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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CW  November 17, 2013 8:30am-9:31am PST

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starting to make more progr as the death toll from typhoon contin coming up, aid to the fill pins starting to -- philippines starting to make progress. a car fire shuts down a bay area highway. we will explain why it took hours to reopen. and is the bay area about to experience another strike? thank you for joining us. we have a lot of news to cover in the next hour. first up, of course, is bart. >> more drama with the contract. we thought this was all said and done. in fact, it's already been signed by the key players.
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i have their signatures here. apparently, they signed off on a clause for paid family leave and bart management didn't want to do that. >> and they say they can't afford it. we are going to sit down with one of the director and find out what comes next. >> the mayor also talking about obamacare, of course, we have heard much about the problems with the website. here's an advertisement put out really aimed at young people because they need young people to sign up to balance the cost with the older people. >> and the government's continuing look into the privacy in your online searches. we are going to sit down and discuss this with a representative from the freedom foundation to talk about the latest in google. what the tug of war is all
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about. mean while, the president of the philippines vowed to stay in the area until he sees more progress in the area. he is planning to set up camp. helicopters from the u.s. carrier lifted tons of cargo including food, medications and blankets. 11 foreign and international teams are on the ground there. the death toll stands at 12,000 and many still missing. a team of area medical professionals are on the way carrying medical supplies and sanitation equipment. these team members come from all over the area. >> i have family in the area. they were lucky enough to escape the destruction, but they have been extremely
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supportive and my cousin is helping us with this. >> another team will be flown in to relieve the team in a month. the union that helps the workers is also sending help. a fundraiser was held in dayly city yesterday. the group had already pledged $100,000 for the relief area. they plan to send medical workers to the area. the rural area -- a car crash sparked a grass fire and the area didn't reopen for hours as it took time to replace the wires. senator from wisconsin says
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the president's announcement that americans will be able to keep their health care if they like it is a fumble. the state run health care is making new oat reach efforts. families showed up yesterday for free dental and doctor screenings. once they got there, they were able to get help in signing up for the health care option. it's a major milestone for a local veteran of three wars. the ship is 73 years old. it served in korea and vietnam and world war ii, it was going to be scrapped if you recall, but now it's been rebuilt. >> incredible to think that i was back here when this thing was fully functional.
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it was hot, very hot at times, just unbearable almost. >> the ship also served as a recovery ship for apollo 11 and 12 missions. the old adage it doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how you play the game. a less on in good sportsmanship was taught. >> reporter: senior night for these players. >> ever since i was younger, i have loved football and loved playing the game. >> reporter: joey lost over 100- pounds playing feeble. he also lost his grandmother earlier this year. a concussion made him miss the games, but he never missed a
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game. joey got the green light to play, even ran the ball twice during the first half. everyone thought that was that until the coach from the opposing team heard the crowd chanting joey's name and realized he had a special opportunity. the players agreed. >> we went over to the officials and alerted them that if this young man needed to score, we were okay with it. >> reporter: joey came back into the game, got the ball and ran like mad. >> as soon as i saw the guys go down, i saw the wide opened area and once i got in the end zone, i got on my knee and prayed for my grandmother. i miss her so much. >> it's probably the greatest football moment i have ever
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been a part of. >> it will forever effect my kids as well as him. >> i will never forget that play. >> reporter: joey was the most valuable player in a game where both teams were winners. >> despite their winless season, several of the players wanted to go back in the game. they wanted to be a part of that play. still to come, the debate over privacy. >> and google is right in the middle of it. we are going to hear more about the push. and the embarrassing launch about the health care reform. should it be a concern for democrats running for reelection next year? we are expecting sunshine later this afternoon and later this week, our dry weather participant will likely end. the seven-day forecast is coming up. announcer:
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the meal will cost you a bit less. we have a little bit of good news for those of you hosting thanksgiving dinner this year. the meal will cost a little bit less. the average cost of a thanksgiving feet to feed 10 people is $49.04. that's 40-cents less than last year. whole milk, pumpkin pie mix and sweet potatoes are a little bit more, but the whole thing is about $20 more than thanksgiving dinner in 1986 which was the first year of that survey. as for traveling, it will cost you a little bit more if you are going by plane or train. gasoline is more than 20-cents lower than a year ago. the price for regular unleaded: as for the new workweek that begins tomorrow, there's a chance we are going to see some rain drops.
