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especially for medicinal purposes for those that are suffering. "ive had two sisters that died with cancer and they were in so much pain. we knew they were going to go but, it still hurt to see them suffer," said citizen emma cayou philips. according to the national institute on drug abuse, medical marijuana contains a chemical called cannabidiol thatats known to treat a variety of conditions including sezures, pain, nausea, and muscle control problems. the legalization of marijuana within the omaha tribe will lie within the hands of the people when they cast their votes on tuesday. rachel: the flandreau santee sioux tribe is one of the first native american tribes to legalize marijuana on its grounds. the omaha tribe could similarly potentially reap from the economic benefits of growing
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rachel ramos, abc9. jenna mike of the co-founders of gateway computer company and a sioux city native has died. hammond passed away at his sioux city home thursday. he was 53 years old. hammond co- founded gateway.....in1985..i n a sioux city farmhouse. the company later moved to a spotted cow building in sioux city. those who worked him say he had a huge personality..that helped shape the image of the company. "he had incredible loyalty among the gateway employees and i know all of them really mourn his loss, he was tooyoung, but the legacy he left on gateway is permament," said jim wharton, friend of mike. gateway became an major shipping computers shipping computers straight to customers in boxes with a spotted-cow design. tonight at ten we'll have more on mike hammond...and his legacy....and we'll hear from his friends who are coming toegether tonight to honor him.
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tim: donald trump is set to officially nenehampshire's republican presidentialprimary. trump will officially file to the new wednesday morning in concord. wednesday is the first day candidates can new hampshire. registration runs through november 20th. jenna: meanwhile, on thursday.... senator bernie sanders will visit new hampshire secretary of state william to file paperwork for the first-in- primary ballot. the democratic partrtpresidential cacaidate will then hold a rally with supporters. tim: it's november but swimming pools are still a big topic of conversation for a sioux city parks and rec committee. jenna: today the public pools committee met to decide on closures and renovations. but it seems that's easier said than done. abc9's elisa raffa was at the meeting and has more. elisa on cam three of our sioux city pools are pushing 4o years old.....ith renovationon needed and capacity falling
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needs to be done but with complicated statistics and emotional attachment, it's been tough to come to a final decision. the pool that taught you how to swim, not sink, may be closing. cook, leeds, leif, and lewis.... all pools causing some tension for sioux cty parks and rec. three are pushing 40 years old, leeds has a small capacity and leif has serious structural damage, but coming to a collective solution has been tough for the committee. after another meeting on monday, the committee is onon sure about one pool. "the only real consenens the committee has right now is to move forward with a regional aquatic center in the morningside area and keep lewis pool until that new facility would open" says matt salvatore, director of sioux city parks and rec. some solutions discussed at monday's meeting included replacing some pools with splash pads, costs are cheaper to renovate and maintain. but the biggest debate: which pools to close and which leave open with possible renovations. some committee members were concerned about location and transportation to the facilities, but emotions are playing a large role too. "emotions play a large part on this. there's a lot of swimming poolslsn sioux city and they've been here for a long time, they're part of this history of the neighborhoods. so, it's something that we really need to take into consideration, but we can't make a
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decision just based on emotion, we have to make a decision based on statistics and future livlihood of those facilities" says matt salvatore, director of sioux city parks and rec. but it hasn't been easy. the committee has been meeting since august, currently meeting on a bi weekly basis. the director of parks and recreation says, he's they'll come to a decision in november. "we're going to do a little exercise at our next committee meeting. it's clear that we're not going totoe unanimous, so we're juststoing to try totoove forward with somomdecisions matt salvatore, director of sioux city parks and rec. elisa on cam their next meeting weeks from now, and the director tells me he's hopeful they'll have a more concrete decision to present to the public and city council after that meeting. reporting live in
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jenna: a crowd lined up this morning to watch the unveiling of a new display at the hard rock. nat sound: clapping as display is unveiled ron emory: "what do you say to that?" ron emory, local mumucian and guitarist for the influential punk band t.s.o.l. was s honored with the new display. emory is a california native who moved to sioux city ten years ago. he and his wife gia founded the sioux city conservatory of music. he says having a display in his home of sioux city is an incredible honor. my wedding suit! that is what i got married in! it's a aohnny versace e it that i got married in. my good friend tim armstrong from ransid customized it for me... i'm like 'what am i going to do with this thing? i can't wear a johnny versace suit on stage, i'm a punk rocker', he goes, 'you can wear that on stage, i'll show you how!'" says ron emory, guitarist of punk bank t.s.o.l. the sioux city
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expansion. emory's students are scheduled to perform at the orpheum this coming friday. tim: still to come... well t te a look at a new program in sioux city to help get kids excited about being active (fred) more 70s are in the forecast picture, then a cold front will change things by thursday. a sunny, cooler weekend will follow. see you after the break for the forecast!
