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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  November 20, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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wer -- and transit - . in the dark for hours. where wet weather may have knocked out power and transit at the height of the evening commute. stuck half a world away. why a south bay man is trapped in north korea. and the heated debate over a high school mascot comes to an end. many people in the dark because the power is out and for many commuters they're still trying to get home. we're at a caltrans station in san mateo. >> reporter: it's a double whammy here at the caltrans station. you can see pg&e crews working on the power line. it is clearly not only knocked out power to people here in the city of san mateo, it has ground
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caltrans to a halt. it's not until you throw a height on the crowd you see how nasty the commute was. this brought train commuters out of the car and into the night. >> there's a typical -- a problem down the line, we'll get back to you, we'll get back to you, we'll get back to you. and finally here we are. where are we? >> you're in san mateo. >> thank you. >> reporter: no lights in the parking lot, no lights in most of the city of san mateo. making head lamps the fashion accessory of the evening. >> we and a good portion of san mateo lost our power so we are bored so we decided to take wilma for a walk tonight. >> reporter: with both commute and home miserable and dark everyone had one question. >> you guys know when the power is coming back on?
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>> reporter: now, pg&e says they can expect power to be fully restored until 4 a.m. that's right, 4 a.m. still about 200 customers here in san mateo without power. it could be a very long time before the power is back on and the trains are back running. . more problems earlier because of the rain. almost toppled a power pole in lafayette. the power lines came down this amp much the street was closed for about 90 minutes while crews cleared the area. and traffic was a mess. the rain overwhelmed storm drains on 101 in san fransisco. that created this freeway water fall, essentially, spilling on to bay shore boulevard. this street also flooded leaving a car surrounded by water. we have the conditions right now, and just how much rain we actually got.
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>> rainfall totals very impressive. a live look at kpix high def radar. the meat of this storm has pushed off to the east. let's take a look at the rainfall totals, san jose 3/4 of an inch, most they've had this year in any one day. hayward, 2/3 of an inch, concord 1 inch. downtown san fransisco, 1.27 inches of rain. san bruno nearly an inch. and an inch for yantville. where is the storm now? it's high tailing off to the east and south. snowfall in the sierra. that should make the skiers happy and this will be a flood producer over the country but its first stop was right here. what is coming next, in ten minutes. vallejo high school looking for another mascot as the school board officially tossed out the school symbol. . [ chanting ].
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. >> reporter: impromptu drumming broke out moments of the vallejo school board voted to get rid of the mascot, the apache. most of the people who spoke at tonight's meeting called the mascot racist and a relic. >> i am a living and human being and i am not a mascot. >> i think societial attitudes have changed and you need to find another mascot. >> i'm going to fight for our mascot. >> reporter: vallejo high student angelica fought in tonight's message. >> it's a soft ball so sit down. >> reporter: opponents went so far as to call the apache mascot an honor for the american people. >> it's trying to show people that they do exist.
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>> reporter: the debate here a micro-cosm of what is happening on the national stage. tonight the school board made a statement, ending a tradition that many here said is toxic. >> it will be expensive to remove the apache emblem throughout the school. those changes will happen over time. . >> the school board sets its sights on solano middle school. their mascot is the chieftans. san fransisco police want you to be on the lookout for a guy they say is extremely dangerous. >> reporter: tonight while amanda blakely is morning the death of her daughter
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melquiesha, she's learning san fransisco police have released the name of the man us suspected of killing her, michael sione green. >> you did the crime, come forward. >> a very, very dangerous person. a big guy, 5' 11", 230. >> reporter: green is 23 years old, tongan, and probably lives on the peninsula. nobody should approach this suspect. anybody sees him it's a 911 call. >> reporter: early sunday morning green was with a woman described as more than 6 feet tall, also a pacific islander. they got into a fender bender accident outside a club called omg. witnesses say after the wreck, green and his lady friend got violent with melquiesha and her friend of hayward as they were trying to calm the lady down. >> they say one got out of the car. she went to try to open
