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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 11, 2015 10:35pm-11:37pm CST

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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. i'm sure you know today is veterans day, do we have any veterans in our audience today? a few,es? timid veterans? this guy, just this guy really? well, happy veterans day to you and to all the veterans watching at home. [ cheers and applause ] thank you for your service, your sacrifice, all you've done for our country. my dad was in the army when he was a young man. put that photo i posted on facebook up there. so that's my tad. he was stationed at ft. dix in new jersey. he worked in the kitchen, he was a cook. never left no one. he did serve but what he served was potatoes. killed a hot of them, very operatively.
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potato peelers can cut you. but thank you to all our veterans who did not get thanked enough, today and every day. [ cheersnd applause ] did any of you watch the republicans have a debate last night? a lot of people watched it, 13.5 million viewers, which as record for the fox business channel. by the way, is fox business always a channel or is that a one-night thing? i've never seen that one before. thdebate was held in milwaukee. this was about the economy. and i have to say it was not as much fun as the last one. it was mostly boring. and there are too many people onstage. might be time to split the candidates into teams and make them play dodge ball or something to see who stays. there were some fireworks. some of the candidates attacked donald trump for his plan to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants back to wherever they came from. donald trump defended himself. he had, admiringly, he said, president eisenhower, ike,
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immigrants in 1954. turns out people looked that up. you know what that action was called? "operation wetback." for real. this is what he wants to bring back. looks like "operation woo the hispanic voter" is off to a very strong start. not only did donald trump explain his plan for deimmigration, he took on carly fiorina. >> you can be strong without being involved in every civil war around the world. >> how would you respond? >> ronald reagan was strong but -- >> and ronald reagan walked away at rec yeah vehicle, walked away, quit talking when it was time -- >> can i finish with my time? >> why does she keep interrupting everybody? >> leave to it donald trump to interrupt an interruption. but he did a lot of looking out for his fell hoe candidates louisiana night. even at one point came to the aid of jeb bush. >> first of all -- >> you should let jeb speak.
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>> we have grown -- >> no it's unfair. >> governor -- >> hold on. >> mr. trump, you yourself said, let governor bush speak. governor bush. >> thank you, donald, for allowing me to speak at the debate, that's really nice of you. really appreciate that. what a generous man you are. >> poor jeb, that was his best moment of the night. really was. he needed a big win last night but he really disappeared. he finished seventh of eighth in total talking time. he was the least-googled candidate in the debate. the only person who googled jeb bush last night was his mother, vertebra barbara, because even she forgot who he was. i read this story about being least googled and i typed in "jeb bush is." these are the results. jejeush israel, jeb bush is weak, jeb bush is done, jeb bush is toast. not what you would call a
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world. so i feel somebody needs to take jeb bush aside and say, it's okay if you don't run, your family will still love you. or maybe they won't. i don't know. front-runner despite the fact bad debate. i thought it went fine. his mouth kind of moved, words out out kd we can hear him. ben carson did say he's tired about answering questions about his personal history. the last thing ben carson needs is to be even more tired than he already appears to be. i was watching this debate and it occurred to me, in a lot of ways it's like a high school election. i'll show you why. you've got the kid with the home perm that doesn't fit in. you've got the kid who's doing it because his parents are making him do it. you've got the girl who seems smart but also kind of snotty. you've got the kid who really
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you've got the weird kid whose parents make him go to church every day. you've got the nerd who makes up stories because he thinks it will make people like him. you've got the rich kid flaunting how much money he has in his fancy car. right? just like the student council. [ cheers and applause ] we wanted to bring life into last night's debate because it was a little slow. we took video from an old cartoon "wacky races" and combined it with audioed from candidates. for your entertainment i'm proud to present "the wacky presidential races." >> welcome to the presidential debate on the fox business network. >> dwight eisenhower moved 1.5 million illegal immigrants out of this country. >> come, we all know you can't pick them up and ship them back across the border, it's a sill silly argument.