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well above normal readings will last for a couple more days. fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the port neal welding company skycam hd shows dark conditions from the ho chunk centre. the high was 74 after a low of 41. here's the king's pointe skycam hd in storm lake. pollen levels are low today. highs over western iowa were in the 60s and 70s. highs over eastern nebraska and southeastern south dakota were in the 60s to 80. sioux city's temperature is 63. local temperatures
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humidity is low--30% south and 50-60% north. winds are fairly light and will remain so overnight. the satellite and radar shows clouds north of us, and that is where they will stay. the stormcast hd shows clear skies tonight, then breezy and warm weather with partly cloudy skies the next two days. a cold front will approach thursdayayith a slight chance of light rain...and of course, cooler temperatures. 45 will be tonight's low with clear skies. tomorrow, expect a high of 75 and partly cloudy skies. winds will become breezy. the 7-day shows another warm day wednesday--in fact wednesday's record high is 76 from 1975, so we will be close. a cold front will bring a slight chance of light rain thursday. following the front, highs will be in the 50s, but we'll enjoy a sunny weekend. the rthern lights will be visible tonight and tomorrow night! ! the best viewing times will be from midnight to 2 am. jenna/tim/fred (jenna) thanks, fred! (fred)
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jenna: mercy medical center and the sioux city
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center and the sioux city community school district have partnerd to get kids goingng details after the break jenna: a study was
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sioux city, to determine community health needs... tim: the results of that study concluded the city of sioux city and d e surrounding areas struggle the most with obesity, especially childhood obesity. in an effort to change that, a new program was started... here's jessica rae with more on the "kid shape program" " rae: mercy medical center and the sioux city community school district have partnered together to create the kid shape program, which is a three
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course program aimed at curbing chilhood obesity here, in the siouxland area. corey loffffold, not only teachch p-e at liberty elementary in sisix city, he ialso the kid shape program coordinator... corey loffswold, "families come, one night a week for two hours, for eight weeks, and it is a cyclical program that ties back to each week as we go through and its a way for them to make better choices for themselves and their families." rae: loffswold says, because the program is geared towards childhood obesity, there are some qualifications needed to join... kids must be between the ages of 6 and 12, and they have to be at or above the 85th percentile of their b-m-i in the obesity range. the two hour program is designed for families, and it's not only centered around exercise. loffswold, "the entire family comes with me and we do about a 10-15 minute family fititss activity that we try to tie back to something they can do at home as a group, when we are done with that, they come back for about a 30- 40 minute lesson with a nutritionist." rae: loffswold stresses, this program is not a diet... instead it's about life changing choices being made as a family. loffswold. "it's a way to help families and support them in the decisions that we all make everyday it's about a way of shifting their decision making." jerry hernandez from mercy medical center says, the program truly makes a difference! jerry hernandez, "you see a transformation within the studentnt once they arrive here they are very
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shy they are very timid and by time e corey and the team get done with them they're more willing to try different things and you can see their attitudes changing." rae: lets get going, alongside photographer jonathan mack, i'm jessica rae, abc9 news jenna: for more information on how you and your family can get involved in the kid shape program just visit this story on our website, that's
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coming up in's a battle of the
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chris: what a difference a few days makes... last wednesday for iowa's first round of last wednesday for iowa's first round of playoffs, we ed assures me that's not a possibility. there are 11 games featuring area teams tonight...including
