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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  November 18, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> a plea from a bay area family prompts google to do something it's never done before. >> i have never seen anything like this before. we could be back to square one. >> can bart back out of its botched deal with the unions or will commuters end up paying the price? >> it may just be the cutest thing you see this week. a love story between a toddler and his puppy goes viral. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> at long last, rain is finally moving into the bay area tonight. let's get right to paul for the details. >> we say finally, because it's been 59 days since we had widespread rain fall. it's here. let's take a look at radar where it is raining, where it is not. the rain made it down highway 101 to windsor. it worked its way south. next up will be occidental.
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clover dale, it's been raining for a while. all the way north, you have seen light to moderate rain. now much of the area is waiting. the rain is moving its way from the north to the south. look at all the rain up to the north. that is all heading in our direction and that will be giving us rain for an extended period of time. so many fronts for the past several weeks have been missing to north because of a big blocking ridge of high pressure. that ridge moved to the south. so now the rain will also have the opportunity to move to south. storm track is headed here. how much rain? not that big of a deal. wind will not be an issue. travel will. the roads are going to be very slick for the first time in a long time and the commute will be a mess because everybody will be seeing the rain fall. we'll talk about how much rain we'll see coming up in a few minutes. >> paul, thank you. new tonight, in a first for google, the company agreed to take down an image that kristen ayers first reported on. an image that upset a bay area
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family quite a bit. >> thinking about everything that happened, you know,. >> jose brushes away tears when he talks about his 14-year- old son, kevin, shot dead four years ago in richmond. friday, his pain was compounded when we discovered these satellite images available on google map. they show the crime scene and his son's body. >> it's really painful on my family, because like i say, you know, coming back. >> he wanted google to take the images down. after our story aired, he got a call from google map. >> we apologize. we are really sorry. and we learn more. >> google confirmed that today. they will replace the satellite images. something the search giant has never done. in a statement to kpix5, google never accelerated the replacement of imagery before.
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given the circumstances, we wanted to make an exception in this case. jose told us he is grateful, though it pains him google published the images in the first place. four years later, his son's murder remains unsolved and he hopes google's mistake will bring attention to a murder case that has gone cold. >> we want to resolve. >> image is searchable on google map. we found it within a few seconds tonight. google says it will take at least eight days to take it down. in richmond, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> google claims it is never encountered a situation quite like this. sot search engine faced lawsuits for privacy breeches related to its satellite imaging. police investigating a shooting that left a teenager dead. police were first called to centennial park. they found a 17-year-old male with a gun shot wound near the baseball diamond. he later died. his identity has not been
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released. a hayward ten-year-old has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after he walked around with a knife. the boy grabbed the knife from faculty lounge at hill view crest elementary school. class mates overheard him mumbling that he was triered of getting picked on by some of the girls. a parent was able to take that knife away, but did suffer a small cut. no one else was hurt. oakland police are offering a $2500 reward leading to the arrest of two men accused of robbing several house painters. four painters were arrested at webster and 49th. one was ordered off a ladder. the robbers took their cell phones, their wallets, and other items. the victims were not hurt. they ran next door to ask a neighbor for help. >> we called 911 and literally, within five minutes,
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oakland police was here while i was on the phone with 911. >> the suspects were last seen driving south on webster, possibly a maroon colored car. anyone with information is asked to call the oakland police. among two men killed in a crash in oakland early this morning. a mangled mess is all that was left. the chp says 30-year-old, thomas howard, was driving more than 100 miles per hour when he lost control. his car hit a big rig and went over the plead january and hit two cars driving the opposite direction. the other driver hasn't been identified as zang long lu. howard was released by the falcons last week. he spent five seasons with the team. >> bart and union representatives met today to determine just how much m a contract dispute could end up costing. it was a mistake. its negotiating team signed off
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on. extra paid family leave. kpix5 just days before a scheduled final vote. >> it's just not affordable. drives a $67 million contract to $111 million. effectively, that's 20 cars we wouldn't be able to buy. >> it would be a tough political sale as well. gwynn the public already thinks that bart workers got a sweet deal. >> it is a stretch to support the contract. anything that cost beyond that is not tolerable by the people i represent. >> the public is stunned that six weeks paid family leave could have been signed off by bart management and their well paid negotiator. >> you pay these people a lot of money to make sure this stuff doesn't happen. how do you explain that? >> it was a mistake. the board is directed. thegeneral manager to conduct an investigation. >> the union adjusted to the turn around. >> this is uncharted territory. i have been bargaining for 25
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years and i've never seen anything like this. >> do you ever see anything like this before? >> i have not. we could be back to square one. the unions came out swinging. it's in the contract, it stays. however, they seem to be taking a wait and see. >> get the agreement approved. whatever discussions we need to have internally or externally, that's our goal. >> whatever the outcome is, it won't look good for bart. >> people were shocked that the mistake occurred, two, at the financial consequences. >> kpix5. >> bart's board of directors scheduled to vote on the contract at its meeting on thursday. >> this is the first weekday the drivers have been able to use the tunnel. mobile 5 took us on a ride.