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>> i'm going to get my question right now --py appreciate it, i'm all for you. >> 12 million illegal immigrants to send them back is not possible. >> obamacare has to be repealed. because it's -- >> she keeps interrupting everybody. >> even having this conversation sends a powerful signal. they're doing high fives in the clinton campaign right now when they hear this. >> ha ha ha! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right. it's time -- we do this every once in a while, it's time to pit young versus old, junior versus senior, the past takes on the present, it is time to play "generation gap." let's go outside to hollywood boulevard. cousin sal is standing by. >> sal: what's happening? >> jimmy: let meet our contestants. first back once again with a
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long-time champion katy daly, hello. >> hey. i'm here. >> jimmy: great to have you back. tell everyone how old you are. >> i'm 92. >> jimmy: 92 years old. [ cheers and applause ] you look great. i read an article in a newspaper last night said that you were in the marine corps reserves, is that correct? >> indeed. i was for two and a half years. >> jimmy: look at that. that is unbelievable. [ cheers and applause ] happy veterans day to you, katy. tonight, katy, you will be competing against your most fearsome foe since mousse heen that mussolini, maybe. jaws son from fullerton, california, hello. >> hi. >> jimmy: jason, how old are you? >> i am 15. >> jimmy: 15 years old. tell us a little bit about yourself. >> i go to sonora high school. >> jimmy: okay. that's it, huh? >> yeah. >> jimmy: all right, we have two competitors, two generations, one game that could change everything. this is how it works.
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i'm going to ask you each about something from your opponent's generation or close to it, whomever gets the most answers correct wins. you have it? >> yep. >> yeah. >> jimmy: our first question will be for jason. jason, name the famous wright brothers. what are their first names? >> john? >> jimmy: i'll stop you right there. katy, doou want to jump in and steal? >> wilbur. >> jimmy: yes. >> and -- oh, john -- no, wilbur -- joshua? no. >> jimmy: no. it is not joshua. it is -- you got it half right, wilbur and orville were the wright brothers. >> one of them. >> jimmy: ironically, no one got that right. all right. next question goes to you, katy. name the famous hemsworth brothers. >> name -- >> jimmy: hemsworth brothers. >> hemsworth brothers? they're english.
10:44 pm
>> oh, my. >> jimmy: yeah. >> mm. jeb. >> jimmy: no. no, the only person in the world named jeb is bush. katy, theext question is again for you. according to taylor swift, what are the players gonna do? >> they're gonna play. >> jimmy: that is absolutely right. [ cheers and applause ] jason. >> yes? >> jimmy: according to kc and the sunshine band what should you do with your booty? >> shake it? >> jimmy: that is right, jason. wow. suddenly we're in a real dogfight. we're going to take a break and when we come back the dramatic and thrilling conclusion of our game "generation gap." with jason and katy. we'll be right back so stick
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welcome back to the show. rob lowe, adrianne palicki, music from gahan and the soulsavers on the way. the battle for the ages, "generation gap," jason the teenager against katy the 92-year-old marine. it's tied right now at 10. our next question is for jason. we will start with you, jason. who is this woman? the woman on the screen. >> um -- >> jimmy: do you know her name? >> i'm going to say -- patty? >> jimmy: no, but it was a
10:49 pm
screen? >> she looks like a policeman. i think she is a policeman. >> jimmy: she is not a policeman. >> oh. >> jimmy: that is doris day, katy. remember doris day? >> of course. it doesn't look like doris day. >> jimmy: it's been a long while. all right, our next question goes to you, katy. who is this cartoon kid? >> oh. isn't she cute. >> jimmy: yes, she is. do you know that cartoon character? >> not really, no. but i'll give -- >> jimmy: give it a guess. >> oh, let's see. margie. >> jimmy: no, it is not margie. jason, do you want to guess who that is? >> dora the explorer. >> jimmy: that is right, jason. you are in the lead with 20 points. >> sal: could i talk to jason for a second? >> jimmy: yeah, go ahead. >> sal: if you don't let her win we all look like [ bleep ].
