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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  November 25, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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it's back to my point here. >> bullet literally -- a bullet literally misses her. a gunfire erupts in her neighborhood, leaving seven people hurt. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. this all happened near the intersection of 96th avenue in east oakland, a little after 6:00 tonight. police closed off several streets to investigate. one woman told us that she was about to go into a store. she says she's lucky to be alive. >> i tried to run back in the store. when they did that, i heard the gunshots. and i hit the ground. a bullet went straight through my ponytail. >> right through your hair? >> yeah. >> police have been focusing their patrols on the violent parts of oakland. up until tonight, thing haves been working out pretty well. >> shootings are significantly
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down this year. murders are down this year. so there's signs of progress. but obviously the stuff shows us what we need to do. >> two of the seven victims are in critical condition tonight. the rest are expected to be okay. all men in their 20s. it's not clear if they were specificked targeted. an ex-marine said it was instincts that made him save a woman who jumped from the third deck in the oakland coliseum yesterday. >> she was 20 something years old, young. you know, you have a whole lot of life left in you. >> reporter: after the raiders game yesterday afternoon, donny and his friends were hanging around hoping to get his beau jackson jersey autographed. that's when they saw a young petite woman on top of section 301, covered in tarps, despite people pleading for her not to jump, she did. >> and so when i had seen her fall, i kind of grabbed her as
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she fell. i grabbed her so she wouldn't bounce. so she hit the left side. and the result of that, this is what happened. it's just bruised. >> reporter: the fall left the unidentified bay area woman in critical condition. >> i tried to grab her and lock her in. you know, the force just came in and kind of bounced out. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff deputies say there's no question she would have died at the coliseum if he had not broken her fall. he's still hurting. >> his left arm and left egg and left -- left leg and left ankle. but he's fine. >> reporter: he's explaning he's a vietnam veteran. >> being in the marine corps, we're trained to react, no question asked, you just react. >> reporter: it could have been a costly act of heroism. >> i said you could have died,
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but you know, i'm proud of him. he has always been my hero and now he is everyone elses too. >> reporter: ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> they don't know why the woman jumped or how she got into the closed off section. president obama is in los angeles tonight as a part of a three-day west coast fundraising trip. he stopped in seattle yesterday with a rather memorable time in san francisco today. >> what i would like to do, how about, well, you guys don't need to go. well, they heckled the president during a speech in china town. the recent graduate is undocumented. telling joe vazquez as to why he confronted the president. >> we're going to make our country more secure and strengthen our families. but most importantly we will live up. most importantly, we will live
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up to our character. >> mr. president, i need your help. i cannot celebrate thanksgiving with my family members because of my immigration status. i told him to please use your executive authority to halt the deportation for all undocumented immigrant family members across the country. >> you have heard from some people, what are they saying? >> it was overwhelming positive response. at the same time some people think that i shouldn't have done it because it was rude and embarrassing. >> some people said hey that was rude? >> yeah, some people said it was rude. but i speak out the truth. >> there are people saying wait a minute that's not the right place to do it or the right way that you're interrupting the president during one of the speeches. >> i mean, i don't see it as
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that way because, you know, president obama and congress have always ignored our stories. i feel like it was the only avenue for me to speak out the truth. >> reporter: according to the latest cbs news poll. the approval ratings have plunged to the lowest of his presidency. only 37% now approve of the job he's doing. our call today for harsher punishment for four white students against their african american roommate. the students are accused of bolting a bike lock around the black student's neck and scrolling the n word in the door. they called for the charges to be upgraded from misdemeanor to felonies. that's not all. >> it is disrespectful of those students that must be diverted into expulsion. >> they also marched today to protest what they call an uncomfortable climate for african americans on the campus. they've taken full responsibility and promises
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change. and in and out report is out on the shooting at sandy hook elementary school leaving 20 young students, six educators dead. she tells us about the new details about the gunman. >> reporter: this is how adam lanza walks into the locked sandy hook school last december, by shooting out the front window, just after 9:34 a.m. the first call to 911 came a minute later. >> and sandy hook school. she thinks that somebody was shooting in the building. >> reporter: after killing them, he walked into two first grade classrooms where he killed 20 students and four teachers before taking his own life. the report says that lanza had a pre-occupation with the mass shooting. he was diagnosed with a syndrome in 2005. doctors, they describe him as presenting with significant social impairments and extreme
