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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  November 13, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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and what the c- e-o is sayi about company's mounting problems. one more blow to tesla. the accident a sent workers to hospital and what the ceo is saying about the company's mounting problems. a pop har children's character heads to jail. the message elmo had for kids with parents behind bars. and every kid want to be a super hero. how thousands of people in the bay area are making it happen for one hill boy. good evening. >> tesla motors is answering to cal osha. they want to know why three workers are suffering from burns at factory. tesla's ceo spoke with the victims a couple of hours ago. >> reporter: elan musk said he was come and he did.
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he cass candid, straight forward. he answered all our questions before he left but you got the sense he was doing some damage control. elan musk arrived unannounced in the darkness with a small entourage and headed straight for the cameras. >> he wanted to make sure they were getting good care. >> reporter: he visited his employees in the burn unit and referred to them by their first names. jorge and kevin had minor injuries. >> in the case of jesus, his hands were burned pretty badly so it's not clear what the recovery is going to be. obviously, we want to have that recovery as much as possible so we'll do everything we can on that front. >> reporter: chopper 5 captured firefighters at the plant today.
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>> we had an equipment malfunction. it's built of molten aluminum and that was the issue. >> reporter: it's been a tough couple of weeks for tesla. we know of batteries that have caught fire in three cars. all the passenger survived. >> i think -- it does seem to be too much attention to tesla, good and bad. a lot of terrible things happen in accidents and so, you know, it seems like maybe we get an unusual amount of attention at tesla no matter what it is. >> reporter: and one of the workers has already been released. the other two have second degree burns and will stay here at the hospital overnight. at last report, osha is heading to the plant to investigate. a cruise ship full of people that left from san fransisco just changed course after a
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passenger went overboard. tonight's coast guard is searching the waters 750 miles northeast of hilo and hawaii's big island. witnesses and security video confirmed a woman jumped. the woman is american. the ship was three days into a round trip cruise to hawaii swrieshgs women at u.c. santa cruz say someone is speaking their drinks. one woman says she was sexually assaulted after ward. police don't know what was in the drink. they're warning students not to leave drinks unattended and don't accept one from a stranger. seasme street stepped in today. >> reporter: being a kid is hard enough, but try being a kid with
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a mom or dad behind bars. enter the crew from seasme street. children's television workshop joined to reach out to kids who don't get tucked in every night. came up with little children, big problems, incarceration. >> this transsends the stier yo types we have about who has someone in prison and who goes to prison. >> reporter: a new seasme character named alex,ly dad is in jail. along with a dvd there's a new way to help explain to little minds about this. >> what i'm doing out, he has a lot of questions, why the police came one morning to pick me up. he's very curious. >> reporter: alex was unveiled
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at the santa rita jail. because no fewer of 12% of criminal cases involve a suspect with a child at home. >> i feel it was a good experience. >> reporter: and it never hurts when elmo is there to ease everyone's nerves. cal is a pilot place for the program and the santa rita jail isn't alone. the program goes to san quentin next. typhoon haiyan gone from the philippines. the country energy secretary says it may be six more weeks before the affected towns get their electricity back. some 600,000 people are now displaced. but the good news: food, water, and medical supplies from the u.s. and other countries have started to arrive. but as seth dunn reports, the
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need is reaching desperate levels. >> reporter: from the air, the pleas for help were easy to see. on the ground, there was a growing sense of panic. the u.n. estimates the typhoon has left half a million filipinos hungry, homeless, and thirsty. residents were urged to flee if they could. thousands jammed the ruined airport hoping to get one of the few seats out on military planes. most are still waiting. more than a dozen coastal communities are still cut off. there's a shortage of transportation and fuel and roads are clogged with debris. around the city, volunteers prepared to bury more bodies as the death toll rose above 2300. >> too many people are dying just from that stand. >> reporter: fernandez lost
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almost everything in his home. there's very little left for him and his family to live on. >> we can't get any food or buy food from our stores because there's no stores to buy from. >> reporter: there were many more security forces on the streets today but the government has been criticized for being show to respond. eight died today after a wall collapsed as survivors mobbed a food warehouse. but help is starting to arrive. food is starting to be distributed. but the shortage of clean water is still an acute problem. these survivors tap into an underground water pipe. >> we don't know if it's safe. we need to boil it. but at least we have something. >> across the bay area volunteers and aid groups are mobilizing to help. the national alliance for filipino concerns host add
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fundraiser in san jose tonight. they held a candle light vigil for the typhoon victims. >> i just wanted to show our people over there that we are here for them. that we hurt just like they're hurting. >> navcon says 100% of the money donated tonight had go to relief efforts. bay area nurses are answering the call for help. tomorrow night the registered nurse response network will send out its first team of experienced nurses from sfo to manila. they will meet with local doctors, assess where they're needed most, and get to work. we're partnering with the red cross to raise money. you can find out more information on our website.