10:50 pm
>> sal: you're doing great! >> jimmy: don't less season him, katy doesn't need your charity, she wants to win this fair and square, she's a marine for god sake. here w go. next question is for katy. what are these shoes that you'll see on the screen called? >> mug -- mug something. they come from australia. >> jimmy: they are from australia. like the hemsworth brothers, yeah. >> yes. >> jimmy: you're pretty close. you're oh so close. >> mug something. >> jimmy: i'm going to give that to you, katy. it's uggs. >> what are they? mug -- >> sal: mug boots. >> jimmy: jason, what are these shoots called? >> stilettos? >> jimmy: no. >> i know, i know. >> jimmy: katy, you know those? >> saddle shoes. >> jimmy: saddle shoes is correct, yes, that's right.
10:51 pm
jason has fallen behind. jason, the next question is for you. what was fdr's wife's name? first name. what was fdr, franklin dell know roosevelt's wife's name? >> natalie? >> jimmy: no. no, but i like the way you're just guessing old-timy names in general. it's a good strategy. katy. katy, what was fdr's wife's name? >> eleanor. >> jimmy: eleanor is right. katy jumps out to a lead. a solid lead. jason, you have work to do and the next question is for katy. katy, what famous scarlett played black widow in the avengers? >> o'hara? >> jimmy: that is not correct. jason, you could steal. what famous scarlett played the black widow? >> scarlett johansson. >> jimmy: that is right.
10:52 pm
jason, next question. what famous scarlet did vivian leigh may in "gone with the wind"? >> you mean her name? >> jimmy: her name, has it name, yeah. >> i'm going to guess -- scarlet -- marilyn? >> jimmy: no, it wasn't scarlet marilyn. >> dang it. >> jimmy: that's not even a last name. >> scarlett o'hara. >> jimmy: katy, who was it? >> scarlett o'hara. >> jimmy: that is right. does that ring a bell now, jason? >> yeah a little bit. >> jimmy: yeah, a little bit, all right. next question. we start with jason. who sang the song "singing in the rain" in the movie? "singing in the rain." >> scarlet -- >> jimmy: why would it be another scarlet? it's a man.
10:53 pm
um -- i'm going to -- >> jimmy: i can't wait to hear what this one is. >> i think leonard. >> jimmy: leonard? katy, who sang "singing in the rain"? >> gene. >> jimmy: yes. >> gene -- yes but the second one -- let me see. >> jimmy: gene -- >> e, f, g -- no, it's not coming here. slim? >> jimmy: gene kelly is the name. >> kelly, i wasn't even close. >> jimmy: all right, your next question, katy. who sang the song "umbrella"? >> the same fellow. gene. >> jimmy: no, no, no. and it's not a -- it's a woman, not a man. >> oh, that was -- i had her name a moment ago. >> jimmy: did you really? >> yes. it slipped off again. >> jimmy: she sings "umbrella," you know that song?
10:54 pm
>> "umbrella," yes, yes. >> sal: dora the explorer. >> jimmy: don't listen to him. all right, we'll go to jason. do you know who sang "umbrella"? >> rihanna. >> jimmy: that is right, jason. this is a close game. >> rihanna, oh, i didn't know. >> jimmy: we have one more question, all right? katy, what is this item? >> it's a wiggle thing. >> jimmy: it does wiggle. >> yes. >> jimmy: and it is somewhat misnamed. but they call it? jason, you want to take a guess? they call it -- >> mini segler. >> jimmy: what? >> a mini segway? >> jimmy: no. that is not a mini segway. they call that a hover board.