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desirability. he also lacked empathy. the report does not answer the biggest question about the city, why? and details that show it contains more pain for survivors and the family members of the victims. >> and all the back feeling of your mind is going to come to the surface. and you're going to suffer again. >> reporter: as a criminal investigation, however, the case is closed. >> the report says that when adam lanza was a child, he wrote a book called "the big book of granny." which a character shoots his mother in the head. the family of the man detained in north korea is begging for his release. 85-year-old newman was pulled off a plane last month just moments before it was set to depart. his family received postcards from him, but they were sent before he was detained. there's no word from north korea as to why newman is being
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held. >> i flew to beijing and then paddle boated for us. >> i said that i would sit in the street and i would do whatever i could do. he really needs to be at the head of the table. for our holidays. that's what we're hoping. >> his family is also worried about his health as he has a heart condition and needs medication for it. california's bullet train is going nowhere fast. the sacramento judge is blocking the sale of bonds that are needed to build the high- speed rail system. the judge also rejected the rail authorities and their funding plans, leaving the project in limbo. the ruling stems from a lawsuit claiming that they no longer comply with what they were promised. >> reporter: check out the damage to a ferry boat that crashed into san francisco's pier 43 this afternoon. we're told that they lost power as they were coming into the dock area. the witnesses, they saw them putting on their emergency life vests just in case. and some, they suffered minor
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bumps and bruises. the coast guard is investigating exactly what went wrong. and the raiders and the athletics are staying in oakland at least for now. extending each of their leases at the coliseum today. they will be there through 2015. but both teams, they have made it as no secret that they want new stadiums. the owner, they have been trying to move the team to san jose. >> well here is an unlikely battle. the hip hop legends, the boys verses the oakland start-up aiming to empower the young girls. on the ongoing feud and how it will be likely playing out in court. >> it's the charming youtube video selling girl power and toys for those engineers. taking on the stereotypes. and the company is now taking on their first real opponent, which will be happening to be boys. the beastie boys.
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changes lyrics about them doing the dishes and the laundry to building spaceships. today they responded in an open letter to the toy company, dating as creative as it is to make no mistake that your video is an advertisement that will be designed to sell a product. when we would try to ask how and why they have been used in your ad without the permission that you will need to suit up. they filed a lawsuit against them, saying that because of the lyrics, poking fun at the original song that it will be a parody, making it a fair use. >> i think that it will be ultimately unlikely to be considered a fair use. >> reporter: and they say that the court, they may not rule in their favor because of the video that will be an ad. >> and they will need to look and say that it will be something where they could have gotten a license for the copyright owner to use the music. and or to use it with their lyrics, in order to make their point. >> kpix 5.
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>> the beastie boys letter also states they made a costly decision. they were not available for comment. google has endless holiday shopping suggestions for you. but if you are not careful where you click, you could end up overpaying by a lot. why the morning afterpill could be useless for certain women. and pizza for thanksgiving? didn't sound good to one restaurant manager. he says the next move cost him his job. dry on the radar, but very hazy. we'll talk about when the rain chances will be coming in. the one day that's looking wet. find out when the air quality will finally be better. your forecast is coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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yourself d-n-a test. the kit from "23 and me" al the fda is demanding the south bay company to stop selling the do it yourself test. they allow you to spit into a tube and mail it back. the fda accuses them violating the federal law by failing to prove their dna tests that are safe and effective. the company has provided
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results to more than half a million customers. >> we want you to have the best information about what your dna will mean for you. >> and if they do not stop selling the test kits, then they say they could shut it down. it will cooperate to address the feds concerns. the emergency contraceptive such as the plan b morning afterpill may be ineffective in women that weigh more than 176 pounds. that's the findings of the company that is chemically identical to plan b. it will be repackaged to reflect the weight restrictions. the findings will be affecting women that take plan b. some of the biggest bargains of the year. well watch out if you are doing your shopping online. what you don't know about the google searches that cost -- that could cost you a lot.