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melquiesha's car but she couldn't snatch her out. and he said move out of the way, i've got this. and just opened fire. 15 rounds, that was wrong. then you went around and shot my daughter twice, once in the face and once in the head? by the time i get to the hospital they tell me -- even before i get to the hospital they tell me my daughter is decreased. >> mrs. blake is making funeral arrangements for her daughter. a high school student in santa rosa is accused of repeatedly stabbing his teacher with a pencil. it happened this afternoon at a small alternative school on the elsie allen campus. the teacher was wounded in the head, neck, and arm. the 16-year-old attacker ran off when other students intervened. school immediately went into lockdown. . >> i just saw like a bunch of kids running, like, over there where it happened, and then i saw someone, like, hit the
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ground and the ambulance coming, and the teacher screaming to us. >> the police found the student and arrested him. they have not released his name. the teacher was not badly hurt. a good samaritan was honored for rushing to help an oakland teen hit on fire on an ac transit bus. construction worker dan gail says the bus was packed when a victim was attacked. gail says while other passengers stared, even laughed, he smothered the flames with a sweatshirt before ripping the skirt off. >> i'm not a hero. i'm not a hero, i don't think so, no. just somebody needed help. i'm glad that it worked out. >> oakland police are searching for a second good samaritan who helped sasha. the suspect richard thomas is
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being charged as an adult for the crime. a man is trapped in north korea tonight. authorities there yanked him off an airplane. but no one will say why. >> reporter: family and friends of merrily newman have received no words of his whereabouts and the north cree tan government hasn't provide add reason for his detention. he lives here at the channing apartments behind me and his wife and community is anxious for his return tonight. it's been more than three weeks since anyone has heard from 85-year-old cree tan war veteran merrily newman. he was detained in north korea at the end of a sight seeing trip. >> i feel it's a bad movie or something. i still can't believe that it's real. i just feel he's the easiest man to talk to and the nicest and i can't believe this could happen. >> reporter: long time neighbors
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and friends marilyn and james coughlin know merle to be friendly. >> what's the threat, exactly? >> reporter: several are looking for answers. >> this is unfortunately a kind of barbaric behavior on the part of the north koreans. >> reporter: newman's son told anderson cooper tonight that the day before his flight his father met with north korean officials who talked about his army service in the korean war. newman thought nothing of it until he was escorted off the plane. there has to be a terrible misunderstanding. i hope the north koreans will see this as a humanitarian matter and allow him to return to his family as soon as possible. the u.s. issued a warning against travel to north korean
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citing "the risk ever arbitrary arrest of u.s. citizens." it's learned valuable lessons since the asiana crash, says sfo. it conduct add review of is emergency response. it gave itself high marks for communication among first responders. but the tremendousage procedures could have been better coordinated. the airport upgraded its website after it failed to keep up with the surge in traffic following the july crash. tomorrow b.a.r.t.'s board will vote on its contract offer to the unions and it appears the directors are ready to reject that deal. they say there's no way to pay for that six weeks of paid family leave that was mistakingly added to the final draft. if the board rejects this deal then it's back to the bargaining table all over again and if workers decide to walk out again, b.a.r.t. cannot stop them. we have no idea when a strike, if it comes to that, would
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happen. the deal, why it may be better to skip some of those black friday sales. and turning san fransisco into gotham city didn't come true. how much it cost to make a little boy's wish come true. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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americans today. . president obama awarded the nation's highest civilian award to 16 americans today. the honorees ranged in fields as diverse as science and politics to sports and entertainment. steinham, loretta lynn and oprah winfrey, to name a few. he even honored one of his predecessors. >> his foundation improved the lives of hundreds of millions of people and i'm most grateful for his patience during the endless travel of my secretary of state. >> the award was established 50 years ago by president kennedy to recognize people who have made remarkable contributions to the security or national interests of the united states. you already wear a seat-belt in a car. soon you'll have to buckle up on
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buses. the federal government ordering all new tour buses to have safety belts in 2014. an average of 21 passengers on tourists on motor coaches are killed in crashes every year. 8,000 more are hurt. the new rule does not apply to city transit or school buses. southwest airlines the latest air line to ease electronic rules for passengers. passengers may use certain devices in airplane mode during taxiing, and takeoff and landing. jetblue, american, united, have already made the change, as well as delta. cupertino have cleared the way for apple to make a new headquarters. the tax break is considered the last hurdle. all that's left is the ground breaking and the construction of
