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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  November 26, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> a bay area family wants the judge to go easy on the teenager accused of setting fire to their son. >> you never give up hope, ever. >> the bizarre love triangle at the center of a 23-year-old cold case. >> headed out of town for thanksgiving? you might want to leave early, like maybe tonight. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. he got caught up in a love triangle and paid for it with his life. the case went unsolved for almost two decades, the breakthrough that is final gliffing the victim's family a sense that justice will be served. andrea. >> well liz, authorities and family here in alameda county waited two plus decades to get justice in this case, they waited two plus decades to put suspects behind bars and tonight those two suspects fit
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here at the jail being held without bail. >> his bleeding stabbed body was found dumped here down winding, secluded road. that was 1990. >> he was a hard working and who always paid his bills on time. he never committed a crime. he was the neat freak. >> by the time alameda county authorities found steven, his wife and her new boyfriend had high tailed it to the biggest little city in the world and got hitched. >> it's kind of like make believe, you know, kind of like, you're not sure. it's hard to understand it. it's almost not disbelief, but it's, you know. >> while investigators suspect that cheryl ann and william and steven's death with a house all
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three apparently shared and cash as the chief motive, they didn't have proof until recently. >> you never give up hope, ever, and -- you get frustrated. >> grace was arrested. david already with a colorful criminal past was busted inside the prison walls in victorville. a case that ran cold for two plus decades, possibly ignited by a red hot love triangle, brought closure by the drop of a dime and clinical dna. >> i can't describe it, what we're feeling. we finally, that's all i can say is finally, we've arrived and this journey has now begun for my dad and we can finally -- >> tonight's commute home on bart was an absolute mess tonight. kristen ayers tells us exactly what happened. >> earlier today, hundreds of people jammed this platform here, some told us they were
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waiting as long as one or two hours trapped because of some debris, some sheet metal that was ab instructing some of the tracks. listen in on what some riders told us they experienced during those delays. >> train got here, we waited here for a few minutes, they told us to get off and i've been waiting well over an hour because they are sending full trains. >> i started getting close trough clostrophobic. >> trains packed to the gills with passengers began rolling through again. the problem bart says, a piece of loose sheet metal in the transbay, which wound up touching the electric third rail. this is bart's second major delay in two days. in oakland, kpix5. >> the debris was cleared by 7:00 tonight and trains got back on schedule shortly
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thereafter. >> the santa clara county sheriff's office is investigating a stabbing that happened aboard a train in sunny vail today. suspect is in custody, no word on a motive or the extent of the victim's injuries, but we're told he is expected to survive. hayward police are looking for a man who fired an ak47 inside an apartment. police say two men and a woman argued about money early this morning. one of the men left and returned with the weapon. police say he fired two shots since the bedroom, no one was hurt. an unlikely person is coming to the defense of a 16- year-old boy accused of setting another teen on fire. spoke to the father of the victim who says the suspect should get a break. >> 16-year-old, richard thomas is being tried as an adult. he sent the girl's skirt on fire. the suspect and his attorney asked a judge today to send the
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case to juvenile court. the victim's father, carl, agrees. >> as a 16-year-old, i feel that he should be tried as a juvenile. >> he says sasha feels the same way. >> the most mature person. >> teaches kindergarten and hopes the young suspect will learn from his mistake. it's ultimately up to the judge to decide whether thomas will continue his case in the adult court. in the meantime, she's preparing for sasha's return home. sasha is making a lot of progress. >> they've been walking around inside the hospital and tried out the stairs today. >> sasha has been recovering from second and third degree burns to his legs at the st. francis burn center for three weeks. the family says sasha is excited about coming home just in time for thanksgiving. >> we're glad that we have
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sasha and sasha is going to make a full recovery. >> in oakland, kpix5. >> the victim's dad says sasha is making such a fast recovery that he could return to his high school to start class as early as next monday. an outpouring of love and support outside a fremont high school as students remember a coach who was killed in a car crash last week. the man died doing what they say he did best, helping other people. our betty is at the memorial outside jfk high school. betty. >> reporter: ken, the memorial continues to grow at this hour as you can see behind me, a group of current and former students stopped by to pay their respects to coach webb. the sheer number of people that showed up tonight really speaks to the character and impact he had on this community. their faces alone could tell the story better than most words. at a memorial to remember coach, john webb.