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a muni train left without a driver. a quick thinking passenger prevented the ride from getting worse. >> reporter: it started at 10:20 in the morning with 3 dozen passengers on board. according to the mta it started when the train doors at the castro station would not shut. the driver hopped out of the booth to check out the problem but mta director said the driver forget to do one thing. >> there's no evidence that the emergency brake was used in the train. >> reporter: hailey says his team is evaluating the system to verify not pulling the emergency brake was the single error the driver made. fortunately passengers pulled the emergency brake in the train forcing it to stop and for help to arrive. >> i need to express my
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appreciation to the passengers for staying put and getting them help. >> reporter: when we asked other muni passengers what they would do in the same situation some were stumped. >> what would you do if that happened while you were on it? >> i was scared. >> what would you do in that kind of situation. >> hang on and enjoy the ride. >> reporter: the mta reassures us the passengers were not in any danger. even with a driver, a computer system runs the train. >> it was being supervised by the train control system. >> reporter: the driver is an experienced staffer, a senior operator. in fact, he is on leave while this is being investigated. >> muni tells us the train traveled a quarter after mile without a driver before coming to a safe stop. four marines killed today during a routine maintenance operation at camp pendleton. military officials are not saying much. so far we know the accident
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happened while the four were clearing an artillery change at the base near san diego. their names have not yet been released and an investigation is underway. what a way to end the school day. three high school boys were shot as they headed to their cars after class in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. none of their wounds were considered life threatening. another student has been charged. he said he was retaliated for being beaten last month at school. the white house was hoping half a million people would sign up for a health plan in october. just over 100,000 did. fewer than 27,000 managed to do it through the problem-plagued federal website. california managed more than that. 39,000 signed up. 29,000 enrolled this month. >> my wish for this is that he comes out of it with the best
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day of his life ever. >> transforming an entire city to make a little boy's wish come true. man blasting away, the new green tool to clean up graffiti. it hit 80 degrees today. walnut creek at 79. much cooler closer to the water. ocean beach 61. how many fog and any rain in the seven-day? the update is coming up in eight minutes. ,, announcer: right now at sleep train, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. ,, choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing
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napolitano" told regents to she wants tuition to be as low -- and as predictable - possible. that's why she s proposing a new u.c. president janet napolitano said she wants tuition to be as low as predictable as possible. she's proposing a tuition freeze for next school year. it's welcome news for students and parents who have seen tuition climb from 5700 back in 2004 to 10 grand in 2010 to the current $12,000. >> right now i pay my entire way through college and it's hard and i am glad i want be paying more. >> i put myself in the shoes
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after family of an entering student and they're trying to as certain how much getting a bachelor degree will cost. >> the new tuition policy would largely depend on support from sacramento, cost cutting measures would also have to be enacted. president obama signed a bill today and it aims to encourage states to keep an emergency supply of epin efrin on hand. several starts states with working on getting the medication into school nurse' offices. in 48 thundershowers san fransisco will be turned into gotham city to make one little
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boy's wish come true. we talked to batman, who plays a starring role. >> reporter: he's been fighting leukemia since he was a year old and he wants to be the caped crusaders. >> we've had plenty of hero requests but nothing like this has happened. >> reporter: 11,000 volunteers will transform the city by the bay into a giant stage for that crime fighting bat kid and his full sized batman buddy. >> i'm be introduced to him as an acrobatics coach who worked with batman. >> reporter: he's been inventing gadgets. >> riddler and penguin watch this channel so i can't show you. >> reporter: he'll get training and then they're off and running. first challenge, rescue the damsel in distress.
