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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  November 16, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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tonight -- it's still a mes . >> this is kpix5 news on kcbw. a power line is taken down tonight. it is a mess. plus, the error that could put the bay area on track for another bart strike. >> probably the greatest football moment i have been a part of. >> it was no ordinary touchdown. a bay area school's selfless act to help a player recognize his dream. good evening,. a little while ago, the kaiser team headed to the philippines out of the bay area carrying medical supplies and sanitation equipment. the team members come from all over the bay area. some with family in the philippines. >> i have family both in
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manila. they have been extremely supportive and my cousin is helping me to coordinate this mission for us. >> they will be in the philippines in one month and another kaiser team will be flown in to replace them. a union is sending help as well. the service employees national union sent employees to the philippines. they pledged $100,000 for the relief effort and plan to send medical workers from the bay area to help. and in the philippines, more than 3600 people are confirmed dead. it will be weeks if not months before power is fully restored. >> we hope to be able to store at least partial electrical power to certain portions of the city by december 9.
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>> kpix5 and our radio partners joined to raise money thursday. and thanks to you, our telethon brought in $410,000. if you missed the phone lines, go to a collision brought down a power line in petaluma at around 4:15. at least one of the drivers had to be taken to the hospital. the road was closed several hours while crews dealt with a fire and part of the roadway is sill blocked for repairs for the downed power line. it is deja vu for bay area commuters. we may see negotiators try to hammer out a deal between bart and the union under threat of a strike. it is because of a clerical error in a contract that representatives from both sides
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already signed. >> i'm so sick of bart striking every time i turn around. they have the best benefits in the world already. >> two strikes and the accidental deaths of two workers, bart and its unions reached ingredients on contracts. now a contract provision that bart is calling a glitch is about to send the two sides back to the bargaining table. >> we have never spoken the word strike. it has always come from the district. our members were pushed into astrict july 1 and pushed into a strike october 18. >> are you being pushed now? >> no. because we expect to get a deal. >> bart's board of directors saying it was never the board's intention to include it in the contract. they reopened negotiations with the unions. >> this has turned what i view
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as a bad contract worse. no matter what, now the union has leverage to demand more. and so the cost of the contract is inevitably going to go up. >> the board is not comfortable with the potential cost of family leave saying it could reach more than $40 million over the life of the contract. the union disagrees. >> we are talking, looking at our options. legally looking at our options. so we will be meeting to confer with our entire negotiating team. >> at this point it looks like a standoff with the union saying we have our deal and bart saying it doesn't count because there is an error. don knapp, kpix5. >> bart will have a new chief negotiator. thomas hawk is no longer with the district. and if there is another bart strike, at least we have
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this, the caldecott tunnel is now opened it is a hit. >> reporter: with two brand new names to the caldecott tunnel, there is a lot more room on the road. lunchtime saturday, not a single bottleneck. smooth sailing for regular tunnel goers like joseph captain. >> a smooth ride on the way back. >> he did very well. i think he did very well. >> officials are not too shy patting themselves on the back either. 160,000 drivers everyday can now expect a quicker ride through the mountain. plus, the $407 million project is done early an under budget. >> great accomplishment to come, millions of dollars under budget. >> the state of california, i'm proud to say the federal government, too, working together to get a great project done. >> but not everyone is overly impressed. some say we have lowered our expectations with these massive
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projects. >> i think we have seen so many fiascoes with respect to these projects that we are shocked when it is done on time an at cost. >> according to cal tran, the largest chunk of money to build this is federal dollars from the american recovery act along with local taxes and tolls. but when a project is done under budget, it is not the price tag that gets people talking. for this tunnel, it is the design. >> it likes like a spaceship. >> and the lighting is great. it is like hello when you pull in. it is nice. it is nice. >> mark kelly, kpix5. a five-year-old's day as the dark knight lit up twitter, 78,000 tweets went out about bat kid taking over san francisco last week. mile's scott's dream was
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becoming a superhero. the city by the bay was transformed into gotham for the day. his story went global. even the president sent a message cheering him on. and why stop sat one great story when you can have two? a high school football game in san jose kept the good feeling rolling. brian webb has the story. >> reporter: the last game of joey's career. >> ever since i was younger. i loved football. >> reporter: joey lost over 100 pounds playing football. he also lost his beloved gram this year and a concussion two seasons ago kept joey on the sidelines. but he never missed a practice and suited up every game.