10:55 pm
what is this? >> um -- scarlet -- [ laughter ] i want to guess it's -- i think it's a thing where you like wash your clothes? >> jimmy: it is. what is it called? >> a -- >> jimmy: your time is up. katy what is it called? >> it's a scrub board. >> jimmy: what? >> a scrub board. >> jimmy: close enough. katy, congratulations. we've got some wonderful prizes for both of you by the way. katy, first for you we have an outfit, that outfit is from the kendall and kylie collection. at long has it your wardrobe will embody the casual yet chic sensibility of the jenner sisters. are you familiar with the jenner sisters? >> the jenner sisters? >> jimmy: never mind. for jason, you get a snuggie.
10:56 pm
there you go, jason. >> yay! >> jimmy: happy veterans day, thanks for playing "generation gap." tonight on the show we have music from "dave gahan and soulsavers" are all on the way. be right back with rob lowe so
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, there.
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seen tuesday nights here on abc. adrianne palicki is here. then, his latest album is called "angels and ghosts." dave ga han and soulsavers from the samsung stage. dave has a very cool music video. it's a hologram. you go to his s bsite. you build a plastic thing out of a cd case. you put it on your tablet or phone. you play the video. let's turn out the lights here so people can see. watch this. it's hologram magic. isn't that great? by the way, yeah let's turn the lights back on. also a great way to accidentally summon the devil if you're looking to do that. tomorrow night on the show, julia roberts will be here. the kids from "black-ish" will be with us.
11:00 pm
music from future. so join us for that then. you know, after i die i want to come back as either a pink river dolphin or our first guest tonight, he's an eternally popular actor with a new show called "the grinder." airs tuesday nights on fox. please say hello to rob lowe! [ cheers and a alause ] >> jimmy: very good to see you. >> thank you. wow. yeah! >> jimmy: everyone's excited. >> i like that. >> jimmy: i bet you get that everywhere you go. >> when i wang up that's my alarm block noise. >> jimmy: congratulations. you're getting a star on the hollywood walkf name. >> i don't believe it, route? right? you know, 40 years of work. and i finally made it. >> jimmy: it's crazy that it has
11:01 pm
taken this long. >> 40 years. and you know, i went and a job -- i came early, i took a jog down hollywood boulevard to check my location? what is your location? >> here's the good news, you're on the hollywood walk of fame. the bad news is you're in front of a dildo shop. . >> jimmy: you're down that way. yucca. >> jimmy: the dirty area. you've got to be here where the super heroes protect your star. >> yeah, yeah. i'm psyched, though. i couldn't have picked a better place. i am in front of the legendary musso and frank's restaurant that's been in hollywood, douglas fairbanks, charlie chaplin, everybody and anybody has been there over the years. >> jimmy: it's like the only restaurantntn l.a. where the waitersre not at all tryingngo be actors. they are waiters. >> because they've been there since douglas fairbanks and charlie chaplains. >> jimmy: maybe they were trying
11:02 pm
to bactors at that time but they went away. >> ageism killed their opportuniti. >> that's nice for you. i'm sure your family is excited about that. >> everybody's going to come out. it's a cool thing. >> jimmy: you've got an honor that i think maybe is even greater than a star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> it is. >> i didn't know these existed. acdonald's gold card. >> this is aealthing. >immy: it's free f fd for you for a year. i like how it says "rob." if you were to get robbed by someone named rob -- have you used this card yet? >> i've been working so hard on the new show that i haven't. but at thanksgiving, i'm going into mcdonald's because -- the way i got this is my buddy in santa barbara's dad is one of the original mcdonald's anchisees and he invented the g mcmuffin, which to me is the greatest human agreement. >> jimmy: it is a pretty good achievement. >> and invented ronald mcdonald. >> jimmy: what do you mean?