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here's your forecast. good morning. it is dry for now, but we have some changes, much needed changes coming in the form of rain in the middle of this week. here are the weather head lines, it's going to be a pretty cool morning, but by this afternoon, the sunshine comes out. it should be a pretty pleasant day. we should all get wet by the middle of this week. checking out the radar, we have a weak high pressure system that's going to continue to build. it's going to be quiet today and tomorrow. by this afternoon, we are going to warm up to the low to middle 60s. of course we all need the rain. we have been talking about the lack of it around the bay area for the last many weeks. here's our future cast, it looks like that by midnight, monday night into tuesday
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morning, that's when we start to see wet weather moving into parts of the north bay and it should be spreading south giving us widespread rain around the bay area before finally clearing out tuesday afternoon. there could be a couple of wet commutes out there. here's a look at the temperatures out there. 64 in concord, 56 in livermore. it looks like it's going to be a pretty nice day around northern california. so, if you are doing any traveling, any driving up through sacramento, high there 63 degrees there. everyone is seeing a whole lot of sunshine. here's a look at the forecast for the next couple of days. sunday and monday, that's where we see the weather pattern, kind of boring, but tuesday and
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wednesday we will see the rain coming before clearing out and drying. thursday and friday, we will see a bit of a warming trend. that's your weather forecast. company lawyers warning about the threat to the openness of the internet and the economy of the whole. >> right, this morning i learned how easy it is for communication companies to get your personal information and pass it on. >> they know who we are talking to. there are cases where the government wants the information from google. >> currently, it's over security, correct? >> that's right. >> is there something that google is not allowed to tell us? >> that's right, google is allowed to tell us the number of wants they receive -- warrants they receive, but nothing from the nacia. >> is there any fear or thought
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or moves being made by other government agents like the irs? >> oh, indeed, the nsa is passing that data off to the dea, the irs and local law enforcement and essentially laundering the information. the irs looks at the data and then issues another warrant so you would never know they got it from the nsa. >> both agencies are looking at it at the same time? >> yep, the nsa gets it a and passes it to the irs and gets the same data. >> this is about the technology and the law keeping up with each other. was this done when we had the
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wires or is this new? >> it's new. when law enforcement wanted to get your information they would have to get it all individually. now they can get it all and sort through it completely. >> now when we were on the wire net back in the days of yore, we had the information. what stopped the government from getting the information and looking at it when they wanted to look at it? >> well, the storage has gotten smaller. all of your communications go through a small level of companies. once the nsa gets on that wire, they can get everything. >> we are talking about the government. is there any indication that the next step might be for credit card companies or
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someone in civil case with you. >> your data is held by google. your data is controlled only by the contract you are from google. if you read your privacy policy, you are probably unique among your viewers. >> is the access unlimited for google, facebook and twitter, do they own it all? >> no, their policy says that you own it all. that could change, obviously, but right now, they are saying you own it all. >> what do you think is going to become the out come? >> well, google is suing in court to get permission to talk about it.
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i am a fan of free speech and i am a fan of this. >> did you say they are suing in secret court? >> that's right. >> the secret court? >> we have a lawsuit that's going to be heard in a secret court? that's where we are these days. in the meantime, these are not good times to be a democrat on capitol hill. should they be worried about their chances for reelection? we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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st national it was not a good saturday for local college football fans. >> that's right, stanford's playoff hopes went from slim to none with the loss to usc. the spartans were upset in nevada and california fell to colorado 41-24. the bears have a 1-10 record this season, but in basketball, the warriors pulled off a win 102-88. should capitol hill democrats be worried about the fall out of obamacare? >> that's one of the questions we raised this morning.
