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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  November 24, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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"it's outrageous." why hundreds of families a man risks his life to save a woman who jumps from the top of the coliseum. >> it's outrageous. >> why hundreds of families have been waiting for months to figure out how the loved one has died. >> you don't have a right to strike. >> bart is closer than ever getting closer to striking, i'm ann notarangelo. >> a woman jumped from the third deck following the raiders game with the latest. >> reporter: that's right, brian. we're learning that it's a good samaritan that basically shielded this woman's body. and he was injured during all of this. but that he is going to be okay. authorities say he saved their life. >> this is the restricted section where the alameda
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county sheriff's office landed on the raiders banned from 45 feet below. >> apparently they saw something happening above him as he tried to stop. convincing this individual to not jump and fall. >> reporter: it was released after the raiders game. but the authorities say that the 61-year-old marine corps took notice. likely to survive her injuries. the woman in critical condition all the individuals affected by today. the two that are injured and anyone that may have seen it and the safe decision secure of our guests are most important. >> reporter: and authorities, they say that right now they're looking into how the woman made her way into the restricted area, which is covered by black tarp. live at the oakland coliseum, kpix5. >> don donknapp says he doesn't
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know what happened to the team. >> reporter: when a conscious team was found and a doctor walk -- a did walking the boy administered first aide calling 911. the 17-year-old was taken to the hospital and remains in a coma. they're trying to determine if the boy may have fallen from the roof or if there was any victim of an assault. that he might have been risked to the dangerous game according to the sergeant. >> reporter: through the investigation, he had engaged in the extreme group and had been here on the same campus with some other young friends of his or where one of the young men had fell and broken his leg. >> reporter: because of where the team fell, they're not ruling out the assault that he
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has a three to four-foot overhang, leaning on through the building. >> we're concerned as it is the 15-year-old young man with these rather serious injury as we need to put all resources for them and of the crime and the tragic accident. >> the victim remains in critical condition, but%ted to survive. >> and to call santa rosa police with any information. >> more frustration for the woman found dead in the stairwell of sf general weeks after she went missing. lynn spalding's family still don't know how she died. they hadn't heard from the medical examiner in weeks. with a huge backlog from the office discovering more than 600 cases have been waiting for more than three months for a cause of death as there are 80 that have been open for more
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than a year. a spokesperson is putting their situation in the hands of amy hart. >> dr. hart needs to work harder on behalf of the citizens of san francisco who are demanding better and faster health events. it's outrageous. outher department is dealing with staffing issues, the reason for the lengthny turnaround time. a new twist in the bart saga. a possibility that we could see a no strike clause in the feature. that they are well publicized. the deal are pulling off from the provision as a third walkout is a possibility. but this morning on kpix 5, strikes may not be an option. >> if you're a central employee, you don't have the right to strike, but you have
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the right to fact finding and budget crunching. >> sounds like a no strength clause. >> in a brief summary, that might be something that we'll need to take a look at. >> new york city, growth, washington, d.c. have banned major strikes. truckers plan to walk off the job on monday as they want more money to keep it in compliance with tougher state regulations. 804 truckers will lose their jobs on january 1 if they don't upgrade their trucks. their and san jose police officers are getting more bet. offering an 1offer% point -- an 11-point raise. the battle over the pay and pensions have left dozens in the force. president obama will be
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here to make another withdrawal from the bay area cash machine. but first immigration as mark kelly shows us that people were lining up today to grab a ticket for the stop in china town. >> reporter: a steady stream of supporters line up 24 hours early for a chance to hear obama's speech. it's at the recreation center in china town on monday. as the president will use their neighborhood as a background for the renew drop on the immigration reform. he says that the china town location is perfect. >> our country is really built on immigrants. >> it's a quick visit. but is sending one clear message. the two-term president is losing his critical capitol. but take the price to wine and dine with the president at the jazz center as we get closer to the event, organizers, they would splash that ticket price
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from $1,000 to $500. >> he's been here for nine times. people, they are tired of writing the checks to obama, even in the democratic bay area. >> reporter: scott won't be watching the president's speech as he is not impressed that the president is choosing to talk immigration while obama care in many states still finds itself on life support. >> this is one of the problems that we have with politics. kind of bait and switch a lot of the times. oh it's going bad. let's look over here at what might be a problem. >> reporter: heading into 2014, he faces many challenges. cementing his legacy is one of them. if successful, it could be the immigration reform and a speech right here in san francisco. in china town, mark mark, cbs 5. air force one is due in at 10:30. he'll deliver his remarks at about an hour later.
