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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  November 12, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> >> a couple guys trying to outrun police leaving an innocent woman and her daughter badly hurt. who is really running the show in oakland? >> and brand-new waterfront property is popping up all over the bay area because the water is going fast. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> the dry spell is so severe, andrea discovered land we've never seen before. andrea. >> reporter: liz, the lack of rain and any kind of precipitation up in the sierra left places like here in heyward without a lot of water to speak of. at this point, they should already have 9 inches of rain here. they only have 1. leaving them 8 inches shy and reservoirs all over northern california near empty. skirting the edge of santa clara county is the st. louis
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reservoir. the storage capacity of more than 2 million-acre feet of water. this year, not so much. >> this is dry. >> this is what a drought physically looks like. island emerging from the center of a 500 foot lake. that's only a quarter full. >> it looks fun to kayak on. there are islands that weren't here before. >> stretches of land that haven't seen sunlight for decades exposed. >> what does 24% of capacity really mean? >> our livestock should be completely drowned. >> no water story in california is crystal clear. and san lewis' is equally murky. combined with federally mandated federal water delivery contracts and to farmers in the central valley have left san lewis the lowest it's been in years. >> i'm at the dinosaur boat
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launch and the dock is sitting on grass. >> and despite guaranteed water delivers, the main problem is mother nature. >> we had some rain three weeks ago. it rained four seconds. >> no rain, no snow pack. and dwindling supply of water left to feed and nourish a thirsty state. >> this doesn't look good. >> andrea, kpix5. >> brian webb also made land fall today in the middle of lake mendocino. >> in a good year, the water should be almost all the way up to the parking lot where the camera is. instead, i'm standing in the middle of a lake bed that should be 30 feet below surface. >> the last time that lake was that low, jimmie carter was president. parts of the bay area are dryer than death valley right now? >> and howard is one of them. rain fall from the calendar year, 2 3/4 inches of rain fall for many inland spots.
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the showers we got this morning amounted to nothing for most of you. a few sprinkles. .1 for half-moon bay, concord, .2 for ukaya. today is day number 52 without measurable rain. the fourth longest dry streak. not only is it dry on the radar right now, but that big ridge of high pressure is now working its way back to where it has been for the past month and a half. we'll talk about any rain chances and go through the weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> thing haves gone from bad to worse in the philippines. typhoon victims are now dealing with another big problem. looters. eight people were crushed to death after thousands stormed a warehouse on the island. across the country, more than 1800 people are confirmed dead, including two americans. cbs's seth doe is there. >> reporter: four days after
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the typhoon flattened this porch city, many bodies still lay uncollected on the side of the road wrapped in cloth. increasingly desperate survivors are scavenging for food. children begged for water from any passing vehicle. while a massive international relief effort is underway, there is little evidence of it on the ground. the airport is open, but badly damaged. no power means the planes can't land at night and aid workers are struggling to get supplies in. that didn't stop hundreds of survivors who rushed to the ruined airport looking for food. others lined up hoping to be evacuated. by afternoon, the line stretched three miles long. bodies pulled from the rubble were lined up neatly. the mortuaries are overflowing.
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this mother in the nearby town wept over her dead child. her home is gone. we want to go back home, she said, but we can't. i have nowhere to bury my whiled. many drentzs covered their faces to mask the smell of the dead while they searched for relatives in some of the hardest hit areas. this man traveled for three days searching for his wife and child. >> my wife. >> he found them alive. but their home had been swept away. >> this was the city before the storm hit. the large building is the convention center. after the typhoon, it was just about the only building still standing. students at san jose state university held a fundraiser for the typhoon victims. besides cash, they collected food, clothing, and other supplies. and the bay area base
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group, stop hunger now, is mobilizing to send a million meals to the philippines. the first big shipment will leave tomorrow. kpix5 is partnering with the red cross to raise money for the relief effort. will have a phone bank this thursday from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. for more information on how you can help, you can go to kpix5/donate. >> a few small earthquakes shook parts of the bay area. a 2.9 quake struck near san ramon at 3:30. five minutes later, there was a 2.1 magnitude quake in daily city. it was followed by a stronger 2.8 quake in the same area. there were three small earthquakes over the past week. a wild lis chase ended in a crash that sent two innocent people to the hospital. witnesses say the silver car ran a red light and smashed into another car with two women
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inside. joe vasquez is there. >> i'm here at the intersection of 6th and mcdonald in central richmond. an area known as the iron triangle. you can see the accident scene. that silver car t-boned the darker colored car. sending the two occupants to the hospital, a mother and a daughter. it all began with a police chase around 3:40 this afternoon on san pablo avenue. officers spotted a man wanted for a felony warrant. the cops tried to stop the car, the chase was on and ended up here at 6th and mcdonald. witnesses tell police the silver dodge challenger ran the red light and smashinged into the dark saturn with two women inside. paramedics rushed the woman and daughter to area hospitals. the daughter has critical injuries. police caught two of the three suspects. in fact, police were able to capture the original suspect, the one with the warrant with the help of a police dog.
