this will be way in the rearview mirror. what we are going to have for millions of people who got onto medicaid, billions of people
9:16 am
that got through the exchanges to get their insurance and overwhelming majority of people affected by this act will have gotten something positive and there is going to be this other group that i think the president and the democrats are hoping will not be that significant a year from now. >> let's take the politics out of this because we can go back and forth on that forever. let's look at the practicality of this. one of the concerns is that we are going to have people going on this, disproportionate people going on this that are in need of care, lots of care, and you're not going to be getting -- the question is can you get the young, healthy people enrolled as well and have them contributing to offset that, to create enough money to float this? >> well, that's what the insurance industry is hoping, is that those young, healthy people will come in to offset the sick people that are probably going to be the first ones into the exchange. whether or not that happens depends on factors unclear, public confidence and how well the outreach is done by the
9:17 am
states and by the federal government. >> if they don't go on it, if the young people choose to continue not having insurance, they have a minimal fine of $100 -- >> $95. >> okay. >> yeah. >> are we going to wind up with the public and the taxes to be able to keep this thing running? >> that's not clear. i think it could still work out. the projections were only for 50% of people to come into the plan in the first year anyway, and maybe that's what's going to happen. i think the insurance companies may be up over the last couple of years, they've had lower than expected expenditures and i think they may be able to carry it for a year or two, and the state of massachusetts, it took several years to get most of the people enrolled. we may be on a similar track. >> that would be some pretty heavy lifting for washington, then, if it takes several years. you're talking about entire nation. >> right. it's something that i think we will be hearing about quite a bit in the future. >> and the other thing is exemptions. who got exempted from this first year and do you think they are going to extend them?
9:18 am
>> well, the employer mandate was what was exempted for the first year. that was the big news. i don't know what the plans are for 2015, i would expect that the insurance companies are going to want to see demand and they will proceed to move them in. >> final question, optimistic about it, pessimistic about it? concerns on a scale of one to 10? >> i think, you know, 20 years from now we will look back on this year and laugh, you know, medicaid, medicare, all these programs actually had rocky starts the first year, but a couple of years in i think this will be part of the scenery. >> this was emotionally charged from the beginning. it will be interesting to see how quickly people are able to get over it, if it does finally start working, will the bad emotions of how this started and how it came about last and will that have any effect on the next presidential campaign? >> in the news cycles and especially in today's 24 hour politics, you know, who is debating about what environment, out of the gate the negative stories took precedence as simple as that. over time, you're going to be
9:19 am
hearing more about families that were able to get coverage, you're going to hear more about young adults who were able to get on plans, so the stories -- the -- more positive stories might start to surface but you know we in the media the first thing we are going to go after is what's wrong with something? >> the politicians themselves, they will be beating the drum on this -- >> these days is there much of a difference between the two? >> yes. >> every sunday morning, saturday night, the politicians are looking to get on the media with their latest whatever it is slam at each other. that's what they are doing. twitter off to a good start in trading but is it really helpful to the area or did harmful? we will hear from a local expert next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:20 am
9:21 am
street all a- twitter. it is a san francisco company that has wall street all atwitter. >> and we sat down with the ipos and talked about the money coming into the bay area and also its ripple effects, good and bad with former mayor willie brown and current marry
9:22 am
ed lee who admitted that he's got work on his hands trying to smooth things out with a public that's becoming increasingly anxious about all the money pouring in. >> everybody has got to have attitude, how to handle success. this is a success story. on market street, 30% vacancy just three years ago and twitter says if you give us a break, we will move in and we will help with the others. well, we got 15 businesses now, we've got small businesses, we got thousands of employees. >> mayor brown, you were able to mayor during the dot-com bubble and people's attitudes were much the same. >> except in that time period we didn't really have hard capital investments as mayor lee is describing. we had some homes being built, some places to sleep in different locations. this happens to be a central boom. this happens to be taking something that had nothing virtually in it and turn it
9:23 am
into something. >> but i would say we also took care of some of the things that we want to have happen faster, for example, we passed massive housing trust fund just last november, 1 1/2 billion dollars to build more affordable housing. >> the affordable housing that we get, when you go to -- they say you make too much to qualify for affordable housing but you can't afford to buy or rent. you're stuck -- a lot of people stuck in the middle and feeling squeezed. >> you've got to build more of the units so the market will react to all of the pressures. i am a true believer in that. >> when times are bad, people are upset, but if times are too good, they get upstairs as well -- upset as well? >> that's right. and i've seen that happen and i'm talking to a lot of these successful companies, form your foundations, do what the fishers did, the hellmans did, the swabs did. they are responding. the other day, handed out half a million dollars in grants to
9:24 am
nonprofits right in san francisco to help women's initiatives, entrepreneurs, to help education, you know, their success can be all of our success and we have to find a connection, that's the job of the mayor and that's why i'm talking to all the companies to make sure they are doing the right thing and they are helping us. >> he has got his work cut out for him. >> as a short-term effects that we are seeing right now, all this money pouring in, the housing effects but the long- term effects that is what he is going to be able to have more of an effect over. >> this note is, it's a young crowd out there, money crowd that is sort of being ostentatious about it and it's difficult to translate that into doing good for the city. >> uh-huh. we will be right back. kpix5 news is sponsored by airport appliance. ,, when our little girl was born,
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stories: the number of dead from typ welcome back. let's take a look at this morning's top stories. >> powerful typhoon in the fill peeps, a number -- philippines, the number of people who could have been killed could exceed
9:27 am
10,000. powerful winds and storm surge have left behind heaps of rubble. a former secretary of state hillary clinton is in the bay area for several appearances, but get this, no media allowed. she gave two speeches in san francisco yesterday and some of the audience say she sounded very much like a candidate. it is 9:27. time for one last look at the weather forecast today. >> yeah, still got the fog out there in parts of the south bay and along the shoreline. other than that not too bad, a chilly start to sunday morning, 53 in concord and sunny, 48 degrees in santa rosa and san francisco got 56. forecast today looks mighty nice, 71 at fairfield, 73 at livermore, here? the city, 63 degrees, a look ahead will increase the clouds, got a chance for rain monday night lingering into tuesday and after that, we clear it up and we look high and dry and the numbers getting warmer as we get towards next weekend. >> remarkable job this morning. >> absolutely. >> i'm going to tell you, with your throat the way it is --
9:28 am
>> the few, the proud, the brave. >> there we go. moving on to talk about an old fashion game that is going electronic, the game of rock, paper scissors has a japanese counterpart. really difficult to beat. it's actually a robot that can i guess see the opponent's next move before it happens. the system uses a high speed camera and sensors that can detect whether the human is going to throw a rock, paper or scissors. the robot makes that call in a matter of milliseconds. i would not play with that robot. that is not fair. >> it's amazing how that does it, you know. >> that's a fun game. >> there we go. that's it for kpix5 this morning. i want to thank you for joining us. >> have a good one. ,,,,,,,,,,
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