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>> reporter: if you do a search for a product, the top results are showcased in a special panel, but not inside that yellow advertisement box. but it's an ad since they will pay them to get the top spot. the online shoppers, they also didn't know that it could cost you more. the senior retail analyst with the finance website. >> i would say not to trust the panel images. they are not necessarily the lowest price. >> reporter: the financial times show if you buy their products, instead of digging deeper into the search results for a cheaper price that you would pay an average 34% more for five out of six items. for example, that would cost about 128% more for the headset. 54% more for a pair of oak leaf polarized sunglasses and 37% for a power shot digital
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camera. instead of relying on their panels, they say shoppers could find the same item for less by clicking on google shopping, which is not a play to pay listing. >> there is a filter, which is probably what you should select. they also consider things like free shipping. and they also give the merchants a preference based on the items and the price of the availability. but doesn't require companies to pay for it. >> the bottom line, do your research, especially for the high-tech items or anything over $100. >> yes, just don't go with the first page. >> there you go. thank you. the former cbs news anchor now on abc. katie couric is joining yahoo as their global anchor. courts rule that it will be to lead a team of reporters to cover the events from around the world for a new online news
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operation. for now she will still host the current talk show on abc. the manager of the indiana pizza hut says he was fired for refusing to open the store on thanksgiving. tony was told that it was mandatory this year, saying he stood up for his employees and then lost his job. >> thanksgiving and christmas are the only two days that they are closed in the whole year and there are only two days for those people to have guaranteed to spend with their families. >> and now pizza hut executives deny that he was fired. they claim that he quit. snowy icy conditions have lead to at least ten deaths. half in texas. in oklahoma, this suv, they lost control and they ended up rolling over into a ditch. and in arkansas the 12-car pileup. 400 flights were canceled on out of the airport. >> i would look forward to
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thanksgiving all year long. having a day cut off is not the best thing in the world for me. >> people don't realize that when they have ice on them that they lose it. >> on the plus side, the same system was a welcome holiday boost for ski areas in colorado. they expect their best season in six years. and the weather, they could put a damper on the iconic macy's thanksgiving day parade. right now, they will fly to the 16 big balloons, it's up in the air, all thanks to the windy weather report. the emergency officials, they will make the call based on the actual conditions on the parade day. flight conditions for the balloons. that's important stuff. >> yeah. i remember it a couple years ago that one got away from somebody. >> exactly. >> a big storm. once it passes by, you get the wind. just like last week, the wind and the rain. definitely they will get that rainfall, which will be windy for the thanksgiving day parade that you may be watching on thursday, coming up after or before. you're eating that nice holiday meal and a live look at the south bay. your air quality moderate at
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best. now tomorrow, another spare of the air day. two in a row. it's the worse unhealthy that will be in the north bay, closest to the fires. but really they are being trapped by a big ridge of the high pressure. so moderate air quality will be coming up best. low 40s for you in fairfield and concord and napa down to 39. redwood city at 41. san jose 44. we will take you to san jose for the forecast. sunny and hazy tomorrow and milder than normal with the high of 66, even when the clouds move in on wednesday and a big travel day that we had a high of 67 degrees. just look at that mess back east. there's nothing going on back east with a big ridge of the high pressure. but there's the storm, giving us the storm about six days ago, causing a big mess for all the travelers up and down i-95 for maine and all the way up to miami, florida, which is moving away from us. not impacting the weather. and the bad air quality tomorrow, sunny, but on wednesday, we're cloudier, still dry. then here comes another storm as it will be weaker than the
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last one. and it is also not going to be a direct hit. if anything they will pop over the other side of us, to the further south you are as you have a better chance of seeing rain on thanksgiving in gilroy than in santa rosa, which is not typically the chance. but a slight chance of the shower coming up on turkey day, but a better chance to the south and that you will not see a shower at all. air quality is not so good tomorrow. wednesday things will be scouring out. you've got a slight shower chance coming up on thursday. as i mentioned san jose at 66. redwood city, 65. mostly sunny, but hazy for pleasant hill and san ramon. up towards clear lake, 64 degrees. extended forecast for the cloudy days on wednesday. thanksgiving, your holiday with a slight chance of the shower in the mid-60s. many of you are going out shopping on friday. sunshine will be back, sunny and mild with the highs to the mid to upper 60s. that's your forecast as we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the creators killed off onef the show' well fans of the hit series family guy are shocked and confused tonight. >> the creators killed off ryan, the family dog who was hit by a car in last night's episode. viewers, they are not happy. there's a petition on urging fox to bring him back. so far the creators have not responded. well, you never get tired of these. he will be home for thanksgiving this year. as he is surprising his wife
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and three kids yesterday at the detroit lions game. even players from the opposing tampa bay bucs were moved. some wiped away tears. >> that's great stuff. warriors will be without another starter as they begin their four-game road trip. taking congress a while to solve problems. but they only needed 60 minutes to fix theirs. the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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49ers went into dc and look like a national treasure on again.. wayne after two straight losses and some questionable plays by colin kaepernick. they went into d.c. and looked like a national treasure once again. rg3's slump continues thanks to a dominating performance by
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colin kaepernick. two of the touchdown passes to that man as the 49ers beat the redskins to improve to 7-4. they remain unbeaten after beating them 85-77 in the opening round of the maui invitational, facing the 8th ranked syracuse tomorrow. a real good play coming there. and to brooklyn, stanford for 54-points in the second half to beat houston, 86-76. to improve to 5-1. and they were suspended just one game after throwing an elbow at the blazers center on saturday night. portland, they were also suspended for one game. and kobe bryant, they must be having some pretty impressive practices as the lakers signed brian to a two-year $48 million contract in december. and an important game for the 49ers. they needed to silence the critics. >> right. >> as they needed to get back into the playoff runs as they are 7-4.
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>> good for them. >> we'll see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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whoa! (sneezes) homer: hmm? our first anniversary. and we're more in love than ever. in your face, people who said it wouldn't last a year!


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