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>> for him to be able to play last night was a goal for everyone. >> reporter: joey got the green light to play and ran the ball twice in the first half. everyone thought that was that. until the coach from the opposing team heard the crowd chanting joey's name. and realized he had a special opportunity. his players who hadn't won a game all season agreed. >> went over to the officials and wanted to alert them that if this young man needed to score, we were on board with it. >> reporter: joey came back in for the final play of the game. got the ball and ran like mad toward his dream. >> as soon as i saw those guys go down, i saw a wide open hole. i thought i'm going to the end zone. i ran as fast as i could. once i got into the end zone, my emotions came out and i got on my knee and prayed for my grandmother. i miss her so much.
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probably the greatest football moment i have been a part of. >> it will be ever affecting my kids as well as him. >> i will not forget that play. ly tell my kids about it. my grandchildren. >> reporter: against all odds, joey accasia was the most valuable player in the game where both teams were winners. the coach of the opposing team tells us so many of his players wanted to get back in the game so they could be part of that play. and the bulldogs had not won a game all season. but they are definitely winners. >> and coach williams, what a class act for the bulldogs. >> he figured out for himself what is going on. thank you very much: tens of mels of people are about to hit the malls for the holiday shopping season. how this video has police across the country taking a long hard look at their safety plans. plus, why a san francisco landmark will be shut down well into next year. and bay area weather
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staying quiet the next couple of days and then we have some changes. much needed rain. when is the bay area going to get wet? your seven-day forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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in to the holiday shopping season. pa >> malls across the country are beefing up security as we head into the holiday shopping season. part of it has to do with recent shootings at malls including this one in new jersey. newly released video shows the gunman calmly strolling through the mall with a rifle. he fired many shots before taking his own life. security guards are practicing in case they come face to face with an active shooter. >> what specifically are malls and shopping centers doing? >> during the holiday season, malls will increase the number of security officers on the floor. the big thing is that they coordinate with their local police departments. >> the national retail federation projects 97 million people will head out on black friday. sheriff's deputies shot and
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killed a woman carrying a knife. the call came in as a possibly burglary. witnesses reported hearing yelling and swearing. the woman refused to drop the knife and than is when at least one deputy shot her. the woman's name has not been released. four african american officers have filed a discrimination complaint against the east palo alto police chief. ron davis is also african american. he announced last month he was leaving the department for a job with the federal government the officers are accusing him in showing bias in hiring and promotions. a veteran of three wars was celebrated a milestone birthday today. the uss hornet was built in 1943. the ship served in world war ii, korea, and vietnam. at one point, it was going to be scrapped. instead, it became a museum. today, some veterans came back
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to reminisce. dennis worked in the engine room. >> incredible to think i was back here when this thing was fully functional. it was hot. very hot. at times, it just was unbearable almost. >> besides the hornet's wartime service, the ship served as the recovery ship for apollo 11 and 12 lunar missions. a wall honoring local men and women who served in the armed forces. any veteran who is a current or a former resident or employee of foster city is eligible to be listed on the wall. friday marks the 50th anniversary of the day john f. kennedy was killed. today, 100 buglers gathered at arlington national cemetery to play taps to mark the tragic anniversary and honor the loan
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army bugler who rang out over kennedy's funeral 50 years ago. that bugler botched a note, but many saw it as a reflection of america's broken heart. that includes a nine-year-old boy whose touching note left a lifelong impression. >> on november 25, 1963, a mournful nation watched as army sergeant keith clark played taps at john f. kennedy's funeral. he had played the tune flawlessly thousands of times before, but not on that day. clark missed the sixth note, now called the broken note with millions of people watching. >> that one little note effected me. i thought, that guy, he must feel bad. is there anything i can do to console him? >> reporter: ed hunter was ten years old at the time.