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a big rematch in class a up in hawarden. chris: abc9 sports reporter alex walker is live at west sioux to preview their game with lawton-bronson. alex? alex alex thanks are right about the was freezing on wedndnday for the first round...tonight, a different story. perfect conditions here in hawarden for this evening's second-round showdown between lawton- bronson and west sioux....and i am joined by falcons head coach ryan schwiesow... we have to start with your regular-season meeting with the eagles....a game you guys won 32- 31. what can you take from that game that will help you here tonight? ryan schwiesow (ryan response) alex your starting quarterback porter hummel threw for a state-record 583 yards in week three against lawton-bronson. its bonkers to
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expect another aerial attack this evening? ryan schwiesow (ryan response) alex as much success as your passing game has had, this is a lawton- bronson defense that held the sixth-ranked team in the state to under 40 yards of offense last week. what did you see on tape that concerns you u out that unitit
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have to finish with this one...taking away special teams and turnovers...what is the key to tonight's game for west sioux? thanks ryan. best of luck tonight....this game should be quite the battle...winner heads to the state quarterfinals....c hris back to you. chris: thanks alex, enjoy that game tonight. chris: again as i previously mentioned it's a busy night for high school football teams here in iowa. here's a look k ththsiouxland matctcps. in class 3a, 8th against carroll is aiming for its second straight upset when they travel to number lyon glr makes a long trek to wall east sac county challenge against spirit lake. heads to top-ten matchup chrstian hosts pocahontas area in hull. also in 1a, ridge an impressive road win h hds to fifth raraed south central calhoun and in
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look to dethrone the defending state champs. finally in 8 man...mmc host ar-we-va and the defending champs from newell- fonda face a big challenge in 8th ranked gtra. dear future, please help. the present is kind of a scary place. have no money, no job, no clothes. i feel completely helpless. but i hear good things about you, future. like i'll have hair, and friends, and books s d music.
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today's picture comes from... an event put on by tyson. 450 employees and their families packed boxes filled with food that will be given to local non- profits to serve people in need. they put together thousands of boxes on saturday. if you're like to submit a facebook fan photo, just post it on our abc-9 facebook page. jenna/tim/chris/fred: (fred) 45 will be tonight's low with clear skies.
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tomorrow, expect a high of 75 and partly cloudy skies. winds will become breezy. the 7-day shows another warm day wednesday--in fact wednesday's record high is 76 from 1975, so we will be close. a cold front will bring a slight
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exclusive. rosie o'donnelell's runaway daughter breaks her silence. >> chelsea, what is the truth? >> chelsea o'donnell. she says she didn't run away. rosie kicked her out. >> do you love rosie? do you think rosie loves you? >> the war of the rosies. then, hey, i'm up here! >> i'm up in a tree. >> his car swept awayand no place to go, but up a tree. >> about 20 feet up right now.
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>> and tom cruise wedding secrets finanay revealed. >> a weddddg of the century. >> did katie hoasm really leave her did katie holme really leave her bride waiting at the altar for 20 miminutes? then, carly fiorina. did they really make fun of her looks? then, the brave little girl born with a heart outside her chest. and heidi klum's big hallowown reveal. she's jessica rabbit. and fairy princess nicki minaj under fire, waving her magic wand. at a woman in a wheelchair? now, "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello, e everybody, and thank you for joining us. it's rosie o'donnell's daughter chelsesea spking out fofor the e t me since her headline making departure fromom home. we have that interview coming
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revelation on live television. you've heard about those terrible floods in texas where at least six people have died. anchors at one station were interviewing one victiwhen they got the surprise of their life. . tus out the maman they were speaking to was actually talking to them from on top of a tree. megan alexander with the incrediblelestory. >> flooding water is going to continue to rise. >> one-of-a-kind moment on live tv as two anchors interview a flood victim over the phone. >> i'm about 20 feet up a tree right now. >> y you're stl in the tree? >> i'm -- yeah, i'm about 20 feet up a tree. >> hopefully they will get some help to that man's' in a tree. >> hard to believe? well, here he is, actually shooting a selfie whwhe he's still trapped up the tree. >> i grabbed on to this tree and climbed up. i'm about 20 feet up right nono >> it happened after the gay's car was washed aw by flooding in austin texas.
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he shot thisamazing video of
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