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>> he was a father, that's it. >> hundreds of players and students from john f. kennedy high school made signs, lit candles and brought flowers to honor a man they called a father and mentor both on and off the field. >> he always just told me i could do something with myself and i could go somewhere and to me, that was a big deal. >> the 76-year-old was struck by a car on interstate 680 last week. he had gotten out to direct other drivers. the pain has been felt as far away as south korea. r.j. is serving overseas. he watched the memorial via facetime. >> it's devastating. >> coach webb, he was definitely one of those guys, he can always make you feel happy and you always make the situation better. >> i feel happy that people would honor him for his accomplishments. >> in fremont, kpix5. >> webb also played for the
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san jose state university football team. the school will have a moment of silence before this friday's game. >> help is on the way from the bay area to the philippines fishing villages hit hard by super typhoon, haiyan. the bridge is gathering supplies and leave next week. organizers say the villages need bare necessities like flashlights and things to purify the water. the people there are overlooked and many of them are missing. >> we need to go find them. and give them some hope, bring some light, bring some resources and tools that are going to help them restore their lives. >> about 5 to 6 people are going. they will be there for 11 days. live look at sfo tonight, already a very busy place. the chp issued a travel advisory for southbound 101 because so many people are already heading out to the airport for thanksgiving. they have the right idea. shows us this year, leaving
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extra early might get you there on time. if you're lucky. >> with rain and snowfalling in much of the eastern united states, thanksgiving holiday travelers will relying less on the forecast and more on luck. >> i know there's a lot of flights delayed, but hopefully we'll get out. we are keeping our fingers crossed. >> wet and frozen roads prove treacherous on the day before the day before. a wintery mix coated highways from kentucky to new england, while the south and east coasts endured the first of four inches of rain. it's all thanks to a huge storm during the busiest travel days of the year. >> it's going to be very crowded, very slow, and it's really going to require an attitude adjustment, because you know, the time you thought you might be able to make, you're not going to be able to. >> delta airlines expects to fly half a million people tomorrow. vice president, dave, says the key is keeping passengers informed so they can make choices. >> nobody wants to be delayed,
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but if you have to be, you would rather know today than tomorrow. >> some travelers are taking any silver lining they can find. >> vanita nire. >> here's another silver lining. several airlines will allow travelers to change their flights for free if they are headed through hard hit cities like new york, boston, or washington. the supreme court will take up the case whether employers should be required to cover the cost of contraception. there are 44 companies suing the federal government over this issue. some of them contend they should be allowed to use religious objection. air-conditioning manufacture industries is one of those that is suing. >> this case isn't about saying people shouldn't have access to those things. this case is saying, we don't want to pay for them. >> it's troubling to think that someone could pick and
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choose not based on science, not based on healthcare, not based on anything else, but pick and choose which services to provide to employees. >> if the court sides with the white house, companies that refuse to pay for contraception coverage could face signs. >> hundreds of bay area educators skip school to extend their holiday weekend? >> a cruel crime on the bay. the search is on for the guy who drowned a woman's cat. >> and it's first thing that many people do when preparing the thanksgiving meal and it could make you sick. >> you saw the story, future cast saying more than 3 inches of rain fall nor new york city, boston, philadelphia, baltimore, what is in store for us weather wise? we just get three drops of rain? live look at the bay bridge for the holiday beyond. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cruelty. san francisco police are looking for the n who an unspeakable act of animal cruelty. san francisco police looking for the man who threw two pet cats into the bay. it appears to be random act. >> local folks call her the cat lady. not here today, she is a
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regular who always hangs out on the benches with her two cats. yesterday, here in broad daylight, she was attacked. her cat killed in front of hundreds of people. >> people standing by heard a woman screaming and when they looked out, they saw a man pick up her belongings and throw it in the bay. in with her belongings were a carrier with her two live cats. >> the cat lady tried to jump in, but was held back. animal control responded to the rescue. engine 35, the san francisco fire boat were first on scene. it didn't take long to find what they were looking for. >> they found the victim's belongings, including the portable kennel, when contained the cat, which was deceased. >> the second cat has not been found and presumed dead. >> horrible act of cruelty against these very innocent animals and this very innocent person takes these live beings and tosses them into the bay with no chance of survival. this is somebody we really want
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to be afraid of. >> in san francisco, kpix5. >> the attacker got away. he is described only as a 6- foot tall man wearing a black hoody and possibly carrying a skate board. more than 600 teachers called in sick today, leaving the school district scrambling to find substitutes. it appears the teachers are calling in sick taking personal days or training days to pad their thanksgiving holiday. the district tells us 12% of its 3700 teachers were absent today. many were out yesterday, too. last year, 10% called in sick the tuesday before thanksgiving. >> 12-year-old girl could get expelled from school over her natural hair. vanessa goes to a private school in orlando, florida, the dress code states her hair must be a natural color and must not be a distraction. vanessa says her big hair is part of who she is. but the school has given her an ultimatum. tame the mane or leave.