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today's morning and evening commutes were both very smooth with two tunnels now carrying traffic in both directions. >> a former ferry that serves as a floating office for san francisco startedups is running into rough waters. they board the boat every day, but ryan tells us they may have to ship out. >> it's not your imagination. this work space is swaying, and stopped here at dock 50. the 135-foot former ferry houses five startups. including luke vanhorn's. monotar real timing in course. >> what was your job to come here? >> it's a ship, which is awesome. >> every day, his office's backyard is the bay. when have you heard this during
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an interview? >> deal. >> it's all part of the charm. >> i think it's a great idea. it's just that there are rules. >> any vote at the doc is functional. it was an honest mistake, now he is trying to make sure the boat works. >> how much is this going to cots you? >> i don't know. and what i learned about ships is it always costs more than you think. our estimate is about $30,000. >> for him, it's worth the money for this unique space. as the startups try to stay afloat on board, this boss needs to make sure the boss works. kpix5. >> the voyage is expected to happen in the next two to three weeks. >> just when you think it can't get any worse for toronto's crack-smoking mayor. somehow it does. >> birth control could be put
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at a hire risk. >> ten days before thanksgiving, the turkey supply. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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people in a dozen
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midwestern states picking up the pieces of their towns, literally. at least 75 tornadoes tore across the region yesterday in a rare november outbreak of veer storms. eight people confirmed dead. hundreds of people are homeless. reporter, coem is in the hard hit town of washington, illinois. >> what do you got over there? >> bill bailer is searching through what was his home in washington, illinois. >> what we have left are pieces. we have our lives, that's the main thing. that house just got paid off a week or two ago. that's what's sad. >> baylor was returning home from his office when the tornado hit. his fiance escaped with her life. >> that's our kitchen. she come down these steps and got this door open and not knocked down. >> the tornado that leveled baylor's home was one of 75 reported in seven states from tennessee to michigan. but washington, illinois, was hardest hit. you can see the devastation in
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these before and after photos. personal checks and other items from here were found 85 miles away. there's widespread damage in this small town. the governor of illinois says these november tornadoes are the deadliest in the state's history. >> first thing i did was declare seven counts of illinois state disaster areas. >> bill baylor didn't need a former decloration. >> i never dreamed we'd get this much. >> but it's a disaster for which he is already recovering. >> since 1986, there have been 194 tornado warnings in illinois in the month of november. more than half were issued yesterday. >> george zimmerman is in trouble again. he's accused of pointing a shot gown at his new girlfriend. ximmer nan smashed a glass table, then locked her out of the house. zimmerman had several run ins with the law. he is currently jailed without
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bail. >> things aren't getting any easier for rob ford. today the council decided to strip him of many of his remaining powers and even slashed his office budget. >> mark my words, friends, this is going to be outright war in the next election. >> clearly he didn't take it very well. at one point, ford barreled into a fellow councilwoman, knocking her down. in another bizarre move, he pretended to drive drunk to mock a counselor who had been pulled over. >> fard has been under fire after admitting to smoking crack cocaine, and driving after drinking alcohol. >> ladies, listen up, new research finds taking birth control could double your risk for developing glaucoma. researchers studied women over the age of 40. those who had taken an oral
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contraceptive were more than twice as likely to have been diagnosed with glaucoma. the study did not different between low estrogen and regular birth control pills. >> new guidelines don't quite add up. the nation's top heart reactses on determining who needs the medicines. doctors are saying that the cool cue lates over estimate, leading patients to taking drugs they don't need. any flaws in the new formula are small. >> the dow hit a new record high more than once, actually. it traded above 16,000 for the first time ever, ending the day at 15,976, which is still a record close. have you bought nor thanksgiving turkey yet? you may have to settle for a frozen one this year.