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the nearly 3 million square foot campus. the design looks like a spaceship. the new campus will have its own transit center and a pavilion to unveil new products. a new cbs poll out tonight shows a third of americans plan to do holiday shopping over thanksgiving weksd. black friday is still the most popular day to shop. but 76% think stores should be closed on thanksgiving day. retailers are already going all out to get us to spend this holiday season. but some deals may not be as great as they sound. >> reporter: it's become a sort of tradition, the black friday stampede also known as the official start of the holiday shopping season. >> they want to beat each other to the punch. >> reporter: more retailers than ever, including macy's,
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michael's and kohl's will be open on thanksgiving day. >> wal-mart cherry picked the best black friday deals at their competitors. >> reporter: how good are the deals? they're a mixed bag. >> they're object models that have been on the shelves for a while or not the best of the crop. >> reporter: this tv is a bargain even if it's not a top brand. this xbox 360 is $99, dated. maybe, but still a steal compared to the xbox 1. this kitchen aid mixer that target is selling for $199 was actually cheaper a couple of weeks ago. so while this year's advertized deals may not merit a stampede, many say tradition alone is
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enough to get them in the door. >> you're staying home from work so what else do you have to do? >> reporter: more door busters are being offered online so you don't have to go in the door and cyber monday deals can be better. waiting can pay off. some credit cards will price much after the fact so if you buy something and find can cheaper later you can get reimbursed for the difference. . all right, so how much does it keep to keep gotham city safe for a day? a hundred grand, give or take a few thousand. and thousands came out to watch miles scott get the key to the city after finding all the bad guys on friday. the city will pick up most of the tab for the celebrations. make a wish foundation is also helping out. beautiful weather. pouring down rain but we needed it. >> batkid would be wet as it
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poured out there today. if you don't have an umbrella you're trying to dry out the outfit you have on. it poured earlier but right now it's clear. scanning the skies tw the radar and nothing within 200 miles of the bay area right now. we have a lot of low cloud cover and fog out there. take you live outside. this is video, grizzly creek has fog. thick deck out there. fog is a major problem in that area. rain was a problem earlier but we needed it. 1.27 inches of rain in san fransisco. more rain than the previous 228 days combined. much needed rainfall hitting the bay area. overnight tonight, fog likely widespread by tomorrow morning. fremont is 46, oakland starting off at 51 degrees. microclimbate forecast, breezy
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coming up on friday with a high of 66. turning awe way from the wet and turning toward the sunshine. low pressure is moving out. going to be that big flood maker in utah, new mexico, and arizona. watch out for that news coming up in a few days. out of our picture. breezy but sunny and we had stay sunny for six straight days from tomorrow all the way through the middle of thanks giving week. our next rain chance is next wednesday. foggy tonight, breezy to windy as that storm exits. sunny, dry for several days. livermore tomorrow, 64, afternoon sunshine for you in san jose, also 64. hayward high of 62. antioch 64, pleasanton 64. in the city, 63. sonoma 62 and low 60s for santa rosa. sunny right through the weekend. mid to upper 60s.
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next rain chance is there, more showers next wednesday. big travel day. a lot of folks hitting the road going to grandma's house. drying out tonight. >> thanks, paul. not lasik. what one woman went through to put a twinkle in her eye permanently. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this next story may be a li tough to swallow. . i hope you finished dinner. >> yeah. this next story may be tough to swallow. it looks like something straight out of a clockwork orange. remember that movie? this procedure does not help your vision.
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this woman is getting a tiny platinum heart implanted into her eyeball because she thinks it will make her look unique. it's called safe sight jewelry. it costs about 3,000 bucks. it is not fda approved. >> oh. ouch. >> i tell you what is fda approved, the raiders' new starting quarterback sunday. and without seth currie could the warsiors take down the grizzlies? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rry who's still . the warriors have yet to lose this season at oracle. they were trying to keep that alive without seth currie. final seconds of the game,
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75-75, can iguodala do it again? not this time. the warriors did not score in the final three minutes of regulation. prince to beat the shot. that's the dagger. warriors lose for the first time at home, 88-81 to memphis. mcloin will be under center for the raiders when they take on the titans. tickets still available for sunday's game. ray lewis said he will pay half of the fine and that's 17,000. block buster trade gregor. ian kins her. and hoe pez had be a giant for at least another three years. the lucky specialist agreed to three year, $13 million contract that will keep nipple the orange
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and black. hudson and now lopez. >> we'll check it out for you and have it for you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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