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the riches monday police canine ended up biting the suspect. one man is still on the loose and if you have any information, you're asked to call the richmond police department. in richmond, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> a short time later, there was another chase. the suv police were after overturned at 82nd just after 6:00. the driver got out and took off running. no word yet on whether he has been caught. >> a curfew proposed for oakland teenagers doesn't seem to be very popular. community members shouted down councilman as he made his proposal tonight. he calls for fines, community service, or jail time for kids or teens who are found outside between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. he says it's a way to prevent crime and violence. >> what about the 18 or 35?
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you are focusing on the wrong crime. first of all, you deal with that .z. >> oakland tried and failed to enact a curfew back in 2011. interim police chief is not for this one. his officers are needed elsewhere. >> has been on the job for six months now. what's the long-term plan? kristen ayers on who will decide on the city's next top cop. from. >> you have talked about what a chief needs to do. >> the meeting that joe is running at oakland city hall is not like anything he has seen. >> we had a public input process for what people want to see. asking oaklanders what they want in their next chief. >> charisma. i think oakland needs a police chief they can like. >> their feedback will go to
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recruiters. their only problem, three people showed up. although the city administrator's office insisted many more weighed in online. >> absolutely. people don't necessarily trust it will help. >> it's unclear how much the public's voice will matter. a federal judge handed power to this man, compliance director, thomas frasier. the judge specified that nosher has ultimate control of the chief of police. question asked oakland's current chief about that. >> isn't it his rule as opposed to rule? >> i think hiring authority rests with the city. so the city can point who they choose. >> can he change that? >> i understand he will have an input. >> frasier was behind the appointment in may. remember him? he was appointed chief by the
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city, then forced to step down after a day and a half on the job. they have hope that what they say here will make a difference. kpix5. >> interim chief says he plans to apply for the position of chief of police. the city or the federal overseer should choose a -- this is from september when he was arrested on suspicion of driving drunk. this is a clean shaven smith today dressed in a black suit when he appeared before the judge. he pleaded not guilty to three counts of possessing illegal firearm. the weapons were found inside smith's home last year. >> very interested in answering to these charges. and you have to understand that this is a process. today's court appearance was the first step in that process. >> prosecutors say the weapons
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rleal in arizona where smith purchased them, but illegal in california. still to come, the california gold rush town for sale on craigslust. >> instagram fail. and move over. there's a new tree in town. ,,,,,,,, when our little girl was born,
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a subaru. the first phase: a demolition crews started tearing down the old eastern span of the bay bridge today. the first phase, a 1400 foot section of the upper deck roadway. now don't expect a big show to distract you during your commute. the early work will be difficult to see. >> it won't be until next year when they start working on cutting it in half, then there will be something to see. >> the project will be a delicate one, because the old bridge sits so close to the new one. the entire demolition is expected to take three years. >> there will be talks this week about a toll hike. plans include raising it to $8 over the next five years. it is currently $5.
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the bridge district needs to offset a $142 million deficit. $225,000 could get you a decent house in some parts of california. or, it could get you a whole town. it is the town of seneca. an old gold mining ghost town. at least that's what the cragslist ad says. 12-acres of privately owned land with buildings and scenic grounds along the feather river. it even has a bar and liquor license. the largest gold nugget was found in seneca, was reportedly 42-ounces in 1942. police say a pair of suspected burglars didn't do much to hide their crime. officers found this picture on instagram. two guys posing next to $120 worth of fast food in placer county. workers say the guys were pretty excited to commemorate the moment. >> they wanted to take
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pictures through the drive through. when they came out here when i was carrying all the bags of food, they wanted to take a picture. >> suspects bought the food with a credit card that they stole out of a car. luckily, officers got a good look at their car from the picture and quickly tracked them down. >> one bay area community about to do their own take on burning man. >> kit doe is in palo alto where they are branching out to do something that has never been done before. kit. >> reporter: yeah, you think? take a look at this thing. this thing is huge. it's a tree that is three stories tall. it's crazy to think this was all started by a couple of kids with a dream. it does not get anymore grass roots than this. it all started when julia and sam saw photos of aurora, the tree, and told their dad they wanted to see it for themselves. >> they said, it doesn't have a place to stay. it's in san francisco.