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better wall says there's a shortage of fresh, large, hole turkeys over 16-pounds. it's all because some turkeys couldn't gain enough weight. the company will still offer plenty of large frozen turkeys. about 1 in 4 turkeys comes from butter ball. >> aimed to unlock the mystery without ever landing. >> ignition and lift off of the atlas 5. >> unmanned mavin probe blasted off today for the ten month journey. once it reaches mars, it will orbit the player. >> really in detail to see its climate state to understand how the atmosphere lost to space, how mars may have lost a magnetic field. >> mars may have looked a lot like eater and supported life. they are hoping mavin can learn
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why it's so drastically different. >> if it doesn't rain around here, we'll be near mars. today the hives 9 below zero. i know, right? that's a warm front for them. for us, it's about the rain fall. let's get to it. good evening to you. cloverdale, clear lake, for the first time in a long time, widespread rain working its way south. next up will be napa, vallejo, and eventually make it to the city before sunrise, rain working its way from the north to the south. lots of moisture from the north. it will slowly work its way south and when it gets here, it will stay here for a while. not only for tomorrow, but for wednesday. about a quarter of an inch of rain. if we had a quarter of an inch every day through the end of
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the year, we would end the calendar year dryer than normal. that's how dry we have been. let's talk about the rain. we have low pressure to our north. we have a storm system moving in. but that happened over, 20 or 25 times over the past couple weeks. but this time, the big ridge off show giving us the storm track, which is pushing everything up into the northwest. that is gone. this is going to be the high pressure dome has been putted out to the south. that will bring the storm track into northern california and the storm track hits here for a change. we will have the rain fall. let's talk about how much rain fall. between now and wednesday. and the north bay, you'll get the most rain. now the computer model is predicting 3/4 for san francisco. so what to expect? the rain moves in after midnight tonight, slick roads
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for the morning commute tomorrow. slick roads for the evening commute tomorrow and wednesday. we're going to be wet for a couple days. highs tonight tomorrow, 60. don't worry about the rain. 61, we are soggy inland. lower 60s in the city. and a high of 60 where it is already raining. your extended forecast, if you'll miss the sunshine, hiking through the weekend with highs approving 70. we have the all is normal. dogs and cats no longer sleeping together. >> that's -- i had no idea that was coming, but watch this. still to come, why people around the toddler girl's naps. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you got to see this. this is cool. the santa cruise toddler and puppy are the latest internet sensation. >> her photos of the two napping together went viral. kpix5 visited with the family tonight. >> it's no wonder daily naps for these two growing boys turn into an accidental photo shoot. >> it's a natural thing for them to be so close and they will stay like that for three hours. you can imagine how many positions i come into. >> to jessica's sur surprise,
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theo follows and copies the position. >> they have almost a kindred spirit. they are both playing during the day. >> they fight like brothers and cuddle like litter mates. jessica only began taking pictures of the two last weekment since then, the rescue pup and his 23 month old costar have become an international sensation. she has gone from 5500 followers to more than 60,000 in three days. >> it's mind boggling. just completely mind boggling, the numbers. the general response that i've gotten has been one of gratitude. it's refreshing and uplifting. >> jessica is working on create ago photo book of theo and beau. in santa cruise, betty, kpix5. >> giants land a free agent pitch chore made his name as an
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oakland athletic. you think the niners got robbed? wait until you see the ending of monday night football. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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he giants big four. tim hudson made a name for himself in the bay area's member of the oakland athletics big three. tonight he is returning to the big four. he was 8-7 last year with the braves before suffering a broken ankle on a play at first base. i would be laughing, too, if i were playing the utah jazz. set picks off the pass in the third quarter, behind the back, thompson for the 3. thompson at 17. war yores, up 13-3. marvin
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williams landed on currie's head. currie left the game with a headache, but he should be fine. warriors win 98-87. cam newton and the panthers trying to upset the patriots. a minute to go. look at her go. the panthers have the lead. the patriots go down field. 7 seconds left. into the end zone, and he is looking for rob. flag is called. they had originally called for pass interference and it certainly looks like that, but the correct call was made, by they were screaming bloody murder in new england. just like the 49er fans were doing yesterday. >> he couldn't get it. and again, by rule, they were right and that's no worry i
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could have gotten the correct call. >> see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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