11:03 pm
>> he said to ray crock, you should have a pedophile-looking creature. nothing sells burgers quite like that. i think that's exactly how he pitched it. >> jimmy: you know what happens when you try to use this thing, they're never going to have seen it before, the employees. >> i know. >> jimmy: whatatn the hell this is? then they'll all gather around. they'll a a -- then you'll go, like all right, forget it, it's $3.40. >> that's exactly it, yeah. >> jimmy: thats pretty good, yeah. >> that's big. >> jimmy: the guy who invented the egg mcmuffin. that's a major thing. >> i know powerful people, i really do. >> jimmy: last time you were here, talking about this big football game you and your family have. >> the turkey bowl. i've been playing with my brother for -- since 1976. >> jimmy: who's in this game? >> it's every lowe member and other families are i iolved over the years. but this year sadly for the first time ever my brother is not coming. >> jimmy: why? >> it's been so hot in los
11:04 pm
the family, we're having a real thanksgiving where it's cool. my thing is he's got two beautiful young daughters. this is the problem with having girls, okay? you have girls and immediately you start bailing on the turkey bowl and singing that god-awful "frozen" song. >> jimmy: oh, ah. >> that's what happens. so i've lost my brother to the girls. >> jimmymy frozen turkeys is what happened to you. >> anybody can throw a good spiral, santa barbara, thanksgiving day, at the local school. we could really, really use the help. >> jimmy: you're going to have an all-time quarterback. that's sad. where is he going that's cold? >> the mountains. >> jimmy: the mountains, who needs to go to the mountains? >> i know. i don't get it. >> jimmy: i don't get it either. >> i don't know how he could do this to me. >> jimmy: guillermo plays footbaba. he only kicks whehehe plays.s. >> guillermomo how are you? i'm a cker. >> that did not inspire much confidence. >> jimmy: no, no, yeah. >> at all. >> jimmy: his football is an entirely different kind of football. >> we don't do that. >> jimmy: we're going to take a break.
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>> jimmy: hihi there. we're back. adrianne pa lick k. soulsavers still to come. this is rob host. your show, a very funny show. fred savage is your costar. he was correcting. >> fred savage.
11:11 pm
the original america's swee heart from "the wonder years." >> jimmy: he really is. >> he became a director. the whole show is predicated on these two brothers, one of which i play. we looked and looked and l lked for people, looked att big stars, looked at unknowns, couldn'n' find anybody that reaeay fit with me. and one day one of our producers is dropping his kid off at school a looked at the little school drop-off and saw fred savage dropping his kid off. and went over to him, said hey, did you ever think about acting any more in the rest is history? you think the fact that you didn't consider your own brother for this role is the reason he went t tthe mountains? >> oh my god. >> jimmy: maybe that's something. >> that makes perfect sense. >> jimmy: you wouldn't think y y andd fred savage -- you make a nice -- you play a character who is -- >> i play an actor who basically has stsrred on like aw and order" for eight years, now thinks he ows enough about the law to join his brother, who's a real lawyer. he wants real life, man. he's looking for authentic
11:12 pm
american experience. >> jimmy: it's called "the grinder." we have a show like this -- there's so many shows on now. it's hard to cut through and really kind of -- >> and people are watching showsws so many different plplforms. i discoveredappily that there's acally a new social media platform to help congregate people to watch new television shows. >> you brought a video. let's take a look at it. >> hi. i'm rob lowe. you know, people always tell me, rob lowe? you have great skin. oh. and also, "the grinder" is the best new show on television. and they're right, it is. and i do. but here's the sad part. every tuesday night, millions of americans are watching "the grinder" alone. imagine. having to laugh out loud nonstop for 30 straight minutes -- all by yourself.
11:13 pm
to. thanks to this very cool new app i discovered called grinder. grinder as neatetworking app that lets guys who like watching "the grinder" connect with other guys in their area who also like watching "the grinder" so they can meet up to watch "the grinder." how fun is that? it's so easy. open the app and scroll through hundreds of men who share your passion for bald network comedy. well, there's so many guys that want to watch "the grinder." this guy's tgf. so am i. definini television fan. and he's close by. really close by. [ doorbell reasons ] >> we need to get bk to "the grinder's" one more principle. >> what was that exactly? >> if you like "the griner" download the app today. you too can make a new friend. right, steve?