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so then we just said, why can't we bring it to palo alto. that's how it got started. >> a simple question. >> and so began a two-yearlong process where the kids pitched sponsors and tried to convince the art commission, a 5-foot tree in front of city hall would be a good idea. whatever they said, it worked. >> you guys proud of yourselves? >> extremely. >> aurora is a metal sculpture. when it's done, anyone with a smart phone can go to a website and change the colors and so on. for the creator, putting a vulnerable piece of art in the public is like a leap of fate. >> society is not, you know, to be destructed and they need to be respectful. >> we showed video clips to folks around palo alto. >> it's artistic. it's beautiful. >> if for some reason you
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don't like the tree. >> that's the beauty of temporary art. you can do things that are bold and outside the box. and it will come down in a year. so wait it out. >> and there is a public tree lighting ceremony on saturday. and then the ceremony starts at 5:00 p.m. the artist paid for this whole thing out of pocket. you can help by donating. >> different. >> yeah. >> thank you. hang some ornaments and you knocked out two birds with one stone. >> built in christmas tree. >> fire works off the top. >> more trees should be like that. >> whatever is the escape, we should find it. we are 0 for october so far. it's a trace for november.
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sfo, a little bit of rain. trace officially. you are cleared tonight. you will. be sunny and just about everywhere. here's why we are talking about a ran fall deficit. forget about how much rain is falling. we were sitting 5% above our recent average. then we didn't get any range in the summer. 77% in july and 70% in september. and lake chas ta is sitting 63% lower than it was eight months ago. forecast in heyward. a live report there, mild, 67 degrees. the clouds are gone, they left earlier today. what's coming up next? that same ridge that was with us through halloween. first 8 or 9 days. the storm track is heading back
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up to the northwest w. we're not going to get a glancing blow. it's all account dry weather continuing, but great f you and your family to get outside and you will be able to for the next several days. one close call, it's coming up on saturday. another storm will ride over the top of the ridge. but this ridge will be too strong. we will be dry. whenever you heard that before. that one storm will brush by us on saturday. it will be cooler and cloudier. the moisture will stay to our north. 71 degrees for san jose. that's 2 degrees above average. pittsburgh 74. pleasant hill 74. sunny in oakland. sunshine 73 degrees for you tomorrow. sunshine through sures, won't be as warm, but that's it.
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sunday the sun shape is back. right now, every long range computer forecast i see says cold weather until thanksgiving. >> enjoy the beautiful weather. >> thanks, paul. why these newlyweds will never have an excuse more forgetting their anniversary. ,,,,,,,,,,
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on the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale on now at sleep train! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ but today was extra special couples exchanging vows i think you would agree every wedding day is special, but today was extra special because today was 11/12/13. >> it was hard not to miss the
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tux's and bridal gowns. according to the clerk's office, about 35 ceremonies were performed. some brides say the date is lucky. others say it is an easy date to remember. the next date is next year 12, 13, 14, and it's a saturday. so you know it's going to be huge. >> can you put your leg up like that when you kissed for the first time? >> maybe a leg pop every now and again. >> very stylistic. 49ers saying good-bye to two players. big night. ,,,, ,,,,
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[uncle]this is hopscotch,okay? uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight!
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[uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah? mmie the nothing like home cooking with the warriors had 27 point leads in each of their last three games at oracle.
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warriors looking for their fifth straight win over detroit. 8 points, 9 rebounds for andrew tonight as golden state jumped out to a 9-2 lead. ouch. 17-9. and then it's glee for the slam. warriors led 35-16 after one. how about currie? he will love this. oh no. >> he went out three times. >> detroit needs more than spark plugs, they need a new engine. 113-95 is the final. first period, sharks on the power play. to patty scores. san jose up 2-0. but calgary ties the game. joe thornton fires and stewart is there to clean tup. sharks win their streak. and 49er fans don't have kyle williams to kick around anymore. he was released today.
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remember the fumbles? also, cox released by san francisco. >> see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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