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okay, how are democrats reacting to this latest obamacare headache? nervous isn't the word, serious is the word. what happened to no drama obama? >> well, you have to understand something, any time there's a major shift in the american policy in this democracy, you are going to have these kinds of challenges an these kinds of growing pains and it requires people to earn the right to be evaluated and some of them will chance the risk of losing their job. >> by mayor, democrats in our paper are calling it obama's katrina. he is coming later this month. couldn't he have called the geniouses at google and asked for help? >> you can't do that. we have open bid and anyone can show up and make a bid and
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whoever offers the lowest price usually gets the assignment with some limitations and in this case, some canadian company probably using radio shack equipment showed up and said we can do this so cheap, it will blow your mind. and it did blown your mind. >> usually they do a run through. did nobody do a run through from the obama administration? >> based on his press conference, it appears that he wasn't present when they did the run through. did anyone on your staff alert you to the deficiency that was going to happen and he said no, they did not. >> how does he address the
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right wingers -- >> if you go district by district by district, you can explain away the negative. if everything is going to be fine, then why are all of the democrats calling for change? >> because they are like that. politicians are like that. they want to be in their mother's arms all of the time. >> we talked about the website, but is it going to work if you don't have enough young people to sign up? we found this on president obama's website that encouraging people to buy the insurance as a gift which doesn't sound like a great gift. they have to have a lot of young people sign up. >> that's going to be the real challenge to see if that can
8:54 am
happen because that finances the program and the insurance pools. i will say this, it will be a topic over the holidays because when people get together, this comes up and it's affecting people in the room. coming up, the fourth area is open and hopefully will make life easier for drivers. we spoke with some of the drivers. >> reporter: with two brand new lanes to the calcot tunnel helps. >> this morning, a smooth ride in going into the city and a smooth ride back. >> reporter: officials are not too shy patting themselves on the back either. a 160,000 drivers can now
8:55 am
expect a quicker drive through the mountain. plus, the project is done early and under budget. >> the state of californiaened the federal government too working together to get the job done. >> reporter: some not everyone is over-ly impressed. some saying we lowers our expectations with the massive projects. >> i think we are seeing the projects and we are shocked it's done on time and below cost. >> reporter: according to cal tran the money came from the investment act. when projects are done under cost, it's not the money, it's the look. >> it's like you pull in and
8:56 am
say, hell low it's nice. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpx 5. >> not only under budget, but finished early. we have seen so many debacles. >> i am going to give caltran some props for a second. a lot of the projects do come in on time. some of the bridges did, but the bay bridge is this monument to everything that could go wrong. as you pointed out, the next one is the high speed rail. i wonder if there's a limit. after that, the sky is the limit. >> i have heard good things about the traffic delays. >> that's another thing, it doesn't take long for the public to to get as long as it
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works. a woman has died after a shooting. still to come, what the woman did to prompt the police to open fire. plus, a police chief ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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out why it took hours to re. a car accident and results
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grass fire shut down a bay area highway. just ahead, find out why it took hours to reopen. aid from the u.s. is starting to pour in to the philippines. and looking ahead to 2016 and the presidential race. will hillary clinton run? will christie run? the time is now 9:00. >> thank you for joining us. we have a lot to talk about in the next half hour. did you know two out of three robberies involve a cell phone? they are calling it an epidemic. >> that's right, we are on the streets with the police chief to talk not only about the epidemic, but what you can do to avoid being a victim.
9:01 am
>> and bart. >> i can't believe we are talking about this again. the directors had signed off on a a clause that allows employees to get six months off for family management leave and bart saying we didn't mean to do that. we begin this half hour of news with breaking news out of russia. a russian passenger airliner crashed. about 50 people on board were killed. the boeing 747 belonged to the tardisan airlines no immediate indication of what caused the crash. the highway was closed last night as a car fire turned into
9:02 am
a grass fire. the crash brought down a power pole which sparked the grass fire. highway 16 didn't reopen until early this morning. and in the south bay, deputies shot and killed a knife wielding woman. three deputies showed up to a possible burglarly yesterday morning. when they arrived, they found the woman standing in the drive way. witnesses say they heard yelling and swearing and then gunfire. >> i heard boom, boom. i tell my husband, i wake him up and say, did you hear gunshot? >> investigators say the woman refused to drop the knife and that's when one of the deputies open fired and shot her. members of the community dedicated a wall to honor and remember foster city vets.