11:14 pm
>> no name >> fair enough. remember to watch "the grinder." tuesdays on -- okay, i don't really know what's happening right now. >> grindr, thehe best ways for guys to meet rob lowe. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it's great when fans when the promotion for you. rob lowe, everybody. "the grinder" tuesday nights on fox. be right back with adrianne
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hm66 >> jimmy: still to come, gahan and soulsavers. our next guest is the newest hero from marvel to jump from the comics to the screen, she plays mockingbird on "marveves agents of f h.i.e.l.d." tuesday nights on abc, please welcome adrianne palicki! [ cheers and applause ] >> hi, guys. >> you look like a superhero.
11:19 pm
>> thank you. >> jimmy: i heard you're a big rob lowe fan, that is true? >> i think he's responsible for every woman's unhealthy love of the bad boy. >> jimmy: you think it's him? >> i saw him growing up on vhs, "st. elmo's fire." >> jimmy: unless you were a baby, you were too young. >> my parents -- >> jimmy: your parents were irresponsible? you met rob? >> i didn't get to meet him. >> jimmy: he's gorgeous. his face, his body, you have to check him out. >> w. i think he's still in the green room if you want to check him out. >> jimmy: you were on "friday night lights." [ cheers and applause ] >> yes. >> jimmymy one of the most who have had shows ever. >> yes. >> jimmy: people probably ask you about that all the time. was that your first regular series? >> no, i was on another show "south beach." >> jimmy: "south beach." i don't remember that. >> you guys watched it? it was a long time ago. >> jimmy: what was that one about, "south beach"? >> about this place called south beach.
11:20 pm
models on south beach. >> jimmy: how did you wind up on that? >> i auditioned for it. >> jimmy: the old-fashioned way. >> the old-d-lseshionene way. i auditioned originally for "south beach" first go-round -- let me preface this by saying i actually have the inability to burp. >> jimmy: you have what? >> it's a disability. >> jimmy: you're not able to burp? >> i have burped a handful of times in my life. >> jimmy: how many times? >> probably six. >> jimmy: really? >> i'm not bw'ing wchltbs'ing. >> jimmy: you remember each of them? >> people have tried to teach me for years. >> jimmy: it just happens. >> yeah, when it happens, i don't know what's going on. >> jimmy: okay, all right. >> in this audition, meeting with the director, producers, middle of this huge monologue, and all of a sudden out of
11:21 pm
>> jimmy: you burped. >> yeah. so i burp. then decide to continue. so i start over.r. the director's likeke well. that was -- thank you for your time. walk out of there. most humiliating home. >> jimmy: and they hired you after that? >> no, they did not. i was burp girl. they recast the role. and i went in again, months later. new hair-do. different outfit. couldn't change my name, but walked in there. >> jimmy: they didn't -- >> i got the part. >> jimmy: they didn't remember? wow. >> no. you'd think they would remember rp girl. . >> jimmy: yeah. i'm stuck on the you notot being able to burp part. >> i have tried. >> jimmy: if you were to drink a draft beer, a pitcher of it, you wouldn't burp afterwards? >> no, i would just be having that sick feeling of needing to but not actually being able to. >> jimmy: do you vomit? >> i can vomit. >> jimmy: you can vomit. >> yeah.