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then he will head to a democratic fundraiser, then back in the air at 3:30. we're getting some of the details tonight over the historic deal of the iran's nuclear program as they have to destroy their uraniumstockpile. in exchange iran gets $7 billion in financial relief, mainly through the oil sales. sanctions will also be lifted on things like cars and gold. allison tells us that the u.s. had been working on an agreement without its closest allies even knowing that the talks were taking place. some of them are not happy. >> reporter: the historic deal signed sunday in geneva is the year of secret talks between the united states and iran.
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>> they would have to destroy their ewe ran yum that they -- uranium that they have. >> reporter: in exchange billions of dollars will be lifted. the israeli prime minister wasted no time reacting to the word of the nuclear accord. >> and what was included in geneva last night? it is not a historic agreement. it's a historic mistake. that they have not made the world a safer place. but the agreement is what we have had in 2005. and the agreement, it has made the world a much more dangerous place of employment >> reporter: months dangerous -- dangerous place. it eased the tension of the u.s. and iran. in september, he spoke on the phone with the leader as it was the first conversation in more than 30 years.
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cbs news. s and the allies have about six months to hammer out a more complete deal as iran has an incentive to comply about $100 billion in the regime asset is sitting in frozen accounts right now. for the first time ever, the vatican publicly unveiled a handful of bone fragments from st. peter. it was taken to the alter to end the year of the faithful. the fragments were nestled in a box inside a bronze display case. pope francis prayed before the bones and then clutched for several minutes. we believe that when we generate that, what we really do is to honor the saint to help us grow in living the christian virtues. >> no pope has ever declared the fragments to belong to
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peter. in 1968 pope paul vi says bones found under the chapel was said to be disputed. blogging behind bars. >> where pros are finding the crowd. a nasty storm moving across the country, threatening to make a mess of thanksgiving travel. >> i wasn't expecting it. it was surprising. a black bear crashes a little kid's birthday party. that's coming up. ,,,,
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the latest silicone valley partnership is with all places in san quentin. a training program is preparing inmates with tech jobs after being released from the six- month course launched with silicone valley's big wigs. experts will come in to teach prisoners how to launch their own technology. so far five graduates have landed jobs at companies. the solar city is expected to announce a big expansion tomorrow. the company plans to open about 10 operation centers across the state. the bay area solar city home
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base was a total of seven warehouses here. the new locations, locations to be in california. this will create at least 90 positions. st. anthony's foundation is about half way of their goal to collecting 1,000 turkeys by thanksgiving day. since their curb side donation drive began yesterday, the group has received about 500 birds. >> it's been really great. turkeys, they're really slow coming in this year maybe because the holidays are late as we're not 100% why. but the people around the bay area, they're aware of the turkey shortage as they are really helping out. >> they're hoping to collect the canned goods by using personal hygiene items and cash as they also need socks. the goal is to give away 4,000 pairs on christmas day. fewer of us are traveling this year for thanking giving. more than five million californians plan to travel 50 miles more this week. and that may sound like a lot, but is a 4% decrease from last
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year. of the californians who are traveling, more than 4 million up by cars. that if they can get rid of the storm as well as snow making its way from california to the southwest. it's leading to tons of flight cancellations and wrecks. now, watch as this suv, it slides out from thin ice and then rolls over. yeah. a storm chaser caught it on camera while driving through oklahoma city. no word on whether or not anyone was hurt. texas, they were also a wintery miss. workers were busy today as crews, they had to deice the runway and the plane about 300 flights, canceled on out of dsf. a comment racing towards the sun to put on quite a show next week on thursday. they will pass through thousands of miles of the sun.