9:03 am
28 men and women who served in the armed forces are listed on the wall and there's still room for more. today, the president of the philippines vowed to stay in the area devastated by the typhoon until he sees more progress in the area. he is staying amid the ruins. helicopters from the us carrier lifted tons of cargo including food and blankets. the official death toll stands at nearly 4000 and 12,000 are still missing. >> here's your first project for the trip. >> help is on the way to help in the philippines. the group left san francisco last night carrying medical
9:04 am
supplies as well as sanitation equipment. team members came from all over the bay area and some have family in the philippines. robberies are too common in the bay area and many include cell phones. >> i spoke with the police chef to find out why. >> reporter: put this into perspective, you are walking down the street and you are feeling same and you have your phone in your hands. >> how safe can you feel when you are looking down. think about how many times you walk near people who are so engrossed in their phone they are no idea they are in front of you. one will pop up the phone and their partner will grab it. >> reporter: what makes the stealing of the smart phone so
9:05 am
easy? >> essentially, it's $200. so what these guys do is they turn them in, people gather them. in fact, our last homicide victim was trafficking cell phones. >> reporter: now, there's technology out there that will essentially turn the cell phone into a brick. why is that not helping? >> well, it's helping in other countries. apple and samsung has the technology. right now, there's millions of cell phones out there. here at least two out of three robberies involve a smart phone and it is epidemic nationally. >> reporter: many of the phones find their ways overseas, but, again, we believe the reason there's been such a dramatic
9:06 am
drop in narcotics is because of the cell phone thefts. >> reporter: why is that? >> the risk is lower because the characters you are dealing with are sometimes not even there and overhead is nonexistant and now pretty much with the legalization of medical marijuana, the market went away. >> reporter: we have heard all of the warnings, keep your head up how do we help? >> you have to remember, the campaign is "eyes up, phones down." i keep saying nobody is stealing books people are reading on uni. we are making arrests. we are almost at 1500 robbery arrests this year. >> talk about the technology that is the fingerprint
9:07 am
technology. are we seeing more of that in the market? >> oh, it will be a complete game changer. that should make the phones not worth stealing. >> but until then, they are probably the hottest thing on the thieves' christmas list. >> and the thieves know we have them. almost everyone has one either in your purse or your pocket. you know you are going to be able to nab a $200 cell phone. >> but, it is amazing even after talking with him. i know i did it, you probably did it too, you are looking down and not paying attention. i was doing it in downtown san francisco, but, the bottom line is your whole life is on the cell phone. i just keep a really tight grip. [ laughter ] coming up, is the bay area
9:08 am
about to experience another strike? and hillary clinton, will she make another white house run? the reasons why she may or may not succeed. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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shine abounds in the bay area take a look at that shot. we have a chance of rain later this week. the forecast is coming up. woman: i remember the moment. -i'll never forget that moment.
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the season opened friday. b high winds prevented fishern from hauling in their catch. calmer weather crab boats are out at sea this morning the season started on friday, but the winds kept the fishermen from hauling in their catch. new laws are intended to give smaller boats a better chance at catching crab. there's a mistake in the bart agreement. >> now bart boards are telling the general manager to go back to the bargaining table. this morning, we sat down with board member zachary maly and i asked how much it would cost bart if this stays in. >> if 33% of our work force use these six weeks of paid family leave, it would cost in the
9:12 am
range of $44 million additional to the four year contract. >> that is quite a number, so as a member of the riding public my first reaction when i first heard about this is how did this happen? a $44 million mistake? that just doesn't seem logical. >> well, the long story short, the miscommunication resulted in this inadvertently being typed in to the contract. prior to the staff signing it, they did not catch that mistake. >> you paid an outside negotiator how much to oversee this deal? >> approximately $400,000? >> and this mistake is the result? >> in part. >> what is the fate of the negotiator? >> he is no longer with bart.
9:13 am
>> so, one head is rolled over this. the question is where does it go from here? come monday, the union is saying that it's there and they are not interested in taking it out. >> if the unions do not agree to take it out and have their union revote, that would force the vote to vote it down and essentially we have a non- agreed upon contract. >> that would happen later in the week. you have to vote it down. if you vote it down, what happens then? >> what happens then? >> it forces forces negotiations to resurface. >> we could be back to where we started next week with the riders wondering if we are going to have negotiations and
9:14 am
a possible strike? >> we hope not. it's really up to the unions. we want to remove this mistake. >> right, any time you have something that's been given even if just for a minute, the unions are going to say we will give it back, but on the condition you give us something else. >> more than likely, that's correct. if i had to bet, the $67 million is going to grow. we will be asked to compensate here. >> do you have anything you are going to give them? this is so bizarre. you are going to give them more. >> i have already publicly committed to voting no on this contract that we thought was $67 million. regardless of what comes out for this, i am still voting no. i can't speak about my
9:15 am