11:22 pm
>> jimmy: okay so things do sometimes come out. >> it happens, right? to the best of us. >> jimmy: i heard you were -- you worked at the magic castle across t t street from us. >> i did. >> jimmy: if you d d't know the magic castle, everyone from hollywood knows it's this weird mansion, is that right? >> yes, it's a club. you have to be invited to go. >> jimmy: for magicians only. >> for magicians. >> you get invited and there's a dress code and everything. >> there's a dress code. and i was the person that got to say yes or no. >> jimmy: to the dress code. i was the person that showed up with a sport jacket and had to wear one of their big, horrible -- >> plaid, ovovsized. yeah. >> jimmy: sport jackets. >> you actually did it. >> jimmy: a clip-on tie. >> you wore a clip-on? >> jimmy: what did you do there? i was the person that got to say yea or nay. i was the person that got you that jacket. >> jimmy: i see, i got that. >> you had to say the magic word to get in, and i would let you in. >> jimmy: what was the magic word? is it the same magic word or did it change? >> it's the same magic word, which i can't --
11:23 pm
>> jimmy: we should say what it is then everybody can go in, what do you care? >> exactly. >> jimmy: were all the magicians super horny for you all the time? know what i mean? when i say that, you understand what i mean. yes? >> well -- yes. i had the regulars that would surround me at the front. >> jimmy: yeah. wanting to saw you in half, yeah. >> yeah. >> jimmy: did you ever think about dating any of those magicians? >> no. dating a magician i i cool, though. >> jimmy: that would be the best trick. is it really? >> yes. >> jimmy: what's cool about being a magician? >> i don't know, i can't -- i can't levitate this thing with my mind. >> jimmy: neither can they, really. [ laughter ] no one can. so you keep in touch with any of the magicians? >> no. >> jimmy: no, of course, you'll never go in there again? ness i've been in this again?
11:24 pm
you have been in there again. i was in there once. it was a lot of magicians. >> have you been back? >> jimmy: no action i have not. once you force me to wear a sport jacket -- >> and a clip-on. >> jimmy: i'll never come back, yeah. it's a policy i have. i watched "agents of s.h.i.e.l.d." last night, the show's great. your character is going to have your own spin-off show on abc. >> well, there's -- you know. >> jimmy: there's rumors to that effect. i'm stating it as fact. >> okay. >> jimmy: just for the hell of it to see how you react. >> sese there's a guy with a sniper up there from marvel. >> jimmy: yeah. >> just waiting for this, something i'm not supposed to say. >> jimmy: it's just a comic book pistol he's holding. that's the idea that hopefully there will be a spinoff. >> hopefully there will be -- you know. >> jimmy: do you like superheroes? because every beautiful woman that's involved in the superhero project comes here and says they
11:25 pm
and it's obviously a lie. >> listen, i have a supergirl tattoo i've had for a decade. i grew up with comics. my brotherers a comic book writer. >> jimmy: you have a supergirl tattoo? >> yes. >> jimmy: where on your body is it? >> someplace. that will not be seen. >> jimmy: it's in your fortress of solitude? >> it is. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: adrianne poe lickky, everybody. "agents of s.h.i.e.l.d." tuesday nights on abc. we'll be back with dave gahan and soulsavers. [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: "the jimmy kimmel live
11:26 pm
samsung. >> dicky: "the jimmy kimmel live concert series" is presented by samsung." >> jimmy: i want to thank rob lowe, adrianne palicki and apologize to matt damon. we ran out of time. "nightline" is next. but first, their album is called "angels and ghosts." here with the song, "shine",
11:27 pm
light there's light here and it shines on you it shines yeah it shines down it shines on you when you look around it's so profound what we can do you and me all of us
11:28 pm
here we're coming through yeah we're coming through we're gonna shine on you light there's light here d it shines on you it shines yeah it shines down it shines on you anyone can see there's destiny
11:29 pm
our lord above shines down his love it shines on you yeah it shines on you let it shine on you light ere's light here and it shines on you it shines yeah it shines down it shines on you yeah it shines on you let it shine on you light
11:30 pm
and at shines on you it shine yeah it shines down it shines on you
11:31 pm
let it shine o oyou this is "nightline." >> tonight we're going deep inside the secret tunnel where billions of dollars worth of drugs are smuggled into america from mexico every year. how do they get from there to here? hidden in main sight. this dangerous journey is not for the claustrophobic. plus america's sweetheart strikes again. how julia roberts nabbed a starring role meant for a man in her new movie "secret in their eyes." this pretty woman going back to her roots with our michael strahan. a terrifying fall, all 1,600 feet of it captutud in heart-stopping footage. and why this professional skier was back on the slopes just two days after defying death.
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