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he decided to write sergeant clark a let tore cheer him up. it was a letter that clark's wife says he kept until he died 11 years ago. >> i wanted to ask you is why he kept my note. >> why did he keep the note? i think it meant something to him. >> reporter: dark's daughter says that imperfect moment ended up changing her father's legacy for the better. >> if he hadn't miss that note, we might not be here today. >> hunter says it couldn't have been more perfect. >> maybe it wasn't perfect by the standards, but it happened for a r. it captured the emotion of a nature. a touching part of history. elizabeth wenger is here. you can tom back any time if you have rain in the forecast. >> it has been eight weeks since san francisco has had measurable rain. all of that could change by the middle of this week. let's take you outside and show
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you what it looks like. mostly clear to cloudy skies. temperatures are continuing to dip getting cold in places like santa rosa. only 48 degrees. a lilt warmer in places like oakland and livermore coming in low to mid 50s . a look at your weather headlines. a cool morning to start off sunday. then sunshine returns by the afternoon. slightly warmer temperatures, maybe a degree or two. and then rain chances at least by tuesday, wednesday, most of the bay area is going to get wet. so for tonight, we are going to have a cool night with temperatures in the 40s , a few upper 30s as you already saw there in santa rosa. we have a weak high pressure system here and it is building tomorrow. that is why it is kind of a quiet weather pattern the next couple of days. then everything changes. most of the days, it is going to be dry and quiet.
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right around midnight, the wet weather moves into the north bay and slowly spreads south across the bay area. widespread rain tuesday and clearing out wednesday afternoon. so here is a look at the pinpoint forecast. overnight lows, a lot of 40s . san francisco coming in at 50 degrees. 48 in pacifica. about 44 in concord. so once again, these temperatures for tomorrow will feel slightly warmer than what we saw today. it is going to feel pretty much the same as you can see from the numbers. a lot of upper 50s . some upper 60s . 68 in fair field. mid 60s in oakland, and about 61 in san francisco. here is a look at your forecast. over the next several days, mild, pleasant, quiet weather throughout the day tomorrow. and on monday, and then that is when that low pressure system bringing some wet weather to western washington. it will move south and hit is bay area. starting in the north bay and
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continuing south. so it could be a pretty wed morning commute on tuesday, and on wednesday before we finally dry out and then, drier, even warmer weather for next weekend where some of our inland spots could reach into the low 70s . and just a quick note if you are looking for something fun to do tomorrow. mid 60s out in san mateo. they have the harvest festival going on. looks like fun. they have some holiday gift ideas. yeah. check it out. it is already starting. >> thank you all right, this is your last chance to visit coy tower. it is the second phase of a $1.7 million project to restore the 80-year-old tower. the plans include a number of structural repairs and upgrades along with the restoration of the buildings iconic murals. and we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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the commercial sea >> a bit of a rough start to the crab season. the commercial season started friday, but high winds created choppy waters that kept many crabbers are heading out. the conditions are not expected to improve until tomorrow, but wait may be worth it. the crabs are quite large this year. what is hot pink and hopping mad? this flamigo that escaped from the zoo in abilene, texas. workers chased it for an hour before one guy was able to jump into the water and grab it.
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as you can see, the bird did not go willingly. this one apparently had some feathers that had grown enough for it to fly. not to be out done, these turkeys are getting ready for their 15 minutes of fame. john burkl is the head of the national turkey association. he presents the national turkey to the white house. he will take a few of them to meet the president. for now, he is getting them used to the limelight. >> a lot of music in the background. a lot of extra lighting and some flashbulbs so he gets use to that. >> the president is expected to pardon the turkeys and they will spend thanksgiving at george washington's home in mount vernon. the trojans have been on their high horse. this when went down to the
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torjans were 4 and 1... plue corso picked e >> lately, usc has been a very dangerous team. lee cor so picked them on game day. let's go this. straight to the fourth quarter. tied at 17-17. kevin hogan had two interceptions. should have held on. final minute now, they gamble and go for it on fourth down. marquees hauls it in. a crushing blow. that's is their second lost of the season. ouch. cal and colorado in a battle of winless teams.
10:27 pm
it was 10/10 at one point. lupau to michael atkins the second. this one goes for 67 yards, 41- 24, colorado. here is some basketball for you. warriors hosting the jazz. klay thompson. then steph curry for the slam. warriors win it 102-88. there is your quick minute. >> we didn't have to wait for the buzzer for that win. >> good job. get it all in there. >> and tonight on 11:00 at kpix5, you have my favorite sport coming up. >> we want some highlights of ufc167 butly tell you who won if you tune in. >> i can't wait. thanks. >> she loves it. all right, that's it for us at 10:00. but remember the news is always on gary has more sports at 11:00
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on kpix5. goodnight. ,,,,,,,,
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for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> the 49ers rise to the top isn't as easy as the fans, but when you get there, the view is great. nobody expected the panthers to shake things up in the nfc, but carolina's defense is clearly championship caliber. the ball was flying through the air on saturday. unfortunately for colin kaepernick it


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