colleagues about how much more they are willing to give. >> why not just put a no strike clause in effect and keep talking until you have a deal? >> i have heard that a lot, too. we have a no strike clause during the life of the contract, but unlike san francisco muni which is an agency of the city, so the city can set laws, we are a special district. we cannot make laws. once our law ends, the state laws take over. >> has there been any discussion or indication of what you folks are going to be willing to give the unions in terms of taking this out? >> i cannot disclose that even if we have talked about it, but those are discussions that will be coming forward. >> all right, so monday, negotiations start again then you folks decide what you are
9:16 am
going to do and we take it from there. >> in effect. this whole thing is outrageous that we would have this threat hanging over our heads once again. >> well, it's also embarrassing for bart, the idea that you brought in these paid negotiators and you had these stumbles, you had two strikes and then you had an agreement that wound up being more than you thought it was going to be. it's like, does anybody have it together over there and that's not even bringing up the tragic death of two bart workers during the strike as well. >> the union is saying that bart did mean to put it in. >> you have the signatures. >> well, they clearly sybbed off on it. this is the -- signed off on
9:17 am
it. they are saying oops, we didn't mean to agree to everything in the pipe of papers. >> it will be interesting to see how these talks work out and what ends up being the final out come. let's go to elizabeth for a look at the forecast. good morning. it is dry for now, but we have some changes, much needed changes coming in the form of rain as soon as the middle of this week so here's the weather headlines. it's going to be a pretty cool morning on tap, but by this afternoon the sun comes out. it should be a pretty pleasant day and then a very likely chance of rain. we should all get wet by the middle of this week. we have weak high pressure system that's continuing to build. it's going to be pretty quiet weather today and tomorrow and by this afternoon we are going to warm things up to the low to middle 60s, especially in some
9:18 am
of our inland spots, it's going to feel pretty nice out there. of course we all need the rain. we have been talking about the lack of it in the bay area for the last many weeks. here's our future cast. it looks like mid night, monday night, tuesday morning we are going to see wet weather moving into parts of the north bay and spreading south giving us widespread rain tuesday before finally clearing out by wednesday afternoon. there could be a couple of wet commutes out there. here's a look at the forecast today. the highs should be in the upper 50s. 64 in concord. 66 degrees in livermore. it looks like it's going to be a pretty nice day around northern california so if you are doing any traveling, any driving around sacramento, 60 degrees there.
9:19 am
60 in yosemite. here's a look at the forecast where the changes are coming in the next several days. it looks like sunday and monday, that's where we see a quiet weather pattern, but then the changes happen tuesday and wednesday where we see the rain coming before finally clearing out and drying. thursday through saturday we see a bit of a warming trend. that's the kpx 5 weather forecast. still to come, the presidential election 2016. we'll break it down next. blain (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year.
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hillary clinton's decision t whether to run. i discussed mrs. clinton's strengths and weaknesses...h former san francisco mayor willie brown.. the 2016 election is surrounding around hillary clinton. >> not just hillary clinton, there's another part of the equation. chris christie has emerged as
9:22 am
part of the equation on the other side. we sat down with two from the sacramento chronicals and asked them, okay, compare and contrast the two. i assume what you saw in san francisco was a good preview of the two styles of the people. christie is out there talking with everyone. he is auburn tigers authentic. hillary is >> there's a -- the only thing christie has going for him and disguise his policy is to entertain. he is doing a good job of
9:23 am
entertaining the press. he gets better reception. >> i am not getting that so early in the process she is locking it down. is she worried about over- coverage? >> she does not wish to have to be on youtube explaining some dumb statement that she has made that is inconsistent with good judge so she is going to stay away as long as she possibly can. it's chance of rainplanned. >> you can't go in and >> journalists are forgiving people. they are going to embrace her quickly as soon as she gives you an exclusive, your
9:24 am
colleagues go under the bus. it has to be at the right time. >> do you want anyone running on obama's record? >> i don't think obama has a record you would want people to run on. the idea is to improve the life of americans and hillary can do that as well as if not better than anybody. >> i will give this to hillary. in her trip to california she hit all of the major buttons. she really did cover the basics here, the strategy is here. >> she is a first round draft choice, a heisman candidate possibly. >> she is very well liked. >> she's got her negatives, too, polls show the needle moves two ways with her. she has been known as well, too. i think she is picking her shots and trying to stay under
9:25 am
the radar. coming up, one last look at this morning's top story. and turkeys in the nation's copal. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:26 am
9:27 am
breaking news out of russia. where a passenger airliner s crashed while trying to land he city of kaza welcome back, let's look at this morning's top stories. >> breaking news in russia, a 747 crashed while trying to land. officials say all 50 people on board were killed. the boeingno immediate indications of what caused the crash. a car crash started a grass fire. the area was closed for hours. these turkeys are getting ready for a white house visit. there they are.
9:28 am
a turkey farmer raises the turkeys. he is going to travel to the white house to meet the president. first, they are going to need to learn a little media sanitation washington' savvy. a little bit of music in the background. >> the turkeys are going to be pardoned for the holidays and then they are going to spend the holiday at mt. vernon. i can't believe it's almost thanksgiving. >> just yesterday it seems was halloween. >> thank you for joining us, we'll be back next sunday. enjoy the rest of your weekend. ,,,,,,,, ,,
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