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next up, stop the riddler from robbing the store. >> it's tricky. >> reporter: and a run in with a penguin who is trying to kidnap lucille. >> my wish for this is he comes out of it with the best day of his life ever and new tools, some new skills to face things that are changing too fast, that you're not sure how it's going to go. just charge into it doing back flips. not back flips, back flips in a cape are a bad idea. >> good advice. going to be an amazing day. miles lives in sifku county. miles' wish went viral and they started planning this back in march. san fransisco has come up with a green way to clean up
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graffiti. these new backpack high pressure systems can blast away paint left on poles. they use soy based product and crushed recycled glass to remove graffiti instead of high powered water hoses. >> a lot of money is spent in managing graffiti and many dangerous chemicals that cause problems for workers and community members. and that cause smog. >> the graffiti removers are the outcome of the $735,000 eps grant to prevent pollution. today we enjoyed clear skies, but now you see the fog move in. >> it's amazing as soon as you revert back to a summer-like pattern, it sucks in the onshore flow in the marine layer and you get the fog. a warmer day equates to that
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cooler day for the others. highs on the coast only in the mid to upper 50s. we're in the mid-50s right now. i'm here to tell you tomorrow will be less foggy. this forecast goes back to 1890. what the heck happened back then? ? october of 1890, it didn't rain at all. we are in record territory, with no rain in the forecast for the next week. we may go this october and this november with only a trace of rainfall which is only been done two other times in our history. so, next couple of days, livermore, sunny and mild, down to 72. a little bit cooler on friday but still sunny with a high of 69. so it's all about the ridge of high pressure. where is it? is it going to move? it's back where it was for the past seven or six weeks and it's not going to move. you'll get more sunshine than
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clouds. through the weekend, kind of interesting here, not only is that ridge blocking any rainfall, it's blocking the cold. you'll hear a lot next week about cold from montana, new york, texas, dc. but not us. no cold will be in our area. now that cooling strend starts tomorrow, cooler and chowsier over the weekend. that rain-free streak will make it to 60 days next week. livermore high 72 tomorrow, los altos 65. vallejo 69. 64 in the city with hess fog in the afternoon: saturday and sunday, cooler, cloudier, but still no rain. and next week we're back to around 70. dry pattern just seems not to
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highly the energizer bunny ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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canada is marketing a new st -- fit for the likes of jam bond. "nats of gunshots" . it's stylish and safe. >> a tailor in canada is marketing a new suit fit for the likes of james bond. [ gunfire ]. >> the material is sourced from u.s. specials sources in iraq. it's made with matter that captures a bull het when it hits.
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it's 50% lighter than kevlar. >> a client was shot and he survived from it. we felt it was time to develop the product. >> the suit costs $20,000. . a former raider has passes. we'll tell you where kyle williams handed f blarz ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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during liver tranplant surgery... . former raiders tight end todd christiansen passed away following xli kaelgss from liver transplant history. he won two superbowls and had been battling river disease. he was 57 years owed. 49ers safety eric reed has been cleared to practice.
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expected to may against the saints. he suffered his second concussion of the season. tegy of picking rty niners... ka y claimed . >> i've never had a concussion before and to get two in one season is a little bit different for me. with that being said this, is the nfl. guys are a little bit stronger and bigger than i'm used to playing so i'll have to adjust my play a little bit. kyle williams is off waivers. to make room for him the chiefs released another former 49, chad haul. punto has been signed to a hundred within year deal. this all taking place at the winter meetings in orlando. >> a lot going on. >> if i was eric reed, i would
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sit that out. last sunday's was bad. >> see you at 11. ,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,, ,,fififififififififine. i'm getf
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this american masters "kitty carlisle." (yowls) it's not what you think! so i stayed up for the last 87 hours, watching all my shows. (chuckles) nothing's gonna delete these. (goofy chuckle) guys, there's something i want to tell you. something important. so who do you like, the padres or the tigers?


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