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>> i'm depressed about leaving my friends and people that i've known for a while. i would rather that have than the principals and administrators picking on me. >> vanessa's mom says her daughter's hair has been big all yearlong, but it only became an issue after the family complained that she was getting teased. meanwhile, alec baldwin's six-week old show will not be returning. both sides called it a mutual parting. the network suspended the show after baldwin was caught on tape yelling home phobic remarks at a photographer in new york city. >> you'll most likely wash your hands before you prepare thanksgiving dinner, but do you plan on washing the turkey? you probably shouldn't. >> before cooking your turkey,. >> i usually rinse it off. >> start washing it, of course. >> according to the
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researchers, that's a bad idea. >> once you start to introduce water, you start to give that bacteria the chance to mobilize. they can't fly, they can't jump, but once you give them water, they can start to move around in the kitchen environment. >> in germs were visible, you would see that washing poultry doesn't kill bacteria, rather spreads it as far as three feet, contaminating countertops, nearby dishes, other foods you may not cook. >> you have this tiny spray, this microscopic spray. >> a spray that can be dangerous, especially for children, pregnant women, or older adults. according to the center for disease control, over 100,000 people are hospitalized each year due to food born illness. >> even the turkey experts changed their tune. >> what's the official word on washing your turkey? >> it's a step we here at butter ball feel is not necessary and if you would just pat the turkey dry with some paper towels, you are all ready to start cooking it. >> it seems in spite of the
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warnings, old habits die hard. >> i'm going to still do it because i don't like all that old blood on my turkey. >> this thanksgiving i will. maybe next one i will not. >> julie watts, kpix5. >> wow, we're enjoy thanksgiving, astronauts aboard the national space station will be enjoying their own feast out of bags. on the menu, turkey, thermal stabilized yams, freeze dried green beans. it's something. >> you know, aren't you mildly curious what it tastes like? sounds interesting. >> i'm just like hoping the air keeps going through the thing and the lights stay on. >> and maybe we need to irradiate our turkeys after seeing julie's story, it's not a bad idea. >> well, not trying to tell you what to do on thanksgiving, but you never know.
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live look outside. mainly cloudy skies, acting like a blanket. there's a shot of the bay bridge. overnight lows will not be as chilly as the past couple nights because we have that cloud cover. fremont, wake up to 44 tomorrow. kids are off to school. 48 degrees for you. napa 43 and san jose, 46 degrees. perhaps tomorrow or thursday, lucky you, it will be cloudy day tomorrow, but no rain fall. high of 63. watch out for rough turf on thursday and friday. a high risk of rip current along the beaches in the bay area. rough surf coming up on thursday. maybe you are celebrating hanukkah. we will not be celebrating more rain fall, because it looks like it will be slamming into us will scoot to our south. it will miss us in a different direction. we had the cloud cover today around the low, we'll get that again tomorrow, get that again on thursday. the ridge of high pressure will be so far away, this low will skirt to our south. los angeles, san diego will get the rain fall, we will not.
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all the rain stays away. we stay dry for both tomorrow, for your traveling, and also thursday for your celebrating with your family. more clouds and sunshine, it will be a cloudy pattern. we will stay rain-free. watch out next week, it's going to feel like winter. snow level dropping down to 3,000 feet as soon as next tuesday. for your travel day tomorrow, back east, they have all the rain. for us, we'll have clouds, but no rain fall. santa clara, 66. morgan hill 77. mid 60s for walnut creek. 63 in san francisco. berkeley 64. roner park 63. heading up toward clear lake, mainly cloudy, you'll miss the rain fall as well. cloudy for thanksgiving, friday, we'll have the sunshine back for you through the weekend. there's a rogue turkey out there. monday, we cloud back up, that shocks me, and tuesday, look at those highs, mid 50s. snow level dropping, that is also our next chance of rain. we have to find that turkey.
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we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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money for prostate cancer awareness. and now -- they walnut creek police officers are growing mustaches to raise money for prostate cancer awareness. >> and now, they have a video to show them off. >> yeah. on december 1, the public will vote on the best and worst mustache. also ask to make a donation toward prostate cancer research and treatment, officers have been -- the winner gets
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bragging rights. progress shots are posted on the department's facebook page. >> dirty harry look alike. the cal basketball men had a chance to make a huge statement tonight in hawaii and who stepped up for andrew? we'll show you, next. ,,,,
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clock! trying to stop a three-game slide. came down to the final seconds in new orleans. give me the clock. starting in place of a suspended andrew. he had his best night scoring 18 points and he had 8 rebounds. fourth quarter, clay thompson from the corner. yes. he had 22, so the warriors right now, smelling burbon
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street. here it goes, no go. the warriors speak out with a one point victory. day two of the invitational calendar. 8th ranked syracuse, 9 minutes to go, syracuse begins to take control. jeremy grant comes in for the lions. off the bench. syracuse wins 92-81 and that is cal's first loss of the season and missed a big opportunity over the orange. stanford playing at barclay center in brooklyn. cardinals never in this game. that's an easy dunk. stanford falls to 5-2. they lose 88-67. and the 49ers have activated michael crabtree. >> wasn't this the last day to activate them? >> he's not going to be 100%.
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>> see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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