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if the comic survives the close call, it could put on a pretty good show or really it could fizzle completely like so manyeconomics -- comets do. >> a lot could be the comet of the century. but any comet could be the comet of the century. right now it will pass behind the sun in the next few days. when it comes out the other side if it survives that close encounter, it is anybody's guess. the comet nucleus will break up, and the nucleus doesn't break it. all affecting everything. it will be interesting and an interesting thing to get up in the pre-dawn skies just a week ago or a week from now to see just what happens. what's happening tonight is that things, they're really cool. temperatures in the 40s in the bay area. 46 degrees for oakland. in san francisco it 163 and santa 3 -- 63 and in santa rosa and other parts of the bay area as well; clear skies. spare the air day by the way because of the air pressure
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that will be staying nice with the high that's not going anywhere soon. now, it will be sunny and chilly along the coast. 45 degrees at the bay and inland about an 8:00 a.m. estimate of the temperatures. bundle up when they get out i b. it'll stay that way for the next couple of days on wednesday. but by thanksgiving, still a chance of a couple of showers on how much rain, if any that they will need to get on thanksgiving as you need to increase the clouds for them in just a minute as they will need to cause all of this. it will be a little bit too offshore for them to really make it a dead certainly that we get rain. current temperatures right now, kind of for fun. it's 28 degrees in minnesota limit and take a look at miami. 74 degrees. you know in miami, that's 1:00 in the morning. here is what we expect with the high pressure floating over c. as that high will be keeping us high and dry for the next few days. but the highs, getting a little
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bite taken out of it. but it's not coming directly over the bay area, just hanging offshore. because it's offshore, you know, we'll get some sun and clouds and we might get some rain one way or another. it is totally a washout. all coming up on thanksgiving day with a chilly night tonight. dry through wednesday and a chance of rain on thanksgiving. here is how it looks for us if you are headed out in the bay area tomorrow. 64 in sacramento with sunshine all over the northern half of the united states. overnight lows tonight, it's on the chillier side. 38 for santa rosa, 44 for napa. tomorrow, temperatures are recovered in the mid-60s. 55 for livermore and the same in san jose, 62 degrees. if we look ahead, sunshine on monday and tuesday and increased clouds on wednesday, leading to a chance of a chance on thursday. friday, i'm not qualifying this. >> yeah, no kidding. >> by saturday and sunday look what happens as we get to the 70s by inland as we'll cool it down and warm it up to well above the average highs for the time of the year.
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time either way we could be heavily surprised? >> yeah. take a look at this. this little guy, he just wanted some cake. the black bear came a little too close for comfort though at a home in orlando. florida fish and wildlife officers have been follow the animal -- following the animal all afternoon. it crash add toddler's birthday party. >> it just pushed the whole fence down and then he went over to the neighbor's yard. >> reading over my friends, looking into the yard. and so we just needed to enjoy looking at them. >> well the neighbors, they say that the bear has been poking around the neighborhood all week as no one was hurt. still ahead, they may not be the most famous woman in yahoo as they will belong. >> yes, still to come is the next stop for katie couric and the silicone valley. ,,,,,,[ female announcer ] making a pie that pops is surprisingly easy.
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there are multiple well katie couric may be trading television for an online opportunity with yahoo. there are multiple reports that couric is in the final stages of negotiating a deal to join the silicone valley internet giant. and it is yahoo's latest effort to get new users. as to whether or not couric will keep her abc talk show, that depends on ratings. >> i just read her book. the best advice i ever got was from her book and it's not bad. movie goers had quite an appetite for the hunger games this weekend.
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biggest novemb >> the sequel catching fire opened up with more than $161 million. and that's the biggest novembe debut ever. it gets bigger with the next four films earned combined. hammering "thorn" with a distant second place. "best man." "delivery man" "and hungry birds" roundbirds the top five. according to dennis rodman, being influential. the gq former basketball player is the least influential celebrity this year. president obama also made the list. and despite millions of record sales, so did pop star miley cyrus, justin bieber, and lady gaga. could tom brady and the patriots come from 24 points down to beat denver? that'll be coming up next. this is from 32. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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punter/holder shane lechler it looks lik and in the office season the raiders decided not to reach the long-term punter. as it looks like the move, it's backfired just a little bit. start the clock. richard seabass inside 50 yards. not so this year. second quarter from 32 yards out, no good. and then he goes wide left from 48 yards. he was not happy with the holder. king so claimed to the three- point lead in the final seconds. fitzpatrick to kendall for the go ahead touchdown. raiders lose a heartbreaker, 23- 19 to the titans. had they won, they would be in the playoff spot tonight. phillip rivers anchored a last- minute game winning drive in kansas city as the a pass to jared tutu wins it for the
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chargers, 38-41. it was brady verses manning tonight as i told the producers to producers time highlights. it's over, but never count out tom brady bringing them back from a 24-0 hole. julian, this game would go to overtime and with three minutes to go in o.t., patriots cut a break. the punt hit them. new england recovered. setting up a big field goal. and to win it, 34-31. and the two-play game. we've got the game day coming up with jim harbaugh and our special guest at 11:30 on kpix 5. >> yes, talking about the monday night football as he grew up in their household if only they can. >> thank you. all right, now, most people, they have enough trouble doing one click, but try doing this. they set a world record yesterday by doing 67 consecutive back flips. traveled about 105 yards. he's a cheerleader for the
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university of colorado. >> and he has no lower back left. but he has a world record. thanks a lot everybody. good night. ,,,,,,,,,,
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